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Nice & Sleazy Whitty

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“Liar!” basically covered it BUT this new Gresham College upload today by Whitty, seals it.

This man is murdering by numbers and deception.


Takes a little concentration (but it pays off) and if you don’t like the music, sorry, it’s how I roll. This info KILLS the bastard. It is correct. There are no mistakes in the general figures and extrapolations I make. I’d debate it with him any day of the week and, with a fair jury, it’s either me or him who goes to jail.


First, I have to say I am repeating things in this video but, to an extent, it is for those who may not have watched the others.

However, I came across something that Paul R Ehrlich said and my jaw dropped. This gives you a greater insight into how these men think, collectively, PLUS it considers what you may consider as a ‘code’ being dropped into Ehrlich’s talk. Now, I do not believe things such as this are just coincidences. Not when you know the background and the connections of these people. Make of it what you will however.




Unfortunately, these days, all the points of connection I have, to put this “jigsaw puzzle” together, reside in my head and there is just so much of it, gathered over the last 12 to 15 years. Plus, I’ve recognised that, no matter what you place in front of the majority of people, that “penny” won’t drop. So, to piece all of the articles and all of the book quotes and people involved etc, is just not something I can motivate myself to do any longer.

One gets tired of trying and trying and trying to alert and explain OVER and OVER again to tons of different people over years. Granted, people who first considered me ‘nuts’ years ago, have now come to realise – after time and again my previous comments on news items and what the reality is, being, now, clearly seen by them – that there is, definitely, an agenda at play. But that said, even today, these people do not grasp the enormity of it and how they can, possibly, get away with it all.

Case in point: Covid 19. Their heads cannot compute how this entire episode could possibly be a full on hoax. It’s exactly like the moon landing issue or 9/11 for them (or many of the terrorist shootings): “How could the world’s media present this to us; Show us photos and video; Have real people on our TV talking about their loved ones dying” etc. “Too many people would have to know! It’s just not possible!”

So, re “the virus”. Let me state my opinion as clearly as I can:

  1. Today, Covid 19 is a total hoax.
  2. The people dying ARE dying but are so old they are dying anyhow of various symptoms.
  3. Certain people who die are being ‘picked’ to be used as “Covid 19 deaths”. I do not know the criteria they are using for choosing which people they will label as such.
  4. “But people are being tested and come up positive for the virus”: So? Throughout your whole life, when you have had a cold/flu, has your GP (Doctor) tested you for the cold/flu? Or has he simply said “Take Lemsip”; “Go home and sweat it out; Plenty of water and rest and keep warm”? It’s the latter, right?
  5. Corona viruses are a family of flu-like viruses – different strains. So then, if they are doing tests (and note the figures we are given, and the positive diagnoses, always seem to be very well controlled and then advised by Nation’s Health Ministers) then those tests can simply be coming up positive for “corona virus” which is a family including the common flu. Yes they are stating this is a “Novel Corona virus” but are YOU in control of the tests and procedure? No. The tests appear to have to be verified by being sent to specialised labs – very convenient.
  6. So then why do I suggest they wish to kill us? Why, then, is this not real if they wish for that? To be honest, I don’t know for sure because it certainly would appear they could get away with it. My personal belief is that they haven’t, yet, manufactured a virus they can totally control while it being infectious and pathogenic enough. They wouldn’t wish to kill themselves too now would they? I also believe that, at this moment, they are more interested in gathering data, including behavioural analysis re the wide population and, if you consider the varying degrees to which countries’ governments have reacted (Italy compared with the UK for instance), it would appear to me that they are assessing how people react to various levels of enforcement and lockdowns. Also, this has been a global heist just like 9/11 was to an extent; the dotcom crash; the house price crash AND it is allowing them to put in place even greater draconian measures for when they ARE ready to unleash whatever they have planned.

So who are these people?

Well, they are the usual suspects: The wealthy families who have their Foundations and their wealth wrapped up in both, those Foundations and in Nominee Accounts globally, as well as their investments in the entire Corporate infrastructure of the world.

The big names are:

Rothschild, Rockefeller, The old money families; British and wider royalty; The Gates family and many more.

The lackeys are people like Blair and Cameron and Johnson and Johnson’s father, Stanley, Paul Ehrlich, Jame Lovelock etc.

The Groups of course are: Bilderberg, Council on Foreign relations, Tavistock, The Royal Society, Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) etc.

Below that, you have all the little “ants” scurrying around who are in awe of the people they work for, get a decent salary and produce the reports and every other little nuance of what these people want produced. You then have their “Talking Heads” in the media who are just as awestruck and want the ‘big names’ to interview and to wine and dine with. It’s easy when you break it all down. How many paedophiles have been honoured by the Queen? Have you ever counted them?

Now, these people are in a hurry. Yes, the patiently take their steps – each step gathering greater power and momentum (this Covid 19 is one of them) – but they want what they want and that is wide open spaces which they own outright. The heists are all about gathering the money to enable them to have the influence and power over the politicians. They are NOT interested in money for money’s sake. It is only a tool for them to finally achieve what they wish. Full spectrum dominance over land, resources and population.

How is this done? Here’s an example of the Rockefeller and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations:

Agency Through Adaptation: Explaining The Rockefeller and Gates Foundation’s Influence in the Governance of Global Health and Agricultural Development
Michael Stevenson
A thesis presented to the University of Waterloo in fulfillment of the thesis requirement for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Global Governance

The central argument that I advance in this dissertation is that the influence of the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) in the governance of global health and agricultural development has been derived from their ability to advance knowledge structures crafted to accommodate the preferences of the dominant states operating within the contexts where they have sought to catalyze change.
Consequently, this dissertation provides a new way of conceptualizing knowledge power broadly conceived as well as private governance as it relates to the provision of public goods.

As a perspective on the distribution of power in world politics, global governance has effectively illuminated the increasing authority conferred by states to private actors in pursuit of resolving complex problems.
This rise in private power is closely linked to the unprecedented level of interdependence associated with the global expansion of the liberal economic paradigm.
The ensuing ‘‘uncoupling’’ of territorialism has diminished individual state capacity to limit domestic exposure to external problems.
To compensate for the shortcomings of the Westphalian model in the globalization era, states have relinquished long-held responsibilities to private actors, who now play key roles in establishing and enforcing regulatory frameworks governing whole industries, and in facilitating the provision of public goods.
While still contentious, the argument that some degree of private participation in global governance is necessary, for collective action problems to be successfully resolved, has been widely embraced by states and international organizations alike.
In this section, I look at how existing literature examining the means through which private actors have become formally involved in the construction and management of institutions of global governance can explain the influence of RF and BMGF in world politics.

Arguments have been made that the rise of PPPs [Public Private Partnerships] has led to a reduction in transparency of process, evidenced by the fact that while particular partnerships such as the Global Fund to
Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (hereafter the Global Fund) rely on public authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) for funding and administrative support, as legally independent not-for-profits, they are not required to have the same high levels of transparency or oversight as their public sector benefactors. Other PPPs created to raise and disperse large funds for specific purposes such as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) have been criticized for distorting the policy objectives of their public authority hosts (e.g. UNICEF), while fragmenting agencies at the operational level. The most cynical assessments suggest that PPPs constitute a misguided institutional experiment, which firms have strategically embraced to stifle civil society driven criticisms over their role in perpetuating global inequalities.

This dissertation shows that RF and BMGF have been instrumental in the evolution and institutionalization of the PPP as a form of global governance in public health and agriculture.

If RF and BMGF are indeed uniquely positioned to shape global governance, then why have these two actors largely operated under the radar of scholars examining the rise of private governance arrangements? Certainly the UN classification of private philanthropic foundations, as non-governmental organizations, is not the cause of their being viewed largely as peripheral actors, for Multinational Corporations (MNCs)–which have attracted tremendous scholarly attention–are also categorized as such. Instead, I am suggesting that the reason RF and BMGF have not attracted more scrutiny from International Relations (IR) scholars has to do with the intangibility and invisibility of power attained through the construction of knowledge, which I argue has been and continues to be the basis of their influence in global governance.

Now, you’ve heard about the Pandemic exercise carried out and literally just completed in November last year called “Event 201”? Bill & Melinda Gates and John Hopkins University working hand in hand with the UN and WHO. Public Private Partnerships.

What a coincidence right? Just as we have the Trump transition coincidence. So many coincidences but so many, otherwise considered “intelligent” people (even up to the level of PhDs) can’t compute the odds but can’t grasp the reality of it either. But then PhD and similar is a sign of very good conditioning, answering in the form and manner expected and being a person of ‘immaculate behaviour and principle”. In other words, useful twats.


But on to the main topic: Stanley Johnson, his co-conspirators (that is what they are when you have a group of people who work toward the same goal of depopulation of a planet – let’s get real here). Is this REALLY what they want? What lies behind it in terms of ideology? And are they actually connected and do they have a plan? If so, how is that plan progressed? What groups/clubs etc? Is the Club of Rome, for example, not just a “Conspiracy Theory”?

Let’s take a look shall we?


But you know? People are going to all go back to work, to school etc and breathe a sigh of relief when this all blows over. In the TOTAL IGNORANCE of the fact it has only been a step toward the real end goal:


But let the poor dears be sheep to the slaughter. Their lack of care about it has diminished my interest in trying to be a voice in the wilderness trying to alert them. Another way of saying would be rather coarse and I’m trying so hard not to be.


Taxing you, literally, to death

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My first and my last words on Climate Change which is in print and for all to see while it’s from the same body of people who, essentially, lurk in the shadows and “advise” governments and the United Nations. One must also simply understand that the Rockefeller and Rothschild families control so many of these little known organisations – little known, not to those of us who research it all but to the vast majority of the population who just do not and have no interest in doing so but just accept everything the BBC and the rest of the mainstream press and media tell them on whatever subject.


While I’m glad to see this on the BBC, I think to myself “Why now? And why Piers Corbyn? There have been others who have spoken out but they have been silenced and, on a few occasions, sacked by the BBC”. So, again, why now and why Piers? Could it be the timing is perfect to undermine Jeremy Corbyn from another angle? “The Corbyn family all have ‘extreme’ views” and while it has been essentially the left who have supported and been vocal on Climate Change and the need to do something about it, the BBC then use Jeremy’s brother to create a significant split in Labour and their supporters, therefore diluting Jeremy’s position even further. Some other Labour candidate comes along to unite Labour and take on the party leadership role and they suit the establishment far better than Corbyn – Hilary Benn for example?


Anyhow, “Climate Change” (or “Global Warming”) was promulgated by the Club of Rome. Do your homework on the Club of Rome if you do not already know who is in it, who the movers and shakers are, how they influence, who they influence etc if you haven’t already.

Here is those first and last words:

“Because of the sudden absence of traditional enemies, “new enemies must be identified.” “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.””

In one passage the authors conjecture about new needed enemies or rally points for global society, “either a real one or else one invented for the purpose.”

Now really, be my guest if you simply wish to ignore what you’ve just read but remember, insodoing, you have no idea what you are allowing to happen to your children and your children’s children. Piers says it’s just a con and a fraud. It is, but it’s not just that. It has a far greater purpose than that. If you are a climate change enthusiast, totally invested in believing it to be real and you also are totally invested in the belief the world is overpopulated, then sit your children down and explain to them you are supporting their ultimate demise. Tell them you’d like them to be sterilised. In fact, sterilise them at birth. Even better, don’t have children. Not even one.


Barry Obampot: Just doing his thang in support of depopulation

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Hobby Lobby Corporate person

The “Legal Person” strikes again! And STILL noone listens! The fundamental tool of control and you DON’T LISTEN!


Ever since Citizens United, the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision allowing unlimited corporate and union spending on political issues, Americans have been debating whether, as Mitt Romney said, “Corporations are people, my friend.” Occupy Wall Street protestors decried the idea, late night comedians mocked it, and reform groups proposed amending the Constitution to eliminate it. Today, however, the Supreme Court endorsed corporate personhood — holding that business firms have rights to religious freedom under federal law. Not only do corporations have rights, their rights are stronger than yours.

The question came to the Supreme Court in a challenge to regulations implementing President Obama’s landmark health care law. Those regulations require employers with 50 or more employees to provide those employees with comprehensive health insurance, which must include certain forms of contraception. The contraception requirement was designed to protect the rights of women. Studies show that access to contraception has positive benefits for women’s education, income, mental health, and family stability.

Protecting women’s rights, according to the Court, isn’t a good enough reason for the government to force a business corporation, at least a privately held one like chain craft store Hobby Lobby, to include birth control in its insurance contrary to the business owner’s wishes. At least that’s what the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, held in Hobby Lobby. Federal statutes guaranteeing religious freedom to “persons” apply equally to closely held business corporations, and those corporations’ religious liberty is “substantially burdened” by having to provide their employees with contraception. So the rights of employees have to give way to the rights of the corporation.

The Court’s decision in Hobby Lobby isn’t a surprise. The Roberts Court has been largely hostile to the rights of women — allowing greater restrictions on abortion, restricting their ability to sue for workplace discrimination, and limiting the scope of family leave laws. Meanwhile, the data show that the Roberts Court is the most business-friendly Supreme Court in nearly a century. Just as Citizens United expanded the rights of business corporations to speak about political issues — and, in the eyes of many, enabling them to drown out the voices of We the People — Hobby Lobby has given businesses another powerful tool to fight against regulation. Hobby Lobby’s religious rights enable the firm to ignore the voices of women who wish to enjoy the health benefits from controlling reproduction.

And women may not be the only victims. What religious rights will business corporations seek next? The Court said that its decision wouldn’t necessarily mean that closely-held businesses could obtain exemptions from health care regulations mandating insurance coverage for vaccinations and blood transfusions. Yet the Court did grant those corporations today a right to make such claims in court. If ensuring women’s control over reproduction — a constitutional right — isn’t a strong enough reason to limit the religious rights of Hobby Lobby, it’s not clear why these other laws won’t fall too.

LGBT people may be next. Remember a few months ago when Arizona almost adopted a controversial law that would have given business corporations a broad right to use religion to make claims for exemptions from the law? That proposed law was rightly seen as an attack on LGBT rights, as supporters insisted that business owners who object to same-sex marriage shouldn’t be forced to bake cakes, take pictures, or arrange the flowers at such ceremonies. After Hobby Lobby, now all business corporations have a right under federal law to claim religious-based exemptions to all sorts of laws — including laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

To its credit, the Court’s majority recognized the trouble created by the ruling and suggested that firms would not be entitled to discriminate on the basis of race. “The Government has a compelling interest in providing an equal opportunity to participate in the workforce without regard to race,” the majority wrote. Yet the Court’s omission of LGBT discrimination is worrisome. The justices must have understood that the current conflict between religion and anti-discrimination law involves LGBT people, not racial minorities. No corporation is seeking to use religion as an excuse to discriminate against African-Americans, while several are seeking to discriminate against LGBT people. About that, the majority says nothing.

If the Court’s ruling is read to permit challenges to laws barring discrimination against LGBT people, Hobby Lobby will be the Arizona law on steroids. It wouldn’t apply in one state but across the nation.

So while a business corporation can’t go to church, fast on Yom Kippur, or travel to Mecca for Ramadan, it can still go to court and, on the basis of religious freedom, demand to be exempted from the law that applies to everyone else. Today, women are the victim. Tomorrow, it could be LGBT people. Indeed, after Hobby Lobby, every person is at risk. Everyone, that is, except the corporate person, my friend.


“Honest, it’s about women’s rights!” screams Barry.

“Don’t listen to these anti government type conspiracy theorists”

“My policies have absolutely nothing to do with James Lovelock’s beliefs nor have they anything whatsoever to do with the Georgia Guidestones and Agenda 21. Anyone suggesting this stuff needs sectioned!”

From the White House’s Facebook page – “Share this if you agree: Women—not their bosses—should be able to make their own health care decisions. #HobbyLobby”

Obama women healthcare


Wait a minute! IS this from the same guy that introduces Universal healthcare and demands that everyone must buy it? Hmmmm…. I’ll tell you another thing Barry. Since you’re letting all the illegals in, why not extend Obamacare to them and to Pakistanis, Afghanis, Iraqis etc etc. The insurance companies would love you because for the thousands of them you drone, and if you keep selling guns to Mexican drug cartels and all the carnage which ensues from that, the insurance premiums would skyrocket and if you’re dictating everyone must take the insurance then hey! You and your cronies who pay you so well are on to a winner with that idea!

Anyhow, every death helps right Barry? Every life extinguished helps toward that goal of 500 million. A few wars – maybe a big one, a few viruses unleashed, GMO foods and later, legislation to demand no further births (except for “those who can afford it” right Barry?).


Some Facebook comments –

Tracey Lavis: I call bullshit!!! The ACA VIOLATES our Constitutional Right of Freedom Of Religion by forcing the owner of a company to pay for and endorse an act or product that violates his religious beliefs! I don’t see you FORCING Muslim grocery stores to sell pork, so you SHOULDN’T be forcing Christians and other religions to pay for abortions and birth controll!

“The Constitution Of The United States Of America”… The LAW of OUR land… I hope our next President ACTUALLY knows IT, understands IT, FOLLOWS IT, and DOESN’T VIOLATE IT AS HE PISSES ALL OVER IT LIKE YOU DO BARRY!

You’re a flippin’ disgrace to America and all that She stands for!


Lynne Howell:  I am a woman and a Democrat and a proud, happy recipient of Obama care. I understand abortion is the law of the land. That being said, the Democratic Party does not speak for all women on these issues. With all due respect, Mr. President…now that the Supreme Court has spoken, wouldn’t the road less traveled call you to take a leadership role and consider this to be a win/win situation where the wisdom of Solomon was invoked? You, yourself said that ACA was not perfect but that you were calling us to use the system to tweak…isn’t that what has happened…I believe that what is at stake here are human rights..if fertilized eggs were not human perhaps there would be a rationale for denying them a right to life…but when you speak of women’s rights, please remember me…one of your greatest fans and a loyal Democrat…and profoundly proud that our Courts have shown wisdom.


Jan Long: Again, anyone see the Hobby Lobby hypocrisy in this:

Several of the mutual funds in Hobby Lobby’s retirement plan have holdings in companies that manufacture the specific drugs and devices that the Green family, which owns Hobby Lobby, is fighting to keep out of Hobby Lobby’s health care policies: the emergency contraceptive pills Plan B and Ella, and copper and hormonal intrauterine devices.

