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Tabatabai blog removal

Posted in Gross stupidity within society by earthling on July 27, 2016

Just to let you know, I have removed the post “Who and what is Sean ADL Tabatabai?”. Why? Because I’m sick and tired of seeing it at the top of my blog hits when it is now “has been” material and is hardly of any serious interest to me. This is, in part, why I stopped blogging. I recognised that, of all the deeply serious, substantive and significantly researched posts I have made re law, money, politics and terrorism etc, guess what got most hits? Anything and everything on David Icke, Sean and TPV. You know why? Well, in my view, it is because most people are still “The Sun” and “Daily Mirror” etc readers and just LOVE their gossip. So. although, at the time, the blogs I wrote re the foregoing were for a serious purpose, they are now old hat, boring, did the job.

Why don’t a lot of you actually find a fucking brain and use it?



The “Alternative” Paedophile

Posted in Media, Paedophilia, Politics by earthling on July 6, 2014

Paedophiles in government. Paedophiles in the monarchy. Paedophiles in the media and now, Paedophiles in the ALTERNATIVE media!

I wonder who those could be? I wonder if Davey and Sean (the big mouths of TPV, the guys who keep their spending of the money they raised from you close to their chests, the guys who sell you bullshit while they literally talk a globalist talk, have the hetero haters on the shows and the ex women MPs who have something to hide too) know who the alternative media paedos are? What do you think? After all, Davey knows it all doesn’t he? He knew about Saville (but didn’t say a word before it became public knowledge and then pretended he had said something. Even his ex colleague ran a story – yes Ms Poulton – saying Davey knew about Saville before it came out in mainstream when, in fact, he had never mentioned it at all beforehand but he likes you to think he did).

There is diseased shit under every rock folks so be careful who you consider to be on “your side”.

I have so much more to say about this paedophile eruption. Not exposing any, just commentary. But, right now, I just don’t have the “bandwidth”. I’ll get around to it though.

For now, here’s Bill Maloney – a brave guy I only met fleetingly once but his head was elsewhere I guess at the time. By the way Bill, if you stumble over this: The Bradbury Pound is the entirely wrong answer (sorry to those who believe otherwise).

One of the best things people could do (but won’t) is for them to drop their belief system in “heroes” – either those in uniform or those on the TV and in positions of (seeming) power.

But they won’t and you know why? This is why: (How long this will be on BBC iPlayer I don’t know but it’s the mentality – the “zombies”, those who are so easily led – which maintains the “heroes”. However, as you will see, we’re making “heroes” out of boxes too. The majority of humanity is dumb to the bone and so easy for the elite to manipulate that it’s not the elite – as perverted, sociopathic and psychopathic as they are – who are the problem, it’s the “zombies”. They are who scare the pants off me.)

And if you decide to watch the above and find it at all interesting, you may find the deeper probe into planned obsolescence even more interesting:

We’ll “buy” anything that’s “sold” to us as “Just what you need to be sexy!”

Meanwhile, back to paedophilia. There were once “perverts” and “poofs” – guys who liked to give other guys guy fluid up their ass or to swallow (let’s just call a spade a spade shall we? Or is the reality of it meant to be politically ‘correctified’ and brushed under the carpet like the time they themselves were “in the closet”? But they were given a name: “homosexuals”. Homosexuality was the mane of their “thing” rather than heterosexuality. But you see, having been given a name, the next step (over time) was to ‘normalise’ it and so those who considered it abnormal were then given a name: Homophobes and political correctness (arbitrary policy decided upon by the government(s) which you all know are corrupt – except, as in this case, when you THINK they’re doing the “right thing” under pressure from society (when in fact the elite steer what they want you to accept, you idiot)) put the negative focus on those who disagreed with the normalisation of it.

And it’s all done by ‘grassroots’ pressure groups and academics.

What we now have is the next step in human “enlightenment” which is slowly, delicately (and it will take years/decades just as it did for the homos BUT it will come and all you ‘liberal’ parents out there will have nothing to say and no comeback when your sons and daughters are being fucked (yes let’s call a spade a spade again) by old men and women whose paedophilia has been “normalised”.

Well done Mr and Mrs “Liberal” for being so liberal! 😉 But then perhaps it’s you who want to fuck kids right? But soon any criticism of you will be considered “paedophobic” or “hebephobe”.


Paedo natural


Why just males? Women are into it too! But that doesn’t fit the media narrative. It’s another attack on men.

All I’ll say to this piece is: BULLSHIT! You have to be one sick mother****** to want to have intercourse with a child!

But no, the academics and the media are working their “magic” again to slowly creep towards the acceptance and normalisation of the paedophile. Lock up your sons and daughters Mr and Mrs conservative because the liberals and the perverts are coming for them. But don’t speak out too loudly because you’ll be labeled and termed a “phobe” and, even worse, an “extremist”. Do you have christian values in this JUDEO-christian country of ours? Oh dear oh dear oh dear. You’re on a list! The tables have flipped and the once oppressed (although they brought it upon themselves for the sake of a sliver of land in the middle east) are now the oppressors and you, Mr and Mrs Christian will soon wear the yellow badge! It won’t be a star however, it will be a cross!

I hate hugs don’t you?

Posted in Gross stupidity within society, Law, Politics, The Corrupt SOB's by earthling on April 23, 2014

Yes folks, this blog is all about hate and anger. I have no idea why you would wish to partake in something as pathetic as this. I’d rather see you all beating the shit out of one another (especially gays). But do you see the exact same thing again? That which I REALLY hate? The state getting their thugs to put a stop to people loving one another. WE ACTUALLY HAVE TO SIGN PETITIONS TO ALLOW PEOPLE TO HUG ONE ANOTHER! THAT IS HOW DEEPLY FUCKED UP THIS WORLD HAS BECOME! We’re all registered to them and they want control and we actually go the lengths of PETITIONING them to ask for their ALLOWANCE for us to hug one another! And the straights and the gays are literally asking – by way of legislation – for a right to be recognised as a “person”. The gays can be legislated FOR now but they can now be legislated AGAINST. SERIOUSLY! ARE YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING WHAT THE HELL IT IS I’M SAYING TO YOU? WHAT THE HELL IS IT YOU DON’T GET? Let’s say, for example, that David Cameron had been a TRUE christian or that a government came along in the near future and legislated AGAINST gay marriage and gays recognised as persons. Where would you, as a gay man, stand then? You can say all you wish that that is never going to happen. Are you so damned sure? THINK about it!

By giving them the RIGHT to legislate at all you are giving them the power to go either way! Whereas, if you did not accept “personhood” and this goes for everyone – they’ve lost the power to dictate either way! THEN you are FREE you idiot and ONLY then! But it takes SOCIETY to wake up and stop wishing to impose its beliefs upon you. Governments and the politicians totally capitalise on our own bigotry and hate and fear and they always will because you refuse to understand it.

I’ll say AGAIN – I can’t stand little perves like Sean Tabatabai BUT, given his agreement to keep out of my face and impose his shit on me (which is carried out THROUGH the system as it is and this “legal person” shit they have manipulated in law), I’d happily stay out of his and anyone like him (Tatchell for instance). But I don’t go about waving the hetero flag in people’s faces demanding recognition by a corrupt system. Tatchell and Tabatabai DO! And they never stop! Have you read Tatchell’s rants about heterosexual males? I don’t even wish to be recognised by the bloody system. I despise it. Ironically, so he would state, Tabatabai despises it too (otherwise why TPV?). But the fact is Tabatabai is a change agent. If he despised the system so much and is so “enlightened” (which he clearly is not) then why would he wish to be accepted BY the system? WHY would he wish to be splashed across the front pages he purports to despise, as “the first gay marriage in the UK”?

