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But Investigated by whom? You can see clearly what the issue is – as can they – yet they refuse to allow such to be discussed. It is this “People elected (or not) to this house can do no wrong” ideology. It raises them above the law for it is not to be implied, nor discussed.

Guthrie: Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath; Officer of the Order of the Bitish Empire; Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order; Chief of the Defence Staff between 1997 and 2001 and Chief of the General Staff, the professional head of the British Army, between 1994 and 1997; non-executive director of N M Rothschild & Sons, Colt Defense LLC, and Chairman (non-executive) of Siboney Ltd

You try working for both, a car manufacturer (as a buyer) and have a non executive directorship in a supplier to the car manufacturer who sells the latter parts. See how far you get!

We cannot allow this shit to go on! But, for some reason, we do.

You think this man made his money from being a good Military Officer?

Guthrie                                          Eric Joyce (PPS (Rt Hon John Hutton, Secretary of State), Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform; Falkirk, Labour)Fundamentally, it is true that how much money we spend as a nation on defence is a big issue. We frame it in terms of a proportion of our gross domestic product or sometimes we talk about increasing expenditure in real terms. Whatever we do, there is an argument to be won with the public at large. For that reason, when we talk about the military covenant, we should think in those terms—of the public at large—rather than just in terms of the relationship between Ministers, the Government and service personnel.I want to add a mild note of criticism. People generally tend not to criticise the Royal British Legion and, on the whole, I do not either. I do think, however, that a touch of some aspects of its campaign over the military covenant has jumped into that space for criticism. It may have been done for good campaigning reasons, but it has jumped into that space where people have tended to view the campaign as a criticism of the Government. I find it slightly peculiar that the Royal British Legion put on events at party conferences, yet did not allow Ministers to speak on the grounds that it would be political. Why come to party political conferences? It seemed rather peculiar. The Royal British Legion’s campaign has largely been sound and appropriately delivered, but some aspects in the margins should be thought about again more critically before it launches into its next big campaign on whatever subject.Guthrie

Eric Joyce (PPS (Rt Hon John Hutton, Secretary of State), Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform; Falkirk, Labour:

I would now like to say a few words about what I believe to have been disgraceful behaviour in the other place, which was co-ordinated and organised by the former Chiefs of the Defence Staff. These are people who want to put themselves above politics, yet they will quite happily stand at the launch of a perfectly legitimate “Way Forward” Tory party document. I realise that Conservative Way Forward is more a Tory think-tank than an official party document, but it is preposterous in the extreme to think that former chiefs of staff can write a foreword to a political pamphlet and then try to pretend that they are above politics. That is a farce. Frankly, although I realise that they have a great deal to contribute—they are enormously talented and capable officers—if they want to put their political cards on the table, let them do it, but let us not shilly-shally about what their political sentiments are.

BlackBerrys are a miracle. I think I am right in saying, Mr. Deputy Speaker, that I am allowed to get some data on my BlackBerry as I am sitting here. I say that because this may not be a complete list. I do not think that General Guthrie mentioned the fact that he was a paid director of Colt Defence, Siboney Ltd, Sciens Capital, and Rothschild; or that Field Marshall Inge mentioned that he was a paid director of Aegis, which clearly has interests in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Sir Evelyn Rothschild

They are excellent companies, by the way, and I know that they will be very excited and pleased to see themselves referred to in this place today. Lord Boyce is a paid director of WS Atkins and of Vosper Thornycroft. I may be wrong, as I have just had a quick perusal of the Hansard from the other place. I do not know, Mr. Deputy Speaker, what the rules are and I doubt whether they have broken any of them. However, I will say that former chiefs of staff are probably earning more from their directorships than paid Members of this House and that if they do not want to declare those directorships and if they want to get politicised and personalised—

Michael Lord (Deputy Speaker)

Order. I hesitate to interrupt the hon. Gentleman. It is one thing to refer to the qualifications and interests of Members of the other House, but he must be careful not to imply anything else when he makes these remarks.

Eric Joyce (PPS (Rt Hon John Hutton, Secretary of State), Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform; Falkirk, Labour)

I appreciate that, Mr. Deputy Speaker. Let me just say that if they want to become personalised and politicised and to earn lots of money from interests that they do not declare before they make a speech, that will enormously devalue how they are perceived. That would be a great pity, as it would devalue their advice and their comments, which would be highly regrettable.

Hansard Text and video

Just have the balls to say it Eric: They’re on the take!

Come on folks. Stop letting these bastards take the piss out of you all. Make your voices heard.

It’s ALL poppycock!