These companies include Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, which makes Plan B and ParaGard, a copper IUD, and Actavis, which makes a generic version of Plan B and distributes Ella. Other holdings in the mutual funds selected by Hobby Lobby include Pfizer, the maker of Cytotec and Prostin E2, which are used to induce abortions; Bayer, which manufactures the hormonal IUDs Skyla andMirena; AstraZeneca, which has an Indian subsidiary that manufactures Prostodin, Cerviprime, and Partocin, three drugs commonly used in abortions; and Forest Laboratories, which makes Cervidil, a drug used to induce abortions. Several funds in the Hobby Lobby retirement plan also invested in Aetna and Humana, two health insurance companies that cover surgical abortions, abortion drugs, and emergency contraception in many of the health care policies they sell.

The retirement plan comes with a “generous company match,” which amounted to $3.8 million in 2012.


Joe Coleman:  “This entire thing has nothing to do with birth control. It’s about whether the government can force anyone in this country to pay for something they do not condone. Should you be forced to pay for something you have a moral objection to? the answer in this country should be NO. We do not live in China or India or Iraq or Iran. We live in America where the founding fathers tried to make sure the government can not and does not control our lives.”


Richard Cacciotti:  How stupid do you think we are Obama??? First of all, since when is it a crime for a PRIVATE FAMILY owned business to not be able to practice their religious freedoms, which includes rights to life? Secondly, the ruling only applies to emergency contraceptives such as the morning after pill. So, my question to you is are you going to suck it up and move on or are you sitting in your golf cart fuming over this decision are you trying to figure out how you can use the power of your pen and override a Supreme Court decision? I am hopeful that this is the beginning of the end of your hold on the system and the media. Of course your buddies at MSNBS and NBO news are in your corner, but the only people who will see their reports are well… YOU….! Please tell me you found out about this decision as we did while watching the news. lol Happy Monday! Hope the rest of your week SUCKS!


However, what most, if not all, of these commenters will not accept is the following. They will simply let their cognitive dissonance come to the fore and dismiss the obvious. They won’t allow their heads to say to them “Something strange here. This “Gaia thing, Agenda 21, Rockefeller and Bill Gates interests in population reduction etc is one hell of a coincidence!”. Nope, they will NOT even entertain the idea. More fool them but hey, you can only take a horse to water as they say.


Let’s ignore James Lovelock on BBC Hardtalk, so absolutely certain “Gaia” will destroy 5 sixths of the Earth’s human population within this century.

Down to one billion people or less:

And let’s not even consider how that number Lovelock quotes is so very close to the 500 million stated by the Georgia Guidestones as being “in balance with nature” (again, Gaia worship).

Let’s ignore all that and the fact that we live among people who truly wish to rule over this earth and simply have enough population which they deem is enough to turn the wheels while they then have complete control and freedom to enjoy 9/10ths of the planet (or more) while having the United Nations ensure we keep within the Agenda 21 specified cities of multi tenant dwellings and in apartments just a couple of hundred square feet for each of us.





China’s infiltrators

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One commenter this week – Pete – was asking about the extent of globalist influence over China and commenting whether it wasn’t secure due to issuing its own currency and its control over its own central bank etc.

Well, here’s an insight as to how the globalists work. Martin Lees is Secretary General of THE CLUB OF ROME. I guess I don’t need to say much more about who/what the Club of Rome is?

His bio:



Martin Lees

Martin Lees
Secretary General, Club of Rome
Born in 1941, Martin Lees is a graduate in Mechanical Sciences from Cambridge University with a post-graduate Diploma in European Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. After some years as a manager in industry, he joined OECD where he managed programmes on Cooperation in Science and Technology and on Innovation in the Procedures and Structures of Government. In 1972, he was responsible for the design and launching of the “InterFutures Project” on the Future of the Advanced Industrial Societies in Harmony with that of the Developing Countries. He then served at the United Nations in several capacities, including Executive Director of the Financing System for Science and Technology for Development. In 1982, he was appointed Assistant Secretary General. During this period he was responsible for the establishment of the InterAction Council of former Heads of State and Government becoming its Executive Director. He has also been responsible, since 1983, for several high level programmes of International Cooperation with China, including an advisory programme for the leadership, “China and the World in the Nineties” from 1988 to 1998 and the establishment of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development of which he was a member for 15 years. He is now a Senior Adviser to the Chinese Government on Climate Change and other issues. From 1991-1996 he developed and implemented programmes of cooperation with the Newly Independent States of the Former Soviet Union as Director General of the International Committee for Economic Reform and Cooperation. Since 1995, he has been Moderator of the International Advisory Board of the Toyota Motor Corporation. From January 2001 to April 2005 he was Rector of the University for Peace of the United Nations in Costa Rica, guiding its revitalization and launching eight Masters programmes on issues of peace, security and sustainable development. He was elected to the post of Secretary General of the Club of Rome in September 2007 with effect from January 2008.

This guy is a heavy globalist piece of merde. In this video talking to China, watch him and listen to him very closely. Try and recognise that this ONE guy (with a group behind him of course) thinks he can steer 1.3billion people and the government which governs them. Listen to his condescending tone talking of China as if it were a little boy in short pants and he’s “helping it grow up into a man”. Who the FUCK do these people think they are? These are the guys who need to be ripped apart limb from limb because these are the guys who, by way of fraud (climate change) just consider (listen to him closely) countries and populaces in terms of money and economics. This guy and his globalist chums see you, me and everyone we love as nothing more than “economic units”. You listen to these people and ALL they consider is growth (ironically, the Club Of Rome’s 1972 publication being called “Limits to growth” because they wish to steer where that growth comes from and steer the money from it into their pockets). He will pay lip service to “human cost” but notice that even that human cost he then relates to economic loss. This man is a fucking dirty, lousy, evil bastard and it is people like him (you know who they all are) who need to be eradicated from this planet. It’s people like him who cause crimes on humanity.

Listen to him as he speaks about population and listen as he talks about creating the right legal framework in China to enable the “right” type of growth for him and his communist/fascist compadres. Listen to him as he talks about how China have to do this and China have to do that because “our experience in the west….”etc. Well Martin, you little shit: That’s just the point isn’t it? YOUR (and the people like you) experience in the west, as you admit, has led us to where we are! So you’re asking China to act in a way which doesn’t repeat all your mistakes? What about getting it right and THEN saying to China “Hey, we got it right, follow our lead”? But no, it’s “We got it all wrong, so don’t do as we did but do as we now ‘advise’ you to” while your advice over the last goddamned how many decades has screwed the world up!

God! I wish you would read this you fucking jerk!

And the little chinese host sits there paying homage to an arsehole while the arsehole talks as if the Chinese leadership must listen to him. You tell me to take a left Lees and I’d take a right. But I’m sure the chinese leadership are happy playing ball and playing the chessboard with you. After all they want to remain leaders of 1.3 billion people and if they didn’t play ball they’d soon be gotten rid of. But I just wish to god the 1.3 billion understood your fucking game!

If it was just you and me left on the planet, I’d shoot you to stop your carbon dioxide ruining my atmosphere you prick!



MH370 found in Antarctica!

Plane, passengers and crew of Malaysian Airlines Flight, MH370, were found today, nearby the Amery ice shelf of Antarctica. Crew of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy ship, HMS Gotcha, first picked up a radar ping from the aircraft when Captain Zahari switched the transponder back on after landing.

In a debriefing, it would appear that the entire passengers and crew had been talked around to the idea of remaining in Antarctica and starting a new colony while awaiting the impact of global warming across the rest of the planet (except Diego Garcia) since Captain Zahari had distributed copies of the Club of Rome’s “The First Global Revolution” and shown Al Gore’s “An inconvenient truth” during the moon leg of the journey. Captain Zahari decided to take the detour to the moon due to one passenger complaining he didn’t have any cheese for his crackers.

Flight Internat

A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, provided what he suggests is a confirmed and final flightpath for MH370 which is provided below.

MH370 final dest




Please note: This post is not intended to offend anyone related to the passengers and crew of flight MH370. It is, however, intended to offend the entire officaldom and media and “Sources” and “Experts” who have provided any form of “information” during the attempt, thus far, to locate the aircraft. Half of you (or more) should be shot – by the families if not by the rest of us.


They can only debate from within the “box”

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When you challenge them and confront them, they don’t know what to do. They are like animals caught in the headlights. Just as you saw with Bill and Sonia in the previous blogpost “BASTARDS!”

How do they get away with it all? By the majority’s ignorance and care-less attitude AND, of course, fear and having sufficient strength within themselves to realise that they are every bit as good – if not better – and smarter than these fools!

People who get paid for being an MP (seemingly to represent us) and yet, in addition to their approx £60K per annum (plus expenses etc etc and did I mention “donations”?) even as a lowly backbencher, they work for people like N.M Rothschild, Water companies, in fact any companies that will pay them money to lobby either overtly or covertly for them.

Here’s Oliver Letwin for example. A tory who has been in Rothschild’s backpocket for years and years….

And don’t get this wrong. This is just for 6 months out of one year. There was the rest of the 6 months and there’s been years of it. So, in addition to his MP salary, he gets more in a year from Rothschild at a rate of £145 PER HOUR! And that was 2009!

Oliver Letwin Rothschild

Mervyn King. Oliver Letwin. Evelyn de Rothschild. Jacob Rothschild.
GRAY, Emma (
To: ‘Earthling’
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Dear Earthling,


I can assure you that Mr Letwin does indeed see your e-mails.  He then dictates a response to me for me to send out to the person concerned.


Yours sincerely,


Emma Gray



Emma Gray

Correspondence Secretary

Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP

From: Earthling
Sent: 02 November 2009 11:23
To: GRAY, Emma
Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.

Dear Emma,

If you don’t mind me saying so (which I’m sure you will) that was hilarious.
Mr Letwin has read my email with great interest while I sent it less than 20 minutes ago? I very much doubt it. I would consider that to even read through it would take 20 minutes in itself and I doubt that it has even come close to Mr Letwin’s attention as yet and if ever, nevermind him having read it.
I’ve had, once before, the exact same response from “Mr. Letwin” months ago, on which I followed up and never heard a thing from him since.
PLEASE do not throw such inane responses to your electorate. It does you FAR more harm than good.


To: Earthling
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 11:00:37 +0000
Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.

From Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP



Dear Earthling,


Thank you for your e-mail, which I have read with great interest.


Best wishes.


Yours sincerely,


Oliver Letwin

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From: Earthling
To: Letwin, Oliver
Sent: Mon Nov 02 10:34:48 2009
Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.

Dear Mr Dowell,

Thank you very much for taking the time necessary to respond to my email. I would, however, hope you would now offer me the right to reply?

You/Nick say that the Liberal Democrats only “believe” sovereignty “should” rest with the people and that, in Law, it remains with the Crown in Parliament.

Two questions for now:

1. Which “Law” actually states that sovereignty remains with the Crown in Parliament? I would wish to read this Law document.
2. Can you summarise please, very simply, whether – when you speak of “the Crown”, you are speaking of the actual Monarchy or, better still, can you define precisely what “the Crown” is?

For the problem lies here in what are entirely conflicting statements from the Parliamentary website:

Along with the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the Crown is an integral part of the institution of Parliament. The Queen plays an essential role in opening and dissolving Parliament and approving Bills before they become law.


The highest legislative authority in the United Kingdom. Made up of the House of Commons, House of Lords and the Queen (who is the UK’s current hereditary monarch).


This is another way of referring to the monarchy – which is the oldest part of the system of government in this country. Time has reduced the power of the monarchy, and today it is broadly ceremonial. The current UK monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.

You see, my confusion re the Crown is this: “The Queen plays an essential role….approving Bills before they become law” And treaties it seems. The operative word here being ESSENTIAL. Then it is stated, quite clearly again, that the highest legislative authority includes the Queen. Yet it then goes on to dilute this importance entirely by saying the power of the Monarch has been reduced and is, broadly (not entirely?) ceremonial. We could then delve into the Royal Prerogative but even much of that is now held within the Executive branch of government and the PM himself. Much of the Royal Prerogative issues being handled by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. But then, it is collectively known as HM Government. The Queen STILL retaining the power to dissolve government if she should ever wish to do so.

One also has “Royal Assent”:

When a Bill has been approved by a majority in the House of Commons and the House of Lords it is formally agreed to by the Crown. This is known as the Royal Assent. This turns a Bill into an Act of Parliament, allowing it to become law in the UK.

So before ANY Bill becomes law it must pass Royal Assent. If the Queen literally has such power then, without any argument, the Queen has the highest authority in the United Kingdom bar none. Therefore, to suggest, alternatively, that such Royal Assent is purely ceremonial would be stating that such assent is, in fact, entirely redundant.

So, do you see my confusion here?

Now, referring back to the core issue of sovereignty and where it lies:

You are stating that the national Sovereignty of the United Kingdom does NOT, in law, lie with the Monarch. Is that correct?

You are also stating that the national Sovereignty of the United Kingdom does NOT, in law, lie with the people. Is that correct?

You have stated that the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom, in law, lies with Parliament. Therefore, the above must be correct.

Therefore, it cannot be argued that, at this present time, the United Kingdom is NOT a free democracy (democracy being an over-used and wrongly used term) but, in fact, a Dictatorship. Bear with me on this point please.

Why a Dictatorship? You will argue, I am sure, that it is not because the government/Parliament is “democratically” elected by the people (which, in of itself clearly points to where Sovereignty lies). With that argument, however, we then go around in circles because the people elect a UK government to GOVERN the UK. The people DID NOT at anytime present ANY government with a mandate to transfer NATIONAL sovereignty to a FOREIGN POWER.

Would you agree that each successive government/Parliament that the people elect, are simply caretakers and, in fact, work FOR and ON BEHALF OF the people? If not, then why have elections? Why offer such “power” to the population of this nation to elect “THEIR” government?
If you DO agree with such, then it is patently obvious that, inasmuch as the people did not present this mandate to government for transference of sovereignty, then the government has and is acting, with each and every treaty, outwith it’s remit.

You will then come back to Parliamentary Sovereignty giving the Government/Parliament of the day it’s authority to do as it wishes. You have it so very wrong. The people elected a UK parliament for the UK nation. That is all.

The Dictatorship comes in when, as you have said, Parliament has Sovereignty and therefore Parliament may then do exactly as it pleases once elected. There are between 300 and 400 members of parliament. Even within that number, there are many members who do not agree with the transference of sovereignty and power which is inherent within the Lisbon Treaty. But let us, for now, assume that there are 400 people within Parliament etc who are in agreement with such a treaty and willing to ignore the voice of the people, the electorate, the population of this country which they are MEANT to represent (that word REPRESENTATION again pointing toward the reality of where the sovereignty of the nation lies).

Then what we have are 400 people DICTATING to a population of over 60 million people. THAT is quite simply a Dictatorship.

Meanwhile, the present Labour Party Government is making such clearer and clearer while you and the Conservatives allow it. The reason for this being that you and the Conservatives are simply (at the Executive level of your respective parties) just three separate legs of an establishment tripod ensuring the status quo. Ensuring no matter which of you gains office, the establishment remains.

Now, as for the European Communities Act of 1972, the Heath Government of the time had the entire British Public understand/believe that the EEC was just that, an Economic Trading Agreement within Europe. No more, no less. To point to that Act now as the formal legal basis of our membership of the European Union then clearly exposes the Heath Government for the fraud (and Treason) that such an Act was based upon.

I can assure you, meanwhile, that the EU WILL abolish British Sovereignty whether by the Lisbon Treaty itself or by the sheer apathy of the people through time and further legislation once it is ratified.
The establishment parties can offer NO guarantees or assurances to the British electorate for each and every successive government since 1972 (and particularly the Heath Government, the Major Government and then to cap it all, the Bliar/Brown Government) have outright lied to the people. Liberal Democrats cannot  even consider suggesting that because they have never been in power they cannot be blamed. Nick Clegg and previous incumbents have stood idly (and even supported) each government whilst the party in power have gone ahead with their plans. LibDem, being EU friendly as you have said, supported Labour in their stance of reneging on their promise of a referendum to the electorate, hiding behind the suggestion that the Lisbon Treaty is not an EU Constitution. An EU Council (unelected), an EU Parliament with no power, an EU Court and an EU President. Please point to another region of the world which is not a nation or a state which has a President and every other aspect of Statehood as just listed.

Please do not treat the UK electorate as fools. It is exactly this that is losing you all the electorate’s confidence. From MPs expenses to the sheer corruption and corruption of the Laws of this country.
As for EU legislation requiring the consent of our own government, can you please point to any and all EU legislation (which impacts significantly upon the people of this nation) which has not been imposed upon us? It must be understood that while the majority of people do not wish for the EU, it can also be stated categorically, that those who understand and take the time to reflect upon our politics in this country, no longer wish for a Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat Government either.

Twenty Seven member states are stronger than one? In which sense may I ask? Mr. Dowell, I do not know who’s words these are – whether yours or Mr Cleggs – but if you consider the world outside of this conditioned “ideal” you have re the EU, you might find that there are nations which do particularly well for themselves within World Trade. For example: South Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan. The UK and Europe buy massively from such countries and will continue to do so whether there are EU tariffs or not. So tell me the REAL argument for UK membership?
These countries are sovereign nations of various sizes. Yet what do they have in common? What makes them so successful? Banking? No!

It’s called INDUSTRY.

Where is OUR industry Mr. Dowell? It matters not a jot whether we are in some EU superstate or not. A country does not exist on having a banking industry with the majority of people having no career or job to allow them to use it!!

The government is currently allowing a Bank of England to use Quantitative Easing to pay itself to buy up this country’s tangible assets (REAL ASSETS) to pay off debt (to who?) because there is insufficient GDP being generated. The government is then planning on further tax increases and privatisation of the road system to pay this debt because, again, there is insufficient GDP growth. The country is being “raped” of its wealth and taxed to death because there is no wealth generation through INDUSTRY.

How blind are our government and opposition parties? I would say not blind at all. “You” know exactly what the game is.

In ending, may I request, again, that you furnish me with the answers to the questions I have posed in this email. It would be most appreciated.