He is a change agent. As is Icke! Sorry but if you do not see that you’re an idiot. You seriously are. From getting an OFCOM licence to taking a trip to LA and coming back with a “bride” having spent lavishly on YOUR money while out there. And how on earth – given all of the thousands of gays who would wish to be first to be married, did wee Sean and his boytoy get to be first past the post? THINK about this shit otherwise you’re as unawake as you ever were.

Adoption rejections   And here is the propaganda displaying the destruction of heterosexual parenthood: “You don’t choose to be parents, it just happens, while gays make a conscious choice.” Gay parents “tend to be more motivated, more committed than heterosexual parents on average, because they chose to be parents,” said Abbie Goldberg, a psychologist at Clark University in Massachusetts who researches gay and lesbian parenting. Gays and lesbians rarely become parents by accident, compared with an almost 50 percent accidental pregnancy rate among heterosexuals, Goldberg said. “That translates to greater commitment on average and more involvement.” Do you notice anything about the psychologist’s surname? Are you at all surprised it is a surname associated with a particular sect? How is it that it is enormous the number of times such attacks on the fundamentals of society come from people of that sect? Haven’t you noticed? Are you that blind? Or are you just scared of acknowledging it? Gay parents Then read the following and just think: Who is it that makes up these rules? And why? Are all the people in the council gay? Or gay supporters? No-one who works in the council (or in the adoption agencies) hold any ideology similar to this couple? Are the workers not allowed to be christian? Or is it like the police when they say “I’m not paid to have an opinion I just carry out orders”? I’m 100% positive it is the latter in general. Although I’m sure to get such jobs, you will be screened to ensure as far as possible that you have the right attitude. So that leaves the question: Who is screening and why? Well when you get right down to the bottom line, it is the state who is doing the screening. The question remains why? And why aren’t the couple allowed to have a baby rather than up to 10 years old? It is social engineering and it all flows down from the top – the government and civil service and Her Majesty. How do they attribute themselves the right to discriminate in these ways when they proclaim discrimination coming from any other quarter is a crime? Because THEY are the law and that is what 99% of the people in this country are simply accepting. Outright discrimination by those who create law for the purposes of control of social engineering. EVERY SINGLE CENSUS and “EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES” form that we complete is used NOT for equal opportunities but to discriminate and socially engineer. “More women” are needed. “More blacks” are needed. “More gay couples/parents” are needed. None of these decisions are actually based on capability to do something, they are based upon statistical, social engineering requirements. And they are achieved by utilising the LEGAL PERSON”. You are not being treated as a human being or an individual. You are being grouped and segregated into preference groups for various positions in society. The vast vast majority just do not recognise it and don’t wish to. Then PLEASE stop complaining!     Telegraph idealism   However, it wasn’t just our reaction to the “faeces question” that went down badly with the social workers. We got the distinct impression that they had a real problem with our Christian faith, although our home is not overtly religious and neither are we. Would we want a child placed with us to accompany us to church? Would we put pressure on a child who didn’t want to go? We said that it wouldn’t be a problem because, if a child didn’t want to go to church, one of us would stay at home. We do not believe that you can ram Christianity down anyone’s throat; a child has to make up his or her own mind. We were quite open in our belief that a child needs a male and a female role model. I said that a girl finds it easier to talk to another woman about periods and sex, for example, while a boy finds it easier to talk to his father. The social workers were keen to know how we would react if a child announced that he or she was gay. We said that we believe that the same ground rules apply whether you are gay or heterosexual: that sex before marriage is wrong. We don’t believe in same-sex marriages but, if a child told us he or she was gay, we would still love that child, even if we didn’t agree with the lifestyle they chose. In our social club we have gay and bisexual people: they’ve had problems with their families and we’ve supported them. If they are not following a faith that says that their lifestyle is wrong, then we shouldn’t and wouldn’t condemn it. We are not homophobic and yet the social worker warned us our views would prejudice our chances of adopting. At the end of the home assessment, the report concluded that we had too idealistic a view of family life and marriage and that this might prejudice a homosexual child: a gay child would see the way we live and feel that we wouldn’t be able to support him or her in their lifestyle. Why is it there isn’t the same concern about placing a heterosexual child with a homosexual couple who might not be able to support a heterosexual child? Our home assessment report was put before the adoption panel and we were asked to explain our views. We did so, saying that they were based on our Christian faith. We later received a letter saying that we had been turned down as adoptive parents, that we were not suitable for any of the children they had to place and that we would have to reconsider our views on homosexuality. It was a devastating time: to be turned down after being grilled by social services for a year and a half, and also made to feel we were so much in the wrong. We appealed, but in vain. We have since spoken to a fostering agency, which told us that only one or two heterosexual couples get approved by them. I wish now that we had gone through a Christian adoption agency that might have looked on us more favourably. We felt that in dealing with the local council our faith was a liability and we were discriminated against because of it. We know people who adopted via the same council 10 years ago who were not asked similar questions. Once, the government used to respect the religious views of the electorate. Now the Catholic Church and the Church of England are under attack. I agree with the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Dr Rowan Williams and Dr John Sentamu, who have written to the Prime Minister saying that “rights of conscience cannot be made subject to legislation, however well-meaning”. If you start compromising your faith, you might as well throw it out. We have written to the British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering to ask for it to be included in their guidelines that candidates are not asked questions that compromise their faith. People should be allowed to choose how they live their lives, so long as they don’t affect others. I feel that, as Christians, we are being denied our freedom to choose and are being persecuted for our faith – while a child who would benefit from all that we can give is missing out.   THIS IS WHAT SOCIAL ENGINEERING RESULTS IN: Now, I watched this chinese couple and I cried. I hate admitting it but I cry with anger and frustration a lot these days. No-one would know that however because it’s hardly “socially acceptable” is it? But the tears don’t arise for nothing. What you see here is an audience getting a laugh out of a guy who sits on a panel and freely states that he is all for mothers killing their children if they wish to because HE believes the world is overpopulated. If he seriously believes that then – courage of convictions time again – he shouldn’t bring even one child into the world right? But that would be HIS (and his partner’s choice based on THEIR belief). However, what he is then saying is he would even consider banning people from having ANY children for 30 or 50 years (I forget which number he used). The audience member laughs, the audience as a whole laughs and he sits quite content with his eugenics-based, holier than thou, social engineering and population control stance while a woman and her husband in China have had the chinese authorities break into their house, kidnap the woman and inject her to murder her baby because of “SOCIAL ENGINEERING”. Social Engineering in China which was actually introduced to China by the ROCKEFELLER FAMILY.

What gives a group of human beings the right to murder the child of another human being?

WHAT? YOU FUCKING TELL ME? And yet you are complaining about MY anger and hate toward those who believe they are fucking gods and would slit your throat in a microsecond if it suited them? You get bitchy at ME for despising these bastards? You suggest this blog is full of hate? NO I think you have your priorities TOTALLY fucked up myself! Sorry for despising those who I know are doing you and everyone else immense harm! You fucking idiot!

They took her baby, after injecting her to murder it because THEY didn’t want her to have it, and they threw it in a bin while a guy in America casually suggests he’d go further than that!

I DARE this little bastard to have to sit in a room in such a hospital in China and watch as dead foetus after dead foetus are thrown in bins encircling him and as the mothers and fathers scream and cry their eyes out for their babies being murdered. Let’s see how this guy would then act!

To be a social engineer you HAVE to be a sociopath because you are taking it upon yourself to be, in essence, “God”.



Meandered in this one? Not a bit. It is all part of the same issue. Humans dictating to other humans. And remember this, while they have their police and their other state actors to do their bidding (whether in “healthcare” or local government) you are basically talking about a few hundred people dictating their wishes upon tens of millions (just in this country. In the US it’s a few hundred dictating to hundreds of millions. Their social engineering being propaganised via TV and other media. And we swallow it. “It’s the law”. Yes and the “law” applies to LEGAL PERSONS. If it were enough to be human being to qualify as a person, there would ONLY be one question to answer (and no need for these forms): Form Form 2   But no, we ALL fill them in because we’re told we must and everyone complies. “Are you a human being?” “Yes” “What TYPE of human being are you?” Answer me this: What the hell difference should it make? Anyone who wishes to say there is a valid reason for such, you are part of the problem.

