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Britain re-taking the USA

Posted in Political History, Politics by earthlinggb on February 23, 2017

What did I tell ya?

How many blogposts have I written about this relationship, and the ties and history surrounding it, over the years?

But it’s “Conspiracy Theory” 🙂

Just recently, I published a post regarding the background workings of the Donald Trump/ Nigel Farage relationship and the British – Israel link. Didn’t take too long before this turned up now did it? Did I have a Crystal Ball? Nope. Just done years of “homework”.


Again, I say unto you: Read your Congressional Archives!

You were given a SECOND Constitution in 1871 after the Civil War. That second Constitution deemed the District of Columbia Government as the CORPORATION of the UNITED STATES. You were going bankrupt (at the hands of British/European Bankers and the Revolutionary War had been “won” on the Battlefield but not – in ANY way – in reality). Your United States Government is NOT your government and never has been. Why do you think all your Presidents have been linked to British Monarchy?

Anyhow, I do realise that there will be a vast number of people out there who will never accept what I’m telling you no matter what transpires. Your media will tell you that it’s great and you will be conditioned to believe it is what you want and that you condone it.

Poor old America – you really believed you were the land of the free and home of the brave while your Military is used by that Government in DC, owned by British/Israel interests, to use your kids to die for Corporate aims.


From U.S. Congressional Archives 1940:

Mr. Speaker, In order that the American people may have a clearer understanding of those who over a period of years have been undermining this Re-public, in order to return it to the British Empire, I have inserted in the RECORD a number of articles to prove this point. These articles are entitled “Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and International Strife.” This is part I, and in this I include a hope expressed by Mr. Andrew Carnegie, in his book entitled “Triumphant Democracy.”

In this he expresses himself in this manner:

“Let men say what they will, I say that as surely as the sun in the heavens once shone upon Britain and America united, so surely is it one morning to rise, to shine upon, to greet again the reunited states—the British-American Union.”

God Bless the Commonwealth! 🙂

Why Trump and Farage?

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A short one because, in essence, it is already written in U.S. Congressional Archives (as you will see).

Having watched all this develop and listened and analysed closely what, how, who, why and when, this is my conclusion. You need not agree with it but I certainly do.


Why Trump and Farage? PERHAPS this is why:
What will Britain do? The day is coming when Britain will have to decide on one of three courses. First, shall she sink—comparatively to the giant consolidations—into a third- or fourth-rate power, a Holland or Belgium comparatively? Here note that we do not postulate her actual decline, but the increased growth of other powers. Or, second, shall she consolidate with a European giant? Or, third, shall she grasp the outstretched hand of her children in America and become again as she was before, the mother member of the English-speaking race?
And look up “The Pilgrims Society” on Wikipedia. Note who the Patron is and then look at the names associated with it. (HINT: Liz)

Mr. Speaker, it is interesting to read the speeches given by the American members of the Pilgrims, for they, like all converts, are more un-American and pro-English than the British themselves.
Mr. Choate then referred to a dispute which arose in regard to the passage of ships through the Panama Canal, and intimated that it was the understanding of Hon. John Hay and Lord Landsdowne that the British should have equal rights with us in the use of this Canal; a right which the British have never conceded to the United States in the Suez Canal. We have even been driven out of foreign markets by England for many, many years, and in her wars she has brazenly furnished us with a blacklist of firms with which we are not supposed to trade; and we, like fools, comply with her demands.
Now the people of this country are not going to allow anybody— any Congress, any government, any President—to break the good faith which they have pledged to the mother country. In making this statement, Mr. Choate takes the position that Great Britain or England is our mother country; the same position that was taken by Cecil Rhodes over 50 years ago and by Andrew Carnegie in 1893, when he wrote a book entitled, “Triumphant Democracy.” I want you to note particularly that this was in 1913, and that 1913 was the very year we changed our Government from a republic to a semidemocracy; the year in which we destroyed constitutional government, international security, and paved the road for us to become a colony of the British Empire. It was also the same year in which we, by adopting the Federal Reserve Act, placed our Treasury under the control and domination of the Bank of England and the international banking groups that are now financing the British-Israel movement in the United States.

SO much more detail I could give you to support this but I just don’t have the time to write a book.


NICE: Einat Wilf tells you what it’s all about in her own words.

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“Israel is right now at war. It is a war in which the weapons are not tanks, airplanes, or missiles, but words, images, and ideas. Defenders of Israel must understand the kind of ideological war they are fighting before they can prepare a plan for victory. In this lecture, Dr. Wilf discusses how Israel can fight and win the battle of the mind.”

And who created the words and images (of which she speaks) of NICE and Munich? Her husband, the “journalist”, and his daughter, Thamina Stoll (another “journalist and student at Duke University studying political science).

As you listen to this, read between the lines AND ensure you understand that she is projecting her words “truth and facts” on “the enemy” – i.e. you and I. She is the one who is willing to use the lies and the manipulation.

If you allow people like me (and, perhaps, yourself or anyone else) to be “shut down” for using OUR words in this war, then they win and we/you lose.

By the way, who’d you guess as the “student” she spoke to re writing the PhD paper? Thamina by chance? 😉

Oh! And if you’d never heard of Thamina, then let me introduce you to Richard Gutjahr’s 22 year old daughter that very few of the mainstream media articles regarding the Munich attack even referred to as Gutjahr’s daughter, nevermind say “What an amazing coincidence Thamina with your father just having taken footage of the Nice attack a week or so ago.”:

Thamina Stoll Father's kitchen

And BOY didn’t she panic for a few seconds at the beginning of this interview? Meanwhile, the interviewer either hasn’t got a clue who her father is (doubtful) or is told not to even go there (like in so many other interviews both filmed and in print.

“Words and images” people. That’s the “war” Wilf speaks of.

NOW, listen to this one because, in my opinion, the guy who comes on at 2.37 to talk to her, throws in a little grenade and he knows he is. He’s purposefully giving a heads up. He purposefully brings up the point “Oh no, not again!” to check her reaction and she MUST then mention her father (but without naming him you may notice). You then hear her stutter and think and stutter and try to figure out how to answer this…..

Now, here’s a Daily Mail article on her and Munich:

Stoll mail 1 Stoll Mail 2 Stoll Mail 3 Stoll Mail 4

Not a word about her father. She’s just some American student who originates from Munich and was with her family and Gran. Poor little dear. What a shock for her eh?

And here is ABC:

Stoll AbC

There are 101 different articles and videos about Thamina and her family without mentioning who her dad is. Quite incredible really. And you call mainstream media people “journalists”? You’re having a laugh!

Meanwhile, the media don’t then interview her dad – you’d think they would considering just what had gone down in Nice but no, they would not wish to have the vast majority of people (who don’t read outside the mainstream if they read at all and just watch BBC. ITV. ABC etc etc) pick up on the fact it’s father and daughter (with a Knesset, Zionist, “ex” Lieutenant” of the IDF Intelligence services, mother) who took these videos and images. Attempting, desperately, to keep the two apart as separate events with entirely separate people behind the cameras.

And here she is with Daddy (by the way, I mention 22 years old above – I have seen articles where she is 18 and where she is 22) however, in this article (referred by Wikipedia), his “eldest daughter” is 21: “Whether Gutjahr would still recommend his children today, to become a journalist, Sandra Strüwing asked. The answer was slow in coming: “um ….”. In Gutjahrs eldest daughter, 21, it is already too late.” The strange thing is that Wikipedia itself states that he only has one son and one daughter: Gutjahr is the former Israeli since 2007 Knesset -Abgeordneten Einat Wilf married. [26 ] Gutjahr has a son (* 2010) and a daughter (* 1994). Perhaps lost in translation? 🙂

Gutjahr and daughter


And here she is following Daddy on her Facebook page (while following both, the CEO and COO of Facebook – both jews):

Thamina following

And how about this one. While her father (and mother) get invited to the British House of Commons, Thamina, in the USA, gets her photo taken with the possible next President of the United States:

Thamina Stoll with Hillary

What a lucky little nonentity of a student eh?

