COVID 19: Davos Insider “It is Climate Change on steroids”



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Do you want proof of where the term “THE NEW NORMAL” – which we are being ‘plagued’ with as a narrative – sprung from and why?

Do you DARE accept and recognise it for what it is?


The Club of Rome has us by the balls. What are we going to do about it?……….. Nothing.


A 45 minute “intro” of sorts:


Full detail:




Unfortunately, these days, all the points of connection I have, to put this “jigsaw puzzle” together, reside in my head and there is just so much of it, gathered over the last 12 to 15 years. Plus, I’ve recognised that, no matter what you place in front of the majority of people, that “penny” won’t drop. So, to piece all of the articles and all of the book quotes and people involved etc, is just not something I can motivate myself to do any longer.

One gets tired of trying and trying and trying to alert and explain OVER and OVER again to tons of different people over years. Granted, people who first considered me ‘nuts’ years ago, have now come to realise – after time and again my previous comments on news items and what the reality is, being, now, clearly seen by them – that there is, definitely, an agenda at play. But that said, even today, these people do not grasp the enormity of it and how they can, possibly, get away with it all.

Case in point: Covid 19. Their heads cannot compute how this entire episode could possibly be a full on hoax. It’s exactly like the moon landing issue or 9/11 for them (or many of the terrorist shootings): “How could the world’s media present this to us; Show us photos and video; Have real people on our TV talking about their loved ones dying” etc. “Too many people would have to know! It’s just not possible!”

So, re “the virus”. Let me state my opinion as clearly as I can:

  1. Today, Covid 19 is a total hoax.
  2. The people dying ARE dying but are so old they are dying anyhow of various symptoms.
  3. Certain people who die are being ‘picked’ to be used as “Covid 19 deaths”. I do not know the criteria they are using for choosing which people they will label as such.
  4. “But people are being tested and come up positive for the virus”: So? Throughout your whole life, when you have had a cold/flu, has your GP (Doctor) tested you for the cold/flu? Or has he simply said “Take Lemsip”; “Go home and sweat it out; Plenty of water and rest and keep warm”? It’s the latter, right?
  5. Corona viruses are a family of flu-like viruses – different strains. So then, if they are doing tests (and note the figures we are given, and the positive diagnoses, always seem to be very well controlled and then advised by Nation’s Health Ministers) then those tests can simply be coming up positive for “corona virus” which is a family including the common flu. Yes they are stating this is a “Novel Corona virus” but are YOU in control of the tests and procedure? No. The tests appear to have to be verified by being sent to specialised labs – very convenient.
  6. So then why do I suggest they wish to kill us? Why, then, is this not real if they wish for that? To be honest, I don’t know for sure because it certainly would appear they could get away with it. My personal belief is that they haven’t, yet, manufactured a virus they can totally control while it being infectious and pathogenic enough. They wouldn’t wish to kill themselves too now would they? I also believe that, at this moment, they are more interested in gathering data, including behavioural analysis re the wide population and, if you consider the varying degrees to which countries’ governments have reacted (Italy compared with the UK for instance), it would appear to me that they are assessing how people react to various levels of enforcement and lockdowns. Also, this has been a global heist just like 9/11 was to an extent; the dotcom crash; the house price crash AND it is allowing them to put in place even greater draconian measures for when they ARE ready to unleash whatever they have planned.

So who are these people?

Well, they are the usual suspects: The wealthy families who have their Foundations and their wealth wrapped up in both, those Foundations and in Nominee Accounts globally, as well as their investments in the entire Corporate infrastructure of the world.

The big names are:

Rothschild, Rockefeller, The old money families; British and wider royalty; The Gates family and many more.

The lackeys are people like Blair and Cameron and Johnson and Johnson’s father, Stanley, Paul Ehrlich, Jame Lovelock etc.

The Groups of course are: Bilderberg, Council on Foreign relations, Tavistock, The Royal Society, Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) etc.

Below that, you have all the little “ants” scurrying around who are in awe of the people they work for, get a decent salary and produce the reports and every other little nuance of what these people want produced. You then have their “Talking Heads” in the media who are just as awestruck and want the ‘big names’ to interview and to wine and dine with. It’s easy when you break it all down. How many paedophiles have been honoured by the Queen? Have you ever counted them?

