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Covid 19 petition

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UK Government: “Covid 19 is not a Highly Infectious disease”

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Then WHY are we locked down?



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The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram.

While people like Ron Paul, ex Republican candidate for President of the United States – shot down in flames by the media and his own party because he was not, at all, in line with the people with the real power’s wishes – tells you a truth.


This is ALL about Global Government and depopulation, what can I tell you? It takes years and years to dissect all of this and understand the nuances of every event leading up to it. To researching archives and books written by the very people implementing it all.

The media will consistently reference “crazy conspiracy theories” and, to an extent, there are some crazy theories, I’ll give them that. But this is NOT one of them. This is reference-able all the way down the line. You can hear those, in their own words, telling you what the plan is. Of COURSE they don’t say “We unleashed this virus” (or the hoax of it to make you fear) and they couch their words well. But this “virus” is close coupled with “Climate Change” and every one of these people will say “Well, what did we tell you?” and speak in terms of it having to happen to save their beloved “Gaia” (Mother Earth and biodiversity). The very results of this hoax implement the very things they want to achieve. They are rubbing their hands and breaking open bottles of champagne as we speak.

To depopulate – for the moment at least – what you want is as many abortions at the front end as possible and as many people dying one they are of no use to society because they are not productive: i.e. The retired and the incapable. So, front end: Abortion. Back end: Let them die (but with “palliative care” because “we want to be humane about it”). The sooner you hit retirement and die the better.

THE “MEEK” + COVID 19 = 33

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Carry on believing things are just as they should be and that this pandemic is just an “unfortunate occurrence”.

The circle closes.


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The Hong Kongese are even resorting to singing “The Star Spangled Banner”! OMFG!!

Oh HOW do you get through to people that they need to research????


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El Paso Duping delight

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This guy, O’Rourke, can’t contain his laughter (duping delight) knowing it’s another bunch of bullshit.


Charlottesville: “James Fields” framed! Incredible

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As soon as you read this, share it. This is incredible (to those who are simply not following the nature of the deception we’re under).

Now, first off: I am not one to go off shouting my mouth off about “Crisis Actors” although I do see, clearly, that such exist and that many of these terrorist incidents we are seeing are staged. I tend not to (although have once or twice) covered them in any great depth because most people out there just do not wish to know. They don’t wish to “see” it or accept it. I also only cover things I can fully support and justify.

This, however, is one of those occasions because this is a 100% certainty which can readily be seen and IF anyone chooses not to acknowledge this, then there is something seriously wrong with them or they are part of it.

Yesterday, I just happened to have caught the video “interview” with James Fields “Mother” and, straight off the bat, I recognised fake. To anyone at all with the slightest ability to think, they will immediately say to themselves “This is NOT a mother who is just being told her son has murdered people by purposefully running them down in a car”. This woman is completely un-phased. Now, if this is James Fields mother then she knows something – she is fully aware that this is staged and that her son, while being held up through the media as a murderer, and Donald Trump and the entire US legal and media establishment will promulgate this lie, is fine and, even if we see him being charged, found guilty and incarcerated, there is something far more sinister happening here and this 20 year old lad is probably going to be given a new identity of some sort.

Having seen the video yesterday, I then went to watch it again today and, while searching for it, I came across two videos by a youtuber called “Wake up now”. My jaw dropped because what this guy had presented was as clear as day and it is why youtube decided to remove his video (the second one).

Any Police department worth its salt, anywhere in the world, could and would look at what I am about to show you and conclude the alleged driver and the actual driver are NOT one and the same person.

However, before we look at that, let’s check out the “mother” – the first thing which had my “antenna” sparking…

Actually, you know what? Bugger it! I just can’t take all this shit seriously anymore (not sure I ever could). I interrupted this blog article to record a piss take version of “Last train to Clarksville because it simply fitted. It’s all in there if you wish to take it in. ….

Need a false flag in Charlottesville
“Neo Nazi demonstration”
We’ll hire some guys from Antifa and well placed infiltration
like GI Joe
Oh no no no, oh no no no

Get a boy in from toledo with a dodge(y) challenger
Get a “mom” who knows what’s going on and blame it on her “son” – deception done
Oh no no no, oh no no no
But that pic of the driver’s made it go so terribly wrong

Need a false flag in Charlottesville
to oppress our “great free nation”
We just need “Crowds on demand”
It’s run by Peewee Herman don’t you know?
Oh no no no, oh no no no!

Doo doo doo…….

Need a false flag in Charlottesville
But I must hang up the phone
Two police in a helicopter may just have blown our show, they’ve got to go
Oh no no no, oh no no no
But how they go down no-one ever needs to know

Need a false flag in Charlottesville
Wanna re invent the state
and tear up the Constitution
And we will not hesitate coz we’re deep state
Oh no no no, oh no no no
Yeah the viral diaspora’s degenerate

Need a false flag in Charlottesville
Need a false flag in Charlottesville

“Crowds on demand” website:


And if that CEO , Adam Swart, doesn’t remind you of Pee Wee Herman, then I don’t know who would. I mean that voice! Unmistakable! Perhaps he’s Paul Reuben’s son? 🙂 He could literally be dumb as two short wooden planks (which wouldn’t surprise me) but, of course, he “invested in Southwest Airlines” at the age of 6 “due to its Honey Roasted peanuts”. ONLY a jew could come out with CRAP like that and get away with it! It blows my mind the utter gullibility of people. Given they DO get away with CRAP such as this (and much more besides) perhaps we do deserve what’s coming to us! How does an imbecile like this get to where he is? Oy veh! It’s pretty bloody obvious!


And just to finish off:


Oh yes! And regarding “British-Israel Group”, why do you think there is this determination to remove all your statues of American Founding Fathers and well respected Revolutionaries like Robert E Lee and demonise them as slave owners etc? Because you are also going through a period of “re-education” (it’ll take a generation or so) where your children will be re-taught your history (just as the Germans were re-educated after WW2, as well as the rest of us with Holocaust memorials and museums and having our children be spoonfed) so that. at the right time, the United States WILL become part of the British Empire once more.

What the HELL do you think this is all about:

Jerusalem Hymn

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountain green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
And did the countenance divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among those dark satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold!
Bring me my arrows of desire!
Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!
Bring me my chariot of fire!
I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England’s green and pleasant land.



She’s got to grind you down first however. And she’s doing a damned good job of it (as is the British-Israel UN)


Now, to those of you prone to shouting “Conspiracy theory!” – go dip your dull little head in an un-flushed toilet

Ah! But there’s more….. The guy who just so happened to be right there taking the car crash footage and it, subsequently, going viral on MSM Newsmedia: Now think of this guy and his “pal” who’s the actual driver of the car and is, most likely another CIA/Military spook.

When you step back from reading the above, a previously article of mine re “There’s life in America yet”, what’s coming below and also the article about “Britain re-taking the USA”, a very unnerving picture begins to develop. NONE of Charlottesville was just Americans getting mad and standing up for their rights. The entire thing – from the car crash, to the Robert E Lee march, to Police standing down, to the crowds on both sides – all of it manipulated and staged from top to bottom.