And daddy at the House of Commons:

Gutjahr twitter Gutjahr invite to House of commons


As for what happened to the victims…. well, let’s put it this way, as soon as I seen the footage of the alleged shooter outside McDonald’s and the group of kids all running past him from around a corner, I said “They’ve been hanging around waiting for directions”. These kids were plants. Furthermore, you see an old guy walking toward the “shooter” and he seems to have no idea what’s going on and is caught up in it. His face (only his) is even blanked out in some video footage of it and in most images. I don’t think he was meant to be there.

Back to the “victims” – most of them were Kosovan or Turkish. “Here’s a few Euros, off you go and spend it well”.

Kids dead 1 Kids dead 2 Kids dead 3

“And shhh… don’t say a word!”

And that, my friends, is Einat Wolf’s “War of words and images”, kindly brought to you by the “Wilf” family.

Richard wonders how Journalists are going to make a living in this new age of internet, twitter and blogs. He knows damned well I assure you. It’s called DECEPTIVE PROPAGANDA MOSSAD, CIA, MI5, MI6, DVD style.

Oh and one last thing (which makes me laugh):

Munich Police respect

“Respect” 🙂 Well, unless you share controlled pics of the victims on ITV as above for example.

After all, the authorities don’t want too many pics of the victims floating around. Someone might recognise them in a McDonald’s one day!

That’s also why so many of these “shooters” end up “dead”.



The “Quiet” Shadow EU Parliament

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Is it a CATHOLIC EU Parliament? No.

Is it a Muslim EU Parliament? No.

Is it a Christian EU Parliament? No.

Is it a Hindu EU Parliament? No.

Is it a Buddhist EU Parliament? No.

Would any ONE of these such things have you raise your eyebrows and think “Well that’s a bit discriminatory and just not on and what could be their agenda? And why would they be given the opportunity to create a shadow EU Parliament and talk of their demands within the EU and their policies?”

If it were a Muslim Parliament within the EU which, after its inauguration, took a trip to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and then came back to start work, wouldn’t you think “Are they taking commands from Saudi?” Imagine the outcry!


It is, of course, a JEWISH EU PARLIAMENT. Ever see it covered much on your TV? Not that jews are ever exactly quiet but when they want something well off the radar, they can be. How many people in Europe know that this even exists? VERY few!

Call me anti semitic all you wish but you’re just not getting it are you?

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Here’s a thing….. “Diversity”

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I’ve just set up a company and we’ve got contracts totalling £10M supplying technology to certain Enterprise sectors. The problem is, I need a CEO since I do not wish to be embroiled in the everyday running of the company. Our growth projections over the next 5 years are showing a conservative estimate of around 100% per annum.

Now, the trouble is, I’m worried about the possibility of a new Labour government coming in on the 7th May because I might be in a position where I have to find my new CEO from just 0.01%, or less, of the population. It appears that this is the approximate percentage of Black, secular jewish, homosexuals with dreadlocks and who subscribe to the rastafarian movement in this country. As you can see, this might cause me a slight issue if Labour win the election because they are determined to ensure that the UK’s population split of all sorts of particular types of people is reflected in the number of CEOs. Where the hell I might find a black, secular jewish, homosexual, dreadlocked rastafarian, who’s got the right credentials in our technology space and has run a company before, is anyone’s guess.

But then that doesn’t seem to be an issue for labour. ANY Black, secular jewish, homosexual, dreadlocked rastafarian will do. As long as we have that relative percentage of CEOs reflecting the population, everything is hunky dory it seems.

So, if you happen to be walking down Camden High Street and spot one, would you do me a favour and ask him if he wants a job as a CEO at a salary of £150K a year and £1M of stock options? Thanks.


Labour positive discrimination

A Planet for the president 2 1

Now, you see, it goes further and deeper than this. Not only does that positive discrimination come into play at the top end – and this discrimination covers a great deal I can assure you, just listen carefully to the video below – but it is throughout employment law.

You see, these politics – agenda ridden politics (and it isn’t just Labour I assure you) – infiltrate our judiciary, our courts, our employment law, right across the board. Now I don’t care if 99% of CEOs are black, white or Lesbian. I don’t care how many women are in top jobs in the government (another positive discrimination move to ensure this happens) or whether muslims have more councillors in London than white guys. AS LONG AS these people are put in these positions due to capability AND having the mindset of achieving whatever for the sake of ALL UK human beings (I don’t like the words “persons” or “citizens” for very obvious reasons if you read my blogs at all on the “legal person” issue). BUT, this agenda where, no matter what, the numbers of certain groups in certain positions of power in this country MUST reflect their percentage of population, is TOTAL AGENDA RIDDEN BULLSHIT!

I tell you what – If the government wants this, then let’s ask them to do a survey of the number of jews (secular or otherwise) in the House of Lords, the House of commons, the CEOs in our media, banks and Corporations. THEN let them work out the relative percentage of THESE people to their percentage of population. If it’s too low, put more in. If it’s too high, sack some of the fcukers! Get the picture? THEN there may be more positions available for, not only blacks but also white, straight christian males OR females?




And here’s another thing: While we hear the cries of “racial minorities” and muslims and homosexuals and whatever minority group you’d like to think of, shouting for THEIR proportional representation in positions which reflect their numbers in society, it’s funny but you never hear the jewish crew shouting about that do you? Any chance, then, that this is because, if they did, the rest of us would say “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FCUKING JOKING!”

And another thing. Can you imagine this black Shadow Secretary, Chuka Umunna, complaining on behalf of white people if the tables were turned?

What is it this guy wants? The white guy saying “Yes Massa!”?

Take your positive discrimination Chuka and chuk it up your arse!

I’m not the racist Chuka – YOU ARE!


Here, take this: “Your problem is, is that you don’t have enough in your armoury. You’re not a racial minority, a sexual minority, a pregnant woman….. or ANYTHING REALLY”

I just happen to be a Straight, white male! And guess what happens to them in law? Don’t talk to me about “diversity” and “equality” you bunch of corrupt pricks!

Breach of contract but, as the Barrister says, “You’re not a black, gay pregnant woman!”… so you’re screwed!

Now, ANY of you pricks out there want to debate “DIVERSITY” with me? Bring it on!

And people wonder why people like Nigel Farage talk about “British people first”? And he’s not even saying ONLY white! And neither am I. But YOU bastards are!


So then let’s take a look at Sturgeon and her band of Progressives shall we? Let’s see what’s driving these points in the SNP’s manifesto……


“Och aye! We’re PROGRESSIVE!”

Unfortunately, half or more of the numpties in this country think “progressive” sounds good! “PROGRESS! AYE I’M AW FUR THAT! AND I’M INTAE PROGRESSIVE ROCK TOO! IN FACT MAYBE THIS IS THE GENESIS OF A NEW POLITICS!”

Arsehole! You haven’t got a goddamned clue what progressive means in this case!

But you don’t think that there is any agenda behind this “diversity” and “progressive” politics do you? Of course, if you’re female, you’ll say “Damn yeah I want 50/50!” and if you’re an immigrant or racial minority, you’ll say much the same. Of COURSE you will! But what you are doing is saying “to hell with who’s best for the job”. It could WELL be you but then again it may not.

So, welcome to the machine!

Diversity machine

Diversity 2

Diversity 3

Diversity 4


When I say Sturgeon and her SNP cronies are CHANGE AGENTS, I mean it! And she’s doing it all on behalf of a European Union that wants the UK broken up into WEE pieces so that it can more easily assimilate the parts into the Superstructure of the Superstate.

That is why you have SNP ready to fight tooth and nail to stop the British population, in any way it can, from having a vote for an in/out referendum on EU membership. She (they) will pull ANY trick to create divide so that the UK has no strength left to stand against the EU.



SNP man 3

Now read your SNP manifesto points about “Diversity”, “Immigration” and “Equality”. And consider this: Re the economic needs associated with educating foreign students and, at their choosing, allowing them to have work visas afterwards – how about the Scottish government just ensure the education improves during the school years of our own children so that they fill our university places rather than foreigners? Or is it that your scottish government just think you’re too thick?