Meanwhile, this guy can be a little “off” at times (no disrespect there bud. I’m sure you will have the same view of me at times) but, in this case, he’s got it right (although the “acappella” could be deleted in my opinion) .

Gay TV

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Now it becomes all so clear.

On the stroke of midnight last night, a little gay guy (I was not sure he was until now) made sure that, being in the media himself, he gets press for being one of the first gay “husbands” in the UK. And the media always make sure to cover their own and give them that much needed publicity which, in this case, Sean Tabatabai’s “marriage” certainly was.

Now all the tweets and the TPV predilection toward homosexuality and porn and, of course, their love affair with Peter Tatchell and transvestites etc all make the sense I had already sensed but could point to nothing specific which held it all together.

The “Guardian on the gates of the ethos” indeed.

Homosexuality, in a political sense, is a globalist movement and is being used to destroy the family. If you call yourself “awake” and you don’t understand something as well documented and easily understood as this, then please, don’t talk to me about your “awakened state”. You’re an ignorant twat. (Another few hundred readers have gone “poof”!)

They need to destroy the family to get at the children (physically with paedophilia and mentally with the NWO dogma being taught to them and their believing the state is their family). So all you “progressive” heterosexuals out there with children who are so “it’s the 21st century man” are fucking idiots! – just sayin’. Just like your acceptance and acquiescence all these years to the brainwashing of “political correctness” which now has you shitting yourself to speak your mind and, therefore, controlled. It has been that very same political correctness which has heralded in the gay state, the human rights of paedophiles and murderers and terrorists. And there you sit, complaining of it all and complaining about the paedophilia, the porn, etc. All of it brought about by your acquiescence to politically correct homosexuality. Do you flaunt your heterosexuality in parades up and down the country? But you’ve allowed theirs for decades and more and more, blatant sexuality has been spread over your screens and your kids have seen it while more and more of you – hetero or homo – as parents of children, have splashed your scantily clad bodies with your tattoos and your words on your profiles, across social media sites and online dating sites.

Every single one of you who has, has brought this society to what it is now as you sit and complain about your lot in life. You fucking deserve it!


But now this makes sense:

Another nice little tweet from the "enlightened" Sean Tabatabai

Another nice little tweet from the “enlightened” Sean Tabatabai

The words of an "enlightened" man. Rather misogynist but I'm sure Icke's female fans will forgive him. After all, it's only a joke right? Fish and slags. :-)

The words of an “enlightened” man. Rather misogynist but I’m sure Icke’s female fans will forgive him. After all, it’s only a joke right? Fish and slags. 🙂

Then again, perhaps there's a reason for those descriptive words toward females? :-)

Then again, perhaps there’s a reason for those descriptive words toward females? 🙂

So all you “ladies” who are so tuned in to this “The People’s Voice” in the belief it’s all about love and respect and truth, you keep believing while the guy (can you call him a guy?) who runs it along with his bum-chum, Icke, considers you slags and smelling like fish because you’re women.

You keep believing honey!

While Icke’s son already gave the game away about the plan – from day one – to be on satellite and voila! 6 months later, they’re coming to you all for your money once more to make it happen (but no, they never intended to get an OFCOM licence oh no! You thick TWAT!):

Gareth Icke SKY

Now how did the young Icke know that “not originally but eventually”? In October last year!

How dumb a fuck do you wish to be taken for?

And they’ll launch. Your money or not, they’ll do it and you know why? Because I have said from the beginning, there are backers/funders behind this little bunch of sharks.

YOUR money is just being used for “slush funds”.

Meanwhile, I have to ask the question – although I have my own opinion: Is David Icke bisexual? Because you meet him in person, there’s a lot going on behind those eyes. Those eyes hide something very very deep.

Sean Pagan

TPV: We’re transparent! (yes indeed you are!)

Posted in Media by earthling on January 27, 2014

TPV book sales



TPV have just issued a statement on transparency and this is it:

When we decided upon a legal structure through which to operate TPV we had to balance the need for transparency against cost and regulation. (No mention of this at all until they came under intense scrutiny. Further – and this is a very important point – re the regulation: David Icke and team stated that they chose the Private Limited Company vehicle because, to go down the road of a charity or foundation, they say they were advised that this would not allow them to criticise the state or government. So, there you have outright admission that TPV’s intention is to do that AND, therefore, TPV is POLITICAL. Now, consider the stance of OFCOM and the fact that no politically based organisation is allowed a licence. You CANNOT be non political for one purpose of regulation and then political on the other hand. So, once more – sorry David and sorry OFCOM – but you are red handed and checkmated regarding this fundamental question. Lastly, TPV could have been set up as a Private Limited Company by guarantee. It wasn’t. It was set up by shares. We’ll touch on this point later.)

After taking advice we decided to incorporate Peoples Voice Broadcasting Limited as a private limited company. Principally because we did not wish to burden TPV with the increased regulatory cost and operational restrictions that apply to Charities and Community Interest Companies (CIC). (Again, the operational restrictions are those of being political and Icke has already stated this is why he chose the Private Limited Company vehicle. Again, therefore, this clashes 180 degrees with OFCOM’s rules yet OFCOM are determined to ignore every evidence of TPV’s political nature and Icke’s involvement)

However, transparency is important to us and we are happy to give the following undertakings: (It never was before so why now? People asking for transparency all through late last year were thrown off the David Icke forum, called a whole number of cheap names by TPV staff and crew including Icke and family and were determined by the TPV team as “trouble-makers. I guess now that TPV have decided to acquiesce – they have no choice if they wish to keep and build any sort of following – these people who were vilified, are now vindicated?)

1) That no shareholder of TPV will ever take a dividend from the company.

The Two Ways You Make Money holding shares

  1. An increase in share price. Over the long-term, this is the result of the market valuing the increased profits as a result of expansion in the business or share repurchases, which make each share represent greater ownership in the business as a percentage of total equity. In other words, if a business with a £10 share price grew 20% for 10 years through a combination of expansion and share repurchases, it should be nearly £620 per share within a decade as a result of these forces assuming the market maintains the same price-to-earning ratio. What you also have to bear in mind re TPV is that

a) Re the balance sheet – It will, in time (if all goes to Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee’s plan) have a very strong asset to debt ratio simply because it will have no debt except short term (running costs). Its asset side is wonderful because it bought all its assets without any debt whatsoever – from YOUR money (this is what I have meant by “money out of nothing” and Icke has his own central bank and “quantitative easing” – you can’t lose when you work with other people’s money. It’s exactly what our government does!). It has ZERO long term debt! No bank loans or any loans!

b) P&L (Profit & Loss statement) – Again, wonderful. TPV gets its income for nothing, gets its content free AND, regarding the online shop, think about it: YOU are funding the marketing to you of the t-shirts and the caps etc. These will then be sold to you and you will pay even more. So, the reality is that you may have donated say £50 and then bought a t-shirt for £15 (funding the station once more to the extent of the profit in that £15). Altogether then, you have spent £65 for a t-shirt worth, perhaps, a tenner. So the profits in the station are going to be significant when there are, again very little costs except overhead (and volunteers are cheap as was the equipment). Where are the losses to be made? Effectively nowhere (unless these people are seriously incompetent).

TPV’s Price to earning ratio with a balance sheet and P&L like that can only be good and increase exponentially over the years. And THAT is where the value to Icke and Tabatabai lies. Not in dividends!! Icke saying that a shareholder (of which there are only one or two and by what OFCOM says it can only be one) will not take dividends is PURE RED HERRING! 