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I think this is worth a blog all to itself:

Afghanistan: Opium Poppy Production

HL Deb 23 February 2005 vol 669 c200WA200WA

Lord Acton

asked Her Majesty’s Government:

According to the United Nations annual poppy crop survey in Afghanistan, what was the level of opium poppy cultivation and production in hectares and tonnes in Afghanistan in each year from 2000 to 2004. [HL1282]

§Baroness Symons of Vernham DeanThe United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) conducts an annual survey into the level of opium poppy cultivation and production in Afghanistan. It has reported levels of cultivation and production since 1999 as follows:

Hectares Tonnes
1999 91,000 4,600
2000 82,000 3,300
2001 8,000 185
2002 74,000 3,400
2003 80,000 3,600
2004 131,000 4,200


The UNODC figures for 1999, 2000 and 2001 were recorded under the Taliban regime. The low level of cultivation and low production figure in 2001 reflect the Taliban ban on opium cultivation; the ban did not however address the underlying causes of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, which was enforced with a mix of threat and bribery and drove up the price of opium, benefiting those with opium stockpiles.

And to finish off her sentence then (considering the increase once we went in – and it has grown even larger since):

“the ban did not however address the underlying causes of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan and was enforced with a mix of threat and bribery – (which, of course, the British government would never resort to in forcing people in this country to stop growing even marijuana never mind opium) – so we stopped the threats and the bribes and actually pay them to keep growing it”

Guthrie: “We’ll buy the poppies, then get stoned at the cenotaph! It’ll be a riot!”

Dear Lord Guthrie: May I please have your Lordfulship’s permission to cultivate 1 acre of land for marijuana or opium growth here in the UK? Once grown and well tended, I will accept a fair price for the land and product derived from it and you may then burn it to the ground if you so wish. It will allow my family to “live and feed” in this economic catastrophe that bastard you work for created. I am sure your Lordfulship’s boss, Lord Rothschild (of N.M. Rothschild of which you are a Director) would see the exceptional return on such an investment!
It’s a “radical” idea as you say but Whaddya say Guthrie dude? Deal?
“He is a Director of N M Rothschild & Sons Limited”
What happens when the Rothschilds own the ass of your Chief of the Defence staff?
A criminal conspiracy between International bankers and the Armed Forces of Her Majesty’s Government!
No, not theory: Absolute fact!
Hear him say it if you don’t believe it!
Sorry all you well meaning Forces guys out there but you have got to be fcuking thick as shit not to be able to work this shit out!
So here, this is dedicated to you:
History, then, repeats itself: 


HC Deb 06 June 1907 vol 175 cc865-948
*EARL PERCY            The hon. Member is acquainted with a part of Persia with which I am not familiar. It seems to me that the Government ought to have some security that simultaneous action will be taken by the States in the vicinity of China before we commit ourselves to definite action. My second contention is that by reducing the area of cultivation, the Government are inflicting very great hardship on India, with a minimum of advantage to the cause of morality in China………….I believe it has long been the policy of the Indian Government—I think ever since 1893—to reduce the export. But at the same time that they have reduced the export they have deliberately increased the area of cultivation, and that policy when challenged in this House was always defended on the ground that its object was not to push the sale of opium, but merely to prevent the violent fluctuations in price which would result from a temporary shortage in the crop, either in China or India, by keeping a stock in reserve equivalent to a six months’ supply. What will be the effect of departing from that policy?………….. It amounts to. £3,500,000 a year, and I do not think that anyone who reads the statement of Mr. Baker can fail to perceive that he does not regard the surrender of the opium revenue with anything like a feeling of equanimity. His argument, if I remember aright, was that it might be acquiesced in provided that it was done sufficiently slowly. But the loss to India would be not merely the loss of revenue. There is the loss to the shipping trade and the loss of a valuable staple export. The Party opposite ought to be particularly careful how they compromise the capacity of India to pay her debts by exports. The opium export trade represents a value of £6,000,000 a year, and if you take in the by-products—the seeds used for food and lighting, soap, varnish, and other chemical preparations—it amounts to a considerably larger figure than that……

Now that we smashed the Taliban, Kharzai, and we gave you a new Rothschild controlled Central Bank and we’re going to rebuild your country and give you vaccinations and mobile phones plus insurances and debt etc etc, you owe us big time! It ook a lot of dollars and pounds to divest ourselves of those missiles so it’s now time to hand over the oil and gas pipelines (NOT to the Argentinians!) and pay your jews – I mean dues!

That’s sweet looking Opium you’ve got there! 😉