SNP man 1 SNP man 2






PROGRESSIVE INDEED. THE FRANKFURT (AND TAVISTOCK) SCHOOL OF HUMAN RELATIONS! 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, brainwashing you and confusing the shit out of you!

Please also read “Sturgeon and Tavistock”

Oh and last thing:


“The Rockefeller Foundation is proud to support this important survey to explore the country’s views on our changing demographics,” said John Irons, Managing Director, Foundation Initiatives, at The Rockefeller Foundation. “With our growing diversity comes a great deal of opportunity if we harness it effectively. The poll that we are releasing today gives us much to be optimistic about, with the majority of Americans seeing incredible opportunity as a result of our country’s rising diversity—and actually viewing it as a critical factor to our nation’s economic growth. We hope that this poll sparks increased conversation and ultimately increases action on both the local and national policy level to ensure that growing diversity equals growing opportunity as well.”

Washington, D.C. — New public opinion research conducted by the Center for American Progress and PolicyLink and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation found that Americans are much more open to diversity and supportive of steps to reduce inequalities between racial and ethnic groups than is commonly portrayed in politics and the media. The Latino Decisions study included close to 3,000 Americans, who shared their opinions on diversity, inequality, the role of government, and opportunity in America.

Aye it all emanates from those bastards once again. But then what doesn’t?

Sturgeon and Tavistock

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First of all, I’ll be upfront – I don’t like this “wee nippy sweetie” called Sturgeon.

As a “woman” she needs some botox on her top lip (or, perhaps a moustache) but even that wouldn’t help.


Also, I hear continuously in her voice (and I’m scottish) an aggressive arrogance while selling my scottish brethren bullshit. She knows, as much as any other “leader”, that the monetary system and the “economy” she speaks of, is built upon a basic lie – that lie being that banks create money. That lie being that there has to be a National debt. She also lies when she uses the word “independence”. But the SNP followers simply never listen to sense or logic. You cannot have independence while part of the EU.2952222_953710d6d3_m

At this point, however, I wish to alert you to her comments re migration in the video below. It is extremely interesting to hear her speak about the need for migration into Scotland. A lot of the migration we have seen into the UK has been into areas of England. She seems to wish to increase the population of Scotland (then ask the scots to have more babies no? Ah, no. That’s not the idea. The idea is a political one for political aims. She’s looking to do a “Labour” migration policy into Scotland). She talks of having a “sensible migration policy”. Isn’t that precisely what UKIP are suggesting? Or is her “sensible” ideas not quite the same? What does she mean by a “sensible migration policy”? She does not elaborate here. It would be interesting to know would it not? And how does she intend to enforce that when we all know it is the EU (which SNP say Scotland will be “Independent” within) which determines such policy? Her comments come at around the 22 minute mark.vubery8a

The woman is full of shit (as was Salmond). And no, I’m not coming from the perspective of supporting any other Political Party because I support none of them. They are ALL full of shit. That said, if I still were in the “matrix” of believing in the system, my vote would go to UKIP, but I’m not. UKIP is as much zionist controlled as the rest of the parties. That’s why there is a UKIP “Friends of Israel” and that’s why Farage met Murdoch. The people who steer ALL of these parties lurk quietly (and in Murdoch’s case, not so quietly) behind the scenes. But Murdoch, himself, isn’t even a decision maker; he is an enabler through his media and he works for the decision makers.


Sturgeon talks at UCL TAVISTOCK School of Public Policy.

Our aims
To influence public policy through high quality academic research;
The School acts as the bridge between UCL’s world-class research and the policy-making community in Britain and internationally.
The School’s academic discipline is political science, including the fields of international relations and political theory. From 2001, the School has built up a core faculty of many academic staff across these fields, with a Department of Political Science coming formally into being in 2005. In addition the Constitution Unit specialises in constitutional reform and comparative constitutional studies.

It’s not just a University – it’s a Think Tank. And if you know Tavistock at all, then I need say no more.
Why does Sturgeon feel it necessary to “sell” Scottish Independence to a University in London? I’ll leave you to consider that.


Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations

(layer of The Committee of 300)

This group was formed at Oxford University, London, by the Royal Institute of Of International Affairs in 1922. Major John Rawlings Reese, a British Army technician, was instructed to set up the largest brainwashing facility in the world at the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations as a part of Sussex University.

This became the core of Britain’s Psychological Warfare Bureau. It was Tavistock-designed methods that got the United States into the Second World War and which, under the guidance of Dr. Kurt Lewin, established the OSS, the forerunner of the CIA. Lewin became the director of the Strategic Bombing Survey, which was a plan for the Royal Air Force to concentrate on bombing German worker housing while leaving military targets, such as munition plants, alone. The munition plants on both sides belonged to the international bankers who had no wish to see their assets destroyed. The idea behind saturation bombing of civilian worker housing was to break the morale of the German worker.

It was not designed to affect the war effort against the German military machine. Lewin and his team of actuaries reached a target figure, that if 65% of German worker housing was destroyed by nightly RAF bombing, the morale of the civilian population would collapse. The actual document was prepared by the Pru-dential Assurance Company. The RAF, under the command of “Bomber” Harris, carried out Lewin’s plans, culminating in the terror firestorm bombing of Dresden, in which over 125,000, mainly old men, women and children, were killed.

The truth of “Bomber” Harris’s horror raids on German civilians was a well kept secret until long after the end of WW II. Today its primary mission is to establish a global brainwashing and opinion forming network. This institute is the originator of the Aquarian Conspiracy, designed to weaken the nations of the world by encouraging drug use, free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism. It has been very successful in the United States. It works through many research institutes and think tanks. The principal ones in the United States are the Stanford Research Institute, Rand Research and Development Corporation, the Institute For Policy Studies, the Aspen Institute, the Hudson Institute, and the Brookings Institute. Tavistock runs over 30 research institutions in the United States.

These Tavistock-U.S. institutions have in many cases grown into gargantuan monsters, penetrating every aspect of our government agencies and taking command of all policy making. One of Tavistock’s chief wreckers of our way of life was Dr. Alexander King, a founder member of NATO and a favorite with the Committee of 300, as well as an outstanding member of the Club of Rome.

When it was decided that a super-body would control European affairs, the RIIA founded the Tavistock Institute, which in turn created NATO. For Five years NATO was financed by the German Marshall Fund. Dr. King was assigned by the Club of Rome to destroy America’s education by taking control of the National Teachers Association and working in close conjunction with certain law makers and judges. Scientists engaged in the process of conditioning are called “social engineers” or “new-science social scientists” and they play an integral part in what we see, hear and read. The “old school” social engineers were Kurt K. Lewin, Professor Hadley Cantril, Margaret Meade, Professor Derwin Cartwright and Professor Lipssitt who, together with John Rawlings Reese, made up the backbone of new-science scientists at Tavistock Institute.


According to its website, the Institute engages in educational, research, and consultancy work in the social sciences and applied psychology. Its clients are chiefly public sector organizations, including the European Union, several British government departments, and some private clients. The Institute owns Human Relations, the international social sciences journal. It also edits the journal Evaluation.

Kurt Lewin, a member of the Frankfurt school in America, was an important influence on the work of the Tavistock, according to Eric Trist, who expresses his admiration for Lewin in his autobiography.Kurt Lewin

Lewin had originally been involved with schools of behavioral psychology before changing directions in research and undertaking work with psychologists of the Gestalt school of psychology, including Max Wertheimer and Wolfgang Kohler. He also joined the Psychological Institute of the University of Berlin where he lectured and gave seminars on both philosophy and psychology. Lewin often associated with the early Frankfurt School, originated by an influential group of largely Jewish Marxists at the Institute for Social Research in Germany. But when Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 the Institute members had to disband, moving to England and then to America. In that year, he met with Eric Trist, of the London Tavistock Clinic. Trist was impressed with his theories and went on to use them in his studies on soldiers during the Second World War.

Prominent psychologists mentored by Kurt Lewin included Leon Festinger (1919–1989), who became known for his cognitive dissonance theory (1956).