I’ve got news for you: BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY DOES NOT PROVIDE ITS SHAREHOLDERS WITH DIVIDENDS! Who’s Berkshire Hathaway? Warren Buffet! 

2. Dividends. When earnings are paid out to you, these funds are now your property in that you can either use them to buy more stock or go to Vegas and receive a few blow jobs while finding Jesus and Elvis at the Golden Nugget!

Occasionally, during market bubbles, you may have the opportunity to make a profit by selling to someone for more than the company is worth. In the long-run, however, the investor’s returns are inextricably bound to the underlying profits generated by the operations of the businesses which he or she owns.

2) We will voluntarily (not voluntary at all. You screamed like a castrated cat before acquiescence) publish quarterly management accounts on our website, these will be reviewed by our external Chartered Accountants. Our next quarter-end will be 31st January and we aim to publish figures within two months of each quarter end. (Would those be the same accountants for David Icke Books Ltd and Lion’s Epoch Limited? While are these management accounts going to be of the quality and quantity of the little spreadsheet table you launched at us a few weeks ago which meant absolutely diddly squat to anyone while your audience showed its ignorance once again saying “That should shut people up!”. It shows you the level of intelligence a lot of your audience has David. Sad but true.)

3) As a small company we are only required to file abbreviated accounts at Companies House, however we voluntarily file full statutory accounts. (No biggie David. Every corrupt company on the planet files full statutory accounts and gets away with it. You’re swimming in the same sea Dave. You’re just trying to say you’re a dolphin rather than a shark!)

4) As a small company we are not required by law to have our accounts audited and this is helpful because it reduces our costs, an annual audit would cost in the region of £12,000 plus VAT. However, our statutory accounts will be prepared by our external Chartered Accountants and as such will carry an Accountant’s report in the standard ICAEW format. (No audit eh? Well, you see, it’s like this Dave. You could do whatever you wished and no-one would bat an eyelid at it IF you and your little chum Combataboy had dug into your own pockets with your total of £260K cash at the bank. But you didn’t. Suggesting accountant’s reports are your way of proving your “all above board” is like saying you come with a government guarantee (which, in fact, you do now I come to think about it). It’s like Richie saying no-one in the BBC or MTV would stoop to any malfeasance AND, considering what you yourself preach about the system in its entirety, you’re then using “Accountants” to suggest you’re all pukka? Geez a pie David! No, not P.I.E., just a mince pie will do!)

5) Our first statutory period-end is 31st October 2014 and then annually thereafter. We will publish our full statutory accounts on our website by 31st January each year, just four months after each year-end. This is much sooner than the statutory filing requirement of nine months following each year-end. (Whoopee bloody doo!)

6) We will voluntarily hold an annual “stakeholders” meeting, in London, within five months of our statutory period end, where we will be happy to answer questions from our sponsors, employees, volunteers and donors. We will ask a representative from our external Chartered Accountants to attend that meeting. We envisage that attendance at the meeting will be via a pre-booked ticket, sold at a small charge to cover costs, such as room hire. The precise format of the meeting will depend upon the number wanting to attend. (Note to volunteers and employees: Don’t even THINK of being a whistleblower! lol Have you noticed the sheer scale of people being banned from the David Icke Forum and anywhere else run by him and the “mob”?)

7) Our statutory accounts will voluntarily disclose details of any remuneration paid to any shareholder or director, or to any family member of a shareholder or director. (But you’re not a shareholder according to OFCOM David. Only Combataboy! Does he have a family? While, if there will ever only be ONE shareholder, i.e. him then why not just state “remuneration paid to Sean ADL Tabatabai as sole shareholder and Director”? or are there quiet interests for the moment Dave?)

8) Our statutory accounts will voluntarily include a note showing the number of employees and sub-contractors paid in £10,000 (annualised) bands. We will not be disclosing individual names as we consider that would be an invasion of personal privacy. (Agreed. It would be.)


Finally. Anyone notice anything? TPV and Icke are screaming from the rooftops that, if they don’t hit the £400K donations they need, TPV is going to go off air. Yet, here they are telling you that this is how they are going to proceed going forward. It fits with Richie Allen saying he didn’t believe they would go off air and die. Funny how on one hand you get told one thing and on another it’s all business as usual isn’t it? 😉 

TPV liquidation: Sean the “businessman” (UPDATE)

Posted in Media by earthling on January 9, 2014

I really am not one to say “I told you so” but……

TPV insolvency


I told you so!


The following is a blog I wrote 9th January 2014. Over the course of writing these blogs re TPV, Icke and Tabatabai, I’ve received a lot of shit from TPV lovers. People who just didn’t want to know. People who “believed”. And they will STILL exist! Even if a certain person from TPV ended up shagging their 5 year old daughter, they’ll STILL “believe”. There’s nothing you can do about people like this (except feel sorry for them). The Kent Freedom Movement (hahaha) despised what I wrote about TPV and Icke (it’s a personal thing! They’d despise anything I wrote because they didn’t get a free lunch. Bed and board yes plus a taxi service but oops! Forgot to feed them too! Thank god for a £20 win on the geegee’s eh? Otherwise they’d never have eaten at all! ;-)) because they “believed” (or perhaps wanted the KFM to bask in the glory of TPV and get their mugs on telly?) but just wouldn’t listen because of a grudge. Let’s hope it wasn’t a Scots/English thing! Love and light and no borders and we’re all one consciousness and all that you know?

Anyhow, the “twoof movement” now firmly left behind (thank fcuk!) and I’ll leave it all to the amateurs – of which there are a few – because trying to bring to the attention of those who believe in reptilians and nibiru etc at 40 and 50 year old, some of the REAL issues and their real solutions is like pulling teeth. Believing in fairy tales at that age. Must be a midlife crisis! Stupid bastards!

As for Sonia Poultry: Well darlin’ you didn’t like it when you were still part of it but you got there in the end huh?

You see, when people are so desperate to believe a lie because they desperately want to believe someone’s doing the right thing and they wish to be part of it, someone like me pointing at the Emperor with no clothes gets ridiculed, slated, despised etc. But then isn’t that one of Icke’s lines? “At first they laugh at you….” etc. Well Dave sometimes it ends up that they laugh at you too!

Lucky thing I have broad shoulders eh? It comes from not giving a toss about the views of incompetents. Sorry if that sounds arrogant but I suppose it is. Too bad! You’d rather be told shit from people who smile at you than be given the bold, bare faced truth. Just shows that mentality doesn’t just affect the “sheep” but the so called “awakened”. You just think you’re “awake” but you’re really sleepwalking. I used to care. I tried to shout “stop swallowing shit” but did you listen? Well some of you did for sure but many more – nah. You still like your “heroes” in the media. The “big” personalities. You’re just as prone to that shit as anyone else and, as long as you are, there’ll be wolves out there who will carry on fleecing you.

So, liquidation for TPV (I’m sure there’ll be a story for it) and their creditors will perhaps get some of their money back. The strange thing is, YOU were meant to have been the ONLY “creditors” BUT it was all freely given donations wasn’t it? Another thing I shouted at you was this: DO NOT DONATE BUT DEMAND THAT YOU GET A SHARE IN A PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY! But you never listened there either did you?

So where’s the money gone? Hahaha. How many companies has Sean dissolved now? 😉

Take care y’all and one last thing…. GET SMART! Is that asking for too much?

Enlightened? My ass!


Sean's quotes

Yet, you wonder why I have the “audacity” to call you stupid if you do?

Ask yourself: Would you buy Double glazing or a second hand car from a company about to go bust?

Ask yourself: If, on one hand, the company was about to be dissolved due to negligence regarding filing their annual return or, on the other hand, the sole shareholder himself was dissolving the company so he did not have to pay his creditors and then could walk away with over £80K in the bank account and the company was about to be struck off the Company Register, would you do business with them? Would you donate any money to another business they had just started and were sole director of?