Now, these people are in a hurry. Yes, the patiently take their steps – each step gathering greater power and momentum (this Covid 19 is one of them) – but they want what they want and that is wide open spaces which they own outright. The heists are all about gathering the money to enable them to have the influence and power over the politicians. They are NOT interested in money for money’s sake. It is only a tool for them to finally achieve what they wish. Full spectrum dominance over land, resources and population.

How is this done? Here’s an example of the Rockefeller and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations:

Agency Through Adaptation: Explaining The Rockefeller and Gates Foundation’s Influence in the Governance of Global Health and Agricultural Development
Michael Stevenson
A thesis presented to the University of Waterloo in fulfillment of the thesis requirement for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Global Governance

The central argument that I advance in this dissertation is that the influence of the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) in the governance of global health and agricultural development has been derived from their ability to advance knowledge structures crafted to accommodate the preferences of the dominant states operating within the contexts where they have sought to catalyze change.
Consequently, this dissertation provides a new way of conceptualizing knowledge power broadly conceived as well as private governance as it relates to the provision of public goods.

As a perspective on the distribution of power in world politics, global governance has effectively illuminated the increasing authority conferred by states to private actors in pursuit of resolving complex problems.
This rise in private power is closely linked to the unprecedented level of interdependence associated with the global expansion of the liberal economic paradigm.
The ensuing ‘‘uncoupling’’ of territorialism has diminished individual state capacity to limit domestic exposure to external problems.
To compensate for the shortcomings of the Westphalian model in the globalization era, states have relinquished long-held responsibilities to private actors, who now play key roles in establishing and enforcing regulatory frameworks governing whole industries, and in facilitating the provision of public goods.
While still contentious, the argument that some degree of private participation in global governance is necessary, for collective action problems to be successfully resolved, has been widely embraced by states and international organizations alike.
In this section, I look at how existing literature examining the means through which private actors have become formally involved in the construction and management of institutions of global governance can explain the influence of RF and BMGF in world politics.

Arguments have been made that the rise of PPPs [Public Private Partnerships] has led to a reduction in transparency of process, evidenced by the fact that while particular partnerships such as the Global Fund to
Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (hereafter the Global Fund) rely on public authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) for funding and administrative support, as legally independent not-for-profits, they are not required to have the same high levels of transparency or oversight as their public sector benefactors. Other PPPs created to raise and disperse large funds for specific purposes such as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) have been criticized for distorting the policy objectives of their public authority hosts (e.g. UNICEF), while fragmenting agencies at the operational level. The most cynical assessments suggest that PPPs constitute a misguided institutional experiment, which firms have strategically embraced to stifle civil society driven criticisms over their role in perpetuating global inequalities.

This dissertation shows that RF and BMGF have been instrumental in the evolution and institutionalization of the PPP as a form of global governance in public health and agriculture.

If RF and BMGF are indeed uniquely positioned to shape global governance, then why have these two actors largely operated under the radar of scholars examining the rise of private governance arrangements? Certainly the UN classification of private philanthropic foundations, as non-governmental organizations, is not the cause of their being viewed largely as peripheral actors, for Multinational Corporations (MNCs)–which have attracted tremendous scholarly attention–are also categorized as such. Instead, I am suggesting that the reason RF and BMGF have not attracted more scrutiny from International Relations (IR) scholars has to do with the intangibility and invisibility of power attained through the construction of knowledge, which I argue has been and continues to be the basis of their influence in global governance.

Now, you’ve heard about the Pandemic exercise carried out and literally just completed in November last year called “Event 201”? Bill & Melinda Gates and John Hopkins University working hand in hand with the UN and WHO. Public Private Partnerships.

What a coincidence right? Just as we have the Trump transition coincidence. So many coincidences but so many, otherwise considered “intelligent” people (even up to the level of PhDs) can’t compute the odds but can’t grasp the reality of it either. But then PhD and similar is a sign of very good conditioning, answering in the form and manner expected and being a person of ‘immaculate behaviour and principle”. In other words, useful twats.


But on to the main topic: Stanley Johnson, his co-conspirators (that is what they are when you have a group of people who work toward the same goal of depopulation of a planet – let’s get real here). Is this REALLY what they want? What lies behind it in terms of ideology? And are they actually connected and do they have a plan? If so, how is that plan progressed? What groups/clubs etc? Is the Club of Rome, for example, not just a “Conspiracy Theory”?