Change process
An early model of change developed by Lewin described change as a three-stage process. The first stage he called “unfreezing”. It involved overcoming inertia and dismantling the existing “mind set”. It must be part of surviving. Defense mechanisms have to be bypassed. In the second stage the change occurs. This is typically a period of confusion and transition. We are aware that the old ways are being challenged but we do not have a clear picture as to what we are replacing them with yet. The third and final stage he called “freezing”. The new mindset is crystallizing and one’s comfort level is returning to previous levels. This is often misquoted as “refreezing” (see Lewin,1947).

What the UK is currently ongoing is that “change” and it is being managed – not by the political parties presented to you, but by organisations which have been put in place to dramatically re-orient society across every element of its fabric.

We’re now seeing debates for the General Election – not based upon left and right politics so much (Labour and Conservative – because, in fact, there is no difference between them) but based upon SEVEN parties. Think about it. This is unheard of in UK politics. Not only that but the main three parties are now finding themselves becoming less and less relevant to the electorate. Why? Do you think that WE, the populace, have achieved this? Do you think WE have pressured the media to have 7 different representatives on our debates?

Not in your dreams! This is for the purpose of redefining what Britain is while having you believe there is a voice (an MP) somewhere in Her Majesty’s government, speaking for you on some subject. While the real power behind it all is still in power. You’re being had!


STURGEBUM is nothing but another “Right Honourable member of the Privy Council, CHANGE AGENT.

You want a single party government? Have one! You want Communism in the UK? Have it!



Oh and one last thing Sturge:

SNP’s “Named Person” legislation for all children from birth to what is it? 18 years old?

Named person

So, while the Scottish SNP government believe that 16 and 17 year olds need a state guardian (of course they do. Just to make sure the state ensures their brainwashing), it seems Nickelarse believes they are sufficiently adult and capable to vote for the future of the country!

Announcing the measure as part of the The Scottish Referendum (Franchise) Bill earlier this year, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said young people had the biggest stake in the future of the country.

16 yr old vote




Be careful what you vote for. You might just get it! The sheer fact that you still vote at all guarantees you’ll get it!

The Monetary System

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Gerald O'Brien UKIP

Gerald O’Brien UKIP


Dear Mr Taylor,

I have created a “” petition regarding the need for a discussion/debate around the issue of money issuance in the UK. Please see the link:

On your website, it is stated:


Do you want to tell us anything?

Ask a question? Complain about something?

Get us to do something for you?

Whatever it is, we value your input and will always respond.


Norman Taylor (chairman UK Ashford branch)

Tel: 01233 822 132


What I would like you, and all members of the UKIP party to do, is sign this petition. While I speak of a solution to the problem known as “Mathematically Perfected Economy”, I realise many people will not be accustomed with the term and, as such, I am not asking that people support the implementation of it but simply that they support the necessity for there being a public discussion of the matter of money issuance. From this, it would then be possible to assess and discuss in greater detail, how money works presently and how that is the underlying issue which impacts every facet of life from austerity to war. All wars are resource wars in one form or another. The reason for such is due to the debt interest applied to nations and the fact that the interest portion of the debt does not circulate in any economy. Since it does not, it is necessary for nations to compete but not only compete but to war. The only way for one nation to pay off (or, I should say, continue to service) its debt is by acquiring the principle of another nation’s economy.
The accumulation of wealth by the few is through what is, in fact, insider trading. The use of Hedge funds and other vehicles make this possible.
Alan Greenspan joined Paulson & Co just before the crash in 2008 (he joined around Jan 2007) and advise Paulson on the mortgage market (insider knowledge of course) and Paulson’s Hedge Fund made a killing (one of the largest if not THE largest gains a HF had ever made) by shorting the market.
In addition, on this side of the Atlantic, Ken Clarke joined Centaurus Hedge Fund around the same time.

Our Cabinet Ministers, Prime Ministers and Corporations and Banks, write the legislation which they obviously know will impact certain industries and even nations. People like Tony Blair (and many others) then, having pushed through legislation on others’ behalf then find themselves paid off by being provided with jobs with the like of J.P.Morgan. None of this is difficult to comprehend or see.
I could write a script on this but I will stop there. I’ll just end by saying that it is the present monetary system whereby banks issue currency (not create it) and charge interest upon money they don’t actually have (thereby they bring no consideration to the contract/loan) but have been given a legal privilege to issue. That interest does not exist anywhere in any economy, therefore, it is easily seen why and how all countries are in debt. There is a net global debt which is actually impossible to exist unless there is some entity which that debt is owed to. That debt is due to interest and due to the fact that both, governments and individuals all have to use a form of currency which is legally owned by a global banking system. The fact is that it is individuals who create money (its value) and that banks are unnecessary middlemen in any transaction between two individuals. All banks do to make a profit is demand that our promissory obligations to one another go through their system and they “re-present” these obligations to one another with their versions (electronic or cash) of our promissory notes.
They obfuscate the true nature of what is going on and it is, in fact, outright fraud.

I would appreciate your, and Gerald O’Brien’s response to this. I would hope UKIP would positively support such a discussion since it is this issue which is causing many of the symptoms your party and this country is concerned about.

PS: I have a background in both, University level Physics and Business Studies.


Of course I understand what I will get (if anything) is some wooly worded thank you and “that’s interesting” and “UKIP are committed to….” etc.

Just wanted it on record. Another party (of the people) ignore the real issues and core problem.

Because to be a party, you must adhere to the establishment rules otherwise you would never BE a party (or last as one).

All good fun! Keep putting your X in the box. After all, that’s how they see you – as an X, a thumb print, an idiot.

OFCOM decide! UKIP is a party!

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Just a quick one. I have to laugh (and do).

Here we see OFCOM deciding if UKIP is worth calling a major party. You don’t decide kippers, the British establishment does! And yet you think that UKIP fight the British establishment because that’s what Mr Farage tells you!

And you swallow it!

It reminds me of David Icke and his “We will be unregulated” (when speaking of the People’s Voice”). Indeed Dave and indeed Nigel. Two men who talk absolute shite!

But you will continue to because the British public (the majority at least) are really dumb bitches!

Ofcom decides



“Oh thank you your majesty!”

Ahhh why the hell do I bother!

SMELL the desperation!

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If it was truly about hate crime and racism then it would cover all “hate” and all “racism”. But it doesn’t. It’s all about this bullshit called “anti semitism” (but what is a semite? It certainly isn’t a caucasian from Khazar or Eastern Europe commonly known as AshkeNAZI and it certainly isn’t a christian or any other type of zionist.) So what is it they are REALLY protecting?

It’s the information! The one thing you need to do when you cannot argue the facts and disprove them and when you must cover up the lie, is hit the “kill” switch so that the information cannot be spread. They can’t control it and they are DESPERATE to do so! It’s the ONLY way!

You allow them to and you are signing your own journey into sheer hell however. Mark my words!

Trolls anti semitism

“You don’t have to be jewish to be a zionist!” as the jew smiles in acknowledgement because he knows a zionist need not be a jew. But the British MPs and European establishment – hen-pecked by the jewish lobby – think zionism equates to jewishness. But then they have to try and maintain that lie but, like all lies, it exposes itself in the end. Not to give the jews a “get out of jail card” of course because they do not stand up and speak out generally. Why? Because zionism = judaism has served them well overall for decades! To the tune of $billions!

So, they state that using “zionism” is a cloak for anti semitism? Hmmm… They cannot get out of this one! If Joe Biden was the only zionist on the planet, I would stand against him. How could I be this fabled “anti semite” then? He’s no jew!

But they will use and abuse this term to the very end. I just hope it is the very end of them! And any true, honest, fair minded and non ignorant, thinking person on this planet will know exactly what I mean by that. Of course some won’t but only because they have an agenda of either BEING zionist OR, such as in the case of Jim Murphy for example – they do well out of supporting and protecting the zionists. Don’t you Jim?

Murphy Israel


But what is it that the vast majority of British, European and American/Canadian/Western politicians love about “Israel”? Why, of all the countries around the world, is Israhell of so much importance? Because of this thing called the bible? Then if it were that, then our politicians are bringing religion into politics! (well I never!!). But if they say it isn’t that, then what?