The following is taken from the website: “”:

August 15, 2017

Russia Reports CIA “Genocide Expert” Orchestrated Charlottesville Mob Violence

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A truly shocking Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that a known Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “genocide expert”, named Brennan Gilmore, was a “key orchestrator” behind this past weekends racial motivated mob violence occurring in Charlottesville, Virginia—and whom Russian intelligence experts have previously blamed for being a “central figure” behind the genocidal fighting between Muslim and Christian militias in the Central African Republic. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, in 2012, Brennan Gilmore was a known CIA deep cover operative stationed by the Obama regime as a Deputy Chief of Mission to the US Embassy in the Central African Republic, and who worked exclusively with the Muslim rebel group Séléka that were successful in the overthrow of that nations Christian majority controlled government on 24 March 2013—thereafter causing a Christian militia backlash of genocidal proportions known today as “The Forgotten Conflict” because of its being ignored by the West.

Upon President Donald Trump’s November 2016 election victory, this report continues, Brennan Gilmore returned to the United States (in early December 2016) and became the Chief of Staff for his former Central African Republic boss Tom Perriello—who launched a bid to become the Democratic Party governor of Virginia, but who was defeated in a 13 June 2017 primary election.

After leaving the campaign of Tom Perriello in mid-June (2017), this report details, Brennan Gilmore became an advisor to the Democratic Party mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia, named Michael Signer—who, before this past weekend, was most infamously known for his declaring his city “a capital of the resistance” against President Trump in February 2017.

Between the dates of 6-11 August, this report notes, SVR electronic intelligence intercepts noted Brennan Gilmore had numerous meetings and telephonic exchanges with Mayor Michael Signer and a former Obama supporter, and Occupy Wall Street activist, named Jason Kessler—but with Kessler now being described as “a relative newcomer to the white nationalist scene”, and who was the leader of the pro-fascist forces planning to demonstrate in Charlottesville on 12 August.

Democratic Party activist turned “white supremacist” Jason Kessler leaving meeting held between him, Brennan Gilmore and Mayor Michael Signer on 11 August 2017

And as to who this planned media spectacle played out in Charlottesville on 12 August, this report details, proved a “grim success” as, firstly, Jason Kessler led his pro-fascist forces on a “Unite The Right” march—followed, secondly, by Mayor Michael Singer ordering his cities police forces to stand down and not interfere when these pro-fascist forces met their communist led counter demonstrator foes.

With Jason Kessler and Mayor Michael Singer having “played their roles” in creating this media spectacle, this report says, third up was Brennan Gilmore—who “magically and mystically” was able to appear at the height of this created mob violence with a video camera in hand to record a pro-fascist supporter ramming his car into a crowd of communists agitators—with Brennan Gilmore, afterwards, being prominently interviewed by not only CNN, but every other anti-Trump “fake news” media outlet in America too—and whose statements were, obviously, pre-planned.

Office of Inspector General Inspection of Embassy Bangui, Central African Republic:


Go to page 27

Now, when listening to this guy give his account, bear in mind he is picking and repeating certain words carefully: Nazi, ideology, violence/violent. He also mentions semi automatic weapons (proof? None that I know of). He also states the car was accelerating at a high speed. WATCH the video of it. Watch the people getting out of the way. You can clearly see that car is moving at a speed of no more than, tops, 20mph – more probably 10mph. He also speaks from the perspective of not being one of the counter-protestors. So, how is it he just so happens to be the guy who takes this footage? Him of all people. Not a “Joe Bloggs” – they never are, as we have seen from Nice, Berlin and others.

This guy, Brennan Gilmore, is a communist, therefore he is working, directly or indirectly, for the British-Israel Group and is anti American. Of course, the vast majority of the US senate and congress are anti American. If you’re an American, you need to remember that. You are being stripped bare by the enemy within.

And Soros? = British-Israel Group.


“But Soros almost broke the Bank of England during the crisis of the ERM in 1992! The Queen wouldn’t be happy about that!”

Really. You think?

What about the Bank of England nominees? Don’t you think “Her Majesty” likes to suck money from her subjects? She does it every single day! And she has an entire empire to suck from! 1992 was just one payment to Soros for doing his work.

Soros – Rothschild – Monarchy – British State Actors – US State Actors = All the same (just about). Who the “good guys” are is anyone’s guess but, as yet, I’ve still to see one.

It’s a wicked web they weave! Almost impenetrable

The BIG lie

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What is a constant irritation to me within the so called “truth movement” is the so many references to Hitler’s statement “The bigger the lie….” and those people who then promulgate the idea that, because Hitler made such a statement, he was the liar. It is a perfect example of a quote taken completely out of context. Now, don’t get me wrong. Just as I don’t believe Gaddafi or Hussein or any world leader (that includes May and Trump and includes non leaders also such as Nigel Farage) were/are angels – they’re all ruthless and playing the game; “The Grand chessboard” and being influenced by others far more powerful than them) neither do I think Hitler was. While I may write about him and, many times, agree with him, I do not “idolise” him as I do not idolise anyone (I’m far too long in the tooth for that). What I shall always do, however, is try to put records straight when they go awry. The quote by Hitler is one of those examples.

Mein Kampf

In chapter 10 of Mein Kampf: “Causes of the collapse” (of the Reich, prior to Hitler becoming Chancellor), Hitler writes the following:

It required the whole bottomless falsehood of the jews and their Marxist fighting organisation to lay the blame for the collapse on that very man who alone, with superhuman energy and will power, tried to prevent the catastrophe he foresaw and save the nation from its time of deepest humiliation and disgrace. By branding Ludendorff as guilty for the loss of the World War, they took the weapon of the moral right from the one dangerous accuser who could have risen against the traitors to the fatherland. In this, they proceeded on the sound principle that the magnitude of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people in the very shake humanity to the foundations, the other slowly and bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposefully evil, and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds, they more easily lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big. Such a falsehood will never enter their heads, and they will not be able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation in others; yes, even when enlightened on the subject, they will long doubt and waver, and continue to accept at least one of those causes as true. Therefore, something of even the most insolent lie will always remain and stick – a fact which all the great lie virtuosi and lying clubs in this world know only too well and also make the most treacherous use of.

The foremost connoisseurs of this truth regarding the possibilities in the rise of falsehood and slander have always been the Jews; for after all, their whole existence is based on one single great lie, to wit, that they are a religious community while actually they are a race – and what a race! One of the greatest minds of humanity has nailed them forever as such in an eternally correct phrase of fundamental truth: he called them ‘the great masters of the lie’. And anyone who does not recognise this or does not want to believe it will never in this world be able to help the truth to victory.

The ever present irony of so many of our taught understanding of Hitler and the allegations made toward him, is that such allegations are brought about by the very people he was talking about! This “people” however, forever count on the goyim’s stupidity, ignorance and lack of knowledge through a lack of reading and real education. Yes, many at higher echelons of society know these truths but, let’s face reality here: If they were ever to speak of it in more than a whisper, they would be dealt with either personally or professionally or both. This maintains the silence while another irony is present: The very treatment by those who make the allegations toward Hitler, toward the Palestinians. It never ceases to amaze me how they simply have to say “if you criticise us, you are anti semitic and we will hound you” and they get a “pass” and everyone shuts up. It’s a special kind of “magic” these people weave don’t you think?

