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MH370: Pilot stitch up

Posted in "Terrorism", Disappearance of MH370, Geo-Political Warfare, Media, Politics by earthling on March 28, 2014

This blog could just as well be entitled “Who’s that girl?”

I happened to look at a previous blog of mine called “MH370 found in Antarctica!” and I admit, I totally missed what I had been looking at before without noticing something which now appears very obvious.

Do you remember the Co-Pilot stories about having two South African girls (one by the name of Jonti Roos) in the cockpit on a trip back to KL from Phuket?

I suggest you look again at those photos.

The bottom photo here of the two, is the one I used in my blog. It had been consistently published in the world’s media as being the photo of Fariq and the girl(s) in the cockpit. The problem is IT IS NOT FARIQ!

Not fariq 2


This girl, Jonti Roos, requires questioning and investigation by the Malaysian authorities because she has most definitely been a plant to fraudulently attempt to bring Fariq’s name and the name of Malaysia Airlines into disrepute.

I had my doubts about this story from the beginning, as I mentioned in a previously blog, but I hadn’t even picked this issue up at the time. Like many, I guess I gave the photos somewhat of a cursory glance. This is fraudulent misrepresentation and it has been used to harm reputations.

Look at the following photos:

Not Fariq Sg media Not Fariq

Yes both photos are the same but they are from just two of the myriad of newspapers across the globe running this story and they are “Selling” them as photos of the girls with Fariq, the co-pilot on MH370. IT IS NOT FARIQ!

The following photo has Fariq in it (on the right) BUT it is NOT in the cockpit and you may also wish to notice Fariq’s stance with his hands placed behind his back. In no way is it suggesting he was being anything other than courteous for posing in the shot.

This story is entirely fabricated and I, for one, would like to know more about who this woman, Jonti Roos, is! And how come, it just so happens so coincidently, that she has photos of herself with one of the very pilots of MH370 and also felt the need to then be part of a worldwide story sold to the public that the pilot in these photos in the cockpit was Fariq Abdul Hamid?

Fariq with girls

Meanwhile, we have this statement made by a MAS Executive:

MAS Exec doubts

And, from the very beginning, I have doubted it too.

Who is “running” this show? These two men’s reputations are being destroyed on the back of a globalist, political agenda!




Meanwhile: Oh look! Two Military pilots in the cockpit flying to Diego Garcia, top secret naval base, not even watching the “road” ahead and they have two NFL babes in there with them! But no. Sure, that’s different right? It’s America! Hypocritical bastards.

DG pilots and babes