Well, as we keep trying to explain – “Mr Rothschild” (the family) and “Mr Rockefeller” (the family) and a few other jewish/zionist families OWN this neck of the woods called “The West” (yes I know, on paper, the Rockefellers aren’t jewish – but then neither is Joe Biden or Tony Blair! ;-))

BUT, it’s all just “Conspiracy theory” isn’t it? 😉

You gotta laugh!


George: The Grand Chessboard is at work!

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Ahh good old George. Like most MPs he gives you facts (as he does here) but at other times, they are shrouded in misleadings, deception or just plain ignorance.

So Mr Galloway, two things (n fact three things):

1. On your Radio show a few years ago (Talksport), you had a caller who wished to discuss Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard” with you for a moment and as soon as that caller mentioned the name “Zbigniew Brzezinski” you turned to your radio audience and said you would not discuss “Conspiracy theory” even though the man and his book exists. You went on to state that you had not read the book! And then you cut off the caller. I know because the caller was me!

2. You mention the holocaust AND freedom of speech in this clip suggesting you support such freedom of speech BUT you would shout down (and have done it on numerous occasions) those of us who would question (factually and considerately) the entire holocaust story. Just as you say the jews are(sorry zionists) are for ONE type of freedom of speech but not another – SO ARE YOU MR GALLOWAY!

3. Indeed you are correct advising these people (and isn’t it interesting that it is the jews who always seem to come across as a baying flock?) that they are playing a dangerous game by conflating zionism and jewishness. After all, it was zionism which had a very strong hand in the treatment of the jews in Germany in the 1930s and 40s.

Meanwhile Mr Galloway, what would you say to this?


As you say Mr Galloway, you are a British Member of Parliament who was not born then while you also would consider that, as a British Member of Parliament, you are shown some respect? After all it is the name of your party.

So, would you show another British Member of Parliament who WAS born in that time and was an MP during that time, some respect by considering his words? So who WAS behind this Zionist organisation smuggling German agents into Palestine Mr Galloway? I am quite sure it was not christian zionists at that time. Chaim Weisman and Lord Rothschild – as you well know – were at the top of this organisation at that time (and you well know the Rothschilds are today also) so please don’t give me this “conspiracy theory” shit of yours again! Otherwise you’re as much a deceptive hypocrite as you call others.

Without Scottish jews, Scotland would not be Scotland!

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AYE RIGHT! SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU “CHOSEN” PRICKS! I’m sick to the teeth of your continual bleating. It makes my ears bleed!

“Without the Jews of Europe, Europe would no longer be Europe,” he warned, echoing a statement made by French PM Manual Valls after the kosher market killings on January 9 that France would no longer be France without French Jews.

Give us a fricking break!

“Without the Jews of Japan, Japan would no longer be Japan,”

“Without the Jews of Leith, Leith would no longer be Leith,”

“Without the Jews of Strathclyde, Strathclyde would no longer be Strathclyde,”

“Without the Jews of Bangladesh, Bangladesh would no longer be Bangladesh,”

“Without the Jews of Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes would no longer be Milton Keynes,”

“Without the Jews of Penicuik, Penicuik would no longer be Penicuik,” (Aye you could be right there right enough!)

Perhaps this illustrates the jewish mentality very well: “Without the jews of the world, the world would no longer be the world” Hmmm…. that has the sound of “everyone else is expendable” to me!

You know something? You lot really piss Christ off! He told me! My trees in my back garden set alight last summer and he appeared within a burning bush. He got a bit pissed when a fireman squished water all over him mind but he had a laugh when I said “just treat it like a renewal of your baptism!” (ok the bit about my garden going up in a blaze is true though! My poor neighbour didn’t have a garden hut left afterwards! Their Insurance kept trying to contact me but when an ember from a fire happens to be blown by the wind up into a bunch of trees, I saw that as an act of god. Acts of god aren’t covered in insurance are they? ;-))

Anyhow, pretty obvious what the Charlie Hebdo thing was all about. Re-invigorate the protection of the jewish/zionist parasites of the world.

UN Anti semitism


Ask yourself a question: If there is such a thing as “Anti-semitism”, then what, exactly, constitutes “Semitism”?

Freedom of s….. “Shut the fuck up unless you support the jews!”

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ISIS zionist plan

It is now believed that she has been suspended from her position.

The country’s Ministry of Security and Justice and the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) later said in a statement: “Security and Justice and the NCTV distance themselves from her remarks.

“And since [the comment] relates to the work of the NCTV and the National Cyber Security Center, cause is shown to terminate her assignment NCSC/NCTV and outsource her work with immediate effect.”

However, Ms Haifi said in a radio interview that she refused to withdraw her statements.

She said: “Freedom of expression is apparently only for certain groups.

“I have taken the liberty to express myself and obviously I have to pay for it. I do not know why I should take it down; this is what I think.”

Dutch MPs Joram van Klaveren and Louis Bontes said that they believed that Security and Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten should take action against Ms Haifi.

In a joint statement they said: “A person who propagates such ideas and is working with state secrets could be a threat to national security.

“ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionists who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name”
Yasmina Haifi

IS, an off-shoot of al-Qaeda, has taken control of much of Iraq in recent months including the country’s second largest city of Mosul.

The militant group, led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, also controls areas of Syria.

IS is believed to be responsible for brutally killing many of its opponents and images reportedly posted by members of the group posing with decapitated bodies have sent shockwaves around the world.

Many members of the Yazidi community still remain trapped on Iraq’s Mount Sinjar, surrounded by IS militants, prompting Britain to carry out humanitarian action in the area.


BBC reporter




Ch hebdo sacking



Is this a case of “Je suis Chayim!”?

You hypocritical bastards! But you can afford to be right? After all, you’re the only subset of humanity which has it’s own European Parliament set up.

How DO you get away with it?



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I was sent this video by a bud of mine. You just can’t make this shit up!

I’m always pretty wary of stuff being sent to me which is suggesting hidden meanings and translations etc but this just floors me. I’ve checked it (by all means check yourself) and it is absolutely correct. With the interchanging of just two letters in the same word, you either have “Charlie” or you have “Israel”.

So I checked an English – Hebrew and French – Hebrew translator to begin with and what I came up with was this:

je suis in hebrew I am in hebrew Israel in hebrew Charlie in hebrew

Now, here, the Charlie and Israel hebrew lettering is not the same but look at the photo below of those holding the cards up in Jerusalem.

Hmmmm.. Just follow me here….

Je suis Charlie = I am Charlie

Je suit Charlie = I follow Charlie

Let’s just consider an anagram or two of “Charlie”:

I am Arch lie

Je suis La Reich!


Let’s look at the “Je suis Charlie’s” in Jerusalem:

Mideast Israel France


Jerusalem, Israel
Israelis, mostly French Jews, hold signs reading: Je suis Charlie; Israel is Charlie; and I am a Jew of France.
Photograph: Sebastian Scheiner/AP (from World News, The Guardian)

What we have here is:

“Je suis Charlie” (of course)

“I am a jew of France”

and in hebrew writing, we have “Israel IS Charlie”

Notice that the hebrew letters in “Charlie” and in “Israel” are exactly the same but just with the middle two letters swapped around (again, like an anagram of each other). Now THINK: WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT BEING COINCIDENTAL?

Now Hebdo- a short form of the french “Hebdomaire”

From Latin hebdomadarius, from Latin hebdomas. Origin greek number 7 ( epta ) and ( omas ) group. group of seven. most common : group of seven days = evdomas = week.


hebdomadaire m (plural hebdomadaires)

weekly magazine

So what do we have here?





So here’s another couple of things to consider:

1. Check out all the hundreds of photos you can find from around the world of people, en masse, with these “Je suis Charlie” Card flyers (all of essentially the same design). Ask yourself this question: HOW (and who) designed, created/manufactured/printed all of these to ensure that it became equivalent to a BRAND design? HOW were these printed off in massive numbers? Everyone at home with their printers do you think? Well, for one thing, they are card more than they are paper and not too many people just have card waiting around to be printed off at home. Secondly, HOW did it sweep the world in a matter of a couple of days? People do NOT act in such a fashion in their millions EXCEPT when such rallies have been set up and planned by a well connected and financially supported group. It does NOT happen! Did it happen for Lee Rigby? Did it even happen throughout multiple countries for 9/11? NO!