As an aside – another total misrepresentation which these people make (in their press/media and through their voice boxes we all have in our western governments) is that the muslim believes us all to be “infidels” and worthy of death. It is a blatant lie (once more) and one which I would wish the muslim community, across the world, would speak up about. In the quran, it is clearly and unambiguously stated that christians and jews who believe, truthfully, in God (and remember, all three religions share the God of Abraham – let’s ignore the jewish version who didn’t have a son called Jesus) are NOT considered “infidels”. It is only atheists and deceptive (lying) “religionists” who are considered so. This is something western leaders use (your ignorance) – such as George W Bush did for example – to have you believe that muslims believe anyone who is not muslim IS an “infidel”. In Islam, ALL believers are equal – NOT true in the judaic teachings. In jewish belief, if you are not jewish, you are goyim and goyim will, ultimately, be slaves to the jew. Further, the jew does not deem as acceptable, usury BUT this is only the case between jews. With all other “goyim”, usury is perfectly acceptable. Now get this straight in your mind: IF usury is NOT acceptable between jews, it is because they KNOW the practice is evil. Christianity once knew this too. In Islam, usury is termed “Riba” and the muslims still hold that riba is evil. We christians have been completely dumbed down and it is our ignorance which kills us. It is also that we do not have a culture which, like the jews (and, to an extent, many other cultures), protect and choose one another over a non christian. Christianity and “Jesus” have been bred out of us by constant ridicule while the jews (and, to an extent, the muslims – and this is why jews want islam attacked. This is why the jews and their western, christian and atheist counterparts talk of “muslim extremists” and “moderate muslims”. A moderate muslim is then like a moderate christian – hardly muslim at all) feverishly maintain their “clan” and their jewish identity. If you wish to talk about “identity politics”, you can’t get any more extreme than the jews. They are playing christians and muslims off against one another while we wander about on this earth like lemmings wondering what’s going on in this world. It’s as clear as day what’s going on when you take the time to LOOK!

For instance – The Weimar Republic in the 1920s and 30s, before Hitler took power. Here is a Daily Mail article which tells you, quite clearly (if you have the brainpower to recognise it) what all this “LGBTQ” stuff is about and the growing (slowly and quietly) acceptance of paedophilia as a sexual preference. The SAME people behind it in Weimar Germany are the SAME people behind it now!

Now, by all means, if you want homosexuality, trans-sexuality etc and you’re a freak or pervert, go ahead and support it. When it comes to the point (and it’s getting closer and closer) where the world is so sick and decadent that you can’t take anymore, you’re going to call out for a guy like Hitler whether you believe that or not. But, when society eventually does turn against your decadence and deviance, I will not shed a tear for you. In fact, when the boot comes down on all you paedos out there, I’d be happy for it to be MY boot. Particularly if you amble around in Westminster.

Now, while on the subject of Hitler and jews, I want to bring your attention to the Swastika. This is an article I am sure many of you will not have seen before – perhaps some of you have but I guess it will be few.

This article is not from a christian periodical or a Nazi one; It is from “The Canadian Jewish Chronicle” 1940.


Read the article very carefully because you can easily gloss over some things. Note, it states that, in Galilee, many jewish temples and synagogues were found with swastikas on them. However, it goes on to say that it is believed that those synagogues were built during the initial centuries of the CHRISTIAN era. Note also that the swastika was used all over the world from very early days. The article is trying to suggest it was, originally, a jewish symbol however, it is far more likely the jews adopted it as did many others. Why? Perhaps because it has immense spiritual/religious meaning inherent within it. Hitler would certainly NOT adopt a jewish symbol for his reich. It is far more likely that, because he did adopt the swastika, we have been “re-eductaed” to believe it is a symbol of hate rather than what its true, original symbology means.

Perhaps it DOES represent the Sun. Once more, however, you can rest assured that the race which calls itself “jewish” have corrupted it as they do everything else which is truth.

Honey, I shrunk my clit!

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“Well thank god for that because I was convinced it was a penis!”

Unfortunately, it appears, more and more, there is a strong likelihood it is a penis!

“I thought this was a serious conspiracy blog Earthling?”

Well, it is folks but I’ve done years of posts – very long, in depth, serious posts – and what has it done? Diddly squat! They’re read, yes but, if you stop posting for any length of time, your audience disappears because it’s like a “hit” for them; a drug; they consistently need new stuff and it was never my intention to just be a poster of up to date “news” about what was happening around the world, in the news today and, like those that do (and create continuous youtubes like your “flat earthers” – and I have a lot to say about that too but no time to say it the way I’d like to) ask for “donations”. Never had, never will.

But, back to the point: You’ve just got to laugh at all that’s happening and it is only those with poorly performing synapses who cannot see it. So here is my point today and yes, I am a total “homophobe” so kiss my ass (knowing you, you’d probably like it). Oh and I guess because I am a homophobe, I’m “in the closet”.

So, I saw this today and my ire was raised because I could see quite plainly, not only the lying, deceptive POS who’s getting interviewed, but the interviewers who, you can see, are thinking “Who the F is this guy? What a bullshitting poof if ever I’ve heard one”.

Ariana Grande’s brother. OMFG what a CREEP! And where would he be without being the brother? It’s like Kardashians Part 2. Are these people being bedded, fertilized and grown in quiet greenhouses in the likes of California or are they being developed in pods ala “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”?

Now PULLEEEZ tell me you can recognise the pure fakery of this poof?

“Oh my goodness! I’m getting so emotional…umm…” he then stutters like mad, closes his eyes, looks down; can’t look at the camera as he tries to think how he answers this one.” As clear as Day is day and night is night – the poof is lying his gay little freakish head off.

“…Something that we’ll always do… yeah” then closing his eyes again and shaking his head while he internalises his completely shit reaction and answer to that one.

I get to be with you guys and get to.. hug you and be with everyone who comes to the show” smiling like the little freakish poof he is wanting the audience to say “aww what a nice little poof though eh? How could you not want to hug him. He’s like a fluffy tampon!” USING his obvious homo-ness to come across as cute while he wants to hug the world because he’s such a loving little poof.

“I fell in love with you and the UK and fell in love with all of you and seeing your resilience as a people was just incredible” – WHAT resilience you freak? Saying “We don’t care how many you kill, we’ll just keep brewing tea and posting little memes? ALL of that crap was stated to “endear” himself to his audience. These freaks KNOW how to “play” incompetent minded fools.

“Well it’s not in my mind… cos I believe that we can overcome all obstacles” (forget the deaths – not that I believe there were any: “The security guards wouldn’t let us use the exit.. they then shouted “Run!” and then the bomb went off”) – only a “starstruck” moron could not see the utter insincerity in this creep’s entire interview. “We’re gonna be alright, to quote Ariana Grande…” He quotes his sister as if she’s some philosophical giant! But, at the same time, he quotes her to LINK himself to her so that her fans will also “love” him! The mind manipulation in all of this is just fantastic (unless, that is, you can see right through it).

Then you have the big, over-exaggerated pointing “That’s it Susana, that’s it!” as he recognises he’s got away with another inane statement.

Susana then says “it hit your family hard…” and behind that freakish visage of his he’s saying “yeah yeah, get on with it. Let’s just promote my tour shall we?”

“You guys are SO strong.. thank you for being strong.. thank you!” WTF? HOW are “we” ‘so strong’? And why, exactly do you need to “thank” us for it? WTF ARE YOU ON ABOUT YOU LITTLE CREEP?

