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What not to say on a dating site!

Posted in "Terrorism" by earthlinggb on August 7, 2014

To be honest, I can’t stand the vacant superficiality of dating sites but, because I don’t frequent pubs and clubs (just as vacant and superficial in my view), I thought I’d give Zoosk a whirl since it kept popping up on Facebook and had photos of very attractive women. I like attractive women don’t you?

So let me first state I didn’t start off like this – or at least not quite so bad. đŸ˜‰ But, after a while (approximately a week), I came to realise just how bloody vacant it really is. It’s a cattle market so I cancelled my subscription but it takes a few weeks for it to then be actioned. So I thought I’d have a laugh and just write things I knew would get up the largely vacant, superficial airheads’ noses. I changed it a few times because I quickly get bored with my own “wit” (probably as they do too). But this is an example of what not to say on a dating website. In other words, don’t say it how you see it. Whatever the hell you do, don’t be honest and blunt and don’t display your anject derision of the masses of profiles you see before you. People will think you’re misogynist! đŸ™‚ But trust me I’m not. I feel the same derision toward the vast majority of men it’s just I don’t check out the males coz I’m not gay! I guess because I’m not gay that makes me homophobic too!

Holy shit, I should be locked up!

So here’s the profile:

Prof 1

Prof 2


Now, when it comes to chat up lines, the following couple of examples will give you the general idea. DO NOT USE THESE AT HOME!

1. No jokes about their chosen name:

KY Jelly


2. If you encounter a beautiful looking muslim woman, this is NOT the best chat up line to use:


Muslim chat up line


Even though, personally, I’d consider that one hell of a compliment in your mid forties! đŸ™‚


Lastly, this was my favourite contact I received:


Prof 3