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The Bastard of Britain

Posted in "Terrorism", Geo-Political Warfare by earthling on February 13, 2015

Today, February the 13th, 70 years ago. A bastard by the name of Winston Churchill massacred (a holocaust – a real one) over quarter of a million men, women and children and yet I (and you) have meant to celebrate this man and celebrate the British Army, the Royal Airforce and the Royal Navy.

Churchill was doing this for the jews – the zionists. But do not ever forget that the armed forces come under the Queen (then the King) and it is the Head of state who has total control over his/her decision whether to go to war and there is no doubt that the King gave his blessing to this butchery.

God forgive us.

But why should he?

The British Establishment should be wiped from the pages of history perhaps just as much as the Israeli, zionist government.

Nothing more or less than war criminals.