With the dignitaries all ensuring they showed up at such short notice (as mentioned in a previous blog) and, added to that, substantial numbers of people across the world with their well framed photos showing “Charlie” signs, this has been planned well before the event. What I DO NOT mean is that all those people in the photos are part of it! They don’t have to be. But to have people ready to create the motivation for people to do this en masse all over the world is necessary and points very strongly to pre-knowledge this event was going to take place.

2. Our new Pope:

Je Suit Charlie!

Our new Pope is a jesuit. He has also been very vocal regarding the need for a New World Order. Also, the jesuits and the jews have VERY close links. I wonder why the Society of Jesus was essentially banned from having a Pope? Today, however, it is different and today, even the catholic/jesuit schools are introducing jewish studies into their curriculum.


Je suit Charlie


From “Catholic Family News”

United Religions Back in the Spotlight
Pope Picked to Lead One-World Church

by Cornelia R. Ferreira
Isn’t it extraordinary how something long in existence can be suddenly re-proposed as a brilliant new idea? Politicians and educators, hoping we have memory problems, often do this to fool us into thinking they are working hard to improve a situation. Another audacious example of this strategy was recently provided by the Holy See’s support of a proposal for a “United Religions”.

The proposal came from former Israeli President and Nobel Peace Prize-winner Shimon Peres. At a private audience with Pope Francis this September 4th, Peres “proposed the founding of a United Religions organization — modelled after the United Nations — to fight terrorism”.[1]

In an interview with the Catholic magazine Famiglia Cristiana, Peres said he wanted to establish an international body representing the world’s major religions, as “an unquestionable moral authority” able to intervene in conflicts, “a UN of religions”.

Like the UN Charter, he added, there should be a United Religions Charter. “The new Charter would state on behalf of all faiths that slitting people’s throats or carrying out mass slaughters … has nothing to do with religion”.
Furthermore, he said, Pope Francis would be the best leader for the United Religions Organization because “perhaps for the first time in history the Holy Father is a leader who’s respected, not just by a lot of people, but also by different religions and their representatives”.

Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ, indicated that Peres’ proposal was a new idea for Francis. “The pope listened, showing his interest, his attention and encouragement”. But, “the pope made no personal commitment,” telling Peres that the Pontifical Councils for Interreligious Dialogue and for Justice and Peace are the offices “suitable” for supporting or following such initiatives. Their presidents would “consider this proposal carefully,” said Fr. Lombardi.[2]

The problem: Mr. Peres proposed something that has been running for fourteen years, promulgated by the UN itself, with a signed Charter, and with the same goals he’s promoting! The only difference is that the existing Charter does not mention beheadings or slaughters.

Pope Francis should have reminded him of this, especially since the UR is not a new idea for Francis. As Archbishop of Buenos Aires he invited its founder and head to an interfaith service in his cathedral to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the UR in Latin America. Furthermore, the Holy See has been aware of the United Religions from its conception, and has been working for its goals through its founding partners.

Do Peres and the Vatican have collective Alzheimer’s, or are they confident that most Catholics are ignorant/ suffering amnesia? The history of the United Religions illustrates the extent of their disingenuousness.
The United Religions is created
The Masonic one-world religion of the New World Order, in the making for over 150 years, materialized in June 1997 as the United Religions Organization.[4] Chief partners in its establishment were Episcopal Bishop of California, William Swing; the Communist Gorbachev Foundation/USA (later The State of the World Forum); and the syncretic World Conference on Religion and Peace, now called Religions for Peace (RfP).

Bishop Swing is an anti-population and pro-homosexuality activist. He is a follower of the expelled Dominican and occultist, Matthew Fox, who became an Episcopalian minister under Swing.

Religions for Peace is an internationalist, occult UN Non-Govermental Organization headquartered at the United Nations in New York. It is an important “unofficial” Vatican channel for interreligious activities, said Francis Cardinal Arinze, former head of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. It was co-founded in 1960 by John Cardinal Wright, and its first international president was Archbishop Angelo Fernandes of New Delhi. In 1994 it held the first-ever interfaith conference at the Vatican, with Pope John Paul its opening speaker.

Many bishops and cardinals have been collaborating with the RfP as Co-Presidents or Honorary Presidents. These include Peter Cardinal Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, who is the one tasked to follow up on Peres’ proposal; and Oscar Andrés Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga, the head of Pope Francis’ special advisory group of cardinals.

The Gorbachev Foundation/USA was set up as a Russian intelligence operation at the Presidio, a former military base in San Francisco, months before the dismantling of the USSR. Gorbachev is a major coordinator of world governance and a leading proponent of population extermination and the destruction of religion. This Marxist-Leninist met more than once with Pope John Paul and addressed the pontiff and political leaders at the Vatican in 2000.

The United Religions is a United Nations project. Plans for its formation were revealed to world leaders in June 1995 by Bishop Swing at the occult, earth-worshipping interfaith service he was invited to conduct for the UN, celebrating its 50th anniversary. Present at San Francisco’s Episcopal Grace Cathedral were political luminaries and representatives of all religions, including Britain’s Princess Margaret, Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, Polish President Lech Walesa, and UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali. Archbishop Renato Martino (Vatican nuncio to the UN) and Archbishop John Quinn of San Francisco also attended — i.e., the Vatican has known of the UR from the beginning.

Patterned after the UN, the UR is meant to be for religions what the UN is for nations: a “permanent gathering center where the world’s religions engage in daily prayer, dialogue, and action for the good of all life on this earth,” and where they will make peace amongst themselves and “work together for the healing of the earth.” Using the “light” of paganism and occultism, it aims to solve the usual social issues.

But more importantly, it’s also “an attempt to bring accountability to the religious forum”. As the world’s religious authority, it aims to wipe out “fundamentalism,” which is blamed for wars and conflicts. Teilhardian Robert Muller, a former UN Assistant Secretary-General and New World Order designer, declared that fundamentalism’s “inflexible belief systems” “play an incendiary role in global conflicts.” “Peace will be impossible,” he said, “without the taming of fundamentalism through a United Religions that professes faithfulness `only to the global spirituality and to the health of this planet.'” This is also the basic theme of the Peres proposal.
The United Religions gets a Charter
In 1996, Bishop Swing called the process of forming the United Religions “The United Religions Initiative 2000”. The name United Religions Initiative (URI) is still being used for the United Religions, although the one-world church became fully functional in 2000.

A “preliminary” charter-writing conference was held in June 1997 at Stanford University, California. The 200 delegates “predict[ed] they had given birth to a movement as well as a spiritual institution: the United Religions”. Bishop Swing “deputized” them to “tell the people that there is a United Religions.”

The URI Charter was finally signed on June 26, 2000, during a six-day Summit in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, making the one-world church a reality. (June 26th is also the anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter.) The wording of the URI Charter suggests that “proselytizing” and upholding Christian morality could be considered threats to peace.

This interreligious Summit was opened by native spiritualists invoking “the great spirit,” and closed by a member of the URI Global Council who performed a Wiccan “blessing”. He invoked Hecate and Hermes, whilst Bishop Swing raised his hands in invocation. At least eight “highly respected” Catholic priests attended the Summit as supporters. Rev. P. Gerard O’Rourke, Director of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs for the Archdiocese of San Francisco, declared he was there in an official capacity.[5]

The URI is headquartered at the Presidio, with “satelllite centers” in other cities, including Buenos Aires. It has built up a wide international network through regional conferences and other activities. Its goal is “A U.N. for religion” that will foster peace. “We are going to end this millennium with peace among religions,” said Bishop Swing in 1997. “There is untapped solidarity among religions.”

Swing personally pitched the idea of the United Religions to many religious leaders. He got Mother Teresa on board, but posted no report on Pope John Paul’s reaction.