And then you have all the “Thank you’s” from Susana and him and HOW MANY TIMES does he take deep breaths and exhale exaggeratedly throughout this interview? He tries to make out (and so many will interpret it as such) that it’s his “emotional” attachment to the goings on in Manchester (which, as I say, was bullshit from start to finish), but the reality is, it is his real feeling behind it (i.e. nothing) that is pumping his adrenalin to get through this interview.

Finally, do you notice the absolute relief on his face when he realises it’s the end of the Manchester questions (and Susana’s ‘prodded’ points regarding how hard it must be for his family to have endured this – did he or Ariana die? No. However, what they got was massive media coverage and promotion out of it. No wonder he’s smiling). He can now smile and blow kisses and invite to the show and ask for all of his little poofy hugs.

Now, back to my point re the utter bullshit Manchester was.

Here are multiple screenshots of just ONE article covering the event. The utter tripe which is written within it, coming from, mainly, so called “eyewitnesses” just blows my little mind.

What a great quote eh? “People’s skin and blood were everywhere…. I’m still finding bits of God knows what in my hair”. After how long honey? Don’t shampoo often? Like an autograph you don’t wish to wash off your skin, I suppose you wanted a memento of the night huh? Just to say “Look! There’s a bit of dead flesh from last week!” – Absolute crap! Oh and “faeces” is yet to come!


Now we have the homeless geezer….

Perfect drama eh? “Tearfully described”; “cradled in his arms”; He even “pulled nails out of children’s faces” – Now, you give THAT a few moments thought. “Does not mean I haven’t got a heart and I’m not human still”. Oh dear god, I am dissolving in a pool of tears as I write this!

He’d like to think someone would help him if he needed it and lo and behold! After this what did he get? Oh the “Samaritanian drama” is intense isn’t it? Written to perfection to elicit the right response from the masses of gullible peasants. Why do we “spell” words? Because words are “spells”.

Now re-read that (and remember it as you read further down in this blog): “…centimetres in front of me”. CENTIMETRES! Does Mrs Mullen think that means a few hundred metres or something (“centi” meaning hundreds rather than hundredths” – it wouldn’t surprise me if so. There are a lot of not too bright individuals in this world after all).

“People’s skin, blood and FAECES were everywhere…”. I can just imagine her inspecting and sniffing. And how did faeces end up flying around exactly? Nails in people; Cuts from flying nails and bolts; but did people fly through the air and suddenly poop like pigeons? Is she saying that some people were torn apart in flight and that the contents of their bowels dropped on her head as they soared over her? How close were THESE people to the bomb? NANOMETERS? While she stayed entirely intact at centimetres? Must have been the weirdest bomb known to man that one! I have never read such trash in my life and what seriously annoys me further (as if these people’s “testimonies” were not enough) is that SO MANY swallow this shit (pardon the inadvertent pun).

“Steve” the homeless samaritan saw a little girl who had her legs entirely blown off but could tell him, quite matter of factly, that her dad was at work and her mum “up there”. Incredible really isn’t it? Ever had your legs blown off? Do you think you’d be conscious nevermind have your faculties fully in order? Amazing she never said “Can you pick up my legs for me? One’s over there and the other is hanging from that lighting fixture just above us”.

Remember 22 people dead, 119 injured. REMEMBER that!

Jane here was in the arena right? The bomb went off in the foyer AT ENTIRELY THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ARENA AND NOT EVEN IN THE ARENA! But she saw a man (in the arena) carrying children (plural) in his arms. “Children were running for their lives. It was blood curdling” – but the blast was in the foyer!! “It seems the explosion happened at the front” – NO Jane! It didn’t even happen in the arena! Not only that, it happened at the BACK of the arena not the front! You didn’t get the memo did you? You just like the idea of being an eyewitness but have no bloody clue.

Where the explosion happened:

Gary and his wife were just 3 metres from the blast! REMEMBER THIS TOO!

A “49 year old mother” who asks not to be named (LOL) was ALSO just 3 metres from the blast! She “immediately knew it was a bomb” (well, well, you don’t say? I guess you’d have to know being 3 metres from it. In fact, kinda redundant to say you immediately knew because, if you were just 3 metres from it – YOU’D KNOW! But you wouldn’t have the presence of mind to say “Oh my! I think I’ve just been hit by a bomb blast!”). Now, 3 metres away (again) BUT “people closer to the explosion blocked the impact of the blast” and neither her nor her daughter had any issue with nails or bolts. Hmmm. REMEMBER – 3 metres!

“It was about 40ft behind us NEAR one of the exits” Not “through one of the exits. So David is saying the bomb was in the arena. Once more – total rubbish and ANOTHER “eyewitness” falls for talking shit.

“..there was an explosion behind us at the back of the arena…. we saw young girls with blood on them”. As an aside, she could clearly see through “lots of smoke” to determine this drivel. However, how/why would young girls be covered in blood IN the arena which she could see? The explosion happened OUTSIDE the arena in the bloody foyer! Further, according to people “centimetres” and 3 metres” away, they weren’t even injured by it! For god’s sakes world, wake the hell up would you? Can’t you recognise shit when you see it? Or only when you find it in your hair?

And lastly, the “piece de resistance”:

“Those men saved our lives” (I’m screaming with laughter here). Those men shouted “Run” BEFORE the explosion happened, you say. Have you never given it ONE moment’s thought “How did they know?” Have you never given it another moment’s thought as to why those men (who “saved” your lives) were blocking the exit? Remember, no-one is meant to have known that this explosion was going to happen so these security men were not blocking the door to stop you getting injured. Furthermore, however, if they were blocking the door, why did they allow people in JUST before the explosion (those who got injured and died from it allegedly)? Any and ALL those in the foyer (blocked by these security men) were placed there. These are your “crisis actors”.

Full bullshit story:

But here’s another thing (from the Telegraph): Our “Steve” the homeless geezer says the following –

Mr Parker, who has slept rough in the city for about a year, said he also tended to a woman aged in her 60s who was badly hurt from the bombing with serious leg and head injuries. He said: “She passed away in my arms. She was in her 60s and said she had been with her family.

However, not a single one of the 22 people reported dead were in their 60’s or anywhere near it and that woman has never been named as any of the other “dead”.

Now, you remember me saying “REMEMBER” during all of that above? The centimetres and the 3 metres? Ok, then here’s the point:

The circular area of a 3m radius is just over 28 square metres. In considering this explosion, keep in mind these graphics of crowd densities ( ). Now, to be just “centimetres” or, let’s seriously consider 3 metres, away from the blast (which, of course, would be a 360 degree blast – ah, perhaps it’s from the “suicide bomber” himself that the faeces came from I suppose 🙂 ); To not be injured or touched by this blast “due to other people in the way”, there must have been a high (very high) density of people between you and the blast (remember nails and bolts as well). THEN, if YOU weren’t hit at 3m away, then HOW were 22 killed AND well over 100 people injured but you weren’t? That suggests that there was something like 150 people packed like lemmings in that 28 square meters around the bomber. People do NOT pack themselves like this particularly when moving! THINK about this – it does NOT add up! It suggests that there were literally hundreds of people in the foyer (hundreds, not just 1 or 2 hundred) at the time and that about 150 of them were packed like sardines, standing inside the 3m “event horizon”. It’s simply trash. All those injured and dead were within that “event horizon” and blocked you from being hit? Now, if the people were far more spread out and less dense than that, then it is highly unlikely that you would NOT have been hit since there would have been enough room/gaps for the 360 degree explosion of nails and bolts to have hit you.

