Heaven & Hell

Posted in Music artists, Uncategorized by earthling on October 1, 2014

Many years ago – around 1995 – I picked up a car in Trondheim, Norway and had to drive to a meeting in Roros which is in a valley across the Norwegian mountains. Leaving Trondheim, I passed through a village/town by the name of “Hell” (Yes that’s what it’s called and an ex Miss world came from “Hell”).

I then drove up over the mountains and when I got to the top of this dirt track which was the road, I stopped for about an hour and sat on a rock. It was midsummer and I had a 360 degree view of the mountains and their peaks around me which were covered in snow. Yet it was 30 degrees centigrade and not a puff of wind. The sky was pure blue with not a single cloud to be seen and it was the most perfect silence you could ever imagine. I thought of the possibility of just building a log cabin on that mountain and remaining there. It was HEAVEN!

So, I had literally gone from hell to heaven within a few hours.

Life has been similar in a way. 10 years ago, I could say I had “heaven” in having what, to me, was the most beautiful family, lifestyle and career a man could wish for. It then turned into a hellish nightmare and it’s felt like hell for the last 8 0r 9 years. But I sat today at a services on the M6 toll road having a coffee and, although it was nothing like the Norwegian mountaintop by any stroke of the imagination, I felt I was finding “heaven” again in life. A different kind of “heaven” though. No wife, no kids (not my choice) but a sense of freedom and a career and lifestyle which suits me.

They say life turns on a dime. It does. Just a few short months ago I thought I was gonna drown. Someone threw me a “life raft” and I grabbed it with both hands. I’m just about to step back onboard the cruiseliner and everything’s beginning to look hunky dory once more.

I’ve climbed the mountain again after losing my grip and falling a few hundred feet.

Never thought I’d ever feel so happy again being given a £4M target! đŸ™‚







So honey, GO YOUR OWN WAY! đŸ˜‰