Now, just to break in here before we carry on with this series of communications, to make it quite clear (once more) where sovereignty lies. Quite clear – AS CLEAR AS DAY IN FACT – because you have our current Prime Minister actually stating it! So, for any of you out there who have problems believing anything a “blogger” says, well take your disbelief and put it all directly in front of one DAVID CAMERON!


To: Earthling
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 12:06:38 +0000
Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.Dear Earthling,

Many thanks for your letter to Nick Clegg MP regarding the European Union.  Nick has asked me to reply to you on his behalf.

Liberal Democrats believe that sovereignty should rest with the people of the United Kingdom.  At present, in law, it remains with the Crown in Parliament; we would wish, in the long term, to see a written constitution vesting it in the people themselves.  With respect to the role of the European Union, I think it’s important to highlight that the UK’s participation in the EU is based upon British Acts of Parliament so far as British law is concerned and that the EU’s treaties are clear that E.  The European Communities Act 1972, as amended, provides the legal basis for our membership – and this could, of course, be repealed by a future British Parliament.  Indeed, if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, there will be a formal mechanism for countries to the leave the EU.  As a party, we firmly support membership, but I hope this helps to assure you that the EU is not abolishing or removing British sovereignty.

Liberal Democrats remain in favour of active British participation and cooperation in the EU. We want the United Kingdom to play a full role in the European Union.  We are not uncritical Europeans and we believe that there are many areas where the EU badly needs to improve its performance – but the best way to achieve this is by persuading our partners of the merits of our arguments.  In general, we believe that the government’s failure to make the case for European co-operation has done great damage to the British national interest.

It is crucial to understand how the EU works when making laws.  The Union does not operate as a superstate imposing law on Britain – national governments are involved at all stages of the process. EU legislation requires the consent of national governments in the Council of Ministers without exception, and usually elected MEPs in the European Parliament, before it becomes law.  There are no circumstances in which the EU can ‘impose’ law without a British government voting on it, and I hope this may be of some reassurance on the question of its powers and the manner in which British sovereignty is retained.

This means that the EU, far from being an institution which takes powers away from Britain, is a crucial means by which our voice is made louder in the world at large – for the simple reason that twenty-seven member states are stronger than one.  In the future, the European Union will be critical as we grasp the challenges of climate change, globalisation and international terrorism.  Only by working in the EU can we get strong, global action to cut carbon emissions, secure fair trade deals, deliver effective burden-sharing for asylum policy and help the developing world and make areas like the Balkans more stable.

Thank you once again for emailing.

Best wishes,

Douglas Dowell

Office of Nick Clegg MP


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From: Earthling
Sent: 05 October 2009 12:00
To: LAZAROWICZ, Mark; CLARKE, Kenneth; MILTON, Anne; CLEGG, Nick; CAMERON, David;; LETWIN, Oliver
Subject: FW: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.

Dear All,

Since I have had ZERO answers from my MP, Mr Lazarowicz, to any of the questions put to him below, I shall make this extremely simple for you.

ONE question for you ALL to answer: to whom, ultimately, does the sovereignty of this nation, the United Kingdom, belong?

Simple question. No complex answer necessary for it has a very simple one.

So what is it?




From: Earthling
Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2009 18:27:19 +0000

I’m still scratching my head wondering what on earth this “lot of constituents” must be looking for Mark. From what I’ve just faced I can’t honestly say that you’d be first on my list in terms of actually getting any sense or anything done. But then, after 12 years of abject misery by this government called the Labour Party (not that I’m suggesting any significant change will be seen with David Cameron in charge and his “army”) what would one expect?

Do you recognise that you, like Mr Clarke before you, have elected to answer NOTHING – not a single point – regarding the questions put to you? Now why would that be I wonder?

Let me tell you Mr Lazarowicz, the deafening silence from you people speaks volumes. When there are no answers to give just shut the hell up right?

If and when this country wakes up Mr Lazarowicz and they fully recognise the enormity of what successive governments have done, the lies they have told and still telling, the outright corruption within, the establishment cronyism within the tri-party system to ensure the status quo and the people who knew it but would not stand up and say it, plus the big one which is there is a government above government, there will, I hope, be suitable spaces within our jail system for such. For we have a Constitution, much of it written, and it does not take a Constitutional lawyer to see what’s happening here and the illegality of the EU – a FOREIGN STATE. It’s very simple and straightforward issue no matter how complex our esteemed government would wish to make it.

Treason is treason no matter what spin the establishment try to put on it. The only issue is that the vast majority of the population are simple and apathetic enough not to quite grasp it (for now).

If you know of any MP Mark (since my own can’t/won’t answer these issues) who will answer them/discuss them/take the time with a member of the electorate which you seem entirely unwilling to do (10-15 mins of your time is hardly worth my travel time to your “surgery”), please let me know.

Meanwhile, any o the so silent copied individuals who would like to comment/answer, I’d be more than pleased, yet shocked, to hear from you.



