“Ludicrous” says Alex Belfield, once more!

Posted in "Climate Change", Agenda 21, Covid 19, Gross stupidity within society, Media by earthling on April 16, 2021

Alex! Alex! Since I am barred from posting on youtube for the moment (I’ll be back!) I thought I’d put electronic pen to paper.

What the HELL does it take Alex? Are you really a bloody moron while you suck the Royal family’s tit and mourn your ‘Prince of Plagues and viruses’ passing?

Now, it’s “I don’t understand why they’re thinking of locking down Australia until 2023!”

And he goes on… and on…. and on…. about the pandemic figures!


THIS is what it’s all about!

How can a so called ‘journalist’ not have the mental acuity to work this out when it’s even being offered to you on a plate?

Is Britain led by sheer ignorance?

Posted in "Climate Change", Covid 19, Vaccinations by earthling on April 13, 2021

I recently wrote an email to Nicola Sturgeon with two other MPs.

I received only one reply – from John Lamont (Conservative). I decided to keep the emails short and concise. I simply wished to gauge the awareness and, perhaps, intellect, of these people once more.

We have a problem. The problem arises from ignorance and also, arrogance. Ignorance of a wider and deeper political and academic agenda and the arrogance of dismissing or overlooking it all because, frankly, it doesn’t interest you because you’re just interested in getting elected.

But Britain and its population appears to be quite happy to put up with this. I’m not and it is why I look at the mask wearing dullards with sheer disdain (and pity).

So here is the communication (thus far) between myself and John Lamont MP. Make of it as you wish….