It should be obvious why the Popes cannot openly support the URI; to lead it would be tantamount to sailing the barque of St. Peter under the standard of Satan.

But it may be only a matter of time. At a Theosophical lecture in Boston in 1991, the New England Director of Theosophy described the plan for establishing the one-world religion:

This announcement supposedly would herald the Pope as the leader of the one-world religion.[6]
Crafting an “epiphany moment”
So what prompted Mr. Peres’ sudden “epiphany” this year to create a United Religions? It certainly was carefully orchestrated to look spontaneous.

• April 2013: Peres visits Pope Francis. Inviting him to Jerusalem, “the sooner the better,” he says, “You have an important role in progressing peace and the belief in it”.[7]

• January 2014: Pope Francis announces he will visit the Holy Land in May.[8]

• February 2014: An Argentinian interfaith group created by Archbishop Bergoglio is greeted in Israel by Peres, who praises the Pope because “he returned religion into a spirit rather than an organization, a faith more than a church”.[9]

• May 2014: Pope Francis visits the Holy Land. In front of the Wailing Wall he partakes in a group hug with his two Argentinian travelling companions, Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Muslim leader Omar Abboud. Vatican spokesman Fr. Lombardi enthuses, “They have given us a sign in a significant and holy place. This is an important message, that they can embrace together”. The pope also stresses the “universal and cultural significance” of Jerusalem, and its importance to Christians, Muslims and Jews. Before leaving, Francis invites Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to the Vatican for a prayer meeting for Middle East peace.[10]

• Only two weeks later, June 8, 2014, Pentecost Sunday: the two presidents and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew attend this interfaith prayer meeting on a triangular Vatican lawn, along with several high-up members of Religions for Peace. The “neutral” site chosen is devoid of all religious symbols.[11] Catholic participants thus witness to the Masonic one-world religion instead of to Jesus Christ and His Church!

• June 9, 2014: Pope Francis criticizes “fundamentalism” in Christianity, Judaism and Islam as violence: “A fundamentalist group, even if it doesn’t strike anyone, is violent. The mentality of fundamentalism is violence in the name of God.”[12]

• September 4, 2014: Peres shares his “epiphany moment” with the Pope and asks him to head his visionary United Religions. Father Lombardi reveals that this proposal followed from the syncretic June prayer meeting. He says the Pope “stressed to me” that the meeting was “the opening of a door” to encouraging further initiatives “to develop and go forward”.[13]
War means success?
It seems the true God was not impressed by the atheistic Vatican prayer meeting for peace in the Middle East. The area exploded in war right after it.

On July 8th, Israel began a 50-day campaign against Gaza that killed more than 2,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians. Israeli deaths totalled 6 civilians and 67 soldiers.[14]

And at the same time as the prayer meeting, Islamic militants began a bloody rampage across Iraq, leading three weeks later to the proclamation of a “caliphate” and a call-to-arms of Muslims across the world.[15]

But Fr. Lombardi was very pleased with the success of the prayer meeting. He remarked after the September 4th audience, “The prayer for peace initiative which took place here” with Peres and Abbas, “is in no wise to be considered a failure – subsequent developments notwithstanding – but rather as the opening of a door…”.[16]

Considering the massacres that followed the prayer meeting, this callous assessment implies that the Holy See is more devoted to the formation of the one-world religion rather than actual peace. Indeed, if peace were its concern, the peace plan of Our Lady of Fatima would have long ago been carried out.

And what about Nobel Peace Laureate Peres, touted as a “crusader for peace”? About a week after the Gaza offensive began, with 200 Palestinians and one Israeli dead, he defended Israel’s heavy-handed actions: “If they are shooting at us, and don’t let our mothers and their children … have a full night’s sleep, what can we do?”

But he needn’t worry. The One-World Church now has official papal blessing. Surely peace will follow swiftly.


Now, what does a Pope need to do to help create a One World Religion? Well he needs to demote Jesus from the “office” of “Son of God” and a deity himself to “just a man, another prophet”.

Granted, the guy in this video gets a little hot and passionate (but good for him – I don’t have a problem with that because he is recognising the shit which is the Pope and the catholic church) but he also speaks of phrases from the OLD TESTAMENT (which is NOT Jesus but the Jews’ Torah – Jesus is ONLY New Testament and it is something christians and catholics are VERY confused about. Why? I have no idea!).

So then let’s come back down to earth again and consider this guy, Nigel Farage. Even in his recent speech re Charlie Hebdo in the EU Parliament, what is he very sure he adds?

“JUDEO Christian”.

Farage judeo



Now, I have posted before regarding UKIP and Farage and the fact that they started up a UKIP “Friends of Israel” just shortly before they started making serious gains in UK politics.

UKIP Friends of Israel

Look! You’re either a Jew or you’re a christian. There is NO SUCH THING as Judeo christian. It’s a total misnomer but it is one for a very specific purpose.


Obviously, when Islam only came on the scene in 700 A.D., there would have to be a good reason for it otherwise they would just be a people who followed one of the other existing religions! So a new prophet was absolutely necessary BUT they don’t consider Jesus as a blasphemer and a false prophet (as do the jews), so what you don’t understand is beyond me!

ISLAM, like Christianity, does not believe in USURY! Judaism does! What the hell does it take to get these simple facts through your goddamned head and the penny to drop?


Je ne suis pas Charlie OR Israel

Je suis Adolf (for all the RIGHT reasons!)

BRITISH POLICE: A bunch of fairies!

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Do you remember the bullies at school who used to go for the easiest target?

That’s the British Police – A bunch of fucking fairies!


I took a tour of the Houses of Parliament the other week and, during it, I spoke to a number of Police on my way around – after having to go through what amounted to an airport search before proceeding into the “womb of British democracy”. And to do this one had to pay approximately £30 for the “privilege” while no photos could be taken inside (yet the Houses of Lords and Commons are videoed and photographed in detail every damned week of the year!). Case in point:

Now, there are a few points I’d like to make about this video:

1. It’s a bunch of overgrown schoolboys (and girls) literally playing “the school debating society” that they grew up with in their Eton’s etc while Mummy and Daddy treated them as their not so precious little things. They haven’t lost their humour in the face of a country which is on its knees I see.

2. But then why should they lose their humour? 0.1% of the British population are millionaires and, within that 0.1%, 75% or more of British MPs are millionaires. So the question is: Within this “Representative democracy” of ours, who do these people represent? Well, who do you goddamn, bloody well think? Why do you think they can spend so much time laughing and joking with each other while the country crumbles? Because they’re not crumbling with it! On the contrary. And why do you think that is? Because they are sucking the life out of it. They make their millions by aligning themselves, working for, being non executive Directors for (when not actually on the benches) and lobbying for the Corporations who make sure they’re ok jack when they’re out in the political wilderness. YES, they work for these companies in a PRIVATE CAPACITY (nod to the Bilderbergers here too) but they get hired because of their PUBLIC CAPACITY KNOWLEDGE. It is INSIDER TRADING at the very highest level and I have blogged about this before – the Insider trading AND the “legal person capacities”. Just as her Madge has her capacity as the Queen of England but has another capacity as a “citizen of the EU”.

3. We have just learned of this man:

Garron Helm antisemitic tweet


Now, listen to David Cameron, once more, in the House of Commons referring to Ed Miliband – a jew – as a Marxist (Communist).

Clearly, then, it cannot be said that Mr Helm was either wrong NOR “anti semitic” referring to Luciana Berger as a “Communist jewess” – OUR PRIME MINISTER HAS STATED PRECISELY THAT TO THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION WHO HE WELL KNOWS IS A JEW!

So, is it that Mr Helm simply used his freedom of speech and thought to say he believed “Hitler was right”? Did he say what he felt Hitler was right about? Did he state that “JEWS SHOULD BE GASSED”? No, I don’t think he did!

Or is it that he stated “You can always trust a jew to show their true colours eventually”? THAT is worthy of a 4 week (or ANY) jail sentence?

Is there ANY “HATE” or “OBSCENITY” in ANY of these statements?