> From:
> To: Earthling
> Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 11:38:07 +0100
> Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.
> Sorry you have declined the offer, but I do get lots of constituents seeing me every Friday.
> Mark Lazarowicz
> —–Original Message—–
> From: Earthling
> To: “LAZAROWICZ, Mark” <>
> Cc: “DARLING, Alistair” <>; “CLARKE, Kenneth” <>; “MILTON, Anne” <>; “CLEGG, Nick” <>; “CAMERON, David” <>; “” <>; “LETWIN, Oliver” <>
> Sent: 30/09/09 23:40
> Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.
> Well Mark, if you believe you can cover all of this sufficiently within 10 or 15 minutes you’re quite a guy so I’ll tip my hat to you and decline the invite.
> Continue working on the bicycle tax issue Mark. It’s going to change the world and I’m sure it will have a hefty impact on Climate change. Will there be a graduated tax dependent upon whether the bike is classed as a road bike or a mountain bike? Will the number of gears be considered do you think?
> Regards,
> Earthling
> > From:
> > To: Earthling
> > Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 21:44:53 +0100
> > Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.
> >
> > Probably 10 – 15 minutes depending on how busy the surgeries are.
> >
> > Mark Lazarowicz
> >
> > —–Original Message—–
> > From: Earthling
> > To: “LAZAROWICZ, Mark” <>
> > Cc: “DARLING, Alistair” <>; “CLARKE, Kenneth” <>; “MILTON, Anne” <>; “CLEGG, Nick” <>; “CAMERON, David” <>; “” <>
> > Sent: 30/09/09 18:35
> > Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.
> >
> > Mark,
> >
> > I’ll certainly take you up on that offer. Perhaps next friday if that is suitable? Can you let me know how much time we shall have to go through a few things?
> > Meanwhile, they are not so much “arguments” Mark but very sincere concerns after much research. The big picture however is so big that for one person to throw illumination upon it to another while that other is stuck in their “left/right” paradigm of politics is quite a task and one that many – especially if they have risen to a certain level within that paradigm – are simply not willing to accept.
> >
> > The facts however, support that the globalisation we are currently experiencing (and have been for many decades) is a very definite form of treason for it simply is the collaboration of high level politicians within each nation, with the globalist corporate agenda. To collaborate with it is in direct contravention of the nation’s Constitution. A fact that those who are collaborating know only too well.
> >
> > The individuals and Corporations/Banking involved in such may well be, in some cases, British nationals but they are collaborating with non-British nationals also within these sectors, to achieve, ultimately, the “One World Government” or “New World Order” they aspire to.
> >
> > To achieve this, it is clear (and it has impact all the way to street level) that there is a usurpation of sovereignty within each of the nations it already has influence over. Those nations which do not follow the edicts of the “One Worlders” or “Globalists”, are then faced with the “Iron fist” while also faced with propaganda as the Leaders of the Western nations already under the control of the globalists try to suggest such nations are a serious threat to world peace and that they are “negotiating politically” with them while what is actually happening is that these nations are being pressured into accepting the global monetary system and the “rape” of their nations by the Western Corporations and IMF/Central Banking system.
> > Once the research is carried out Mark, it becomes painfully clear what is going on. Those individuals who have done the research and conclude this however, are simply then brushed aside with impertinent claims and ad hominem attacks. The last bastion of “defence” being such attacks.
> >
> > You personally – and your political colleagues – may think you see some gain to playing this game BUT you are ignoring the impact on later generations of your OWN nevermind anyone else’s. So I would suggest that, while many in the political arena care less about the general electorate and how it impacts them, they may wish to think more selfishly as to how, ultimately, their greed and corruption will impact their OWN. We all have children and, perhaps grandchildren. It’s whether we think of them or not. The Climate Change group have been promoting the impact of what we do today on those that come after us – a noble and considerate cause. However, the reality is that such is NOT the goal for the globalists nor the Climate Change propagandists. Their goal is simply to ensure an ever increasing centralisation of power and a world which is “protected” for their offspring and their benefit. But their mass of networking and control mechanisms are lost on the general public and even, possibly, to the majority of our politicians who just work within their little box and are “whipped” by the party whips to fall into line.
> >
> > You all really need to get to grips with something and that appreciation starts with this:
> >
> > In 2002 Rockefeller authored his autobiography “Memoirs” wherein, on page 405,” Mr. Rockefeller writes: “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
> >
> >
> > Now, I can throw literally hundreds of quotes at you to further support this but one after another those quotes and additional absolute factual evidence will fall on deaf ears UNTIL you were to have the motivation to research it all for yourself.
> >
> > The EU is another long considered and planned step toward this and while a One World Government, together with the peoples of all nations finally getting their act together and recognising that one world is all we are and are united by that fact, SOUNDS a noble idea, I can assure you that such a “United World” for all is NOT the agenda progressed by the proponents of such.
> >
> > Our politicians need to step back from their tunnel visioned outlook and step out of their “box” and fully recognise what is going on here. I’m aware many do but they simply do not give a damn. You are leading this country (and the world) into a very dark century and you simply cannot see past your personal aspirations.
> >
> > There is a little island called Guernsey off the British South coast which simply does not have a penny of debt. Now that island may only have 60,000 or so inhabitants but one cannot ignore that, prior to 1913, the United States basically had very very little debt UNTIL the Federal Reserve Act was introduced in that year. The United State, at that time, having a population of circa 92 million. Do you see what I’m getting at?
> >
> >
> > Let me share something with you regarding the Constitutional Law of the United Kingdom and I shall be pleased to have your considered response on this:
> >
> > EU Directive Consultation Response,
> > Government Equalities Office,
> > 9th Floor,Eland House,
> > Bressenden Place,
> > London,SW1 5DU.
> >
> > HRH Queen Elizabeth,at her coronation in 1953,swore on oath before Almighty God to govern the British people according to Gods Law and customs per the Bible.Likewise it is in$%^&bent on all politicians including the prime minister to obey those laws in support of the Oath sworn by our Queen.
> >
> > Further,in accordance with the Declaration of Rights 1688,they are required to resist the encroachment of a foreign power(e.g the European Union),and all Directives emanating from the EU are in contradiction of those laws and have no jurisdiction in this realm of the British Isles.
> >
> > The Declaration of Rights of 1688 is a settlement treaty and NOT an Act of Parliament and therefore cannot be repealed by Parliament.
> >
> > Therefore it is imperative that the present Prime Minister and Parliament repeal the European Communities Act of 1972,from which the EU derives all its authority,and stop trying to enforce those Directives on the British people,or else the Parliament should be dissolved and the British people given the chance to re-elect a Government which will truly represent them,without any European influence.
> >
> > So the aforementioned EU Directive consultation is therefore null and void and a waste of public money,therefore any person or Parliamentary candidate is guilty of TREASON in trying to implement it.
> >
> > I also advise you,that you personally who are involved in this consultation,are considered to be a party to an act of treason and traitors to your countrymen,and therefore should also be tried for participating in an act of Treason.
> >
> > Yours Sincerely.
> >
> > A loyal British Voter.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Now, I’ve considered this and given it some thought myself. Meanwhile Gordon Brown and others speak about needing a British Bill of Rights as if we do not have one (and to many of the British Public, this is lost on them) and also amending elements of the Act of Settlement.
> >
> >
> > I’d be interested in your comments re the following:
> >
> >
> > What is Sovereignty and where does it lie in the UK?
> >
> > What is Sovereignty?
> >
> > ” Sovereignty is the legitimate and exclusive right to exercise power within a given area”
> >
> > In other words – Sovereignty is Supreme Power.
> >
> > Different types of sovereignty exist:
> >
> > ~ Legal Sovereignty: where Supreme Power lies according to the law
> >
> > ~ Political Sovereignty: where Supreme Power lies in reality
> >
> > ~ Pooled Sovereignty (In the EU, a supranational organisation, decisions are made by European Institutions on which all members are represented, but none has a overall say)
> >
> > Most democratic political systems have both the separation of powers and checks and balances to prevent a single institution becoming omnipotent although, in practice, when the Executive Branch of government – the Cabinet – can plant who they wish within the judiciary, then that separation is lost.
> >
> > So, ok, what is Parliamentary Sovereignty?
> >
> > Parliamentary Sovereignty is regarded as the main principle of the British Constitution. In other words, Parliament holds the supreme authority in the UK.
> >
> > In what ways is Parliament sovereign?
> >
> > – Parliament has the ultimate political authority. Most key decisions (but not all, as some military and foreign decisions are in the hands of the PM) must be approved by Parliament.
> >
> > – All powers exercised by ministers (except for the prerogative powers of the PM), devolved governments, local governments and other public bodies are granted by parliament and can be removed by Parliament.
> >
> > – All new primary legislation must be passed by parliament and secondary legislation made by ministers can be overruled by Parliament.
> >
> > – Parliament is not bound by its predecessors (i.e. past Parliaments cannot control the actions of the current Parliament).
> >
> > – Parliament cannot bind its successors (i.e. it cannot pass laws that cannot be repealed or amended by future Parliaments).
> >
> > So, is Parliament really Sovereign?
> >
> > Parliamentary sovereignty has been undermined in a number of areas:
> >
> > – Political Parties:
> >
> > Since the reductions in the power of the House of Lords in 1911 and 1949, the balance of power has shifted to the House of Commons. Combined with the dominance of political parties in elections since the start of the C20, this has led to tight party control over MP’s and disciplined parliamentary groups that make the business of the House of Commons very predictable.
> >
> > – Executive:
> >
> > Practical reality dictates that the British Government is the majority party in the House of Commons. Strong party discipline makes this majority reliable and almost guarantees the Government victory in Commons votes – an ‘Elective Dictatorship’. Also backed by the Civil Service ‘machine’ it is easy to argue that sovereignty actually lies with the executive not Parliament. However, Prime Ministers who systematically repress the powers of party and parliament tend to meet their fate – Margaret Thatcher is a classic example of this. Although this hasn’t happened yet with Brown and doesn’t look to be on the cards for some strange reason (But I won’t get into that for the moment).
> >
> > – Public:
> >
> > At least once every five years the House of Commons is re-elected, and so at that point sovereignty really lies with the people. However, after the general election sovereignty returns to Parliament for the next five years. VERY BIG ONE!!!
> >
> > ~ European Union:
> > When Britain signed the Treaty of Rome in 1973 (an Act of treason by Edward Heath supported by the FCO and BBC amonst others) it accepted that the status of European law is superior to British law. This has given British courts the power of judicial review over Acts of Parliament. Therefore courts can scrutinise Acts of Parliament, refer them to the European Court of Justice and even suspend those Acts. However, Parliament is free to withdraw Britain from the EU at any time, so technically sovereignty still lies with Parliament.
> >
> >
> > So, upshot? Yes Sovereignty lies with Parliament/Executive Branch of government.
> >
> > BUT, as you can see, at the point of elections, Sovereignty actually lies with the people. It always truly has and that’s exactly why “Theyworkforyou”. So let’s say the people woke up one day and realised that the three main parties simply were 3 legs of the same establishment tripod (which they are). And let’s even assume that this happened sometime after the Lisbon Treaty was fully ratified.
> >
> > IF we elected a brand new party into power who we KNEW would remove us from the EU and, because we had awakened to the con of the false left/right paradigm so we were “on the government’s case and ensured they did as WE THE PEOPLE DEMANDED OF THEM, then that government (whoever it was) because of the fact that “Parliament cannot bind its successors”, could repeal ALL of the laws and the EU policy within the UK and restore our sovereignty WHICH IS OURS.
> >
> > What could it do after that? It could re-instate laws which had been repealed such as the TREASON LAWS and we could do what was necessary and just to those who had been elected to office BY the people previously and committed such treason.
> >
> >
> > Now, you may ask, how can I be sure I’m right? Here’s why:
> >
> >
> >
> > So it would seem from this taken from the UK Parliament website:
> >
> >
> > In this Chapter, we consider those features of the Lisbon Treaty that appear to have direct implications for the UK constitution.
> >
> >
> > 92. We now consider whether the Lisbon Treaty would change the relationship between EU law and the principle of parliamentary sovereignty. Like the current treaties, the Lisbon Treaty contains no express provision about the principle, enunciated by the ECJ since 1963, that European law takes priority over any inconsistent national law. Under this principle, any national court or tribunal (from a bench of lay magistrates to the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords) must immediately set aside any statutory provision or other rule of national law which is determined to be incompatible with EU law. However, Declaration 17 appended to the Lisbon Treaty does state that “in accordance with well settled case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Treaties and the law adopted by the Union on the basis of the Treaties have primacy over the law of Member States, under the conditions laid down by the said case law”. Dr Anthony commented, though, that “the questionable legal status of such Declarations may mean that the doctrine can only ever continue to lack an agreed basis” (p 11).
> >
> > 93. The Government told us that the principle of the primacy of EU law-whether formally articulated or not-does not have implications for parliamentary sovereignty:
> >
> > “Parliament exercised its sovereignty in passing the European Communities Act 1972 and has continued to do so in passing the legislation necessary to ratify subsequent EU Treaties. The UK Parliament could repeal the European Communities Act 1972 at any time. The consequence of such repeal is that the United Kingdom would not be able to comply with its international and EU obligations and would have to withdraw from the European Union. The Lisbon Treaty does not change that and indeed for the first time includes a provision explicitly confirming Member States’ right to withdraw from the European Union” (p 21).
> >
> > 94. Dr Anthony told us that it “is highly unlikely that the new Treaty will add anything to debates on the effects of EU membership” on parliamentary sovereignty (p 11). Professor Chalmers agreed (p 14), as did Professor Dashwood who explained that primacy of European Union law “remains a principle developed in the case law of the ECJ” (p 17). We agree with this analysis.
> >
> > 95. We conclude that the Lisbon Treaty would make no alteration to the current relationship between the principles of primacy of European Union law and parliamentary sovereignty. The introduction of a provision explicitly confirming Member States’ right to withdraw from the European Union underlines the point that the United Kingdom only remains bound by European Union law as long as Parliament chooses to remain in the Union.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Here is ANOTHER issue which I picked up on with this “so called” new Bill of Rights:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Recognise the deception in this. Recognise the “one way street” being proposed under the “flag” of Human Rights/Bill of Rights. And remember also that the establishment want you to forget about out existing 1688 Bill of Rights.
> >
> >
> > The Joint Committee on Human Rights
> >
> > Background to proposals for a British Bill of
> > Rights and Duties
> > Standard Note: SN/PC/04559
> > Last updated: 3 February 2009
> >
> > The Joint Committee on Human Rights announced in May 2007 that they would hold an inquiry into a British Bill of Rights. Their report, A Bill of Rights for the UK?, was published on 10 August 2008.
> >
> > In short, the Committee recommended that the UK should adopt a Bill of Rights and Freedoms “in order to provide necessary protection to all, and to marginalized and vulnerable people in particular”.
> >
> > They stated that:
> > Adopting a Bill of Rights provides a moment when society can define itself. We recommend that a Bill of Rights and Freedoms should set out a shared vision of a desirable future society: it should be aspirational in nature as well as protecting those human rights which already exist. We suggest that a Bill of Rights should give lasting
> > effect to values shared by the people of the United Kingdom: we include liberty, democracy, fairness, civic duty, and the rule of law.
> >
> > Just ONE thing. Note: “and the rule of law”
> >
> > The Committee recommended that some additional rights, such as the right to trial by jury and the right to administrative justice should be included in a Bill of Rights. They also considered the inclusion of environmental rights (or ‘third generation’ rights as they are known). The Committee did not recommend fully justiciable social or economic rights but a situation where the Government would have a duty to progress towards realising certain rights of this kind:
> >
> > We suggest that the Bill of Rights and Freedoms should initially include the rights to education, health, housing and an adequate standard of living. Government would have a duty to progress towards realising these rights and would need to report that progress to Parliament. Individuals would not be able to enforce these rights through the courts, but the courts would have a role in reviewing the measures taken by Government.
> >
> > Now, do you see it? Do you see the outright deception here? How the Government will PROMOTE “Human Rights” and a “Bill of Rights” BUT, ultimately, it is total nonsense?
> >
> > No? Then let me explain:
> >
> > “The Committee did not recommend fully justiciable social or economic rights”
> >
> > What does that mean? As follows:
> > Justiciability concerns the limits upon legal issues over which a court can exercise its judicial authority.
> > Essentially, justiciability seeks to address whether a court possesses the ability to provide adequate resolution of the dispute; where a court feels it cannot offer such a final determination, the matter is not justiciable.
> >
> > Upshot? If your Human Rights under a Bill of Rights is breached in any way, you don’t have recourse to complain. There’s NOTHING you can do because the matter is not “justiciable”.
> >
> > You could be beaten to a pulp and thrown in jail because you were a vocal dissenter with ANYTHING the government did and you would have NO comeback.
> >
> > Therefore bottom line: YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS.
> >
> >
> > Yet, Mr. Lazarowicz, how would you respond to this: “A Human being is born free and with unalienable rights. As long as a human being causes no harm, loss or injury to another human being then there is no higher authority which has power over that “person” (be careful with the word “person”). Statutory Legislation (Statute law) is NOT law, in fact, but is given the force of law by the governed. Statute law is, in fact, a form of commercial law and, as such, is a form of contract. In being such, it requires an actual contractual agreement between both parties and, therefore, the “person” must accept to contract with the organisation wishing to enforce such statute law upon him”.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Now, finally, why do I speak the word Treason so often?
> >
> >
> > Comments welcome.
> >
> >
> > The basis for the coronation oath, which forms part of the coronation ceremony, is enshrined in statute in the Coronation Oath Act 1689. This Act required the King William and Queen Mary, as joint monarchs, to swear an oath during the coronation ceremony. The Act of Settlement 1701 and the Accession Declaration Act 1910 make a statutory requirement on the monarch to take the coronation oath.
> > The legal obligations surrounding the oath are set out in Halsbury’s Laws:
> >
> > 28. The Crown’s duty towards the subject. The essential duties of the Crown towards the subject are now to be found expressed in the terms of the oaths which every monarch is required to take before or at the coronation. The duties imposed by the coronation oath are:
> > (1) to govern the peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the dominions etc belonging or pertaining to them according to their respective laws and customs;
> > (2) to cause law and justice in mercy to be executed in all judgments, to the monarch’s power;
> > (3) to maintain the laws of god, the true profession of the Gospel, and the protestant
> > reformed religion established by law, to the utmost of the Sovereign’s power;
> >
> > By the Act of Settlement s 4, it is declared that ‘whereas the laws of England are the birthright of the people thereof and all the kings and queens who shall ascend the throne of this realm ought to administer the government of the same according to the said laws and all their officers and ministers ought to serve them respectively according to the same…the same are….ratified and confirmed accordingly.
> >
> > On 12 February 1688 a declaration was drawn up affirming the rights and liberties of the people and conferring the crown upon William and Mary, then Mary’s children, and, failing any heirs, Princess Anne and her heirs; and failing also that, William’s heirs. Once the declaration had been accepted by William and Mary, it was published as a proclamation. The declaration was subsequently enacted with some additions in the form of the Bill of Rights 1688, and the Acts of the Convention Parliament were subsequently ratified and confirmed by the Crown and Parliament Recognition Act 1689 which also acknowledged the King and Queen. In this way, the Bill of Rights was confirmed by a Parliament summoned in a constitutional manner and thereby acquired the force of a legal statute and appears as such on the statute book.
> >
> > I won’t bother copying the Bill of Rights WE HAVE here since you can all look them up quite easily.
> >
> > What I WILL say is this however:
> >
> > There is a working document in Parliament named “The Governance of Britain”.
> >
> > July 2007 Green Paper on constitutional reform, “The Governance of Britain”. The note sets out each proposal and progress made since the publication of the Green Paper, including the contents of the Constitutional Renewal White Paper and draft Bill published in March 2008. The Government has said that it will bring forward legislation “when time allows”.
> >
> > One of the FOUR major proposals in it is as follows:
> >
> > Britain’s Future: the citizen and the state – this included a discussion of the need to develop a British Statement of Values, and perhaps a British Bill of Rights.
> >
> > No British Constitution and Bill of Rights huh? You hear Parliament and Government today talking and the news covering it “A British Bill of Rights” WHEN WE ACTUALLY HAVE ONE!!
> >
> > But that’s hushed up! Ever wondered why?
> >
> > On 25 March 2008 the Government published a White Paper and Draft Bill, The Governance of Britain: Constitutional Renewal.
> >
> > Speaking in the debate on the Queen’s Speech, Jack Straw responded to questions on the status of the constitutional renewal proposals as follows:
> > …The constitutional reform Bill is specified in the Gracious Speech. Everyone knows that what has changed since then is the overriding imperative of dealing with the world economic downturn, but the Bill will require parliamentary time. The Queen’s Speech states: “”My Government will continue to take forward proposals on constitutional renewal, including strengthening the role of Parliament and other measures.””
> > As ever, Her Majesty meant what she said-and that is my intention, too.
> >
> > Now pardon me, but I just find that last sentence by Straw making me raise my eyebrows. Was it necessary to say this? Does he speaketh too much? Who’s he trying to convince?
> >
> > The Governance of Britain Green Paper was published by the Government a matter of days after Gordon Brown became Prime Minister. The Labour administrations of 1997-2007 oversaw major changes to the constitutional structures and systems of the United Kingdom including the establishment of devolved administrations in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland and the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law.
> >
> > And THAT is what this is all about. The entire Constitutional debate and the promotion of “a British Bill of Rights” (when we already have one) and a change of the monarchy/Act of Settlement allowing for catholics to marry into monarchy etc etc etc, is to have us slot into Europe NOT to think first of the rights of British Citizens. It’s got nothing whatsoever to do with us and the government AGAIN are pulling the wool over our eyes.
> >
> > One last point:
> >
> > The Green Paper echoes several proposals for constitutional change by the Liberal Democrats in their 2007 paper Real Democracy for Britain, and by the Conservative Party’s Democracy Task Force, chaired by Kenneth Clarke.
> >
> > Ken Clarke: MR. BILDERBERG.
> >
> > And as Mr Bilderberg, he works alongside Mr. Blair and Mr. Brown to ACHIEVE what they are trying to achieve BECAUSE before these people work for the British people and British Government THEY WORK FOR THE AGENDA OF BILDERBERG AND THE BANKERS WHO “OWN” them. Once the goals are achieved, they personally do pretty well for themselves.
> >
> > It is transparent.
> >
> >
> >
> > Someone once asked the question –
> >
> > “And since the treason laws apply to all who take the oath of allegiance, how can the Sovereign commit treason when they don’t take that oath? No one takes an oath to themselves surely?”
> >
> >
> > Answer:
> >
> > What is an Oath? It is to swear one shall carry out responsibilities.
> > The CORONATION OATH is just that.
> >
> > Meanwhile, the QUEEN is NOT the MONARCHY. That is the flesh and blood person of the Queen is NOT the MONARCHY.
> >
> > The flesh and blood person of the Queen takes on the RESPONSIBILITY of the MONARCHY and is therefore the MONARCH.
> >
> > The MONARCH is there to uphold the LAWS of this country. OUR SOVEREIGNTY has been established by our having it held FOR US by the MONARCHY.
> >
> > Think of the Queen (and all those monarchs before her) as simply the CEO of a CORPORATION.
> >
> > IF the CEO of a Corporation was found to be guilty of not performing their duties and actually, perhaps, working against (embezzlement for instance) the LAWS/POLICIES of the Corporation, they would be sacked and very possibly jailed. They have, in effect, committed a treason of sorts.
> >
> > Now, the Queen (the human being) is JUST that! She swears an oath. To who?
> >
> > Meanwhile, it gets a little more complex because of the Sovereignty of PARLIAMENT.
> >
> > The Queen actually holds the sovereignty of the PEOPLE of the UK. The PARLIAMENT work against this (actually the Executive Branch of the Government) to strip away the sovereignty of the PEOPLE FROM Her Majesty. They promote such as giving more “power” to Parliament and Parliament being elected by the people etc….
> >
> > The PROBLEM lies in the fact that the people, generally, are apathetic, disinterested etc. So what happens is that the government hype the “benefits” of Constitutional change while what they are actually doing is subverting it to allow accession to the EU.
> >
> > So then: “if a man do levy war against our lord the King in his realm, or be adherent to the King’s enemies in his realm, giving to them aid and comfort in the realm, or elsewhere”; comes into play doesn’t it?
> >
> > The Queen (the human being) by acquiescing to the government’s agenda is in breach of her Constitutional DUTY and she is NOT protecting the subjects of “her” Kingdom.
> >
> > She has signed ALL EU treaties. She is allowing the sovereignty of the nation to be passed into the hands of a subvertive government who are then passing OUR sovereignty to a FOREIGN POWER.
> >
> > The Privy Council is an ancient and dignified institution of government, which has its origins in the earliest days of the monarchy.
> > The Privy Council goes back to the earliest days of the monarchy, when it comprised those appointed by the King or Queen to advise on matters of state.
> > 1 Monarchs would rule through the Privy Council without turning to Parliament, and under Edward I it was difficult to identify whether legislative acts emanated form the King-in-Parliament or the King-in- Council.
> > 2 Throughout the 14th century, however, there was a great deal of friction between the Council and Parliament, and in the reigns of Henry IV and Henry V there is evidence of the Commons petitioning the King against the jurisdiction seized by the Council. By this time the Council was exercising judicial powers in relation to both criminal and civil litigation with enforcement of the criminal law (where offences against the State were alleged or officers of State were involved) carried out by the Court of Star Chamber. Parliament therefore objected that the Star Chamber was usurping the function of the common law courts.
> >
> > With the rise of the Cabinet system of government in the 18th century, the Privy Council gradually lost much of its powers.
> >
> > Membership of the Privy Council is today a titular honour, with the office recognised as a reward for public and political service. Appointments are made by the Sovereign on ministerial advice and are for life – there are no fixed numbers of Members. By convention, all present and past Cabinet Members are appointed to the Privy Council. Also included in the membership are members of the royal family, senior judges, two Archbishops, British Ambassadors, the Speaker of the House of Commons, Prime Minister and Cabinet Members, present and former leaders of the Opposition, and leading Commonwealth spokesmen and judges. The Council now numbers about 420 members, and members are entitled to the prefix ‘Right Honourable.’
> >
> > NOW, THEIR OATH is as follows (in part):
> >
> > “You will to your uttermost bear Faith and Allegiance to the Queen’s Majesty; and will assist and defend all civil and temporal Jurisdictions, Pre-eminences, and Authorities, granted to Her Majesty and annexed to the Crown by Acts of Parliament, or otherwise, against all Foreign Princes, Persons, Prelates, States, or Potentates.”
> >
> >
> >
> > It requires those taking it to ‘keep secret all matters…treated of in Council.’ The Oath (or solemn affirmation for those who cannot take an Oath) is still administered, and is still binding, but it is only in very special circumstances nowadays that matters will come to a Privy Counsellor on “Privy Council terms”. These will mostly concern matters of the national interest where it is important for senior members of Opposition parties to have access to Government information.
> >
> > Despite the many powers conferred by statutes on individual ministers, the Order in Council remains a principal method of giving the force of law to acts of the government, especially
> > the more important executive orders.
> >
> > The Judicial Committee has also in the past examined and reported on matters of constitutional importance, such as the legal basis of the practice of telephone tapping and matters affecting state security. A committee of six Privy Counsellors reviewed British policy towards the Falkland Islands leading up to Argentina’s invasion in 1982; after the Prime Minster had consulted with five former Prime Ministers to secure their consent, the committee had access to the papers of previous governments and secret intelligence assessments.
> >
> > Now you MIGHT just be interested in taking a look at the list of members today….
> >
> > And you MIGHT just be interested (and surprised?) at who the present Lord President of the Council is (if you didn’t already know).
> >
> > <>
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > So Mark, unless someone (anyone) can actually refute the above content and what I am convinced 100% is the situation here (without simply attempting the evasion of Ken Clarke that is), I would put to you this very firmly: The sovereignty of the United Kingdom is being attacked from without and such individuals, Banks and Corporations involved in this attack are being collaborated with from within.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Regards,
> > Earthling
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > > Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.
> > > Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 12:31:10 +0100
> > > From:
> > > To: Earthling
> > >
> > > Thankyou for your email. Given you now raise a number of other issues, I don’t think I could do justice in a short response to the arguments you put forward.
> > >
> > > Could I suggest therefore you might like to come to one of my MP advice surgeries (every Friday, no appointment necessary, details on my website) if you would like to discuss these issues in more detail with me?
> > >
> > > Regards
> > >
> > > Mark Lazarowicz
> > >
> > > —–Original Message—–
> > > From: Earthling
> > > To: “LAZAROWICZ, Mark” <>
> > > Cc: “DARLING, Alistair” <>; “CLARKE, Kenneth” <>; “MILTON, Anne” <>; “CLEGG, Nick” <>; “CAMERON, David” <>; “” <>
> > > Sent: 27/09/09 22:56
> > > Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.
> > >
> > >
> > > Mark,
> > > I am not asking for your agreement. I am simply stating a fact that, in MY assessment, the jury is out yet this government (of which you are a part) arrogantly, as always (and with an agenda which results in the following) puts in place policy based upon bad, unsound and unproven science and DICTATES according to what group allow it to impose taxes and policy on a country who’s GDP has fallen dramatically and the International bankers, to whom this country provides the monopoly of lending our currency to us on the basis of an associated interest or debt attached, are looking for MORE revenue from the population!!
> > > My background is in Physics and the Sciences Mr Lazarowicz yet I make no suggestion that I, personally, know whether there is any REAL Climate Change going on. So, I wonder who’s “non – scientific” assessment carries more weight? Yours as my parliamentary REPRESENTATIVE or mine? You see, I see a great deal of scientific disagreement whereas you just see the one side even though you have stated clearly you do not claim to be a scientist. So therefore, I ask you, why is your opinion given more weight? I see no reason for it. What I DO see is a political and economic agenda for you could not honestly say you would know who to believe: The “yes” or the “no” camp. You don’t have the background to make that judgement BUT the government listens to the scientists the government PICKS to do the research which they are FUNDED for BY the government!
> > > I enjoy logic Mr Lazarowicz. Logic cuts through all the veils of deceit.
> > > Interesting to note recently the “proposal” by N.M. Rothschild to the British Government for privatising the road system.
> > > As for the bike tax – that doesn’t even warrant a debate!! It’s plainly ridiculous and blatantly criminal on the part of this government.
> > > This United Kingdom is falling apart at the seams and whilst I hate to be so blunt (but I must) it is down to a government and entire parliament who have shown they are “above the law”, are corrupt and are desperate to trade the UK into an EU for their own personal agendas. Politicians in high office who only need say “Sorry” after being caught red handed with either their snout in the trough OR employing illegal aliens while the illegal alien is under threat of being jailed while the dear Barroness is fined a miniscule amount, slapped wrists and says “Sorry”. Let’s see how many people can get away with that in the Crown’s Court system today shall we?
> > > As I said and as I’ll repeat – there is no coincidence that Tony Blair left Downing Street and walked into a sweet job with J.P.Morgan Chase having been “pimped” by Lynn Forrester (Rothschild) and her spouse to the International Banking cartel and has become an “overnight” millionaire. I am sure many hold out the hope of following in his footsteps. This is so incredibly transparent (as are so many other issues) and if the population of this country were less apathetic about their politics there would be a form of revolution and every last person in parliament today would be out looking for jobs or, alternatively for some, be locked up!
> > > There are a MASS of issues I could bring to your attention but you would evade the issues time and again because there are no answers but the true answers yet, to give them, would expose every last con and deception of this government and governments before them along with the existing and prior American administrations.
> > > Your world, Mr Lazarowicz is corrupt to the core. That is the point I’m making and it is a point that the UK population are slowly (too slowly) coming to recognise.
> > > I’ve been abroad for about 10 years and I come back to a country that is unrecognisable from the one I left. A country that is being consistently lied to and propagandized to and a burgeoning Police state and I wonder whenever will come the time that the politicians in this country finally recognise that they are every bit as manipulated as the general population and that they wake up to the fact that the country they are allowing to be built (or more correctly, destroyed) will be the country their children and their children’s children will be living in and it will be nightmarish because of the corruption which has been allowed to take over not just on a national scale but a global one.Even before I return to the UK I find out how hypocritical and disinterested in their own promoted principles our own Foreign and Commonwealth office are such that they would leave a British Citizen to be incarcerated overseas when they have been alerted to the corruption he faced BY a Court System!
> > >
> > > You just do not seem to recognise or appreciate what you and your colleagues are doing by allowing this corruption to continue and for that I feel for you.
> > > But you will take this email and, again, disregard it. You will either be sublimely unaware of what I am trying to bring to your attention or you are fully aware and to seriously and honestly comment on it would mean, or could mean, your job – your career. And that seems more important than anything else YET, if this country had a single individual who truly warranted the position of leader through absolute integrity, then that person would face up to what is truly behind ALL of our issues and have the country back him 100%.
> > > But that shall never happen. We don’t possess such integrity in our political system. If we did, the money angle would be sorted out by now but no-one will step up to the plate.
> > > Let me leave you with this. Give you something to think about for one minute and you will STILL not be able to answer HOW this was reported (unless you already know, as I do):
> > > From the Asia Times May 2003:
> > > “An influential Jewish European banker reveals that the ruling elite in Europe is now telling their minions that the West is on the brink of total financial meltdown; so the only way to save their precious investments is to bet on the new global crisis centered around the Middle East, which replaced the crisis evolving around the Cold War.” (ignore the reference to Jewish for that is NOT my purpose here, that is simply how it was reported).
> > > Full article:
> > > Now, remember, this was May 2003. 6 years ago and 5 years before our Chancellor or our PM have admitted to know what was going to occur regarding the financial fiasco we are now faced with. So there could be no agenda in this report. It was a report and unless they had a crystal ball…….
> > > To support the above further:
> > > “To make matters worse, the assembled company generally agreed that America and Britain, would soon be threatened by the new bubbles in the property markets……..”
> > > Full Article:
> > > Interesting quote from a report written in the Times after a meeting in September 2002!! Another “crystal ball”??
> > > So here we have TWO separate reports stating clearly and categorically that the Banking establishment KNEW what was coming as far back as 2002 and, in fact, it is just as clear they were not saying it MIGHT happen they were saying it WILL happen. No discussion of how they were going to deal with it. It was a foregone conclusion and the reason it was is obvious. They DECIDED to make it happen.
> > > Now ONE person who attended that 2003 conference in Versailles (and is a Steering Committee member of the group and, as such, I will state quite openly, I would consider this a potential case for treason and, by all means, if you wish to debate that with me I will happily do so) was Kenneth Clarke. Of course there are others.
> > > I have put this to Mr. Clarke already but, like so many of your esteemed political colleagues, he evades answering. You can’t argue a fact which then exposes you Mr Lazarowicz now can you? You’re a lawyer, you will be well aware of this tactic.
> > > Finally,
> > > A Hedge Fund outfit then makes the biggest single year profit in history in 2008 by SHORTING the Subprime mortgage market.Just lucky I guess huh?Then from early 2009, this Hedge fund company start to buy up the same investments at cents on the dollar that they had previously shorted!! How about that? Ring any historical bells for you??
> > > It’s pure “in the know” Insider trading. Soros, Paulson etc aren’t “Gods” at timing market and currency crashes as we thought they were. They’re all insiders part of the same game. They rig the table and when the time’s right, they place their bets. But it’s not betting when the table’s rigged]
> > >
> > > “Next up, we have John Paulson’s Paulson & Co. Paulson & Co is famous for making a fortune by betting against sub-prime when this whole mess began to unfold. And, it appears as if Paulson is still up to his fortune-making ways. One of his funds has generated a 589% return, which could easily be up there amongst the largest returns by a single hedge fund in a year.”
> > >
> > > Then…..
> > >
> > > “Paulson’s bet against sub-prime has paid off and he has recently reversed course on that bet and has started to buy the assets he was previously short.”
> > >
> > > Read the entire page here:
> > > So how did they get it so right?
> > > Introducing Mr Alan Greenspan.
> > > NEW YORK, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ — Paulson & Co. (Bloomberg: 573991Z US) Inc., a New York-based investment management firm, today announced its retention of Dr. Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, as a member of its advisory board. Dr. Greenspan will provide ongoing advice to Paulson’s investment management team by sharing his perspective on issues affecting the financial markets.
> > >
> > > So, the ex Chairman of the Federal Reserve (a Private Bank as is the IMF and the BofE controlled by the same ultimate persons) joins a hedge fund outfit who basically win hands down in their profits over ALL other hedge funds in 2008 due to their SHORTING the Subprime market which caused the financial crisis. They made $BILLIONS!
> > > Greenspan had presided over the entire American financial system from August 1987 to Jan 2006.
> > >
> > > He becomes advisor to Paulson & Co in Jan 2008 and look how well they did!!
> > > I could go on all day Mr Lazarowicz on a great number of topics. The transparency of what is transpiring is such that you need only do a little searching. The problem is that most do not.
> > >
> > >
> > > Now, I ask you, would you care to comment on ANY of this? Or do you simply wish to evade such?
> > > If this country were a sick patient then this Government and political system would be the “Doctor” taken to task for malpractice.
> > >
> > > Regards,
> > > Earthling
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > > Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.
> > > > Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 11:41:57 +0100
> > > > From:
> > > > To: Earthling
> > > >
> > > > Thank you. Clearly I do not claim to be a scientist: but equally, it is not wrong (and indeed necessary) for non-scientists, to make the best assessment they can of different scientific views, and that is what I have tried to do.
> > > >
> > > > I am afraid I still can’t agree with you on the issue – although I note you do appear to share my opposition to any proposed ‘bike tax’!
> > > >
> > > > Mark Lazarowicz MP
> > > >
> > > >
> > > > —–Original Message—–
> > > > From: Earthling
> > > > Sent: Fri 25/09/2009 15:38
> > > > To: LAZAROWICZ, Mark
> > > > Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.
> > > >
> > > >
> > > > Dear Mr Lazarowicz,
> > > > Thank you for your email. Apologies for the delay in response. I am glad to hear you have read so widely on this issue and, having done so, I would take from that that you have a significant background in the sciences which allows you to be, quote: “prepared to accept what appears to me to be overwhelming scientific consensus”. Such assurance fills me joy knowing our Parliamentary representatives know exactly what they’re doing while they preach about climate change and the need to tax cars due to CO2 emissions while they now propose taxing CYCLISTS for what? Dare I say gas emissions?
> > > > Sorry Mr Lazarowicz but our “government” are getting WAY out of hand. Climate change is nothing more than the globalists gaining taxes out of the population of each nation. You know it and I know it. I had asked for a considered response to all my points but you feel it suffices to say that you’ve read all the evidence and therefore YOU disagree? Democracy in its element I see. Similar to dear Mr. Kenneth Clarke and his evasion tactics when put to task.
> > > > Now, sticking to the science for now, rather than the politics which dictate other issues your response below brought to mind:
> > > > I would also mention to you Mr. Lazarowicz that Lord Lawson’s evidence MAY have been at variance with most of the other evidence received by the Joint Committee which you (your profession being a lawyer NOT a scientist) found more persuasive, yet there are at least another 30 THOUSAND scientists “at variance” with the IPCC. The IPCC being a group of scientists picked by governments and FUNDED by governments and other Corporate interests.
> > > > Let me bring your attention to another issue which, I believe, you having been so widely read on the subject of Climate Change and understand the science (I would have to assume from what you say) will be able to explain quite easily:
> > > > “The Carboniferous Period and the Ordovician Period were the only geological periods during the Paleozoic Era when global temperatures were as low as they are today. To the consternation of global warming proponents, the Late Ordovician Period was also an Ice Age while at the same time CO2 concentrations then were nearly 12 times higher than today– 4400 ppm. According to greenhouse theory, Earth should have been exceedingly hot. Instead, global temperatures were no warmer than today. Clearly, other factors besides atmospheric carbon influence earth temperatures and global warming.”
> > > >
> > > > I do look forward to your explanation of this because it has me somewhat confused to be honest. It seems to me to present some fundamental contradiction.
> > > > You may also wish to comment on the following:The United Nations IPCC also publishes a research review in the form of a voluminous, occasionally-updated report on the subject of climate change, which the United Nations asserts is “authored” by approximately 600 scientists. These “authors” are not, however – as is ordinarily the custom in science – permitted power of approval the published review of which they are putative authors. They are permitted to comment on the draft text, but the final text neither conforms to nor includes many of their comments. The final text conforms instead to the United Nations objective of building support for world taxation and rationing of industrially-useful energy.
> > > > There are over 30,000 scientists (over 9000 PhDs) who have petitioned against Climate Change, have constantly requested debate and have been ignored. Very much like the way our government ignore the population of this country. Posed with significant, far reaching questions and supporting evidence, the government simply shrugs its shoulders and evades. By doing so Mr Lazarowicz, Fabian or not, you build up serious issues for your party, the government and this country.The 30,000 scientists have had peer reviewed papers written to support their conclusions. Yet, again, the hand picked IPCC “authors” are preferred.
> > > > Perhaps ANOTHER bunch of scientists may convince you of the error of your ways as politicians (but I won’t hold my breath):
> > > > Friday, Feb 27th, 2009
> > > >
> > > > A major scientific report by leading Japanese academics concludes that global warming is not man-made and that the overall warming trend from the mid-part of the 20th Century onwards has now stopped.
> > > >
> > > > Unsurprisingly the report, which was released last month, has been completely ignored by the Western corporate media.
> > > >
> > > > The report was undertaken by Japan Society of Energy and Resources (JSER), the academic society representing scientists from the energy and resource fields.
> > > >
> > > > The JSER acts as a government advisory panel, much like the International Panel on Climate Change did for the UN.
> > > >
> > > > The JSER’s findings provide a stark contrast to the IPCC’s, however, with only one out of five top researchers agreeing with the claim that recent warming has been accelerated by man-made carbon emissions.
> > > >
> > > > The government commissioned report criticizes computer climate modeling and also says that the US ground temperature data set, used to back up the man-made warming claims, is too myopic.
> > > >
> > > > In the last month, no major Western media outlet has covered the report, which prompted British based sci-tech website The Register to commission a translation of the do$%^&ent.
> > > >
> > > > Section one highlights the fact that Global Warming has ceased, noting that since 2001, the increase in global temperatures has halted, despite a continuing increase in CO2 emissions.
> > > >
> > > > The report then states that the recent warming the planet has experienced is primarily a recovery from the so called “Little Ice Age” that occurred from around 1400 through to 1800, and is part of a natural cycle.
> > > >
> > > > The researchers also conclude that global warming and the halting of the temperature rise are related to solar activity, a notion previously dismissed by the IPCC.
> > > >
> > > > “The hypothesis that the majority of global warming can be ascribed to the Greenhouse Effect is mistaken.” the report’s introduction states.
> > > >
> > > > Kanya Kusano, Program Director and Group Leader for the Earth Simulator at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology (JAMSTEC) reiterates this point:
> > > >
> > > > “[The IPCC’s] conclusion that from now on atmospheric temperatures are likely to show a continuous, monotonic increase, should be perceived as an unprovable hypothesis,”
> > > >
> > > > Shunichi Akasofu, head of the International Arctic Research Center in Alaska, cites historical data to challenge the claim that very recent temperatures represent an anomaly:
> > > >
> > > > “We should be cautious, IPCC’s theory that atmospheric temperature has risen since 2000 in correspondence with CO2 is nothing but a hypothesis. ”
> > > >
> > > > “Before anyone noticed, this hypothesis has been substituted for truth. The opinion that great disaster will really happen must be broken.” Akasofu concludes.
> > > >
> > > > The conclusions within the report dovetail with those of hundreds of Western scientists, who have been derided and even compared with holocaust deniers for challenging the so called “consensus” on global warming.
> > > >
> > > > The total lack of exposure that this major report has received is another example of how skewed coverage of climate change is toward one set of hypotheses.
> > > >
> > > > This serves the agenda to deliberately whip up mass hysteria on behalf of governments who are all too eager to introduce draconian taxation and control measures that won’t do anything to combat any form of warming, whether you believe it to be natural or man-made.