If you answered “Yes” to either one of these questions then, be my guest and adopt the “in the corner with the ‘D’ cap on your skull!”

It’s entirely up to you. Again, I’m just giving you information.

Sean ADL Tabatabai: Sole Director of TPV Limited, “Guardian of the ethos” and “exceptionally gifted businessman” and David Icke’s right hand man.


Sean Magus

The above simply illustrates that £1 of share capital in a company does not mean the equity figure is £1 and that is all the company shareholding is worth. As a company grows, that shareholding can become ENORMOUS! That is what Icke and Tabatabai are looking for out of TPV using YOUR money to achieve it! THAT is why they are getting hot under the collar when you’re not donating!

Next: Look at this –

Magus figures

NO tangible or intangible assets of any kind in this business.

CASH at bank is £81,192

Debtors (People who own Magus money): £15,317

Add cash and debtors and you get Total current assets of ££96,509

However, Sean has creditors of £90,540. NOT A GOOD POSITION TO BE IN. WHO the creditors may be is another story. A Bank? An individual? Another “Corporate person”? Who knows? But who cares?

IF it is not a bank however and it is trade creditors of one form or another, then what can Sean do? Here is what he can do (and, certainly on paper, it would appear IS doing):

Magus strike off

He last submitted his annual return for Magus Media in August 2012. He has lapsed in 2013. So now he has a “First notification of strike off….”

If a company persistently fails to submit its statutory returns (the Annual Return or the Annual Accounts), Companies House MAY decide that the company is dead and will start the process of having the company struck off the Company Register.

A company has to have been quite negligent to have allowed the situation to have got to that position.
The decision to have the company struck off is always published in the London Gazette and an outside interested party – such as a creditor – can apply to have the striking off procedure suspended. However, you have a time window of six months within which to file your objection to the striking off.

In many cases, striking off is initiated by the directors of a company when they have decided that they no longer want the company.

Had he submitted a return in 2013, it would have been plausible to consider that something had gone wrong in the business and at least he was attempting to fix it. But that is not what is happening here. What has happened is that he has not made a return at all for 2013. It is then, without much doubt, his intention to dissolve the company. If he achieves that without paying back his creditors (again we do not know anything about who these creditors may be) then he walks away with £81,000 in cash.

Now FINAL thing is this: David Icke and Sean ADL Tabatabai have pleaded with you for donations of £300K to set up their venture when, between them with their own companies, they have cash at the bank of approx £268,000. They had it then and they have it now and yet, now, they are asking you for an additional £400,000.

I’m sorry folks but what I am telling you are just facts. Pure unadulterated facts. Do and think as you wish.

You know what though? Call me crazy but I just have a sneaking suspicion that Icke, Sean and Sonia might all just kiss and make up. Then who do you think they would ALL turn on? It’s just a plausible hunch of course! 😉 Just not outwith the bounds of possibility that is all. Imagine the avalanche of support TPV would get if they pulled that off though eh? Think about it.


DEAR GOD! It just occurred to me what COULD very plausibly be happening here. I AM NOT SAYING IT IS BUT IT COULD BE, TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE AND NOTHING STOPPING IT.

The CREDITOR of MAGUS MEDIA ‘could” easily be TPV Limited or it could be “David Icke Books Ltd” or “Lion’s Epoch Ltd”. Sean then folds THIS particular company and walks away with the £80K cash and TPV are not going to say a word (or Icke) because that COULD exactly be what Icke wants and/or Tabatabai has simply transferred funds as a loan to Magus media from TPV. I am NOT saying that has happened but I AM saying it could so very simply be done. Why is it he did not submit an annual report this very year? Why is he now closing it down? All after the donation drive. 

Studio equipment was first £20K now it’s £142K??? There is NO clarity in this table whatsoever (and there was never meant to be). Office rent for 7 months (or even 4 months) £1200? More like £1200 PER month but I was told while I was AT TPV it was £1000 per month! £75K for direct wages when everyone you ever hear of says they don’t get paid. Except Richie recently but, trust me, that is a whole other story I can assure you. While I am positive I read somewhere that Sonia Poulton said she was getting £300 a month. I’m positive I saw that somewhere but perhaps I am wrong. If it were so though, how come Sonia £300 and Richie at least £1200 (at least).

Anyhow back to this bullshit in this table. The one thing that stands out like a giant sore thumb for now is the cost of studio equipment. I stated in a blog before TPV admitted it that they got the WHOLE LOT for £20K. They then admitted that. So where the HELL has another £120K gone? Let me now ask you this: Does £81,192 fit into £120K? Yes I do believe it does. Would the costs of a very expensive trip for a couple or handful of TPV people to California cost as much as £40K? Probably not (but you NEVER know) but even if not, the rest could be made up by “sundry items” of spend.

This STINKS! The stench is overwhelming now.

TPV financials


CORRECTION: The £81K cash in the bank for Magus was in there at end of August 2012. So the last comments above re transferring that figure do not apply. What STILL potentially applies however is that TPV Limited could act as a creditor to Magus. We will never know because he is closing shop. There COULD have been all sorts of transfers between Aug 2012 and now but there are NO ANNUAL RETURNS for 2013 to give us a view of that. Isn’t it good timing?

David Icke: The “explanation” and ONE question David. Just one!

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On today’s “show” with Richie Allen explaining the transparency situation (or total lack thereof, while you are then going to have a TPV employee provide the “evidence” of the ins and outs – while there is no legal requirement for her to do that so, even if bullshit, there’s no legal implications because it is not what TPV are producing for the authorities – but let’s ignore all that) you mentioned David, that you have nothing to do with TPV and are not a Director. But why did you start off as one and then remove yourself when it got “hot” with OFCOM? 😉 However, again that is an aside – there are SO many issues David and your little faked display of emotion and being attacked from the outside by people who don’t want the info out there (What info? I’ll give Sonia this – but not much – she was the hardest hitting person in there and while she has an ego and while she is a bit on the bolshy and feminist side (as I read her), she was, of all you, the most outspoken and ready to take anyone on – she has 100x more “balls than you do Icke, I’ll give her that) was just that, a “show”. You’re damned lucky you have an audience who can’t read fake a mile off. But then when they believe in reptilians what does one expect? Seriously!

But here’s the question David: You’re no longer a Director, the little “slag, fish and christian cunts and f*** off bitch” Sean is (incredible how so called people believing in love, light and infinite consciousness can totally ignore this little sleaze bag’s language just because he’s your bum chum. I mean people are actually throwing money at a guy who is blatantly coming out with this stuff)


You see David? You WERE a Director but in your explanation today, you weren’t forthcoming with that information and, therefore, did not explain why you were and are not now? While you dropped the Directorship precisely on 23rd October 2012 when you applied for the OFCOM licence. Every piece of info you have provided your audience, every shred of “transparency” has not come without it being dragged and ripped out of you. Just like the £20K. You don’t offer info, you begrudgingly give it when the shouts get too loud. Even then, you don’t give the full story. You leave little bits out (which really are not little at all). People can read you like a book Icke. Not your core cult of course, but everyone else. I never laughed at you at Wogan because I hadn’t even heard of you until around 2008/2009. I laugh at the gullibility of your audience but I don’t laugh at you (well perhaps a little I have to admit) I recognise you for what you are and one doesn’t laugh at conmen.

People's Voice 6

Now what about that question that you really do keep avoiding David about the shareholding:

TPV share capital

Now please let’s not play games and silly buggers David. I realise there are many people out there who wouldn’t know the first thing about how shareholding works but I’m not one of them. The business has share capital. The business must have people who own that share capital. They are called “shareholders”. And please don’t go down the route of saying “Ok, yes they hold £10 of share capital, big deal” because you know it’s a big deal David. The PEOPLE would like to know simply who owns that £10 (whatever it is) worth of share capital. Why is this so difficult for you David? Isn’t this precisely the hidden tactics the very people who control the world’s corporations use? Yes, I do believe it is. But you’re not one of them are you David? You’re MISTER TRANSPARENCY!