I could go on about this for a long time but you get the picture (I hope).

So back to poofs, freaks and trannies:

Here’s why this is called “Honey I shrunk my clit!”:

It’s becoming more and more prevalent. Mentally sick people who actually require professional, psychological help, are being promoted and pushed in our face left, right and centre (and no, it is not just “the left” who are pushing and supporting this agenda). It’s even getting to the point where there is an attempt to “bully” (propagandise) straight men into accepting the potential to have a tranny male (shemale) “girlfriend” with a cock, a beard and accept it as the norm! If we don’t, we’re “homophobes” and “trannyphobes” etc and need to be re-educated (I’ll come on to re-education in a different way soon in another article). We – straight, heterosexual males – need to “overcome” our bias it seems and be tolerant and appreciate a tranny male freak’s sexuality as one we will consider (obviously based on other things like what their personality is like! lol A mentally insane guy with balls – or cut off and tucked in – but a “lovely sane personality”?). He might have a degree too! A “bright tranny” then. But it will be in “Sexual psychology” and his PhD thesis entitled “Trannies r us” got him his PhD as some marxist exam board and Professor thought it was excellent research. Then the professor goes home; puts on his wife’s bra and knickers and masturbates to photos of Caitlyn Jenner which none of us have ever seen, while singing “It’s raining men”.

Yet, while heterosexual men are demonised for not appreciating a bit of cock and hairy balls with lipstick and a “Toni and Guy” trimmed beard for a girlfriend, your homosexual neighbour isn’t castigated when he’s asked “What would you say to a bit of pussy eh?” and he replies “Yuck!” Isn’t that heterophobic or doesn’t he possess “anti vaginal” hate? No no no, Of course not!

If you can listen to this shite for more than a minute then you’re a better “thing?” than me! I say thing, after all, because I have no idea if you might be a “woman with a cock” or a “man with a vagina” PLUS, the woman with a cock might self identify as a lesbian woman with a cock and the man with the vagina might self identify as a gay, cockless, dick loving lesbian with straight tendencies”. Then again, you might be into hedgehogs rather than cocks, I dunno.

Timeout: We’re really meant to take all of this shit seriously! We are you know – MEANT to that is. The thing is, the enormous amount of effort “they” are putting into this “education” is focused at the young – the VERY young. Why? Because it is only then you can form the opinions of the new generation and ensure that, in a few decades to come, your new “norms” are entirely accepted. What “they” then do, along with the brainwashing of the young, is instil the idea (and this has gone on for decades generally) that parents and the older generations are biased and “not cool or hip” or whatever the preferred designation is now. We’ve seen this in the demonisation recently of the “old, white straight people” who voted for Brexit for example. “We” don’t have anything of any worth to pass down to our younger generations but, strangely, people like Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn – plus their friends in the establishment – do! How odd! The last time I looked at these people they were old, straight, white males and females. Who can tell what Jeremy gets up to at night though eh? Probably meets his Professor chum at the karaoke singing Gloria Gaynor songs while shagging the skeleton of Lord Greville Janner as David Cameron sits in the corner with a pig’s head begging for a bacon sandwich and a blow job!

As a quick aside: I used to live abroad and one night in a club, I got speaking to two girls (yes two!) and before I knew it, their little buddy wandered into the conversation. He was a little bum boy but a harmless little guy. At this time in my life I was ambivalent toward gaydom. However, I had to quickly put him straight (which would have been impossible in the strict sense of the word) and tell him I wasn’t interested (in him). The little bugger (or buggerer? No, he was the buggered I guess) wouldn’t let it go however. He did eventually though.

He happened to be new in town having just been sent over to work for a finance company and he was looking for a place to stay. Idiot here (me) decided to offer him one of the rooms in my newly acquired apartment and we agreed from the start that he would never bring one of his hairy ass loving chums along and that, if he wished to meet them, he’d do it at their place or elsewhere. This was my home and my rules after all right? He “totally understood” and so, for about 2 months I put up with the little bugger. During that time, he’d keep trying to “playfully” hit on me while he also kept asking if he could use my laptop. I let him and set up a new ID and he put in a password. He “wanted it to keep in touch with his family” until the company gave him one. Cut a long story short, I just happened to already have a program installed that could check keystrokes and hold all details of everything done on that laptop. I didn’t think of using it to pry on him until I sensed he wasn’t using it for family contact at all. It turned out he was going on something called “Gaydar” and contacting anybody that would give him that bit of popper powered cock he craved. However, not only that, but I also found out (through reading some of the stuff) that he was bad mouthing me saying “I can’t wait to get out of here. This guy I’m living with won’t let me ‘breathe’ so I’m leaving next friday”. The not letting him ‘breathe’ was nothing more than the agreement we had. He had every other freedom in the world in the apartment (and he bloody well used it). He had even started to go back on our agreement and he would have a guy (or guys) in his room occasionally. Now, added to this, he was also always overdue on his rent saying he wasn’t getting the pay he expected from his company but that he would make it up next month – that sort of thing. So, when I read he was leaving within a few days (oh, also I had asked him to give me two months notice if he was leaving, which he replied was no issue), I gathered up his entire belongings (holding a couple of things back which he would definitely want) and put them out on the stairway then called him up to tell him to pick them up asap. He turns up at the door with one of his “friends” and wonders what it’s all about. He has no clue I could read his mails etc. I didn’t tell him. I just said I knew he was leaving on the friday and he hadn’t told me. He probably still wonders to this day how I knew! I asked for the keys back and he wouldn’t give them so I showed him a couple of items he may yet want. He stated that they were his property and he had the right to the keys and would make a “big noise” about all of this if I didn’t give him his stuff and let him stay until he wished to leave. So then I showed him his poppers. The Police where we were wouldn’t be too keen to see them!

And that was the end of that. However the point of telling this story is that the VAST amount of outright lies – constructed stories – this little bum boy came out with while staying with me and the “drama” in which they were told (paralleling what we just saw from “Frankie” – Ariana Grande’s brother) was sickening. It was vomit inducing shit! And I could see right through it just as I can Frankie here. What I do NOT understand is the vast number of people who CAN’T see this for what it is.

These homos and trannies etc – while they all work so hard to be accepted and make friends – are among the biggest, lying bullshitters on the planet. Why? Because they have got so used to having to lie internally to themselves that they are ok with what they are (and remember a large percentage end up as suicides BECAUSE they can’t handle what they are or what they THINK they are) that they can lie, without an ounce of care or remorse, consistently to anyone and everyone. In that sense, they are very similar to a lot of women (yes a significant amount of women – perhaps not all) who cannot take responsibility for their lives and actions and are prone to immense “untruths” while expecting to be “white knighted”.

Your kids are being educated to accept all of this and they are being educated at very young ages. Furthermore, all of this is leading to (if you haven’t already seen it then you’re blind) having paedophilia being as accepted a sexual preference as homosexuality. The time is coming very soon that YOUR child just may be abused by a “woman” with a cock and beard and, at the trial (IF there IS one), “it” is going to be let off because of something fraudulently referred to as “human rights”.