Subject: RE: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.> Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 21:22:48 +0100
> > > > > From:
> > > > > To: Earthling
> > > > >
> > > > > Dear Earthling
> > > > >
> > > > > Thankyou for copying me your email. I can assure you that I have read widely on this issue. Having done so, I am prepared to accept what appears to me to be the overwhelming scientific consensus as reflected in the IPCC. I also believe that countries like China will in due course accept binding caps on emissions, although clearly there will be a lot of negotiation and lobbying to be done before we get to that position.
> > > > >
> > > > > I would also mention that Lord Lawson’s evidence was at variance with most of the other evidence received by the Joint Committee, which I found more persuasive. I am afraid, therefore, that we will have to disagree on this issue; but I appreciate you taking the time to let me have your detailed views on this issue.
> > > > >
> > > > > Yours sincerely
> > > > >
> > > > > Mark Lazarowicz
> > > > >
> > > > > —–Original Message—–
> > > > > From: Earthling
> > > > > To: “” <>; “LAZAROWICZ, Mark” <>
> > > > > Sent: 01/09/09 19:08
> > > > > Subject: Radio 4 Propaganda you seem to support.
> > > > >
> > > > >
> > > > > Dear Mr. Hulme.
> > > > > The Radio 4 propaganda piece (9pm Thursday 27th August) regarding Climate Change was exceptionally staged. Richard Black did a wonderful job of making sure the populace did not even question the basic science, while people such as yourself and Jonathan Porrit (the Population Reduction Bilderberger) supported the piece 100%.
> > > > > Let me then ask you: Prove the basic science.
> > > > > And while you chew on that idea, please have a read of the following:
> > > > >
> > > > >
> > > > > Excerpts:
> > > > > Joint Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill – Minutes of Evidence
> > > > > Oral evidence. Taken before the Joint Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill on Wednesday 16 May 2007
> > > > > Lord Lawson of Blaby: “Well, thank you very much, my Lord Chairman, it is very good of you to have invited me to help you with this impossible task with which you have been entrusted. Perhaps it might help if I say a few words because it is a very, very complex issue and impossible to do justice to in a few words; but nevertheless, to put the thing in perspective, if you read the latest IPPC report, that is the Summary for Policymakers which they produced in their Fourth Assessment Report, you see that they are suggesting for the next 100 years (on the basis of what they believe to be the best science they can get, although the scientists are divided) that there will probably be an increase in global mean temperature of between 1.8 and four degrees centigrade.
> > > > >
> > > > > So, straight off the cuff: The scientists are divided even on what the IPCC describe as “the best science they can get” which clearly is stating it’s the best they can do but is entirely unproven. Yet, our government and the media propaganda is in over-drive hyping the Climate Change “monster” while it’s all about Carbon Credits, Economics and Trade.”
> > > > >
> > > > > “We then get the Government’s quaint proposal in this draft Bill which, even if you thought this was a path on which it was worth embarking, is dangerous in two ways. First of all, it seems (but it is not clear) to put the emphasis on carbon trading. Carbon trading is a very poor second best method even if you did want to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 60 per cent by 2050. Even if you did want to do that, it is a very second best way of doing it, for two reasons. One is that it is not really a market system at all because it is essentially a system of rationing and it is not a true market system so you do not get the efficiencies of the market. The other way it is a second best is that of course, as the Financial Times interestingly pointed out in a couple of articles about ten days ago, the carbon trading systems as we know them are a huge scam for the most part and they are bound to be a scam.”
> > > > > “However, we alone say we are going to go to a 60 per cent reduction by 2050 and will make it legally binding regardless of what happens. The idea is that we will give a lead and then everybody else will follow. The Chinese have made it quite clear that they not going to follow and our lead will be the equivalent of the lead of the Earl of Cardigan in the Charge of the Light Brigade.”
> > > > >
> > > > > Therefore, even IF Climate Change were real, do we have borders which rise from ground level to above the stratosphere and into space? If not then there is no logical argument for the UK implementing a Climate Change bill when others, such as China won’t. It’s plainly ridiculous even forgetting the sheer numbers of Chinese as opposed to the UK population!Perhaps we should ask Jonathan Porrit regarding his ideas to reduce the UK population to 30 million shall we?
> > > > > Perhaps we can gain carbon credits by closing our doors to further immigration, telling the Chinese that, where they suggest they would have had another 450 million chinese if not for the one child per family rule, the UK was going to allow another 20 million immigrants within the next 5 years who would then have, we estimate 2.2 children per family over the next 10 years…….
> > > > > Are you beginning to appreciate the garbage which surrounds this entire subject?
> > > > >
> > > > > Q38 Mr Chaytor: Lord Lawson, are you accepting that human beings can live with a temperature rise of possibly four degrees and, if so, why would it be necessary to impose a carbon tax? [Note: In the document it makes perfectly clear that ANY rise in temp is ENTIRELY unproven AND, in fact, unfounded and they are ASSUMING IF during this part of the discussion]
> > > > >
> > > > > Lord Lawson of Blaby: I do not believe it is necessary to impose a carbon tax.
> > > > >
> > > > > Q39 Mr Chaytor: But you said that the imposition of a carbon tax was the only way to deal with the consequences of climate change?
> > > > >
> > > > > Lord Lawson of Blaby: No I did not. I said the imposition of a carbon tax is the only sensible way if you want to cut back carbon dioxide emissions. If that is what you want to do, then the only sensible way is to put on a carbon tax.
> > > > >
> > > > > Q40 Mr Chaytor: But if your argument is there is no need to cut back on carbon dioxide emissions because human beings are sufficiently adaptable to cope with a temperature rise of up to four degrees, then there is no argument whatsoever for a carbon tax.
> > > > >
> > > > > Lord Lawson of Blaby: NO, THERE IS NO ARGUMENT FOR A CARBON TAX EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE GOT TO HAVE TAXATION [My emphasis] and, bluntly, chancellors of the exchequer have to finance public expenditure and up to a certain point, if a carbon tax is more acceptable to the public than some other forms of taxation, then it is perfectly reasonable for there to be a carbon tax, but in my judgment there is no necessity to put on a carbon tax.
> > > > >
> > > > > Lord Lawson of Blaby: …….. It is also worth pointing out, talking about these reports, that there are great benefits from warming. Indeed, the IPPC reports themselves say that with a temperature rise of up to three degrees centigrade globally agriculture will be improved, there will be no disadvantage, it will be an advantage, and in fact the picture is much more disparate than that because there are some advantages and some disadvantages, and if you adopt the approach that I am advocating you pocket all the advantages and then you mitigate the disadvantages.
> > > > > “Incidentally over this century as a whole, the 21st century so far, there has been virtually no further global warming. It does not feel like that here because we are very conscious that there has been some slight further warming in the northern hemisphere and a continuation of the trend of the last quarter of the 20th century, but in the southern hemisphere there has been a slight cooling over the first few years of this century, which none of the models have predicted and none of the models can explain. Nobody knows why that is so, but it means that the average of the northern and southern hemisphere is for this century so far little change, so it is a hugely uncertain area.”
> > > > >
> > > > > You will note I have copied Mark Lazarowicz on this email since:
> > > > > 1. He is my local MP in Edinburgh2. He was directly involved in this Bill and this evidence.
> > > > > I would, therefore, also wish to ask Mark for an explanation and ask you both to provide the incontrovertible evidence that Climate Change is a real phenomenon.
> > > > > By asking you both to do this, it is simply not sufficient to point at the IPCC studies and conclusions and ignore, as Richard Black did in the Radio 4 piece, that there is a vast body of scientists who entirely disagree with such results and who have also pointed to manipulated data.
> > > > >
> > > > > I look forward to a considered response.
> > > > >
> > > > > Regards,
> > > > > Earthling
> > > > >
> > > > > PS: Perhaps we should have been seeing an average temperature in the uk of about 30 degrees C by now if this article from 1922 had been a harbinger of global warming. The IPPC, I’m sure, would have had a field day and Al Gore would have been in his element! 
> > > > > PPS: Alternatively, by now, according to the thinking in 1975, we should have been killing Polar Bears for their skins rather than trying to protect them? What do YOU think?
> > > > > The ONLY reason we have “Global Warming” (or since they’ve been unable to show the reality of warming, “Climate Change”) is because there are massively influential Corporate and Global Banking interests steering this and other countries governments. Ours, as others, have sold out. Corrupt and criminal.
> > > > > Tony Blair – Multi millionaire having been paid well for his services to the Bankers and given the position at J.P. Morgan Chase. Peter Mandelson – How’s his friendship going with Jacob Rothschild? Ken Clarke – When’s he going to own up about his support of Blair’s policies and their dual support for the Bilderberg crew?
> > > > > Work it all out. It isn’t difficult.________________________________
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Diego Garcia: How it works