Is it, perchance, the same shareholder of David Icke Books Ltd (of which you are neither a Director any longer – so then it’s obvious one does not need to be a Director to be in control and making the money – precisely the issue which arises when people say the Rothschilds are not directors of this that or the other Corporation or Bank then isn’t it?). David, tell me, do you think all the people who know of you or have read some of your stuff are that dumb man? Could it be that a conversation I had personally with Sean in the early days and the competence shown in the very short time I could stand your bullshit and your team’s bullshit, was just not the kind of competence you were looking for and you thought ‘maybe just a little too switched on for our liking’? Go for it son if you want to – take every swipe you want Davey.

Just tell the people. Show them the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Incorporation of the Private Limited Company by shares and show them who owns those shares (par value £10? maybe?) Just show them who owns them!

I KNOW you don’t need to make any income from the company David. How long has Sean worked for you now while only now, as you say, he is working elsewhere too to make ends meet. What about the years before that while working for you? You’re telling your audience that you paid him for work on the David Icke website and the moderation job (and “Guardian of all that is Icke” – what is he? Your illegitimate son? Your bum chum? He’s not that bright David so tell me, what is he? What’s he got on you?) but you’re not paying him now? He’s spent years with you now Davey. What has he lived on? Yet you’re telling the world that, while he is the star of it all and worked his little ass off (mein kampf? No yours babes) on TPV, it is only now he can’t afford to feed himself and yet he is the sole director of the entire company?

There’s a saying by the Scots David (while I am an earthling and only an earthling. I thought you’d understand that of all people?): “I wasn’t brought up the Clyde on a scooter!”

So by all means, you show the “ins and outs” all well massaged Davey (why don’t you have Ernst & Young do them for you? lol) but give your cult ONE more fundamental piece of information: WHO IS/ARE THE SHAREHOLDERS OF TPV PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY?

Now, for anyone who is interested:

The People’s Voice has no subsidiary companies (it is not a “parent” company of other companies which would then report their financials to the parent company) BUT – and this is ONLY a conjecture, I freely admit that – what IF TPV Limited IS a subsidiary company itself?

If that turned out to be the case then WHO is the parent company? The Parent company need not even be listed in the sense it could be an offshore “shelf company”. But do you believe that David Icke has handed entire control, directorship and shareholding to a little jerk like Sean ADL Tabatabai? Do you? Really? If you do Terry, I have a nice seafront bungalow you might like in Birmingham!

Look at the audit thresholds. TPV would be exempt. Far less than 50 employees (they want volunteers don’t they?) and gross assets £3.26M? With £20K spent on all that outdated Teddington equipment? Gross assets, once depreciation is taken into account will be pretty damned negligible). No “turnover” as such but your donations are actually considered income as would sponsorship and advertising money but it’s looking doubtful they would have a turnover of £6.5M a year and they only have to meet two out of the three criteria anyhow. IF it is a subsidiary that is…..

The Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (Accounts and Audit Exemptions and Change of Accounting Framework) Regulations 2012 (SI 2012/2301) amends the Companies Act 2006 so that it aligns mandatory audit thresholds with accounting thresholds, exempts certain subsidiary companies from mandatory audit and dormant subsidiaries from preparing and filing accounts.

It also makes it easier for companies who currently use IFRS voluntarily to switch from IFRS to UK GAAP when preparing their accounts.

Date published: 6 September 2012

Effective date: accounting periods ending on or after 1 October 2012

Access the legislation The Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships(Accounts and Audit Exemptions and Change of Accounting Framework) Regulations 2012.

Audit thresholds

Audit thresholds for small companies have been aligned with accounting thresholds for small companies. Small companies will therefore be entitled to an exemption from mandatory audit if they meet two out of the three mandatory criteria:

  • No more than 50 employees;
  • No more than gross assets of £3.26 million;
  • Less than £6.5 million in turnover.

Audit exemptions for subsidiaries

Subsidiaries will be exempted from mandatory audit if it fulfils all of the following conditions:

(a) its parent undertaking is established under the law of an EEA state;
(b) the company’s shareholders must unanimously agree to dispense with an audit in the financial year in question;
(c) the parent must give a statutory guarantee of all the outstanding liabilities to which the subsidiary is subject at the end of the financial year;
(d) the company must be included in the consolidated accounts drawn up by the parent undertaking, which must be prepared in accordance with Directive 83/349/EEC (the Seventh Company Law Directive);
(e) the use of the exemption by the subsidiary must be disclosed in the notes on the consolidated accounts drawn up by the parent;
(f) the following documents must be filed by the directors of the subsidiary at Companies House on or before the date that they file the subsidiary’s accounts:
i. written notice of the agreement in (b);
ii. a statement by the parent that it guarantees the subsidiary company under the particular section of the Act;
iii. a copy of the consolidated report and accounts referred to in (d) and the auditor’s report on those accounts;
(g) the company is not quoted within s385(2) of the Companies Act (“the Act”;
(h) it is not an authorised insurance company, a banking company, an e-Money issuer, a MiFID investment firm or a UCITS management company, or carries on insurance market activity; and
(i) it is not a trade union or an employer’s association.

A further 67,000 dormant subsidiary companies will be exempted from the requirement to prepare and file accounts if they fulfil these conditions. An annual return will still be required to be filed at Companies House.

Dormant subsidiaries

Dormant subsidiary companies will be exempted from the requirement to prepare and file accounts if they fulfil these conditions above. An annual return will still be required to be filed at Companies House.

But lastly, to repeat: £20K for the equipment. David in his “explanation” video says he put his own money into buying equipment. What was it David? £20K for the equipment we know about? Or £150 for an IPOD?

Not only does David Icke Books Limited have £104,000 cash at bank – I’ll repeat that: CASH AT BANK! but we also have a little known company which David is the sole director of, called “Lion’s Epoch” which has £83K CASH AT BANK!

Now, going back to school for a moment, that makes £187K CASH IN BANK for the companies David Icke owns/controls outwit TPV. IF he had spent £20K of that cash for the equipment needed (as he told you all it was really expensive stuff and he needed £100K then £300K when, strangely, he had £187K of his own money in the bank – and we’re not even looking at his own PERSONAL bank balances and investments), he would have been left with £167K CASH AT BANK! Still a handsome sum of cash don’t you think? If I had that sort of money and I truly believed in what I was doing and KNEW what I was doing, I would have sank my own £20K for the equipment – I’ve made far worse investments than that with £20K I can assure you but at least I learned from them. But he came to YOU saying how desperately they needed the £300K for, substantially, the equipment and boy did they keep driving the “tremendous cost” of equipment and the quality of it when – and please do not fall for this “we did not know there was £20K of equipment at Teddington until later” because, if you do, you’re simply an idiot and deserve being fleeced, sorry – he could have went to either of the company’s banks and withdrew it without sniffing (well that might be hard in David’s case I suppose).

Lion's epoch

“Adult and other education”???? I thought his books were meant to be educational? lol

So what could this be?

Ah! I know. It could be collaboration with Daryl Hall & John Oates…..

David Icke: TPV Corporate statement!

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Sonia Poulton – listen to her “loving”, absolutely committed speeches (all on youtube) about working for TPV and with David and why.

Listen to what she told you she was in it for and that she was 110% committed.

She was promoted heavily as THE “anchor” for the whole station. Now, gone! “poof!”

But there will be a CORPORATE statement to explain her departure in the nicest possible terms and I’m sure Sonia will support that statement. 🙂

Sonia leaves

Did she finally say: “David, you’re full of shit!”? Or was it Sean? Or was it “personal reasons”? lol

What a train wreck we have here. Anyone surprised?