Check out “Queer Kid Stuff” on youtube – for kids as young as 3 years old! THINK about it as you read the titles of the vids or watch them (god forbid). This one is all about teaching your 3 year old to understand “consent”. When you watch and listen, it all seems to make sense doesn’t it? It’s not suggesting anything sexual exactly, is it? But then that is what the whole channel is about: Sex and sexuality. And, as “she” says, subtly, “It’s good to share”. NOW, imagine if you have a 3 year old child who does not have the slightest clue what a penis or a vagina actually is nor does he/she have any conception of it being wrong for an adult to touch theirs. That child is with an adult it knows and/or trusts (he/she has no reason not to after all) and the adult says “Would you like to play a game?” – Of course you know where this is going don’t you? “It’s nice to share (and say yes to friends)”. And by that, you’re giving consent. Furthermore, if the “play” is not too “insertional” or painful, it might actually be “fun” – how would a child know otherwise?

“When you’re playing with someone you should share your toys because it is a nice thing to do”. I see? Do you? Aunty Sharon or Uncle Jimmy asks little Johnny if he’d like to play with their “toys”. “You have one too Johnny! Will you share it with me?” “Well… yes ok” says Johnny, knowing it is a “nice thing to do”.

I am getting SICK of these SICK BASTARDS!

This is NOT a “left/right issue. None of our issues actually are.


We live in dangerous times folks and your children’s future is at stake.

But you don’t really care that much do you?



But notice that, while content creators on youtube who speak out about stuff like this and various other political/social issues (such as myself) will get strikes and barred from the likes of youtube and Facebook, Twitter etc, Youtube is STILL allowing THIS channel to be seen by all. But then, of course, we just had youtube (and the British Parliament) have an LGBTQ day/week where youtube had videos and their logo full of the “rainbow” and Westminster had Parliament lit up with the “rainbow”.

But what do you expect from a parliament chock full of paedos?

And, before you think this is just a few “odd bods” around the world, no, it’s not. It is present in VERY significant numbers within the highest echelons of this god forsaken society of our around the planet (Sorry flat earthers, I’m still not in your camp). It is in NASA (not just a handful, we’re talking hundreds here); it’s in every national establishment you know of – monarchy, government, corporate, social, police, judiciary, you name it.

If you don’t understand that MI5 knew about Jimmy Saville (among many others) during all the years he was friendly and tight with the monarchy and government and you don’t understand that MI5 report to the Queen, then you’re a PEASANT!



From Sandy Manchester to Westminster Hook.

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Just came across this vid and felt compelled to share it. It is EXCELLENT.

A “New” Money System (always known about but never put in practice)

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I have blogged about the two major control factors which run this world – Money (the reality of it) and Law (the “legal personality”) for many years now.

Unfortunately, there is scant interest from the vast majority of the “unwashed masses” who forever wonder why things never get any better while they vote “left” out and “Right” in and vice versa for decades and centuries. They complain, they bitch and moan and EVERYTIME the controllers offer up a “New Messiah” speaking words that resonate with them (that is what they do and always have), those “great unwashed” swallow it all, gobble it up and, for a while, get all excited at the prospect – and forlorn hope (hope is ALL you ever get) – of change.

However, there never will be any. Why? Because as you have just shown once more, you’re so easily led into believing AGAIN that the new guy in the Oval Office really is “change”. I could go into why he’s not but that is not the point of this blog.

The point of this blog is to bring it to your attention, once more, that there are people in this world – even today – who know there is no need for the existing money system and that it is, in fact, a con and the scourge of humanity. It is the reason for all our ills, our depressions, our desperation, our murders, hate, anger and wars. Not ALL but most. Some will say “No, it’s religion” but what is organised religion? It is all to do with spiritual and temporal power over masses and that power is gained by riches (money). Remember, money is just a means, it is not the end goal.

This post is called “A ‘New’ Money system” but, in fact, it is not new at all. It has always been known of, just never put into practice because, if it were, those who have ruled would rule no more. The “legal personality” is the mechanism, in law, by which those who own and control the money system today, have been able to “engineer” it.

Yes, there are “bloodlines” and these bloodlines must maintain and further their power to the point that “The meek shall inherit the earth”. The “meek” is not you and I. The “meek” (in THEIR bible) is them.

So, onto the articles worth reading:

Well, first, let me re-post one of the most significant and telling responses from the US Federal Reserve Chairman ever put on record:

He doesn’t say HOW, of course, but he DOES say “Yes” it is possible for a nation to have a currency without a national debt. And it is NOT just because private banks could issue it. Private Banks are “legal persons”. YOU are a “legal person” (ignore, for the moment, that the legal person itself is a con). The point right now is that a LEGAL PERSON (of any nature) CAN ISSUE MONEY – so YOU can! This is not a theory, it is a FACT!

Now, to President Roosevelt:

Bighamton Press, Sept 14th 1934.

bighampton-press-sept-14-1934-1 bighampton-press-sept-14-1934-2

Just as a Corporation is given “Legal Personality” by the law/Government, Trade Unions also are afforded “legal personality”. You would think the, therefore, that ALL persons are equal before the law right? WRONG! Why? Well those who are the majority Stakeholders in Corporations also have majority stakes in Banks and the Federal Reserve Private Banks. So who do you think has the say toward government and the power of money behind them? You have to understand that Roosevelt knew this. He was not a stupid man! So while he talked a good talk…..

Now to Woodrow Wilson: An article from not long before he became President and ushered in the Federal Reserve Act.

From “The Sun” September 25th 1910 (not the British rag):







“Guilt is always PERSONal” but the Corporation IS a “person” in law, therefore, those who truly own and control the Banks (also “persons) and Corporations are as if they are protected by the greatest of force fields. They can direct policies of any nature which is anti – public or individual or environmental and it is PEOPLE who drive these policies. Yet, it is the Corporation itself (a fictitious “person” existing by means of its own “birth certificate”, the Articles of Incorporation agreed to by the State) which is sued – if at all. A Corporation cannot be committed to jail for fraud or any other crime but the actual flesh and blood persons could IF this “force field” was removed.

Did Woodrow Wilson remove it while President? Not at all. In fact, he strengthened it plus he oversaw the introduction of the Federal Reserve and the IRS!

So now, let’s turn to E.C.Riegel – a name that many will not have heard of (but you MAY have heard of a man by the name of Mike Montagne who has claimed the originator of the MPE – Mathematically Perfected Economy – idea). No doubt Mr Montagne has worked on the idea for many years in great detail but the reality of money was known to many others – well known and not so well known – many years/decades, perhaps even centuries beforehand. The above indicate why such a money system has never been allowed to be put in place. The following describes what that money system, essentially, is.