Shouldn’t, then, David Cameron be incarcerated for having the audacity to exclaim that a jew, in our House of Commons, is a communist?

Or is Mr Helm simply jailed because he spelled it out in no uncertain terms?

The British Justice system does not even have to justify itself for its actions (and inaction). It just does as it pleases. Because it is NOT justice for you and I (or anyone in fact) – it JUST IS! And it JUST IS for THEM not US.

But the sad, pathetic little wankers called “Police” just do as they’re told and act as the thugs with no brains or balls that their “massa’s” (because they are no better than House Negroes) demand them to and you and I are “easy pickings” while they get their salaries for keeping their eye off the real maniacs and controlling the people pointing at the “Emperor with no clothes”.


Anyhow, back to the tour. At one stage, I spoke with two Police officers standing around as they do, making sure everyone is just keeping “in line” and being good little subjects. I stated, quite plainly, to them that while they are here keeping a watchful eye over us, the real criminals (and paedophiles) are the ones they are protecting. Plus, I also discussed and pointed out the issue(s) with the “legal person”. As to the first point, they stated “Yes we know but we get our orders from above and there’s nothing we can do about it” (as I said – House Negroes – in this case “House of Commons Negroes”). To the second point, where I mentioned the case of Jade Jacob Brooks and how she did not exist in law and, therefore, if not existing, a non existent entity could shoot a judge in court point blank and walk away scot free – They turned and said to each other “Yeah, he has a point doesn’t he?” and then said to me “We hadn’t thought about it like that before”.


And like the bully at school, you just get a kick out of having some semblance of power over other people because, in truth, you have none.

You’re a bunch of overpaid (of course) losers and wasters with IQs that would only rival a gnat! And yet you expect respect?


This is all you’re good for. I wonder what you’d do if one of your own family were to protest like this? But then they wouldn’t would they because you come from a long line of dummies and ignoramuses and families who probably just do what they’re told:


London’s Occupy Democracy protesters were forcibly removed by the Metropolitan Police Force from Parliament Square Tuesday, as protesters cried and made their bodies dead-weights.
“Officer, that man stole my wallet!” “Oh he did, did he? You’re nicked mate!”
The British Police: Ordered by the state and cowards. Easy pickings for you rather than go for the people who ARE breaking the law these people are protesting about! You’re a bunch of LOSERS!

“Hey slaveboy”

“Yes massa!”

“Whip Kunta Kinte’s ass until he calls himself Toby”

“Yes massa… anything you say massa…is my pension still performing well?”

Voices from the past who knew a thing or two.

Posted in Finance, Money, Politics by earthlinggb on October 18, 2014

General Jackson who had, in his first inaugural, declared that a national debt was “incompatible with real independence”….

Scotland voted for it’s “independence” (its political independence but nowhere near true sovereignty) and it voted no. It doesn’t matter either way because, as these American writers tell you, once more, you have no true independence, liberty, freedom or sovereignty as an individual or as a nation, for as long as the debt and interest on that debt, exists.

But this is not about Scotland because Scotland DOES NOT MATTER! NO single nation matters! Many nations have split and the remaining entities declared their independence over many decades and centuries AND YET we remain – and they remain – within a system, within which, no man, woman nor child nor nation can ever achieve true independence or sovereignty. And this is why I laughed at my dear scots ‘countrymen’ as they paraded in their saltires and sang their songs and went to the polling booths to tick a box which said “Yes” but a box provided to them by the existing hierarchy while that existing hierarchy would only ever give them a vote for something which RETAINED them in a box!

You will NEVER get out of that “box” until you understand how to destroy their system. You will never understand how to destroy their system unless you take it upon yourselves to learn how they have created that system and how the vast majority do not even question it! As long as this situation remains, there will NEVER be sovereignty and freedom (or love) for any single individual on this planet.

THAT is why I laugh!I’m sorry of this upsets you!

It takes YEARS of research to understand this stuff. It takes those years of close to 24 hours a day (yes I’m not exaggerating) to be able to just “see” things for how they are and to be able to see the transparency of everything from immigration to beheadings. From Presidents selling ebola to ISIS. From 9/11 to the next financial bubble.

We’re called “Conspiracy theorists” and “extremists” who need to be taken care of by the state now (according to David Cameron) and silenced. Not because we promote extremism at all or violence on anyone but because we know and god forbid YOU (the wider public who still vote and still swallow the BBC and the mainstream news) start to figure it all out because your senses are telling you there’s something wrong with the world and you’re looking for answers and you come to blogs like mine and others’ searching for them.

If you wish to demonise a group of people, you make fun of them. If that doesn’t work, you start to suggest they’re “Dangerous extremists”. If that doesn’t work, you start to set them up with false accusations or charges. You knock at their door with your paid thugs (Police) working for the state and you remove their capability to communicate with the wider world. Yes they’ve done that recently with that guy Christopher Spivey but, before him, they did precisely the same to yours truly! But I tend to work on more fundamental issues than Chris. Chris focuses his attention on, generally, today’s newsworthy items. Those news items, however, are simply symptoms (important to expose as they are, absolutely) of what fundamentally underlies everything.

My “State thug” visit came on the heels of communication with the SNP/Scottish government which they didn’t seem too happy about, along with communications with my MP and MSP at the time and it was suggested it was all because a jew in England complained to the MET Police that I was being anti semitic (in his view). So the Police confiscated (Stole) £2000 worth of Apple MAC computer, recording equipment and a sundry of other stuff. Never to be returned and yet, no charges but told “You don’t wish to speak to me” (the Detective) “because you know my job is to take whatever you utter and use it against you”. Well, at least he was being honest and giving me a warning.heads up. So I left it and let them steal my property and went out and bought a whole new set. I think they expected I was some sort of dope smoking, benefits scrounger. Perhaps on realising they were dealing with someone just a little more “elevated” than that (NO disrespect to those of you on benefits – I am talking in terms of how I would see THEM looking at  various “legal persons”), they decided to just take the stuff and let it be. However, rest assured, if I started making noises about it, they’d be sure to make my life hell. That is how Her Majesty’s constabulary and courts work on behalf of the ruling class.

But back to the subject: I’ve written quite a number of blogs relating to the money/debt/interest issue now – as well as the fundamental jurisprudence of law which supports the legal person, corporation, money and overall system in place – and here, we go back to the 1800s in America. The same singular issue has been known about for centuries and yet we still allow our “ELECTED OFFICIALS” (owned and sold by the Banking community who really call the shots) to keep our attentions on left and right and levels of taxation and black and white. When we don’t like one government/elected party, we swing back the other way to the other one. We hated Tony Blair (but loved him to begin with – well I didn’t but the country obviously did) and we “swung” back to tory. Now that we have come to the point of hating the tories it looks like we’re going to swing back to Labour. But there’s been a new kid introduced on the block called Farage and UKIP. Oh yes, a new kid but every bit as controlled as the others, just newly packaged because the elite of this country recognise we’re getting a little jaded at the “centrist” ideologies of the old school. Nothing changes and, how can it when UKIP are now simply stealing tories and others and getting them seats in parliament but it’s still guys who were part of the existing structure! So what “change” do you really think that will bring? Answer? NONE!

But you’ll believe it will. You’ll believe (desperately) that it will. And the beat goes on!




NAR 1 NAR 2 NAR 3 NAR 4 NAR 5 NAR 6 NAR 7 NAR 8 NAR 9 NAR 10


NAR2-1 NAR2-2 NAR2-3 NAR2-4 NAR2-5 NAR2-6 NAR2-7


And always remember: They call it “The British system”. Why? Because it originated here and the same old names maintain it. Now think about it. If you own the system, the house never loses. One of those “Houses” is the House of Rothschild among others.

So, again, the British system and the British government state it has never been, isn’t and never will be its intention to ever pay of it debt. This is because the “British” who OWN this system, owns this country by way of the debt and always have done. Coming clean on this and then paying the debt WOULD be an act of “treason” by the British government because it would be against “Her Majesty” and remember also, it is “Her Majesty’s Government” and the Crown OWNS this place!


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