Let’s take a look shall we?


But you know? People are going to all go back to work, to school etc and breathe a sigh of relief when this all blows over. In the TOTAL IGNORANCE of the fact it has only been a step toward the real end goal:


But let the poor dears be sheep to the slaughter. Their lack of care about it has diminished my interest in trying to be a voice in the wilderness trying to alert them. Another way of saying would be rather coarse and I’m trying so hard not to be.


Taxing you, literally, to death

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My first and my last words on Climate Change which is in print and for all to see while it’s from the same body of people who, essentially, lurk in the shadows and “advise” governments and the United Nations. One must also simply understand that the Rockefeller and Rothschild families control so many of these little known organisations – little known, not to those of us who research it all but to the vast majority of the population who just do not and have no interest in doing so but just accept everything the BBC and the rest of the mainstream press and media tell them on whatever subject.


While I’m glad to see this on the BBC, I think to myself “Why now? And why Piers Corbyn? There have been others who have spoken out but they have been silenced and, on a few occasions, sacked by the BBC”. So, again, why now and why Piers? Could it be the timing is perfect to undermine Jeremy Corbyn from another angle? “The Corbyn family all have ‘extreme’ views” and while it has been essentially the left who have supported and been vocal on Climate Change and the need to do something about it, the BBC then use Jeremy’s brother to create a significant split in Labour and their supporters, therefore diluting Jeremy’s position even further. Some other Labour candidate comes along to unite Labour and take on the party leadership role and they suit the establishment far better than Corbyn – Hilary Benn for example?


Anyhow, “Climate Change” (or “Global Warming”) was promulgated by the Club of Rome. Do your homework on the Club of Rome if you do not already know who is in it, who the movers and shakers are, how they influence, who they influence etc if you haven’t already.

Here is those first and last words:

“Because of the sudden absence of traditional enemies, “new enemies must be identified.” “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.””

In one passage the authors conjecture about new needed enemies or rally points for global society, “either a real one or else one invented for the purpose.”

Now really, be my guest if you simply wish to ignore what you’ve just read but remember, insodoing, you have no idea what you are allowing to happen to your children and your children’s children. Piers says it’s just a con and a fraud. It is, but it’s not just that. It has a far greater purpose than that. If you are a climate change enthusiast, totally invested in believing it to be real and you also are totally invested in the belief the world is overpopulated, then sit your children down and explain to them you are supporting their ultimate demise. Tell them you’d like them to be sterilised. In fact, sterilise them at birth. Even better, don’t have children. Not even one.


China’s infiltrators

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One commenter this week – Pete – was asking about the extent of globalist influence over China and commenting whether it wasn’t secure due to issuing its own currency and its control over its own central bank etc.

Well, here’s an insight as to how the globalists work. Martin Lees is Secretary General of THE CLUB OF ROME. I guess I don’t need to say much more about who/what the Club of Rome is?

His bio:



Martin Lees

Martin Lees
Secretary General, Club of Rome
Born in 1941, Martin Lees is a graduate in Mechanical Sciences from Cambridge University with a post-graduate Diploma in European Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. After some years as a manager in industry, he joined OECD where he managed programmes on Cooperation in Science and Technology and on Innovation in the Procedures and Structures of Government. In 1972, he was responsible for the design and launching of the “InterFutures Project” on the Future of the Advanced Industrial Societies in Harmony with that of the Developing Countries. He then served at the United Nations in several capacities, including Executive Director of the Financing System for Science and Technology for Development. In 1982, he was appointed Assistant Secretary General. During this period he was responsible for the establishment of the InterAction Council of former Heads of State and Government becoming its Executive Director. He has also been responsible, since 1983, for several high level programmes of International Cooperation with China, including an advisory programme for the leadership, “China and the World in the Nineties” from 1988 to 1998 and the establishment of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development of which he was a member for 15 years. He is now a Senior Adviser to the Chinese Government on Climate Change and other issues. From 1991-1996 he developed and implemented programmes of cooperation with the Newly Independent States of the Former Soviet Union as Director General of the International Committee for Economic Reform and Cooperation. Since 1995, he has been Moderator of the International Advisory Board of the Toyota Motor Corporation. From January 2001 to April 2005 he was Rector of the University for Peace of the United Nations in Costa Rica, guiding its revitalization and launching eight Masters programmes on issues of peace, security and sustainable development. He was elected to the post of Secretary General of the Club of Rome in September 2007 with effect from January 2008.