HC Deb 21 June 2004 vol 422 cc1221-2W1221W

§Jeremy CorbynTo ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what representations have been received from the US concerning the depopulation of the civilian population of Diego Garcia and the Chagos Islands that lie within the British Indian Ocean Territories. [179700]

§Mr. RammellThe US authorities have in the past made clear their concerns about the presence of a settled civilian population in the British Indian Ocean Territory. However, I have received no recent representations from them on the subject.

§Sir Menzies CampbellTo ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what facilities exist on Diego Garcia for holding human beings against their will; and if he will make a statement. [178580]

§Mr. StrawIn exercise of powers conferred on him by the Prisons Ordinance 1981 of the British Indian Ocean Territory, the Commissioner for the Territory has declared certain specified premises in Diego Garcia to be a prison. This was done by orders made in February 1986 (which replaced an earlier order made in July 1982), July 1993 and December 2001. Under various provisions of the law of the Territory, persons may be arrested in execution of a warrant of arrest issued by a Court or a Magistrate, or in certain circumstances without such a warrant, and any person so arrested may then be detained in such a prison until he is brought before a Court or a Magistrate. Persons who are ordered by a Court or a Magistrate to be remanded in custody or committed to prison are detained in such a prison as also, of course, are persons who are sentenced by a Court to imprisonment following their conviction of a criminal offence.

§Sir Menzies CampbellTo ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs how many detainees, and how many shipments of detainees, have passed through Diego Garcia, or the territorial waters off it, while in transit between other destinations; whether any detainees have been disembarked at Diego Garcia, and for how long; and if he will make a statement. [178581]

§Mr. StrawThe United States authorities have repeatedly assured us that no detainees have at any time passed in transit through Diego Garcia or its territorial waters or have disembarked there and that the allegations to that effect are totally without foundation. The Government are satisfied that their assurances are correct.

HC Deb 24 September 2002 vol 390 cc26-156

Mr. DalyellThe right hon. Gentleman has used the words “overwhelming force” three times already. Does “overwhelming force” include the use of B61–11s? Those are the earth-penetrating nuclear weapons which, we are told, are based in the British Indian ocean territory of Diego Garcia. If there is to be overwhelming force, and if it is to involve nuclear weapons, with the B2 bombers that are based in the hangars at Diego Garcia, ought not the House of Commons to be told about it?

§Mr. AncramThe force that will be required is that which is appropriate and most effective in achieving the objective. I am certainly not going to speculate at this stage on what that force will be. Indeed, at this particular stage we need to make it clear that the United Nations resolution is the first objective to be fulfilled: only if Saddam breaches that will we consider the second option.




HC Deb 15 October 2002 vol 390 cc528-9W

Jeremy Corbyn 

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what applications he has received from the USA to construct new aircraft hangars on Diego Garcia; and if he will make a statement. [74654]


§Mr. Mike O’BrienThe issue of possible upgrades to facilities at Diego Garcia has been discussed at annual talks between the UK and US governments. The details of these governmental talks are confidential and exempt under section la of The Code of practice on Access to Government Information, “Information whose disclosure would harm national security or defence”.



HC Deb 07 July 2004 vol 423 cc271-96WH271WH§2 pm

§Jeremy Corbyn (Islington, North (Lab)I welcome the opportunity to debate what I consider to be a very serious issue. It touches on honesty in politics and in government, and it touches on issues of constitution and law and the way in which a group of people have been grievously treated by this country and, to some extent, the United States for more than 40 years.

The people who lived for hundreds of years on the Chagos Islands were descendents of its first inhabitants who had been dropped off there as slaves and traders or had settled there. They lived a settled existence, fishing and producing copra, and they inhabited an idyllic and pristine environment. Their problem was their location—the Indian ocean. The United States was eyeing it up in the 1950s and 1960s as a potential base, and subsequently decided to build what they euphemistically called a “communications facility” on the island of Diego Garcia. The communications facility turned out to be two of the longest runways that the world had seen and a base from which 4,000 US troops could operate. The base is now routinely used for the bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the United States ‘considers it to be a crucial communications facility.

Prime Minister Wilson and President Johnson discussed the matter in the 1960s and decided to do a deal and evacuate the population of Diego Garcia to make way for the American communications facility. The Americans insisted on the evacuation of not only Diego Garcia, but the entire archipelago, despite the fact that its other islands were some distance from the putative communications facility.

The language used by the then Colonial Office was outrageous beyond belief. Simon Winchester wrote a wonderful piece on the subject in Granta magazine in which he quoted the then permanent secretary in the Colonial Office who described the population inhabiting the islands as a group of “Man Fridays” and stated that it would be simple and easy enough to move them out of the way. The deal subsequently went through and, to make ready for the American base, the British authorities proceeded to remove people from the islands. However, it was never done openly.

Only two days ago outside the Foreign Office, I met a man who was part of a demonstration there. He told me that he had left the islands in 1966 and that he was not allowed to go back, as many others were not. When they went to Mauritius or the Seychelles—mainly Mauritius—for medical treatment or education, they suddenly found that they could not go back.

When the time came for the British to remove the population in earnest, they did so —putting them on a ship, taking them to Port Louis in Mauritius and simply dumping them on the quayside. When my hon. Friend the Member for Linlithgow (Mr. Dalyell) speaks, I am sure that he will describe the conditions that he saw when he went to Mauritius at the time. The people were dumped there in terrible destitution. To ensure that nothing was left on the islands, the British commissioner had the problem of what to do with the islanders’ domestic animals and pets. The dogs were rounded up 272WHand gassed, all the animals were killed and the islands were left empty and uninhabited to make way for the American base.

The poor islanders were forced to eke out an existence in terrible poverty in Mauritius and the Seychelles. Ignored by everybody, they managed to survive and they never gave up two things: first, the hope, determination and desperation for the right of return; and secondly, the hope that one day, somebody, somewhere would recognise the fundamental injustice of their treatment.

Time has moved on and it is 48 years since the original and disgraceful deal was done between Wilson and Johnson, but the injustice has not gone away. I visited Mauritius a couple of years ago to meet the Chagos islanders and to see the conditions in which they live. They are very poor indeed. We have to remember, and we should remember, that the compensation that they finally won, some 15 years after the original removal from the islands had begun, was mainly eaten up by debt collectors and land agents. No one was given sufficient compensation and no one was made rich or wealthy by the process. This has been the subject of a court case that is still going on, so I cannot comment on anything more than the original facts of the case. However, it seems that the islanders were cajoled into signing what they did not believe to be a full and final settlement, and were told to accept it as such. The injustice and the poverty go on.

When I was in Mauritius, I spent a week visiting as many Chagossian families as I could. I talked to them about their lives on the Chagos Islands, when they lived there, and their lives now. They described their sustainable form of living, the type of community, religion and schools that they had and their lives in general. It was fascinating to talk to them, but one could see the hurt in their eyes at the way that they were taken from the islands and dumped on the quayside at Port Louis. Many of those families still live in desperate poverty in metal huts with outside toilets and little furniture. Although the current Mauritius Government have been kinder to them than previous ones, they are still very poor people.

Those people, however, were always going to campaign for their hope of a right of return; they would never give up. Eventually, a case was lodged in the British legal system and, in a court order of 2000, they were granted the right to return under British immigration law. It was ruled that they had the right of return. The following year, a further step forward was taken when theBritish Overseas Territories Bill was introduced in Parliament. My hon. Friend the Member for Linlithgow and I raised the question of the eligibility of the Chagos islanders for British citizenship, on the basis that they would be entitled to British citizenship like everyone else in overseas territories had they not been removed from the British Indian Ocean Territory. To their credit, the Government accepted the thrust of our argument, and a Government amendment was tabled and accepted in Committee. Therefore, the islanders were given the right to British citizenship. There is, unfortunately, a grey area in which I hope ministerial discretion will be used to deal with the small number of those who have fallen outside the provisions of that law.

273WHThings looked quite good in 2000 and 2001, and a compensation claim was lodged to re-open the issue. In meetings we had at the Foreign Office with the Minister’s predecessor, Baroness Amos, on the right of return and the possibility of a visit, we thought that things were going very well. Indeed, in the Commons, Ministers have asserted two things. One is that there is a right to return, and the second is that there was no impediment to anyone going back at any time. Things were looking good, and we had hope, as did the islanders.

On 10 June this year, which everyone will remember as election day, staff at the Foreign Office were not out ensuring that people were voting. Instead, they were at the palace asking the Queen to sign an Order in Council. When I was told that an Order in Council had been signed, I misheard or misunderstood. I thought that it was a statutory instrument that I would be able to pray against, as I assumed other hon. Members would, so that decisions made by Ministers would be subject to some form of democratic accountability. I had to reconsider, and I spoke to Sheridans’ Richard Gifford, the excellent solicitor who has represented the Chagossians for many years. He calmly explained to me that I had misunderstood, and that an Order in Council signed by her Majesty was law. It overrides everything in which we believe about the democratic accountability of the Government.

There are two orders: one is the British Indian Ocean Territory (Constitution) Order and the second is the British Indian Ocean Territory (Immigration) Order. I shall just quote a little of one, to give the Chamber a flavour of it: Subject to the provisions of this Order, the Commissionerappointed under the constitution order— may make laws for the peace, order and good government of the Territory”. The order then goes on to declare, without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1)”, that the commissioner in effect becomes the supreme Governor of everything in the territory. The order says: All laws made by the Commissioner in exercise of the powers conferred by subsection (1) shall be published in the Gazette in such manner as the Commissioner may direct. Every law made by the Commissioner under subsection (1) shall come into force on the date on which it is published”. We have handed power over to a commissioner. Never mind the fact that there were islanders living there and that several thousand people until that point had every right to live there; apparently, they now have no rights whatever. So much for the constitution order.

The immigration order was the second one passed, and I shall quote just two of its sections. Article 7 says: An immigration officer, acting in his entire discretion, may issue or renew a permit or may cancel a permit before the expiration, subject to the right of appeal provided in section 10. That is for people who wish to visit the Chagos Islands. Article 10 says: A person aggrieved by any decision of an immigration officer may appeal to the Commissioner, whose decision shall be final and conclusive. 274WHSo the only person to whom one can appeal if one does not agree with a decision to prevent Chagos islanders going to their own islands is a commissioner appointed specifically to control the Chagos Islands in every way for evermore.

The Minister made a written statement to the House on 10 June, although frankly it should have been an oral statement and made at a time when he could have been cross-questioned about it. At least, however, we are debating the subject here in Westminster Hall today. His statement said: Following the departure of the Chagossians in the late 60s and early 70s, the economic conditions and infrastructure that had supported the community of plantation workers ceased to exist. While the judicial review proceedings were still pending, the Government therefore commissioned a feasibility study by independent experts to examine and report on the prospects for re-establishing a viable community”.—[Official Report, 10 June 2004; Vol. 422, c. 33WS.] I have some comments to make on that. The Chagossians did not depart from the islands in the 1960s and 1970s; they were rounded up, taken away and thrown off the islands. Let us not beat about the bush: that was a disgraceful, immoral act. It is time that a Minister stood up and apologised for that act committed by the Government of the time and for the treatment of the Chagos islanders by succeeding Governments.

I was kindly given the three volumes of the feasibility study by the Foreign Office when it came out in November 2000, and it said that there were problems with water supply, periodic flooding, storms, seismic activity and so on, as the Minister points out. However, it did not say that no one could live there or that life was impossible on the islands. When pressed on the matter, the Foreign Office retreats into arguments about the potential cost of resettling the Chagos islanders. I have two points on that. First, they have a moral right to return. Secondly, would any Minister stand up in the House and say that the cost of keeping the population on Pitcairn, St. Helena, Tristan da Cunha or the Falkland Islands was such that we were going to withdraw the entire population? They would not dare.

§Mr. Kelvin Hopkins (Luton, North) (Lab)My hon. Friend mentioned the Falkland Islands. Has he made any comparisons between the costs that he is talking about and the amount of money spent on defending the Falkland islanders when the Argentines invaded?

§Jeremy CorbynIndeed, the costs are on two completely different scales. The costs involved in administering the Chagos Islands are very small. At the current time, all the income from fishing licences—about £50,000 a year—is taken up by administration, and other money is paid to continue that administration. Were the islands to be resettled, however, and were there to be serious discussions with the islanders about resettling them, there would be an economy on the islands. There is fishing there, and the possibility of ecotourism or copra. Quite a lot of activities could take place on the islands. However, I do not get the feeling that there is any wish, desire, hope or intention of going down that road. The whole desire is to put the issue to one side and forget about it. That is because of an American base on Diego Garcia, for 275WHwhich I suspect nothing is paid, and because the Americans have said that they do not want anyone anywhere near their base owing to security concerns.

I think that we have every right to ensure the settlement of the outer islands—at least—and that we have a right to know exactly what is happening on Diego Garcia, which is, under the terms of the colonial order, sovereign British territory. Are there any prisoners on Diego Garcia? Is it being used for the sort of vortex of American justice such as occurs in Guantanamo Bay? I am assured that it is not. I want to hear that assurance again today and it would be much better if there were an independent inspection of what is going on.

I will make only a couple more points because I want to make sure that other Members get a chance to speak. On Tuesday, a group of Chagos islanders went to the Foreign Office to demonstrate. They handed in a petition signed by a substantial number of Chagos islanders who are living in this country legally. The petition demands:  

  1. “1. Restoration of our right of abode in the outer islands of the territory.
  2. 2. Restoration of our fundamental rights as British Overseas Territories Citizens.
  3. 3. The immediate payment of compensation.
  4. 4. The setting up of a pilot resettlement in the outer islands.
  5. 5. The setting up of a social survey in Mauritius and the Seychelles with recommendations to support the vulnerable group of our community.
  6. 6. The organising of a visit to the ancestral sites in the British Indian Ocean Territory for the Chagossians living in Mauritius, Seychelles and the UK”

—and, presumably, anywhere else in the world. It seems to me that that is a minimal demand. I had a response from the Minister today and I hope that he will be able to give us further positive news on the possibility of a visit and a return to it.

Mr. HopkinsIt strikes me that there is something of a parallel between what has happened to the Chagos islanders and the highland clearances in Scotland, when the rich and powerful drove the poor and weak from the land. That has scarred and informed Scottish politics ever since. Is it not significant that two of the three speakers here today are Scots?

§Mr. SalmondI am glad that the hon. Gentleman raised that point, because I was about to come to it. One of the first and better acts of the Scottish Parliament when it came back into existence on the mound was in a debate such as this when it apologised collectively for the historic injustice of the highland clearances. They were not the responsibility of any Scottish Parliament, but it was felt none the less by all parties in that Parliament that such an apology should be offered, and that was done by representatives of all the parties. I very much hope that the Minister will do exactly what the hon. Gentleman suggested and proffer some sort of apology to the few thousand Chagos islanders who deserve not just an apology but some sign that future action and policy will be different from that in the past.