  1. For a Person to exert Money Power is natural and wholesome (for “person” assume individual and that no such “Corporate Persons” exist).
  2. For the state to exert Money Power is unnatural and perverse.
  3. Until the state acquired Money Power, the state was, at worst, a parasite upon the economy; with the Money Power, it became a perverter of the economy. Men no longer merely tolerated it, they sought the exercise of the money power in their favour.
  4. Thus, man’s attitude toward the state and the state’s power over man were completely altered.
  5. Out of man’s motive of winning benefits from the state grew various political “ideologies” designed to screen the acquisitive purposes of their proponents.
  6. Thus the acquisition of the money power by the state marked a politico-economic revolution as it gave to the state the power, through fiscal policy, to control the economy and turned men’s minds from private enterprise to methods of its political control and perversion.
  7. Our present type of state should be identified as the monetary state and distinguished from the pre-monetary state.
  8. Money power exerted by the state is inescapably perverse; the monetary state is a frustrator of all aims of economic and political liberty.
  9. In the exercise of the money power, the state is driven inevitably from the libertarian forms of democracy and republicanism to the autarchic forms of fascism, socialism and communism.
  10. These are distinguished only by the manner in which the state’s money power is exercised but derived from one theory – that the exertion of money power is a function of the state.
  11. The grand issue is between the monetary state of today and the de-monetized state of tomorrow, wherein man will assert exclusive money power under the principle that only producers may create money.
  12. Thereafter the politico-economic issues that now exist will be no more, for the state will have lost its power to inflect the economy either to the left or to the right.
  13. The aim is not to pose a political revolution but to induce a revolution in thinking of money and an evolutionary movement through local, non political, action to establish a private enterprise money system independent of the existing political money system.


A Non-Political Money System

by E. C. Riegel

Copyright 1944

In the preface to the book, the author says this:

The life of modern man depends upon his mastery of money.

Our political money system is breaking down and must be displaced by one that serves the needs of modern exchange. Otherwise our civilization will perish.

As technological improvements tend to specialize and confine each man’s production, the need for the exchange of products increases, and, therefore, man’s dependence upon money makes the mastery of this vital agency more and more imperative.

Production grows more mechanical, while consumption, on the other hand, has no machine technique; it still operates by our hands and bodies. Therefore there can never be mass consumption to coordinate with mass production. Consumption remains private and individual. Production grows more interdependent——requiring the coordination of many machines and many hands——while the function of consumption cannot be shared or mechanized; it is human, individual, self-dependent.

To fulfill the function of consumption (without which production is purposeless) the individual must be, as buyer, a self-starter and self-stimulator, and therefore, money power, sufficient to buy his production, must be at the command of every man. Otherwise the people cannot coordinate their consumption with their production and this deficiency causes the production machine to clog and recoil with vicious consequences. Not only are these economic results painful in themselves, but they cause the people to turn to political intervention as a remedy, and this complicates the problem and increases the peril.


Our mass production power must be balanced by our individual buying power and our buying power is dependent upon our individual money-creating power. Money cannot meet modern needs by descending to the people; it must rise from them. Until this is comprehended mass production must continue to miscarry. We, as consumers, must literally make money or be stymied. Government cannot assume this responsibility for us. Every individual producer must exert the right and assume the duty of creating money, if there be need therefore, to buy the value of his own production. There cannot be full distribution of wealth without full distribution of money power. He who would make must also take——in ratio. Each of us must have the ability to create fountain pen money with our own hands. Machine production must be coordinated with handmade money.

Recurrent business slumps, mal-distribution, over-production, unemployment, panics and depressions are but the gentler reminders that our industrial life is in danger. In the end war presses a gun against our head with the demand——money or your life. Must our economic and political maladies be compounded into periodic cataclysms and our civilization be destroyed before we master money?

Typical of the stress laid by economists upon the need for sustained purchasing power is the following quotation from “The Dilemma of Thrift” written in 1926 by William Trufant Foster and Waddill Catchings:

“In fact, adequate, sustained consumer-demand would do more than any other means now within human control toward increasing wealth, abolishing poverty, maintaining employment, solving labor problems, increasing good will among men generally, and maintaining the peace of the world. No means of preventing war holds out such large immediate possibilities as this… It is, therefore, difficult to exaggerate the importance of finding a means of sustaining purchasing power. The next world war, if it does come, may well be the last war——at least the last war in which the present nations will have any interest, for it may well destroy civilization itself.”

Well, “the next world war” has come and is upon us, and whether or not it is leading to the destruction of civilization will not be determined by the outcome of the military phase of the war. The issue cannot be determined by military victory. Its cleavage is not the battle front. Both Axis and Allied Nations are committed to the system of government-created purchasing power, whether they be classed as fascist, communist or democratic. The broad question that will determine the fate of humanity is whether the evil practice of synthetic buying power by governments shall continue to the inevitable collapse of the social order or whether the producer of wealth will exert his natural buying power and thus avert disaster.

Without reservation I assert that the whole fate of society hinges upon the one question of whether it can at this critical juncture gain mastery through the mastery of money and thus coordinate purchasing power with producing power. The issue is——money or your life.

——E. C. Riegel

In the introduction, his first words are:

Man has two major problems. His first problem is: HOW TO PROSPER. His second problem is:


The solution of one is the solution of the other. It lies in the understanding and exercising of his inherent money power through a non-political money system.

Because man has not mastered the problem of achieving prosperity, he has turned to government for its solution. Thus he has complicated his problem, for government offers no solution to the problem of prosperity, while its intervention in this primary problem brings the additional problem of how to govern government. When government undertakes to solve man’s problem for him it undertakes the mastery of society and it cannot be both master and servant. Thus it has failed in both spheres. By intertwining the prosperity problem with the political problem man has snarled the threads and no solution of either is possible without separation.


The present money system has three basic evils:

It permits money to be issued privately, only by a limited number of persons and

corporations who have bank credit, and makes such credit subject to fee. Thus it establishes credit as a privilege rather than a right, and makes it an object of profit rather than a utility to further the production and distribution of wealth. It denies to producers generally the right to issue money, thus making it impossible to expand buying power to potential producing power. This results in defeating the mass production system.

It permits the government to issue unbacked money. The only way the government could

back its money issues would be to go into the production of goods and services; and this would compete with private business. Thus the problem offers the two horns of a dilemma, both of which lead to socialization. If it backs its money issues with goods and services (and there is no other way it can be backed), it executes a frontal attack on private enterprise. If it issues money without backing it (as it is doing), it executes a flank attack on private business through inflation——since to issue money without creating equivalent values is to inflate.

It permits ambitious or designing or fanatical men who are in control of government to

light the fires of war, threatening the lives and fortunes of untold millions. This terrible power lies solely in the political money system since armaments spring from money and money springs from government fiat, whereas it should spring only from the fiat of the people who would thus hold the veto power.

It is a fantastic book which leads the reader to a far better understanding of what freedom actually means (Americans belief in their “Land of the free” is just so naive as they keep swinging between their Democrats and Republicans, just as we do here in the UK with Labour and Conservative and just about every other nation does. Even in the autocratic countries, the money power is still exerted by the state and controlled by the global banking fraternity.

Until we break this, you can vote to your heart’s delight and, as you, your parents and your parents’ parents have seen, nothing changes. Well. it does, but never positively. It takes two parents to work to keep a family afloat today while the feminists THINK they have done themselves and the world population a favour. They actually have no idea what they have done and how they were manipulated into doing it.

Schenectady Gazette, 26th December 1933:


Brooklyn Daily Eagle, December 29th 1913


Now, I’ve blogged long and hard over years about this subject – Money and law. I’ve introduced you to MPE (Mathematically Perfected Economy) and have strived to explain, again and again, what money actually is AND what “the law” and “legal person” actually are.