This guy is a heavy globalist piece of merde. In this video talking to China, watch him and listen to him very closely. Try and recognise that this ONE guy (with a group behind him of course) thinks he can steer 1.3billion people and the government which governs them. Listen to his condescending tone talking of China as if it were a little boy in short pants and he’s “helping it grow up into a man”. Who the FUCK do these people think they are? These are the guys who need to be ripped apart limb from limb because these are the guys who, by way of fraud (climate change) just consider (listen to him closely) countries and populaces in terms of money and economics. This guy and his globalist chums see you, me and everyone we love as nothing more than “economic units”. You listen to these people and ALL they consider is growth (ironically, the Club Of Rome’s 1972 publication being called “Limits to growth” because they wish to steer where that growth comes from and steer the money from it into their pockets). He will pay lip service to “human cost” but notice that even that human cost he then relates to economic loss. This man is a fucking dirty, lousy, evil bastard and it is people like him (you know who they all are) who need to be eradicated from this planet. It’s people like him who cause crimes on humanity.

Listen to him as he speaks about population and listen as he talks about creating the right legal framework in China to enable the “right” type of growth for him and his communist/fascist compadres. Listen to him as he talks about how China have to do this and China have to do that because “our experience in the west….”etc. Well Martin, you little shit: That’s just the point isn’t it? YOUR (and the people like you) experience in the west, as you admit, has led us to where we are! So you’re asking China to act in a way which doesn’t repeat all your mistakes? What about getting it right and THEN saying to China “Hey, we got it right, follow our lead”? But no, it’s “We got it all wrong, so don’t do as we did but do as we now ‘advise’ you to” while your advice over the last goddamned how many decades has screwed the world up!

God! I wish you would read this you fucking jerk!

And the little chinese host sits there paying homage to an arsehole while the arsehole talks as if the Chinese leadership must listen to him. You tell me to take a left Lees and I’d take a right. But I’m sure the chinese leadership are happy playing ball and playing the chessboard with you. After all they want to remain leaders of 1.3 billion people and if they didn’t play ball they’d soon be gotten rid of. But I just wish to god the 1.3 billion understood your fucking game!

If it was just you and me left on the planet, I’d shoot you to stop your carbon dioxide ruining my atmosphere you prick!



Solving “Climate change”? A piece of cake!

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Do you ever get the feeling that there were certain powers ensuring that alcohol was never going to be allowed to be a competitive fuel to petrol?

Once you’ve read this you might wish to plug into the search bar on the blog “The methanol economy”.

HC Deb 25 July 1904 vol 138 cc1066-127

MR. CHARLES HOBHOUSE(Bristol, E.)said the new clause he had to submit was discussed on the Finance Bill of two years before, but on that occasion the principle accepted by the then Chancellor of the Exchequer differed considerably from the present proposal. When the former proposal came before the House it was treated entirely from a non-partisan and a quasi-scientific point of view. He hoped to be able to claim the support of those hon. Members who had favoured the former proposal, and in view of the general consensus of opinion in its favour, he hoped the Chancellor of the Exchequer would not lightly put aside the proposal embodied in this new clause. In the first place it was quite clear that the exemption of alcohol when used for motive power or for lighting, heating, or manufacturing purposes, opened a field for British industries that were at present quite undeveloped. There were at the present moment great possibilities, but the development of new industries, and the discoveries of science, were such as to open up a far wider field in the future. It had often been said that British manufacturers were behindhand in their methods, but this was a case in which they found enterprise hampered by the financial department of the Government. The Treasury had expressed two opinions on this question. The Chancellor of the Exchequer had a few days before admitted that he was prepared to appoint a Committee to consider this matter, whereas some four days earlier it was intimated that it was I not the intention of the Exchequer to give any special facilities for the use of alcohol for industrial purposes. There were many industries dependent on the free use of absolute alcohol, in all of which English manufacturers were handicapped by the German manufacturers having the free use of denatured alcohol. He believed it would be possible in Ireland, if it were not for the Treasury restrictions on the manufacture of this denatured alcohol, to manufacture from damaged grain and diseased potatoes a spirit costing not more than from sixpence to eight-pence per gallon. As petrol cost 1s. 4d. per gallon, and the powers of petrol and free alcohol might be represented by 100 and 110 units respectively, it would be seen that an enormous impetus might be given to an industry in Ireland, with- 1106out there being any loss of power by the substitution of alcohol for petrol. Moreover, as the supply of petrol was in the hands of about three companies, the output might very easily be limited and the price raised, unless there were some commodity such as alcohol which might be substituted. It was a curious fact that no loss to the Exchequer would be involved in the acceptance of this proposal, because the present taxes were so prohibitive that they had prevented the establishment of any of these possible industries, and thus no revenue accrued to the Exchequer therefrom. By agreeing to the new clause the Chancellor of the Exchequer would acquire great Kudos to himself without the least expense to the Treasury, and also help in the development of very valuable industries. He begged to move.

