Is Britain led by sheer ignorance?

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I recently wrote an email to Nicola Sturgeon with two other MPs.

I received only one reply – from John Lamont (Conservative). I decided to keep the emails short and concise. I simply wished to gauge the awareness and, perhaps, intellect, of these people once more.

We have a problem. The problem arises from ignorance and also, arrogance. Ignorance of a wider and deeper political and academic agenda and the arrogance of dismissing or overlooking it all because, frankly, it doesn’t interest you because you’re just interested in getting elected.

But Britain and its population appears to be quite happy to put up with this. I’m not and it is why I look at the mask wearing dullards with sheer disdain (and pity).

So here is the communication (thus far) between myself and John Lamont MP. Make of it as you wish….


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He’s nearly there but not quite. The full story is far deeper.


Word to the United States: IMPORTANT

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Please take the time to watch, listen and understand this. “Covid” is attacking your federal government (and you) – as it is us all. BUT it is NOT Covid. It is the UN and the UN is using the Climate Group, Club of Rome and a never ending list of actors – Billionaires, NGO’s, Corporations AND US State Governors and Mayors to undermine both, your democracy and freedom by introducing its “Climate Change Catalyst” by way of the US Climate Change Alliance.

And Trump is compromised. It is “Checkmate” unless America wakes up to what Covid truly is.



Windsor, Ontario: You’re on the A list!!

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Isn’t that nice? An “A list” Celebrity City! What more could you ask for?

Freedom perhaps?


The Ultimate Agenda of the United Nations & Elite

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According to Agenda 21 the future the globalists would like to have is a world full of conservation of wildlife, but complete bureaucratic rule over all aspects of human life where essentially humans are treated like dirt and everything we do will be subjected to inventory. When you think about the phrase ‘New World Order’ just think about mass de-population of mankind, the total enslavement of man, forcing humans into compact cities surrounded by protected wildlife where he is prohibited from entering, a socialist distribution of wealth, the complete control of all governments wealth and power in the hands of a few oligarchical dictators in the United Nations. It all sounds like a movie straight out of Hollywood, but the reality is globalists are moving forward at an exponential rate this year and pushing this treaty on America would mean complete servitude to the United Nations.

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which humans exist.

You can read the text here: Agenda 21

Note: There is much said regarding the targeting and usefulness of Women and children/youth in Agenda 21, along with the NGO’s (Oil companies like Shell for instance!) but there is NO mention of male involvement. It is very subtle.

Brainwashing and conditioning our youth is a critical factor in achieving the aims of Agenda 21. When they can manipulate the maleability of youth to “see” and interpret as the government, NGO’s and Elite wish them to throughout the conditioning years of school, college and university, while improving their employability and employment (INTO the large NGO’s and Multi-national Corporations), the youth will feel invigorated and powerful. Do you see how this works?

Excerpt from Agenda 21:

25.4. Each country should, in consultation with its youth communities, establish a process to promote dialogue between the youth community and Government at all levels and to establish mechanisms that permit youth access to information and provide them with the opportunity to present their perspectives on government decisions, including the implementation of Agenda 21.

25.5. Each country, by the year 2000, should ensure that more than 50 per cent of its youth, gender balanced, are enrolled in or have access to appropriate secondary education or equivalent educational or vocational training programmes by increasing participation and access rates on an annual basis.

25.6. Each country should undertake initiatives aimed at reducing current levels of youth unemployment, particularly where they are disproportionately high in comparison to the overall unemployment rate.

25.7. Each country and the United Nations should support the promotion and creation of mechanisms to involve youth representation in all United Nations processes in order to influence those processes.

25.8. Each country should combat human rights abuses against young people, particularly young women and girls, and should consider providing all youth with legal protection, skills, opportunities and the support necessary for them to fulfil their personal, economic and social aspirations and potentials.

In the upcoming Copenhagen summit and treaty (“COP-15”), please note the following –

17. [[Developed [and developing] countries] [Developed and developing country Parties] [All Parties] [shall] [should]:]
(a) Compensate for damage to the LDCs’ economy and also compensate for lost opportunities, resources, lives, land and dignity, as many will become environmental refugees;

(b) Africa, in the context of environmental justice, should be equitably compensated for environmental, social and economic losses arising from the implementation of response measures.

COP-15 Treaty

It is all about transference of wealth. That is ALL global warming is about. Meanwhile, great swathes of land worldwide will be “protected” from the “scourge” of humanity and people will be shoe-horned even more into “sustainable” cities and urban areas even more-so than today. Such effects shall give the impression of even greater population problems (because they have squeezed humanity into smaller and smaller areas within which we will be ALLOWED to live) and that shall justify and support calls for further population reduction.

It is transparent and obvious.

God help us and let us hope good people exist in powerful positions to stop this because the population of the world in general are just too dumbed down and ignorant to see it. It is all sold to them as “if we take care of the environment (which the NGOs have actually no intention of doing) then we will make the world a cleaner place to live in”. The fact is that, with the exception of the elites, the mass of the world’s population are never going to be able to enjoy this “cleaner, greener earth” because we shall be forbidden from entering the majority of it and there will be FAR lesser of us anyhow. Those who do remain will be slaves to a Corporate culture and exist (not live) in a world set up to provide for the Elites.


If you like the band, Rush and enjoy the album 2112, you may enjoy this attempt at putting together a “movie” re the battle at hand and what may be a future of sorts if we don’t do something about this. I claim “poetic licence” on the way it is presented however. 🙂