Addendum: Well there WAS a surprise! TPV didn’t even try to smooth it all out!

Well Sonia hun, after you and all the team stating that I was a “pain in the arse” and you yourself saying that I was just a “nasty” (or words to that effect) and that I didn’t get my way (all total crap by the way), how does it feel to be on the receiving end when you, thinking you’re of such great importance dear, get dropped like a steaming hot pile? I guess where it’s YOU walking, it was for reasons of integrity right? Whereas when it was me, and you were still in your “honeymoon period”, you took the “common good” side – you didn’t know the details but you just jumped on the bandwagon and slated me.

Poulton 10

Well Sonia, there’s a little bit of karma for you dear! 😉 I’m all for making amends and communicating realities but my impression is (and it is JUST an impression) is that you’re far too “big” for that right? 🙂

The “Common good” – well, David did say you’d all have difference of opinion but, at the end of the day, nothing changes under the sun AND the “Common good” is a hive mind socialist construct in THAT particular “corporation”.

By the way, for all of you, look up the following:

David Icke Books Ltd and

Lion’s epoch Limited.

The first one doesn’t even have Icke as a director (like TPV then – do you think Icke is making no money out of it as he says he isn’t for TPV? Shareholding creates long term value for the shareholders and THAT is where the money eventually comes from – wake the hell up Ickeans!) but the second one does.

The thing is, the cash at bank both have together is about £160,000 YET, David Icke is asking for ANOTHER £400K from you all! lol

One other thing, have you noticed how Keith Allen is in on the game now? Now ask yourself, WHO funded “A lawful killing” for Keith Allen?

Please also note there are, as I have said before, two other companies set up as “The People’s Voice” (with then slightly different names) and run by a a certain Mr M Islam. They were formed within a month of Ice’s. That is one HELL of a coincidence don’t you think? And who funded “A lawful killing” again?

Ho ho ho!

Last thing: Re-read the criticism of Sonia by TPV (sanctioned, therefore, by David Icke if not stated by him) and then consider David’s words once more: “Everytime we open our mouths…” etc.

Really need not say more (and it’s no use trying to repeat it to David’s lobotomised patients):

Does he feel the consequences of his actions? Where’s the “empathy” gone David and Sonia? Can’t get along? Truth, honesty and openness and respect for all and you are both of the same mind in that sense but you can’t get along? Yes, I do have a big cheesy grin on my face because this is simply hilarious and I foretold it in my first blog on the subject.

“The only thing it’s about is the right kind of “energy” and seeing things “our way”! ;-)

“The “People’s voice” eh? Ok. Here’s mine: I want back on the team! (Do I hell as like but it’s the point made here). YOU DON’T HAVE A VOICE AS “THE PEOPLE”, YOU JUST GET A VOICE IF THEY LIKE WHAT YOU SAY! PERIOD!”

“I wonder if that will ever come up and bite Sonia Poulton and she be asked to depart at some stage by one of David’s drivers or other lackeys. I mean if the guy can tell his wife to “piss off” that way then I’m sure he can to anyone! And Sonia has a problem believing the shit he comes out with too:

sonia 7

"Going with the flow" put a different way. Sonia, did you make contact before deleting to ask me my version of events? No? No hun, it was easier to go with the flow. After all, I was just a volunteer. You had NO part in this and you knew nothing about it. Yet what was your action? "Spineless" because you certainly would not listen to my version against your new employer would you? Hilarious. Trying to suggest you are all working in an "enlightened state". Acting out all the same ways everyone does. What makes it sick is you promote yourselves as better.

“Going with the flow” put a different way. Sonia, did you make contact before deleting to ask me my version of events? No? No hun, it was easier to go with the flow. After all, I was just a volunteer. You had NO part in this and you knew nothing about it. Yet what was your action? “Spineless” because you certainly would not listen to my version against your new employer would you? Hilarious. Trying to suggest you are all working in an “enlightened state”. Acting out all the same ways everyone does. What makes it sick is you promote yourselves as better.

That honesty is only appreciated by you however Sonia when it isn't pointed at you or the people you associate with. When it is you simply delete without communication. But I'm glad you respect it nevertheless. You can't complain then. ;-)

That honesty is only appreciated by you however Sonia when it isn’t pointed at you or the people you associate with. When it is you simply delete without communication. But I’m glad you respect it nevertheless. You can’t complain then. 😉

Perhaps there are certain people, at this point in time, how may (just may) now want to revise their assumptions of me in my original post and ongoing posts about Icke and TPV. The above quotes and comments having been taken from my original blog on the subject where, unlike the support for Sonia that I can see here and there, I had no “name” and was slated by Sonia, Icke et al and all you TPV lovers were happy to jump on the bandwagon. Thank you for that. 🙂 I salute your open-mindedness.


Note to Sonia: It must be your “energy” honey! They need POSITIVE energy at TPV (aka everything they want must be accepted, achieved and willingly given and anything else is selfishness dear) not the NEGATIVE vibes you must have been giving off. Tsk Tsk!

All those negative waves Son’!

David Icke’s Corporate sponsors

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Re-publishing this article because it was written PRIOR to my applying to TPV. I have already explained why I did and my change of heart (not so much a change of heart but thinking “I need to give these guys the benefit of the doubt”). So I did and guess what? I found I shouldn’t have! lol

Always go with your gut instinct. I MUST remember that. But the real interesting stuff here is Tabatabai’s connections. Globalist ones which you will see clearly IF you research them.

Following on from my blog entitled: David Icke: “A Central bank of his own” (

Icke does it again! He takes yet another step which demonstrates this is about a business venture; a media empire?; Icke’s voice not yours.

Time and again, we hear the words of politicians and bankers – they sound “good” some of the time and well justified. They say “Obamacare will provide healthcare for every family” without explaining the massive cost of doing so and the inability for you to opt out while the Congress and Senate do not have “Obamacare”. We hear him say “I won’t sign the NDAA” and he does. We hear “I will close Guantanamo” and he doesn’t. We hear “The Bush administration must stay within the law rather than illegally wiretap” and VOILA! NSA and Obama knew all about it. We hear him say “This will be the most transparent Whitehouse ever” and then journalists are targeted as are whistleblowers.

So what’s that got to do with Mr Icke? After all, I wrote the previous blog and some of the reactions of Icke’s followers were as entirely expected while some were hilarious in their naivety and gullibility. Well, Mr Icke is telling you one thing while he gets £300,000 from you to start up his venture (again, HIS not YOURS – he’s not giving YOU an interest whatsoever in it EXCEPT that he’s going to give you “the truth” – HIS truth. And of course, his followers will accept it as the truth because, to do otherwise, would have them have to admit that where they have spoken to friends, neighbours and family and invested so much of themselves into what he says – a lot of it, I admit, is fact but just enough of it is total utter bullshit and helps no-one even if it were fact! – they would lose face AND, don’t forget, they would then have to “opt out” of the “Icke gang”. People HAVE to have and be a member of SOME “gang” or other otherwise they feel lost. YET, Icke fans will say “think for yourselves”. I gotta laugh – if a lot of them thought for themselves their heads would explode!). That thing being that this is “your voice”, the “People’s Voice”. To a great extent it may well be BUT that’s just like the political parties who ask for their donations from THEIR “sheep”. Icke now has formally got himself “Icke lambs” (to the slaughter). These political donations to parties – do the parties then truly speak for the people who donate (the little guy who’s a member?) or do they speak for the large donors and the corporate donors?

Ask yourself that question then give yourself the answer which you know full well!