A clause [Exemption from duty of alcohol used for motive power]— On and after the first day of August, nineteen hundred and four, where it shall be proved to the satisfaction of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue that alcohol which has been suitably denatured and rendered unpotable is required for motive power, lighting, heating, and manufacturing purposes, it shall be lawful to sell such spirit without payment of any duty or tax thereon, and further, subject to such regulations as the Commissioners may require for the security of the revenue, absolute alcohol shall also be exempt from duty when employed in manufacturing operations where it can be proved to the Commissioners that denaturing agents would prevent its use.”—(Mr. Charles Hobhouse.) Brought up, and read a first time.

§Motion made, and Question proposed, “That this clause be read a second time.”

§MR. AUSTEN CHAMBERLAINsaid the proposal of the hon. Gentleman, which was practically identical with one moved in Committee, raised a question of much importance. Two years ago the right hon. Gentleman the Member for Haddingtonshire was the author of an Amendment to the Finance Bill, by which it was sought to render possible the use of duty-free spirit in certain cases where it had not hitherto been possible because it could not be denatured, and only denatured spirit was allowed to pass duty free. The question was one of 1107considerable complexity and difficulty, in which he could not move without making sure of his ground. The possible uses of alcohol for motive power and other purposes had enormously increased during the last few years, and would probably be considerably developed in the future, and he was certainly anxious that the Treasury regulations should be so reconsidered in the light of these facts as to remove, if possible, obstacles from the path of manufacturers or enterprise in this country. But it was necessary at the same time to have regard to the protection of the revenue. Under these circumstances, as he stated in Committee, he thought the fairest and wisest course was to appoint a small Committee to go into the question. Although it would be a Departmental Committee, he did not suggest that it should be composed exclusively of officials serving under Government; he would hope to get other advice and assistance on the Committee, and he thought that from such a body they might get a Report indicating what was necessary and desirable if industries were to be promoted and necessary obstacles removed, and at the same time what reconstructions were essential in the interests of the revenue. By that means, with very little delay, a solution satisfactory to all parties might be arrived at. The proposal when made in Committee was accepted by those interested, and he hoped the hon. Gentleman would not think him unreasonable it he refrained from going further on the present occasion. He thought he ought to have the support of the information which such a Committee would afford before he proceeded to deal with a matter of such complexity and importance. He would, as soon as possible, proceed to the appointment of the Committee, and he would take action on their Report. He hoped the hon. Gentleman would be satisfied with this assurance, and would not think it necessary to press the clause to a division.