The islanders won the High Court judgment in 2000, which was in the days of ethical foreign policy. I shared the hopes that were expressed earlier that at last something would be done to rectify the historical 278WHgrievance and injustice. I accepted, as I think did many islanders, that there was an American base of long standing on Diego Garcia and that it might not be possible for all the islands to be reinhabited. However, basic rights—such as the right to visit the graves of ancestors, to occupy the outer islands and to receive reasonable compensation, and the right of the duty of care that any Government and the Crown should have over these people—should have been respected as de minimis compensation for the wrongs and injustices of the past. In fact, none of that occurred, and instead the Government, in a sneaky, underhand way, passed two Orders in Council on European election day to prohibit debate, to remove what little rights had been won and to rectify loopholes in legislation that allowed the assertion of the human rights of the islanders and their descendants.

The analysis that the islands are no longer capable of sustaining occupation because of global warming must be pretty bad news for the American military base—perhaps the runway is about to disappear under water. I have an overwhelming feeling that if Mauritius could be persuaded to send just one gunboat to the outer islands to establish the Mauritian flag again in what is arguably its territory anyway, we would decide that the islands were worth reclaiming on behalf of the Crown and dispatch a taskforce to the Indian ocean.

Global warming is an interesting concept, because it conflicts rather dramatically with what is on the US navy website. In a welcoming introduction to “The Footprint of Freedom” and Camp Justice, Diego Garcia is described as a paradise on earth and it is said that one of the best stationings that any US serviceman can have is on Diego Garcia. The website states: Although it is a British Territory, there are fewer than 50 British personnel (or Brits as they are commonly known) on the island. The Minister had better explain how the Government claim to know better than many respectable outlets of the US press. The Washington Post, for example, claims that prisoners are held on Diego Garcia for “rendering” before being transferred to Camp X-Ray. How confident is the Foreign Office in the information that the US authorities have offered it on what is happening on Diego Garcia, given that the Prime Minister seems to be revising his previous confidence in judgments that he has made about the international situation? Ultimately, the Minister should accept the collective responsibility of this and previous Governments for what has been done to the islanders. An apology should be proffered, but above all there should be a change of approach and of policy by the Government, who should offer some justice and some compensation to the islanders.

It may be thought that because of indolence or lack of concern among most Members of Parliament—there are a few honourable exceptions, who are here today such an issue is of no great moment, but it is precisely such issues that are of great political moment, because no member of the public could hear and understand what has happened to the islanders without having an overwhelming sense of injustice. If the Government cannot rectify the wrongs of the past for these few thousand people, what hope is there for their having any moral compass on the great issues of the day? Unless the Government are prepared to act and rectify the wrongs of the past, they are, in a moral sense, every bit as homeless as the islanders of Diego Garcia.

Mr. Tam Dalyell(Linlithgow) (Lab)

Let none of us suppose that there is a complete lack of interest in this country on this issue. When the hon. Member for Banff and Buchan (Mr. Salmond) had the opportunity to put a question to my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister, I was in company in Scotland. However, I subsequently heard, not only in university circles but more widely, that it was an important question. Indeed, some people went so far as to observe that it was the most sensible question asked of the Prime Minister for some weeks.

My hon. Friend the Member for Islington, North (Jeremy Corbyn) has inspired an important debate, but perhaps it comes 40 years too late. It was in 1964 that the Government began misdescribing the long-settled population as transitory workers in order to mislead the world into thinking that they had no obligations to that population. My clear recollection is that I raised the subject with the then Foreign Secretary, Patrick Gordon Walker. Frankly, having been defeated at Smethwick and about to be defeated at Leyton, his mind was on other things. A later Foreign Secretary was George Brown. When the general problem of the British Indian Ocean Territory was raised with him, he told me, in colourful language, to mind my own business. Perhaps I was not as tough then as subsequently, but George Brown was a formidable operator in his heyday. I raised the subject on the prompting of the late Sir Ashley Miles, the biological secretary of the Royal Society. It was his concern about the Indian ocean that first raised my acute interest.

Article 73 of the United Nations casts a “sacred trust” on a sovereign power to promote the welfare and advancement of the people, but the Government surreptitiously deported the islanders and misled the world about their status. At the United Nations on 16 November 1965, the British representative Mr. F.D.W. Brown, acting on the instructions of the Foreign Office, misdescribed the islands as uninhabited when my government first acquired them”,misdescribed the population as labourers from Mauritius and Seychelles and misled the UN into stating that the new administrative arrangements had been freely worked out with the…elected representatives of the people concerned”. Instead, they bought the plantations, closed them down, forced the people to leave on boats, which incidentally were horribly overcrowded, and led them to exile, where they still remain. Their lives have been a tragedy of misery, poverty and despair, the only alleviation of which has been the heartfelt desire to return to their homeland, where their villages and ancestors lie.

In 1969, on my return from Australia, I stopped in Mauritius to stay the night with the former general secretary of the Labour party, Len Williams. Harold Wilson had wanted him out of Transport house and made him Governor-General of Mauritius. His wife Margaret Williams was a very intelligent and nice lady, and she decided that I should spend a morning with some Ilois people. It made a strong impression on me.

What is remarkable is that in the same speech by Mr. Brown representing the Foreign Office, he described the wishes of the Falkland islanders, whose 280WHrepresentatives were consulted. Here we return to a previous intervention and a proper comparison with the Falkland islanders, of whom Mr. Brown said: It has been suggested that this population is somehow irrelevant and that it has no claim to have its wishes taken into account …it would surely be fantastic to maintain that only indigenous inhabitants have any rights in the Country”. He then quoted Woodrow Wilson from 1918: Peoples and Provinces are not to be bartered about from sovereignty to sovereignty as if they were chattels or pawns in a game”. Within months, the Chagos Islands had been given to the United States and the destruction of the islanders’ homes and lives was soon to follow.

These days, we are all too familiar with conducting foreign policy on the basis of false or misleading facts. The historical record now revealed by the islanders’ legal struggle has after 30 years shown that a small and vulnerable population of British subjects can safely be written out of the history book on the pretext that they are not really a population at all. There is nothing new in deceiving the world while acting in breach of civilised standards of international and constitutional law. That point was made by my hon. Friend the Member for Islington, North in his powerful speech.

When the islanders finally won their struggle to return in the High Court in November 2000, Lord Justice Laws stated: The people are to be governed, not removed. He also stated that the Immigration Ordinance 1971 was an “abject legal failure”, which had no colour of lawful authority. That is not my view but that of a distinguished Law Lord.

We are supposed to have an ethical foreign policy. The then Foreign Secretary, my right hon. Friend the Member for Livingston (Mr. Cook), accepted the Court’s judgment and said: I have decided to accept the Court’s ruling and the Government will not be appealing.The work we are doing on the feasibility of resettlement of Ilois now takes on a new importance. We started feasibility work a year ago and are now well under way with phase two of the study.Furthermore, we will put in place a new immigration ordinance which allows Ilois to return to the outer islands while observing our treaty obligations.The Government has not defended what was done or said 30 years ago. As Lord Justice Laws recognised, we made no attempt to conceal the gravity of what happened”. History is repeating itself with the same moral turpitude. This time, given that the islanders had already been promised that the Government’s policy was to move towards their resettlement on the islands, the new banishment is a cruel change to what has already been offered. Moreover, the reasons given are again based on inaccurate and misleading information.

The Foreign Office press statement claimed that it was the feasibility study that prevented resettlement. I am glad that this Minister is replying to the debate, and I thank him for his personal courtesy in seeing my hon. Friend the Member for Islington, North and me in the Foreign Office. He cited a conclusion, supposedly made by the consultants in their executive summary, that the costs of maintaining long-term inhabitation are likely to 281WHbe prohibitive. However, that was not based on any work of the consultants, whose terms of reference precluded any consideration of cost. Even if he had read only the executive summary, he would know from page 3 that the consultants reported: This report has not been tasked with investigating the financial costs and benefits of resettlements”. I feel entitled to ask where the conclusion came from. It was certainly not from the consultants.

The Minister further stated that human interference within the Atolls…is likely to exacerbate the stress on the marine and terrestrial environment and will accelerate the effect of global warming. However, other things might accelerate global warming. Thus”, he continued,resettlement is likely to become less feasible over time”. Again, that judgment was not based on the work of the consultants, who stated in volume 3, paragraph 8.3: At the present time it is not possible to quantify the risk associated with climate change for the Chagos Islands. The Minister’s conclusion had crept in from somewhere else.

Finally, it is impossible to take seriously the suggestion that only a resettled population will face difficulties. Are we really to believe that the 64 islands offered back to the islanders by the then Foreign Secretary, my right hon. Friend the Member for Livingston, are going to sink under the waves, while the one island occupied by the Americans is to provide defence facilities for generations to come? It is the biggest military base outside the continental United States.

Only yesterday, in the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Sedley referred to the shameful treatment to which the islanders were subjected: The deliberate misinterpretation of Ilois history and status, designed to deflect any investigation by the United Nations, the use of legal powers designed for the governance of the islands for the illicit purpose of depopulating them, the consequent uprooting of scores of families from the only way of life and means of subsistence that they knew, the failure to make anything like adequate provision for their resettlement, all of this and more is now part of the historical record. Moreover, he went so far as to compare those removals with the highland clearances of the second quarter of the 19th century. He stated:Defence may have replaced agricultural improvement as the reason, but the pauperisation and the expulsion of the weak in the interests of the powerful is the same. It gives little to be proud of. Now there has been a cruel new blow to this mistreated population. Their hopes, which were raised by this Government, have been dashed. Nothing in this game of cat and mouse is any less culpable than the lies and inhumanity that characterised the removal of the population.

It is not, however, too late to render justice. The right of the islanders to return to their homeland should now be recognised, and proper scientific studies should be undertaken, with proper, independent input from respected scientists whose conclusions ought to be binding on the Government.

HC Deb 24 September 2002 vol 390 cc26-156

Mr. Tam Dalyell(Linlithgow)I echo what the right hon. and learned Member for Sleaford and North Hykeham (Mr. Hogg) said about the affront to democracy. I shall set an example by making a speech which is much shorter than 10 minutes. It is in the form of a question, and it is apposite that a Minister from the Ministry of Defence should be answering this debate.

My hon. Friend the Member for Islington, North (Jeremy Corbyn) and I have been much involved in the case of the Chagos islanders. Their lawyers told us of a problem with the Ilois returning to Diego Garcia because of the building of six huge temperature-controlled hangars. We were asked what we would do to protest to the Government about that. We asked what the hangars were for. Apparently they are for B52 bombers and, particularly, B2 bombers that have to be repaired and maintained in a particular temperature. Why does one have B2 bombers? It is particularly to carry earth-penetrating nuclear weapons, specifically the B61–11.

My question, which I hope will be addressed in the reply, is this: we are talking about a British base, the British Indian Ocean Territory, of which Diego Garcia is a part and which is a House of Commons responsibility. The House of Commons should be told if nuclear weapons, albeit tactical, earth-penetrating nuclear weapons to destroy bunkers—one can understand why the American air force may wish to have this particular weapon in relation to Iraq—are to be launched from British soil, with or without agreement by the United States air force. We should be told in the winding-up speech tonight.

2.45 pm

§Mr. Francis Maude(Horsham)I have only a few points to make and I shall endeavour to be brief.

First, the issue is not about human rights in Iraq. The Foreign Secretary made great play of them and the dossier covers them. We need no persuading that Saddam Hussein’s regime is about the most evil in the world today. It has committed atrocities on a scale unseen almost anywhere else, but that does not justify armed intervention 52in Iraq. If I may say so, it is something of a red herring. The debate is about something wider, more important and of greater application to the world outside Iraq.

Secondly, there can be no controversy about the evidence that Saddam Hussein has developed, and is continuing to develop apace, weapons of mass destruction. The dossier, which puts forward the evidence in a calm and measured way, makes the case conclusively. Surely that can no longer be a matter of dispute.

Thirdly, does Saddam having and developing such weapons amount to a threat sufficient in immediacy and gravity to justify armed military intervention, even as a last resort? As my right hon. and learned Friend the Member for Sleaford and North Hykeham (Mr. Hogg) said in a powerful, lucid and cogent speech—I am afraid that I did not agree with much of it—the threat issue is a matter of judgment. Everyone has to make their judgment about the gravity and immediacy of that threat.

We must look at other countries that have developed weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons, and ask ourselves what it is that distinguishes Iraq from, for example, India, Pakistan or even Iran. The answer is that there is clear evidence from the history of the Saddam Hussein regime that it is fundamentally an aggressive regime. He has developed these weapons, not as an instrument of deterrence to deter attacks on Iraq, but as weapons of aggression. In the past 20 years, the regime has twice invaded its neighbours. On a number of occasions, it has launched ballistic missiles against neighbouring states. It is not a regime under external threat that has developed these weapons to create a mutual deterrence, as is the case with India and Pakistan—regrettably, perhaps, but one can understand the reason for them doing so. Those considerations do not apply to Iraq.

In my judgment, this threat is clear, serious and present enough to justify decisive intervention by the international community in whatever shape that takes to enforce a disarmament of the regime.

My fourth point is about the threat to the stability of the middle east and was raised by my right hon. and learned Friend and others. We should be very clear about this: the greatest threat to the stability of the middle east is Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. Quite apart from the actual attacks that he has mounted against his neighbours in the past 20 years, the fact that he consistently sponsors suicide attacks by Palestinians helps to prevent the peace process that we all yearn to be restarted from resuming. It is hard to see how the successful disarming and removal of Saddam Hussein can do anything other than contribute to the stability of the middle east.

Of course, the same concerns were expressed before the Gulf war, 12 years ago, but in fact the successful conclusion of the Gulf war was the trigger for the start of the Oslo process—

HL Deb 24 February 2004 vol 658 cc121-30

My Lords, first, I thank both noble Lords for the welcome that they have given the Statement. I say to the noble Lord, Lord Howell, that we particularly welcome the context in which he started his comments. However, I think it is only fair to say that none of us envisaged the possibility of two armed aeroplanes being flown into buildings in the way that occurred on 11 September. That was a dramatic shock to the international community……

In relation to the issues raised by the noble Lord, Lord Wallace of Saltaire, about whether there are people being kept at Diego Garcia and elsewhere, the US has confirmed to us that there are no such detainees. Of course, we rely on that assurance.

MH370: Pilot had Diego Garcia included on his simulator

12.46 Intriguing new line from The Malay Mail Online.

Police scouring Capt Shah’s flight simulator – which he installed in his home – have found five Indian Ocean practice runways.

One is in the Maldives.

One is on Diego Garcia.

The other three are in India and Sri Lanka.

So, not such a crazy idea after all. We have the Anwar/Globalist issue. Anwar now coming out to admit he’s related to the pilot. We know why the west wants to destabilise Malaysia and we know the CIA are active in Malaysia and have been for some time. We also know the Council on Foreign Relations is happy with Anwar and the west definitely want him as their man in Malaysia.

We know it is highly unlikely that this plane could have travelled across multiple territories such as the northern arc suggests without being spotted. The southern arc leads to nowhere. So what’s left?

Ping DG


Why fly over Maldives instead of direct to Diego Garcia? Well it makes sense to me. You see, by doing so (if, in fact it did) it would give the possibility of being spotted by the Maldives. It would then suggest that the plane was heading to Africa. The straight line between Maldives and Africa suggests the flight is heading toward…..




And we all know who live in Somalia don’t we? It’s full of pirates and Al Qaeda! 🙂 So we’re told by our wonderful media programming on behalf of our governments.

So then what do we expect next? Well, what I expect is for Israel to start screaming! “Oy vey! Oy Vey! They have a plane now in Somalia loaded up with nuclear bombs. The Iranians are in on it! We need to destroy Iran before they use it. They’re going to wipe out Jerusalem and the Temple Mount! Oy vey! Oy vey! The International community must now attack Iran and Somalia and destroy half the middle east so we, god’s people, can continue to live on this planet, in peace and suck the life out of every last living human creature with our monetary system!”

Ok perhaps I’ve slightly overdone what the Israeli’s might say and demand but have I? They’re fricking “religious” (yet atheist?!) nutters! And they’re desperate for a war!

MH370: KL to Mauritius Flying time

Why are the officials trying to keep this search in the two arcs (quite massive arcs by the way, suggesting that the satellite really doesn’t have a clue)? A wild goose chase? You see, the likelihood of the plane taking the northern arc and not being spotted is damned unlikely no matter what all the “Talking Heads” say.

Further, the plane would not turn back on itself heading in a south westernly direction right back over Malaysia and Malacca if it just intended to go back up toward that arc. It really doesn’t make much sense if you think about it. Further, yes they can say but then it took another sharp turn pointing, once more, in a more northernly direction. Yes it did but it was flying between waystations for a purpose and then it just disappeared off military radar but it had come way south to then head north again?? Plus, heading northwest from that point (assuming from then on pretty straight) would take it over Indian airspace and there are enough people saying it is highly doubtful it would get through and I, for one, agree with them.

So, my theory (and that is all it is but it’s based a little more on logical reasoning from my perspective) is that it turned south once more, once it evaded radar (AWACS helped or not) and it flew in the direction of Mauritius.

We’re told it was active (flying or otherwise) for another 7 hours after it was lost from radar. Well, here’s the flying time to Mauritius:

KL to Mauritius


I’m just saying it didn’t go to Mauritius – it went to Diego Garcia and was led there.

Here’s the “arc” of the covenant they keep showing us:

MH370_Mar17This is based on Inmarsat “pings” to the below cabin ACARS so we are told. Now, Inmarsat is tied to military and government contracts. Yes it provides commercial services but, if the British government says “jump” in the name of “national security”, Inmarsat will do just that.

Here’s what David Coiley had to say:

David Coiley, a vice president of Inmarsat, a British satellite telecommunications provider, said the missing plane had been equipped with an Inmarsat signaling system that sends out a “keep-alive message” to establish that the plane’s communications system is still switched on.

The plane sent out a series of such messages after civilian radar lost contact, he said. Those messages later stopped, but he declined to specify precisely when or how many messages had been received. Mr. Coiley said Inmarsat was sharing the information with the airline and investigators.

“It does allow us to determine where the airplane is relative to the satellite,” he said of the signal, which he likened to the “noises you might hear when a cellphone sits next to a radio or a television speaker.” He said: “It does allow us to narrow down the position of the aircraft” — at the moment when the signal was sent.