So you’ve donated to Mr Icke while he asks for £50 for a t-shirt and THEN – wait for it! – if you actually do wish for YOUR voice to be heard on his channel (NOT yours) then he’s only asking for £10,000 from you for a one half hour slot! You can learn to play guitar with a teacher for £10 per 1/2hour slot! Imagine giving a guitar teacher £10K for lessons. It would last you and he’d teach you until you surpassed Jimi Hendrix or Eddie Van Halen for christ’s sakes!

Anyhow, you’ve donated and get N O T H I N G except the pleasure of watching and listening to what Mr Icke decides to broadcast and you think “Hey! My 10 pence contributed to that!” YOU ASSHOLE! But don’t worry there are a hell of a lot of you so you’re in good company – part of the gang as I said. After all you’re “awake” (in your dreams!). Like George Carlin once said: “It’s called the American dream because you’ve got to be asleep to believe it”. Well with Icke it’s “If you don’t believe it or me then you’re not awake”. Sure most of you sense or can see all that is wrong in the world but that doesn’t mean you have any concept of being used like an evangelist uses his followers in their “church” where they donate and the evangelist walks away rich as hell and you are left with false hopes.

So, before I wrote my last blog on this, Mr Icke hadn’t mentioned a word about the donation v investment issue. Then he did. I don’t propose it was due to my blog on the subject BUT the timing was immaculate. This is the video he produced to “justify” what he was doing:

He has, since, gone on to accept Indiegogo’s suggestion/offer of another 10 days of “Crowdsourcing” funding for the TV channel venture.

BUT NOW, he’s taken a further step which shows his hand. Now I repeat – THIS IS A GUY THAT, UP UNTIL NOW, I PRETTY MUCH TRUSTED AS BEING ON THE LEVEL (with, perhaps, a few reservations but nothing like the reservations I have now) – I even shook his hand at Bilderberg 2013. However, I am quite simply stating this: David Icke and Alex Jones – whether or not they fully realise it – are doing a “job” for the globalists who are trying to turn this world on its head. The globalist want fear, they also want to show you the corruption and they want to create chaos and have you all in a mental state of confusion and an ignorantly based belief system that “capitalism is bad” or even “socialism” or any ism is bad. The fact is yes, they all are BUT this creation of chaos and the opening of “Pandora’s Box” showing the world how corrupt the present system is and our political leaders are is part of the globalist agenda! You even KNOW this when you read and take in what you read of their own documents PLUS if you read the protocols. They want the destruction of the present political system! I’m not saying it shouldn’t be destroyed, I am just concerned (for good reason) that the populations of the world are not going to be able to arrive at a populist solution but simply take what is offered to them!


But what they ARE doing is profiting from your misery just as the politicians and bankers are doing, From your misery, your ignorance and your gullibility!

Oh you’re NOT gullible?

How, then, is it that you are not demanding what Icke is offering to CORPORATES – Sponsorship deals! Now I’m sure that he said he didn’t want “Investors”. Didn’t he say that? I’m sure he did! But, once more, you Ickians will justify and excuse (the exact same behaviour you despise from those still not “awake” and supporting Obama or a political party or an “ism”).

“Sponsorship doesn’t mean Investor” I hear some (or most) of you say. Like the guy who turned to me and said “He’s asking for donations not investment” not recognising what a bloody stupid, obvious thing to say considering my point in the last blog was that he was asking for donations because he did not wish to give you an investment in HIS business!

So let’s look more closely at what Sponsorship means:

Corporate sponsorship can take many forms, but generally involves a company or organisation attaching its name to a charity, event, or other promotion in exchange for providing funds or paying a sponsorship fee. Corporate sponsorship is an effective means of advertising for many organisations, because it promotes goodwill. Companies are more likely to spend large amounts of money sponsoring highly publicised events due to the amount of publicity that can be generated and the opportunity to be affiliated with a good cause or popular event.

Typically a director of development from a charitable organisation initiates the contact. They begin by approaching marketing directors of different companies to solicit funding. Rather than solicit straight donations, the charity makes the offer sweeter for the company by offering sponsorship opportunities in exchange for monetary donations. The company is more likely to donate money to a charitable cause when they have the ability to gain publicity as a result.

The specific terms of the agreement are then outlined in a written contract. For example, a company is sponsoring a charity golf tournament. The terms of the agreement state that the company’s name and logo will be used on all marketing and promotional materials leading up to and on the day of the event. The company will be credited as the headline sponsor for the event in all radio and television advertising leading up to the event, and the company’s logo will appear on event T-shirts.

The company making the donation typically becomes actively involved in the charity after the relationship has been established. For example, the president or other representative of the sponsoring company may sit on the board of directors for the charitable organisation, or a representative from the sponsoring company takes an active role in helping to plan and organise the charitable event.

Now, whether or not those sponsors actually get a say or a chair on the board, the point is that Icke is going to have to keep the message(s) on the “People’s Voice” in line with the wishes of his Corporate Sponsors OR he isn’t going to get any. Not only that but these sponsors actually get something of value to them out of donating (in this case it IS an investment for them and David is quite happy to allow an investment – “but with no financial return to them you understand right?” ;-)) whereas you’re not even being offered anything of value for YOUR donation! (Except that naive belief that he’s going to be YOUR voice! LOL).

So, once more, Icke creates money out of nothing for himself (The effective “Quantitative Easing” by creating hundreds of thousands of pounds from the many’s small donations) and then he’s inviting the sponsors in – the advertisers – but no matter how much money he gets it will ALL be ploughed back into the station (let’s ignore that the “Directors” and staff – essentially Icke and his family and friends – will receive probably pretty good salaries out of this venture and as the sponsorship deals come through and advertising, so the salaries will increase. So “no profit” just damned nice salaries! 😉

But David’s going to work for free. Yes SURE he is. He won’t take a salary – of COURSE not – he’ll take a 6 monthly or yearly dividend. YOU don’t need to know that do you?

Now, here is the Company vehicle for “The People’s Voice”:

People's voice Directors

People’s voice Directors

So who’s the guy with the strange name (with “ADL” in the middle of it? A strange quirk considering isn’t it? Not that I’m suggesting anything I just found it funny for obvious reasons).

Well Sean is a Producer – as stated – and is also Icke’s “David” webmaster as well as his trusted partner in this venture. But he has strange connections. Now, anyone else with 47 connections on their LinkedIn profile, 2 of which (the most from one organisation) being the BBC, PLUS connections with “Newstate Partners LLP” (look them up) and “EF Education First (first for what? Conditioning students into a globalist mindset AND which has trips to Nazi Concentration Camps in Germany just to keep the holocaust in mind no doubt) would have ANY ONE OF YOU think “Ahah!!” if it were anyone else but the partner of David Icke but, since it is the partner of David Icke then “there must be some simple sort of explanation (which, you can be assured, there will be I’m sure).

Newstate Partners

Their roots with S.G. Warburg indeed while they advise governments and Central Banks on debt management etc. Yeah, he probably just does their websites too right? Plus the BBC’s, plus EF Education First – ALL globalist organisations. Sure the guy just has to make a living right?

EF Education First

EF Education First

Sean's network

Each of the circles on the outer ring represents one of his connections. This is where, if you hover over them on his LinkedIn page you find, amongst others, Newstate and EF. The large circle in the middle represents his largest number of connections with one organisation and that is only 2, both with the BBC.

Sure, if Icke has a LinkedIn he might even have a couple of people as connections from the BBC – who knows? – after all he used to work for them (Wogan might even be one of them! ;-)) but Tabatabai having connections with them AND the other two is just a LITTLE teeny weeny bit strange. However, I’m sure you don’t think so so by all means carry on believing.

Why do I write these blogs about Icke these days? Because, to me, he’s now transparent. I’m not saying he’s a bad dude but I despise the way he’s actually treating you, his audience. If you enjoy being treated in such a way then more power to your elbow.

Personally, however, I don’t think you’re NEARLY awake. Just naive and FAR too trusting and gullible.