§MR. HALDANE (Haddingtonshire)sympathised with the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his reference to the complexity and difficulty which attended this question. For some years he (Mr. Haldane) had given considerable attention to the subject, and the more he had tudied it the more difficult it seemed 1108to become. But there were two or-three particular features which had emerged clearly in his mind. This was a question not merely of industries which at present existed, and which might ultimately become important, but also of industries upon which we had scarcely entered. Anybody who studied the exhibits of Germany in the Paris Exhibition of 1900 must have realised to what an enormous extent the industries of that country had grown, not merely by research but by the free use of reagents. Germany’s chemical industries had grown with a rapidity which was really alarming. A great deal of that was to be put down to the want of freedom enjoyed by the people of this country. We had splendid scientific ability; he believed that the larger proportion of the very first minds were to be reckoned to this country—he was speaking of quality rather than quantity—but, owing to the restriction which was put upon the application of science to industry, we had not given room for the development which otherwise might have taken place in this country. Alcohol afforded a peculiarly significant illustration. Two years ago the Committee was successful in securing the insertion of a clause in the Finance Billwith regard to the free use of alcohol for certain purposes; but on Report the then Chancellor of the Exchequer introduced an Amendment which rendered the clause almost useless to manufacturers. It was stated on the part of the revenue authorities that the production of alcohol could not be allowed for use in manufactures duty free without some supervision, and that to balance the cost of that supervision a surtax should be put upon the foreigner in order that the English manufacturer should not be put at a disadvantage. The result was that the Inland Revenue authorities fixed the surtax at fivepence, and as the price of pure alcohol from Germany was about tenpence halfpenny per gallon, the duty represented 50 per cent. of the cost. During a visit to a distillery he had been told that the fivepence hardly represented the cost of the supervision, but that there was a little bit of protection in it.

§MR. AUSTEN CHAMBERLAINIntroduced by the right hon. Gentleman the Member for West Bristol?


§MR. HALDANEbelieved the Inland Revenue authorities did it in perfect innocence, but there were so many innocent things done nowadays that one could never be quite sure of one’s position. But he believed that the right hon. Gentleman the Member for West Bristol and the present Chancellor of the Exchequer were entitled to say that they were perfectly innocent in this matter. The surtax was fixed by experts, but who were the experts? The surtax of fivepence was more than the cost of the supervision, and this addition of 50 per cent. to the cost meant that the German competitor was able to get his alcohol 50 per cent. cheaper than the British manufacturer, That was a very serious business. He was informed by the manager of one of the great celluloid industries in this country that they were seriously hampered in their competition with foreigners, and that this fivepenny surtax made all the difference in their enterprise. He did not know whether the House realised the enormous growth which had taken place in recent years in the celluloid industry, and how much it formed the foundation of a vast amount of goods in which the foreigner competed with English manufacturers. He was very anxious on this account that the Chancellor of the Exchequer should frame his reference on as wide a basis as possible. Of course he would have to inquire into the amount of the surtax and that would be the most difficult part. If arrangements could be made for relieving the distillers of the heavy charge placed upon them for supervision it was extremely desirable, because unless that could be done they would not be doing any real good to the manufacturer. The task of the right hon. Gentleman was not an easy one. He realised the complications in it for he had seen the evil results in practice, but he felt that in this matter the Chancellor of the Exchequer would have to take the opinions of people who were really experts from more sides than one. Therefore, it was necessary that they should bring in the element of the manufacturers very largely. Manufacturers came too little into contact with the Inland Revenue authorities, and in our Government Departments there was none of that constant contact which existed in some parts of the Continent. The Chancellor 1110of the Exchequer had now an opportunity of making a new departure, and its success would depend largely upon the terms of reference.

§MR. AUSTEN CHAMBERLAINsaid he had not yet drawn the terms of the reference, but he meant them to be as wide as possible because he thought it was important that they should have a thorough inquiry into the whole question. He should be glad to receive suggestions from anyone who had had such a large experience in these matters as the right hon. and learned Gentleman opposite.

