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Lucy Alan MP goes “full jew”

Posted in Uncategorized by earthling on December 6, 2015

First: What do I mean by “full jew”? Is that an anti semitic slur or a reflection of the consistency of the absolutely necessary for their survival, jewish “victimhood” and consistent lies to continue the belief?

I say it is the latter. Trust me, it most surely is.

  1. MP, Lucy Allan, caught red-handed lying and playing a victim. I could say more about women playing victims and how they have a lot in common with jews but I won’t. After all, you reading this may just be a “NAWALT”.


2. Lucy Allan should be removed from office for this. Will she be framing a man next for rape? You see, the man who wrote to her could have very well got a visit by the Police and charged for threatening behaviour online, hate speech or any other number of offences our government have created to control you!

3. The facts:

This is the lie that Lucy Allan wrote on her Facebook post which she then removed. Too late Lucy!



This is the response from Lucy to cover her bare faced lie which could have put an innocent man in jail:


This is the real email which “Rusty” sent:




Now why do I bring up jews again? Why do I say she’s gone “full jew”?

Well here’s a couple of examples (just a couple) –





Want more? Don’t make life tedious for me please.