People say to me “Well, if you’re so smart DO something!” However, NOTHING can be done without this knowledge being imparted to everyone and and a vast number of people “feeling” it so much that they are determined to act, together. However, the vast number of people just want an easy life. The irony is they complain that their lives aren’t easy and guess what? THIS is why!

Oy veh! Just keep paying your dues!

NB: The quotes of Thomas Jefferson are oftentimes used wrt money and banking – such as follows:

“I sincerely believe… that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” ~Letter to John Taylor, 1816

But even Jefferson (and many today who keep talking about Gold and Silver and that money should be issued by the state tax free) either have gotten it wrong OR they have an agenda. Jefferson wanted the State to be in control rather than private bankers, however, as is clear and obvious from the foregoing, neither the state nor the banks – neither of whom are producers of any kind – should have the power of issue of money. We, the producers, have the only true right to do so.


Soundcloud remixes

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I know, These songs have been around for a while now but I’ve created a few remixes and with better volume/dynamics. I’d be only too pleased to see a few “likes” on the Soundcloud page before I start to think of writing more.

Ta. 🙂





Nice: The jewish connection

So, we heard about the german, Richard Gutjahr – married to Einat Wilf an Israeli jew, Knesset MP and “ex” Lieutenant in the Intelligence corp within the IDF – who just so happened to have been right place (on his balcony) at the right time (literally seconds before the truck went on its rampage) in the previous blogpost. How “lucky” is that? That they weren’t in the crowd that night BUT Richard had the presence of mind to just start filming a truck at precisely the right time.

Richard and Einat have a son it would appear but, from the look of Richard, sorry, but I have to say I’m surprised. He looks like he should be fronting and LGBT group – but I digress.

Richard G


So, this is the first couple of ATHEISTS (which they say themselves, they are “devout” about). It’s strange, then, when you read SO MANY TIMES of these jewish atheists (Einat) and their spouses who are also “very supportive” of one particular religion: Judaism. Even, in this case, a German atheist spouse! Why would an atheist (if that is what you are) have any singular interest in a religion? Unless, of course, they consider jews as a race – something the jews, generally, love to use when it suits and drop when it suits.

Here’s an interview with Einat Wilf:

Jewish week atheists

jewish week atheists 2

Anyhow, they made a good choice of being in NICE together didn’t they? Oh yes they did! 😉

Now, here’s the next point and it’s a BIGGIE:

The UK’s Daily Telegraph reported as follows (and not too many people seem to have picked up on it – as usual) –

“The ‘Israel’ prophecy

A JEWISH FATHER HAS A “PREMONITION” – these jews get their word from G-d you know (or they have Crystal balls if they’re atheists of course)

Telegraph Nice

Bastille day jew



Well, even his own son asks it BUT the zionist controlled media haven’t bothered to EVEN THOUGH they quote him on it. Odd don’t you think? 🙂

Not at all!

You see, once you READ (remember books and stuff and a requirement for more than an 8 second attention span?), you begin to see/recognise a big picture which is repeated and repeated time and again. I want to introduce you to a paper written many years ago by the American Think Tank, The CATO Institute. The paper is called “The Green Peril” and explains they creation of a new “bogeyman” to replace the “Red Menace” at the end of the Cold War. You see, the global establishment needs your belief in these menaces and perils to keep you in fear. Fear rules. Fear makes you lash out at created (by them) events which make you plead with your “betters”, your “leaders”, the “government” for protection. How do they protect? By taking away basic freedoms; by clamping down on free speech; by shutting down portions of the internet (and the time will likely come for this blog and many like it). You see, to give you these connections and to show you what we do, is called “hate speech”. You can shut hate speech down in a nanosecond if those who, still in fear, demand it. You just don’t get it though do you? As you give them the power to do this, they take it step by step and, one day, you’ll be shut down. I know tons of people who are scared today to speak their mind. Some of these people have been high up in her majesty’s Armed Forces. But, by all means, you keep demanding “protection” but don’t you think they aren’t doing a very good job of it? I can’t help but laugh at you cretins. Cretins are those of you who believe in statism – the Jeremy Corbyn believers and the Donald Trump believers. Those of you who always fall into the trap of being told by such people what you want to hear.

Anyhow, here’s the paper:

By Leon T. Hadar, a former bureau chief for the Jerusalem Post no less. (It gets funnier and funnier). And notice the year: 1992. So, another “crystal ball” from a jew a long time before the world even sensed such a threat. Why? Because it didn’t exist until they wanted it to.


Green peril


Indeed, like the Red Menace of the Cold War era, the Green Peril is perceived as a cancer spreading around the globe, undermining the legitimacy of Western values and political systems. The cosmic importance of the confrontation would make it necessary for Washington to adopt a longterm diplomatic and military strategy; to forge new and solid alliances; to prepare the American people for a neverending struggle that will test their resolve; and to develop new containment policies, new doctrines, and a new foreign policy elite with its “wise men” and “experts.”

Islam does seem to fit the bill as the ideal post-Cold War villain. “It’s big; it’s scary; it’s anti-Western; it feeds on poverty and discontent,” wrote David Ignatius, adding that Islam “spreads across vast swaths of the globe that can be colored green on the television maps in the same way that communist countries used to be colored red.”

The creation of a peril usually starts with mysterious “sources” and unnamed officials who leak information, float trial balloons, and warn about the coming threat. Those sources reflect debates and discussions taking place within government. Their information is then augmented by colorful intelligence reports that finger exotic and conspiratorial terrorists and military advisers. Journalists then search for the named and other villains. The media end up finding corroboration from foreign sources who form an informal coalition with the sources in the U.S. government and help the press uncover further information substantiating the threat coming from the new bad guys.

Anyhow, there is a lot more so read the damned thing and enlighten yourselves. Otherwise, you’re just going to be another twat swallowing the crap from the BBC or CNN etc. There’s tons of such assholes – they’re called “normal” and think nothing of their country bombing the shit out of innocent human beings.

But behind it all is a jewish influence that needs to vilify Islam and the everyday jew supports it with their silence as do christians with their ignorance and as do muslims, believe it or not, with their silence and fear of being considered an “extremist”.

That said, what keeps it ALL going (even those who are controlling it) is ALL of us with our petty prejudices, racism, greed, ignorance and fear.

“THEY” love it!

Lucy Alan MP goes “full jew”

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First: What do I mean by “full jew”? Is that an anti semitic slur or a reflection of the consistency of the absolutely necessary for their survival, jewish “victimhood” and consistent lies to continue the belief?

I say it is the latter. Trust me, it most surely is.

  1. MP, Lucy Allan, caught red-handed lying and playing a victim. I could say more about women playing victims and how they have a lot in common with jews but I won’t. After all, you reading this may just be a “NAWALT”.


2. Lucy Allan should be removed from office for this. Will she be framing a man next for rape? You see, the man who wrote to her could have very well got a visit by the Police and charged for threatening behaviour online, hate speech or any other number of offences our government have created to control you!

3. The facts:

This is the lie that Lucy Allan wrote on her Facebook post which she then removed. Too late Lucy!



This is the response from Lucy to cover her bare faced lie which could have put an innocent man in jail:


This is the real email which “Rusty” sent:




Now why do I bring up jews again? Why do I say she’s gone “full jew”?

Well here’s a couple of examples (just a couple) –





Want more? Don’t make life tedious for me please.