§COLONEL SADLER (Middlesbrough)said he regretted he was not present to move his Motion, but having regard to the fact that the day for which it was set down the House sat for thirty-five hours, he did not suppose anybody regretted his absence. He was quite content to accept the Chancellor’s promise to appoint a Committee, and he should like that Committee to be composed not only of men of his own Department, but of men like Mr. Tyler, the ex-President of the Society of Chemical Industry. That gentleman had given an enormous amount of time to the subject, and had delivered several classical papers full of statistics and information upon it. He was quite sure that Mr. Tyler would be of enormous advantage and use to the Chancellor in drawing up his terms of reference to the Committee. There were some points in connection with the question which he desired to allude to because he considered them to be of very great importance. First of all he thought it was a great reproach to British enterprise that we should allow industries of very great national importance to he captured from us without apparently a struggle to keep them. When he told the House that there were over 100 products of various kinds in which alcohol played a prominent part it would be seen what an important thing it was to this country that some change should be made in the present system of the utilisation of alcohol. Dimethylaniline, the base of many colours in this country, cost 2s. 4d. per lb., but in Germany it cost only 3¾d., as industrial alcohol is not taxed there. It was an important product in this country some years ago, but it was not 1111manufactured at all here at the present moment. He did not see how these industries, with duties ranging from 5d. to 11s. 6d. per gallon, could be recaptured for us. Enormous industries had developed abroad owing to the cheapness of alcohol. In Germany last year there were produced over 100,000,000 gallons of alcohol, and 55,000,000 tons of potatoes were used in its manufacture and kindred products. In France from 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 tons of beet were grown and used for the manufacture of alcohol. In Germany almost every farmer had his distillery. There were in the East of Germany alone some 6,000 such distilleries, and when one remembered the vast tracts of land which were used for agricultural products required in the manufacture of alcohol it would be seen how important the matter was. There were scores of thousands of people in Germany and France engaged in industries connected with the manufacture of alcohol. Those industries had grown very rapidly and were still growing, and that was why he was anxious to make the few points he was now making. It was recognised that next to benzol alcohol was one of the most prolific source of products known in the chemical world.

Allusion had been made to the diverse uses to which alcohol could be put. It was not only good for motive power and lighting and heating but also for the manufactures to which he had referred. The attention of learned societies and Chambers of Commerce had been called to the subject and there was a great deal of talk in the country about the production of alcohol and its relation to various trades. He saw the President of the United Chambers of Commerce in his place and he hoped that that hon. Member would tell them what he thought about this question. There was a great opportunity dawning upon the country for the production of alcohol and the advancement of various trades dependent upon it, and the most urgent and promising was connected with motive power. As a substitute for petrol, alcohol had a very great opening. Petrol of late years had deteriorated very seriously in quality, and it was becoming scarcer and dearer owing to the extraordinary demand springing up for it, while alcohol, on the other hand, was a much cheaper 1112article and could be manufactured at as low as sixpence per gallon. It had a very obvious advantage over petrol because it was sweeter and safer to use. As to its efficiency there was a good deal of dispute but it had a potential efficiency of at least 50 per cent. in excess of petrol. There were other uses such as lighting to which it could be applied. He saw a great future development in regard to alcohol lamps, and it was the most charming and effective light he had ever seen. A thirty candlepower lamp cost one halfpenny per hour. It was an extremely diffusive light. There had been as many as 50,000 of these lamps sold by one Berlin firm between October, and January last. Alcohol promised to be unrivalled for cooking purposes. The manufacturers he had alluded to were seriously crippled in their industries for the want of cheap alcohol. The difficulties about obtaining cheap alcohol were now so great that it actually paid the manufacturers better to pay the duty than to trouble about it in any other way. As the trade does not now exist there would be no loss to the revenue, nor risk in other respects. This aspect of the question had been greatly exaggerated. An ounce of experience was worth a ton of theory. In 1903 n Germany only 84 persons were fined for fraudulent use and only £2,500 was paid in fines, although something like 100,000,000 gallons of alcohol were manufactured. In Switzerland, where there were no duties on alcohole there was less drunkenness than in any other country in the world. A very large number of improvements had recently been made in the denaturing of alcohol. It was on these grounds that he contended that there was pressing urgency for its manufacture and use in this country, for many new industries would arise from it. He hoped the Chancellor of the Exchequer would be able to devise some scheme which would enable the manufacturers of this country to have duty-free alcohol. The possibilities of this industry were so great that they could not be overrated. In the first place there would he an enormous area of land which was now uncultivated which would be brought under cultivation in order to produce these various agricultural products which were usual in the manufacture of alcohol. 1113Perhaps he had said enough to convince the right hon. Gentleman that the subject was one of very great importance, and he trusted that a Committee would be appointed to inquire into the matter without delay.


They never wanted the more efficient and cheaper source of fuel. Now why would that be? And they still don’t want it today! Now why would that be?

While all the climate change believers go on…and on… and on….

Lefty, tree hugging imbeciles happily supporting the con and literally begging to be taxed and set back into the stone age while their heroes sit on ivory thrones, have their 10 cars (all petrol), massive carbon footprints and destroy the middle class – the very class begging to be carbon taxed!

