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Brian Harvey: “I’ll make sure you never work again” Part 2

Posted in Law, Media, Money, Music artists, Politics, The Corrupt SOB's by earthling on April 30, 2019

I’ll write more later….


Brian Harvey: “I’ll make sure you never work again”

Posted in Media, Money, Music artists, Paedophilia, Politics, The Corrupt SOB's by earthling on April 29, 2019

Why am I doing this?

Because I know a decent bloke when I see/hear one!

I was never an East 17 fan (though looking over what I’ve been having to research, I appreciate them more now) but what has drawn me to Brian’s story is the obvious. He was seriously screwed over. Also, I know when a guy is being 100% real.

I’d also add this: Brian does not have any mental issue whatsoever EXCEPT the strain (and depression which came with it) caused by a multitude of people who “made” off him and being thrown to the kerb by, essentially, not just the media and Tom Watkins but a UK Parliament (at least a small section of it) which needed a scapegoat and an entire country that just, like sheep, listen to what they’re told to believe and never question it.

My heart goes out to the guy. I picked up on the story no more than approx 6 months ago. It’s only the last few days that I have been doing a little “detective work” on it.

Yes, there’s Mazher Mahmood, Kemal Zorba (quite obviously a sting operation to set Brian up further – Zorba didn’t even turn up to court to testify and it’s obvious why – the phone transcripts were fiction and there were no recordings to back them up), Robert Kellaway (Sarah Arnold?… Interesting!), Conrad Brown, Glenn Mulcaire, Greg Miskiw etc. Then there’s the amateur twats like Puddick and Maloney. However, all of them and the hacking can be traced back to January 1997 when John Major made his statement in the House of Commons. WHY did he do that? Well, I think I’ve found a part of the answer.

However, this video is just an introduction to it. The follow up will put more “skin on the bones”.

Did Tom Watkins act out a personal vendetta on Brian? My opinion: Yes.

Why? My opinion: He resented Brian. Also, if Brian and John Hendy DID witness what is suggested, then the big, gay, fat bastard would definitely want Harvey destroyed. But then he’d have to ensure Brian remained destroyed.

How could Watkins get Brian’s name to be mud in Parliament? What did Parliament gain from it? Or WHO in Parliament had something to gain?

Is there a “Gay mafia”?