If you want to look into the eyes of a dumb as nails individual, you stare at Naomi Kline, Woody Harrelson or any number of AGW promoters and believers. If you’re one, just stare in the mirror.

The Ultimate Agenda of the United Nations & Elite

Posted in "Climate Change" by earthling on November 2, 2009

According to Agenda 21 the future the globalists would like to have is a world full of conservation of wildlife, but complete bureaucratic rule over all aspects of human life where essentially humans are treated like dirt and everything we do will be subjected to inventory. When you think about the phrase ‘New World Order’ just think about mass de-population of mankind, the total enslavement of man, forcing humans into compact cities surrounded by protected wildlife where he is prohibited from entering, a socialist distribution of wealth, the complete control of all governments wealth and power in the hands of a few oligarchical dictators in the United Nations. It all sounds like a movie straight out of Hollywood, but the reality is globalists are moving forward at an exponential rate this year and pushing this treaty on America would mean complete servitude to the United Nations.

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which humans exist.

You can read the text here: Agenda 21

Note: There is much said regarding the targeting and usefulness of Women and children/youth in Agenda 21, along with the NGO’s (Oil companies like Shell for instance!) but there is NO mention of male involvement. It is very subtle.

Brainwashing and conditioning our youth is a critical factor in achieving the aims of Agenda 21. When they can manipulate the maleability of youth to “see” and interpret as the government, NGO’s and Elite wish them to throughout the conditioning years of school, college and university, while improving their employability and employment (INTO the large NGO’s and Multi-national Corporations), the youth will feel invigorated and powerful. Do you see how this works?

Excerpt from Agenda 21:

25.4. Each country should, in consultation with its youth communities, establish a process to promote dialogue between the youth community and Government at all levels and to establish mechanisms that permit youth access to information and provide them with the opportunity to present their perspectives on government decisions, including the implementation of Agenda 21.

25.5. Each country, by the year 2000, should ensure that more than 50 per cent of its youth, gender balanced, are enrolled in or have access to appropriate secondary education or equivalent educational or vocational training programmes by increasing participation and access rates on an annual basis.

25.6. Each country should undertake initiatives aimed at reducing current levels of youth unemployment, particularly where they are disproportionately high in comparison to the overall unemployment rate.

25.7. Each country and the United Nations should support the promotion and creation of mechanisms to involve youth representation in all United Nations processes in order to influence those processes.

25.8. Each country should combat human rights abuses against young people, particularly young women and girls, and should consider providing all youth with legal protection, skills, opportunities and the support necessary for them to fulfil their personal, economic and social aspirations and potentials.

In the upcoming Copenhagen summit and treaty (“COP-15”), please note the following –

17. [[Developed [and developing] countries] [Developed and developing country Parties] [All Parties] [shall] [should]:]
(a) Compensate for damage to the LDCs’ economy and also compensate for lost opportunities, resources, lives, land and dignity, as many will become environmental refugees;

(b) Africa, in the context of environmental justice, should be equitably compensated for environmental, social and economic losses arising from the implementation of response measures.

COP-15 Treaty

It is all about transference of wealth. That is ALL global warming is about. Meanwhile, great swathes of land worldwide will be “protected” from the “scourge” of humanity and people will be shoe-horned even more into “sustainable” cities and urban areas even more-so than today. Such effects shall give the impression of even greater population problems (because they have squeezed humanity into smaller and smaller areas within which we will be ALLOWED to live) and that shall justify and support calls for further population reduction.

It is transparent and obvious.

God help us and let us hope good people exist in powerful positions to stop this because the population of the world in general are just too dumbed down and ignorant to see it. It is all sold to them as “if we take care of the environment (which the NGOs have actually no intention of doing) then we will make the world a cleaner place to live in”. The fact is that, with the exception of the elites, the mass of the world’s population are never going to be able to enjoy this “cleaner, greener earth” because we shall be forbidden from entering the majority of it and there will be FAR lesser of us anyhow. Those who do remain will be slaves to a Corporate culture and exist (not live) in a world set up to provide for the Elites.


If you like the band, Rush and enjoy the album 2112, you may enjoy this attempt at putting together a “movie” re the battle at hand and what may be a future of sorts if we don’t do something about this. I claim “poetic licence” on the way it is presented however. 🙂