Such equipment automatically checks in to satellites, much as a mobile phone would check in to a network after passing through a mountain tunnel, he said. Because the pings go over a measurable distance at a specific angle to one of the company’s satellites, the information can be used to help calculate the trajectory of an aircraft and narrow its approximate location — though not necessarily its resting point.

So let’s just consider what he’s saying here:

In the same article, it states those pings went on for hours after the plane disappeared from all radar. Some reports have said 7 hours. However, why would Mr Coiley decline to say how many messages had been received and yet, we are provided the “arcs” by the officials? These arcs are the same as saying for how long and how many pings were received but Mr Coiley doesn’t wish to provide that detail. Why? What is so “classified” about such information considering what is at stake and that people wish to know? What could, if anything, such detail give away (either to “bad men” or just the public and, perhaps, other pilots or aircraft engineering people who could then work something out from them?).

He then goes on to say it allows us to determine where the plane is relative to the satellite….narrow down the position. Well does it? Two arcs, thousands of miles long is all we are given and even they are suggested as being the last point or outer edge of where the plane could have flown to. Why just give the arc for the final ping while not being willing to say how many pings? Also, where was the plane, approximately, at the points earlier pings were sent? While, if, as said below, the aircraft could have been hijacked using a mobile phone and a USB stick, then to suggest AWACS taking over is a walk in the park. You see, the “anti terror” expert, Aunty Sally (I once had an Aunty Sally) will promote such ideas because that suits the narrative. Suggesting a British/American/Globalist plot just doesn’t fit does it? And never will of course. But a terrorist may be smart (although I don’t believe they are and very few such entities actually exist. Al Qaeda being CIA for example) but not this smart.

Seems to be an element of planning? Sure honey, you can be sure of that! And sophisticated systems engineering understanding? I have no doubt. You’re actually making it even clearer that this was a sophisticated operation and that’s what was said on 9/11 – that it was believed it took governments to be involved – the Israelis said that to have a pretext to target the governments they wished to target of course, but noone ever wishes to consider that THEY could be that government, or UK or America. Nope! You consider that and you’re crazy. Then I’m batshit nuts!

Mirror 5

But back to the arcs and the position of the satellite (Inmarsat 3F 64.5deg East)


Those arcs have been plotted, in fact, by a mix of what we’re told is the last ping on inmarsat and the anticipated running out of fuel. It would seem, from what I’ve read elsewhere, is that all Inmarsat is capable of doing is taking a measurement of the angle and amplitude of the signal it receives and, knowing the output power of the signal from the ACARS equipment in the plane, it works out a relative distance form triangulation. This means that the satellite is, to a great degree, guessing the position of the aircraft AND, furthermore, as you can see from the arcs presented, it cannot locate the actual terrestrial co-ordinates in any way. That means that the reality is that those arcs can be considered to be a complete circle and the plane could have ended up anywhere on that circle. The satellite uses spot beams and a global beam. In this case, it uses it’s global beam which is just one big, massive circle. Now why are they trying to suggested only those two arcs and not a complete circle? Well, I’d guess they want the search area to be as large as possible to keep people searching and searching while they do not wish us to even consider that the plane went south west toward Mauritius, Africa and flying anywhere near Diego Garcia. Because for us to consider that, they know people would be saying “Wait a minute, there is no way that plane would not be spotted by Diego Garcia!” This may just lead people to consider that, in fact, Diego Garcia may have been the destination and was meant to be it’s destination.

If it flew for hours (possibly up to 7.5 hours) then Diego Garcia is no problem to reach.


Legal persons, Cheshire cats and the fat cats! (part 2)



Now, we’re beginning to get far more interesting. We now enter into the world of pure concept and the application of law to this concept called the “person” as a mathematical equation or statistic. We’re now at a point where there is an admission of what the “person” is and, from that, we can recognise how it is the legal system approaches its fundamental “unit” and how, therefore, the legal system can apply statute law to any and all groups which the legal system wishes to protect, elevate or otherwise. Proof, then, that you, as an individual with a mind, body and soul of your own (not to mention philosophy or morals or lack thereof) is of NO interest to the legal system. It is that very substance of our individual beings which the legal system of statutory acts cannot cope with. You MUST fall into a grouping in one way or another and in a multitude of ways, for the legal system to continue. This being the case, you can be an individual of the highest moral virtue and the legal system will dilute such to ensure you are treated the same as the worst of criminals if you just so happen to fall into the same grouping as the latter.

Essentially, then, the legal system can (and does) treat you the same way as Hitler is alleged to have treated the jews. If you are a jew, it matters not how moral you may be or even how much you may hold the same principles as a NAZI, you are a jew and you will be treated like one!

It is also like saying if you are black in America, the law enforcers are more likely to assume you to be a criminal.

Or, it is similar to saying “If you are muslim then you are most likely a terrorist”.

If you do not understand what I am saying here or my reasoning for it, I hope, in reading these pages and following the obvious intention, it will become apparent to you.

Person 4


Ok, let’s stop and think of just a few things here:

1. “when a case explicitly considers the legal personality of a given entity”. Think hard on what this is saying (and what we never really give much thought to). The law does not treat the “person” before a court according to that INDIVIDUAL’S personality (character). The law court simply considers the entity (Corporation, Private company, sole trader, partnership or human being of whatever race, colour, religious or political affiliation, sex, age etc) in accordance with a set of “rights and duties” which are arbitrarily assigned to such an entity based on a grouping. A perfect example of this is given in the video following where the barrister refers to this particular “person” not having much “armoury” because he is not a racial minority, homosexual or pregnant woman. It, therefore, is a prime confirmation of the grouping the law uses to determine which rights you do have and which rights you don’t have. It could not be clearer could it? And YET, the law “prides” itself in telling you that all are equal before it! What utter tosh!

Now, please tell me this could not be any clearer for you.

The thing about just applying the law of contract to an employment situation (remembering an employment contract is simply a CONTRACT like any other), is that it would handle a dispute between the employer and the employee based on a more balanced and fair assessment of  such a contract. Ignoring that even the law of contract has its issues, every person should have the same access to such law as any other person but what the government and courts have done is separated the law of contract and applied it purely to CORPORATE PERSONS while introducing statutory employment law to keep you and I, the employees, in our places. By doing so, they have elevated the stature of the Corporation above the stature of the human being. “Persons”, once more, shown not to be equal before the law. The statutory employment law is stacked against the employee. Your position has been significantly reduced by this law which says all persons are equal before it. It simply is not true when they have created divisions and compartmentalisation within law to account for it. What is their answer to that? Easy! They say “But that is the law!” What they will never acknowledge or even debate is that the law, itself, is set up fundamentally to discriminate between different groups of “persons”.

2. “according to its own particular purposes, when it is devising its own legal person”. How about that for a statement? From the very beginning of “law”, they have introduced the concept of a legal person and it has probably been as simple as this: Those who are considered such, have “rights” and those who aren’t, don’t. Just think about slavery. From then on, they have, step by step, begun the categorisation of persons while they have maintained the power (for that is what it is – pure power/force) to determine and/or decide who and what category of entity can become and be recognised as a “person”. For many years, women were not “persons” in their own right. Neither were slaves (obviously – they were property) nor homosexuals and transexuals. It is all so arbitrary that different countries have different legal regimes which either decide to recognise these groups or not. Everything is purely arbitrary and based upon political agendas!

3. “deep divisions in legal thinking”. The law cannot even agree what a person is! Can you understand, then, that just as this fundamental cannot be agreed upon, neither can categories and groupings because it is all down to opinion and political agendas. These people then enforce THEIR opinions upon you and I purely by the FORCE of law. Again it is all arbitrary application of other people’s opinions and has no basis in the fundamentals of right and wrong. It is for that reason that legal statutes are very rarely based upon fundamental morality.

4. “pure, legal artifice”. while there are other opinions, it is clear that the over-riding opinion is this one because it is this one which is applied.

5. “Other jurists are convinced that law’s person has a natural (and to some) even God given character.” This is quite obviously, then, not the version in current use otherwise there would be no such thing as a “Corporate person” unless you’re one of those (no names mentioned) who believe they do “God’s work”. God did not create the Corporation – a man-made “birth” certificate did (as it did for you and I as “persons). In the Corporation’s case, however, that birth certificate is simply a certificate of incorporation. Same thing but different nomenclature applied to two different subsets of the legal person. The natural person (you and I) receive “Birth certificates” and the Corporate person a certificate of incorporation. Somehow, these people expect us not to be able to see this. Amazing really how dumb they assume us to be.

Person 5


6. “which makes him morally considerable, and so commands a certain respect from law”. So, it would seem the second set of opinion which considers the “person” as a creature of nature and has “god given” character, provides for a given, specific person before a court to command respect from that court dependent upon his/her morality and, possibly, capability to argue his/her case and points as a moral and intelligent being. The first opinion does not, in any way, allow for this as we know.

7. The third type of person (or the third opinion of what a person should be) is interesting because it then begs the question: “Where is the line drawn between what society considers moral and immoral?” Who would be above the borderline and who below it and for what reason? Again, the reason being an arbitrary opinion by a legislature? What is further quite bizarre about this third opinion is, if you lined up a whole bunch of people who had never been before a court before, how would you decide who is sufficiently moral to be given “personhood” and who is not? If it then depended upon an entity committing a crime as to whether they were judged a person or not, then, on committing the crime, surely the judge/court would have to say this entity is immoral and, therefore, is not a person? If they then cannot be helf morally accountable for their actions, surely this means, then, that they cannot be jailed due to not having a “guilty mind” (mens rea). So everyone who committed a crime (and therefore was judged immoral, otherwise why prosecute them?) would be, at worst, sent to a mental institution. These people do not half get themselves tied up in their metaphysics and philosophy eh? 🙂

8. “jurists often move between different versions of the legal person……they are endowing the term with different meanings”. Now there is an admission for you!

P1, the Cheshire cat, is the one you and I know so well isn’t it? A pure abstraction based upon a concept. While see note 18 at the bottom of the page: P1 has no expectations of us as competent people but P3 does. It would appear, then, that P3 acknowledges one’s capability/capacity/competence while P1 treats you as a piece of meat belonging to a category.

Person 6


9. Re the reference to mathematics. Think of it this way – you remember set theorems? Sets and subsets? That is all we are in law. We have no presumed morality and competence individually. They apply law based upon categorisation.

10. “Anything can be a legal person…” and it goes on to state a few. They could decide a chair leg is a legal person if they so desired. This is fact.

11. “babies and other human legal incompetents…” Yes a baby cannot sign a birth certificate and the irony is this: The “person” (mother or father normally) who DOES sign the birth certificate is, in fact, incompetent because they are entirely unaware of the consequences of the contract that they are signing. Further, they are coerced into provisioning this baby with such a document and, thereby, “bestowing rights” upon it and yet they are unaware of this and do not even consider whether they wish to register the baby with a system which can then number it, tax it and control its contractual relationships (whether employment, marriage, whatever) throughout its entire life. Why do we go to divorce courts? If we were moral, competent, considerate people, we would be able to split things appropriately and do without such but no, we’re greedy and immoral. That is probably why there are so many divorces after all. But how is it that the law assumes jurisdiction over us as a couple? Because we have registered our marriage! It’s that simple. All we are saying to the state, by the action of getting married, is that, if things go wrong, we are handing over responsibility and authority to the state to handle our affairs because we are incompetent to do so. We don’t realise that this is all we are, in fact doing but neither do we recognise that the birth registration does precisely the same – not for a couple but for a single entity. So P1 assumes the parent is competent while P1 actually laughs at the incompetence of the parent. 🙂

12. And there you have it (we never think of these things really do we?): A ghost is a person. A deceased entity still has rights (and duties). Now think hard on that as we come to the next point about foetuses.

Person 7


13. Would you agree with me that a 2 week old foetus in the womb is by far a more living being than a deceased entity? Is that deceased entity going to suddenly come alive again and tap on your door at some point? So then answer me this: Why does the law not protect a 2 week of even months of age embryo in the womb? You know the answer don’t you? It’s called population reduction and it is a politically motivated agenda. If the law can justify retaining personhood for a dead entity, how can it argue that a living foetus (no matter it is living in another being’s womb) is NOT a person and not worth the law’s protection? That said, if a mother was moral, a mother would never have an abortion. If a father was moral, he would never support such. Yes there is the argument about rape and other arguments such as it may be born badly handicapped. The former, of course, is again due to immorality (an immorality I, personally, cannot understand, as I can’t many). The latter is a very difficult one to call for it is still a life yet it may be a very unfortunate life while, of course, the eugenicists would argue it adds nothing to the economy!

14. “For the logic of the system it is just as much a pure ‘concept’ as ‘one’ in arithmetic. And there you have the plain truth. A truth the legal system in practice shall never acknowledge no matter how obvious it is.

15. “Law is a self enclosed system, in this view, which does not look elsewhere for its meaning” or justification for its justification comes from the force it uses to enforce it. “The law is an ass”… “That may be, but the law is the law”. Created by and maintained by the very force which wishes to protect “the public”, “the national interest”, “national security”, ” the realm”. All of which is, in the case of the UK and commonwealth certainly, the Crown. But it is a system to protect the very people who created it and that is all it is. As such, it is a protection mechanism for a mafia.

16. “It is an artificial world whose members are to some extent arbitrary”. Need I say more?

17. “The legal personality of a corporation is just as real and no more real than the legal personality of a normal human being”. And that is entirely correct. That is why the legal person must be destroyed. The wonderful thing about this statement is that it was probably made to protect the status of corporations as persons but, at the very same time, by doing so, it exposes the reality of the person (including the subset of “natural person” therefore) in stark, cold light of day.

Why doesn't this sign say "KEEP ABORTION MORAL"?

Why doesn’t this sign say “KEEP ABORTION MORAL”?

Solving “Climate change”? A piece of cake!

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Do you ever get the feeling that there were certain powers ensuring that alcohol was never going to be allowed to be a competitive fuel to petrol?

Once you’ve read this you might wish to plug into the search bar on the blog “The methanol economy”.

HC Deb 25 July 1904 vol 138 cc1066-127

MR. CHARLES HOBHOUSE(Bristol, E.)said the new clause he had to submit was discussed on the Finance Bill of two years before, but on that occasion the principle accepted by the then Chancellor of the Exchequer differed considerably from the present proposal. When the former proposal came before the House it was treated entirely from a non-partisan and a quasi-scientific point of view. He hoped to be able to claim the support of those hon. Members who had favoured the former proposal, and in view of the general consensus of opinion in its favour, he hoped the Chancellor of the Exchequer would not lightly put aside the proposal embodied in this new clause. In the first place it was quite clear that the exemption of alcohol when used for motive power or for lighting, heating, or manufacturing purposes, opened a field for British industries that were at present quite undeveloped. There were at the present moment great possibilities, but the development of new industries, and the discoveries of science, were such as to open up a far wider field in the future. It had often been said that British manufacturers were behindhand in their methods, but this was a case in which they found enterprise hampered by the financial department of the Government. The Treasury had expressed two opinions on this question. The Chancellor of the Exchequer had a few days before admitted that he was prepared to appoint a Committee to consider this matter, whereas some four days earlier it was intimated that it was I not the intention of the Exchequer to give any special facilities for the use of alcohol for industrial purposes. There were many industries dependent on the free use of absolute alcohol, in all of which English manufacturers were handicapped by the German manufacturers having the free use of denatured alcohol. He believed it would be possible in Ireland, if it were not for the Treasury restrictions on the manufacture of this denatured alcohol, to manufacture from damaged grain and diseased potatoes a spirit costing not more than from sixpence to eight-pence per gallon. As petrol cost 1s. 4d. per gallon, and the powers of petrol and free alcohol might be represented by 100 and 110 units respectively, it would be seen that an enormous impetus might be given to an industry in Ireland, with- 1106out there being any loss of power by the substitution of alcohol for petrol. Moreover, as the supply of petrol was in the hands of about three companies, the output might very easily be limited and the price raised, unless there were some commodity such as alcohol which might be substituted. It was a curious fact that no loss to the Exchequer would be involved in the acceptance of this proposal, because the present taxes were so prohibitive that they had prevented the establishment of any of these possible industries, and thus no revenue accrued to the Exchequer therefrom. By agreeing to the new clause the Chancellor of the Exchequer would acquire great Kudos to himself without the least expense to the Treasury, and also help in the development of very valuable industries. He begged to move.

A clause [Exemption from duty of alcohol used for motive power]— On and after the first day of August, nineteen hundred and four, where it shall be proved to the satisfaction of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue that alcohol which has been suitably denatured and rendered unpotable is required for motive power, lighting, heating, and manufacturing purposes, it shall be lawful to sell such spirit without payment of any duty or tax thereon, and further, subject to such regulations as the Commissioners may require for the security of the revenue, absolute alcohol shall also be exempt from duty when employed in manufacturing operations where it can be proved to the Commissioners that denaturing agents would prevent its use.”—(Mr. Charles Hobhouse.) Brought up, and read a first time.

§Motion made, and Question proposed, “That this clause be read a second time.”

§MR. AUSTEN CHAMBERLAINsaid the proposal of the hon. Gentleman, which was practically identical with one moved in Committee, raised a question of much importance. Two years ago the right hon. Gentleman the Member for Haddingtonshire was the author of an Amendment to the Finance Bill, by which it was sought to render possible the use of duty-free spirit in certain cases where it had not hitherto been possible because it could not be denatured, and only denatured spirit was allowed to pass duty free. The question was one of 1107considerable complexity and difficulty, in which he could not move without making sure of his ground. The possible uses of alcohol for motive power and other purposes had enormously increased during the last few years, and would probably be considerably developed in the future, and he was certainly anxious that the Treasury regulations should be so reconsidered in the light of these facts as to remove, if possible, obstacles from the path of manufacturers or enterprise in this country. But it was necessary at the same time to have regard to the protection of the revenue. Under these circumstances, as he stated in Committee, he thought the fairest and wisest course was to appoint a small Committee to go into the question. Although it would be a Departmental Committee, he did not suggest that it should be composed exclusively of officials serving under Government; he would hope to get other advice and assistance on the Committee, and he thought that from such a body they might get a Report indicating what was necessary and desirable if industries were to be promoted and necessary obstacles removed, and at the same time what reconstructions were essential in the interests of the revenue. By that means, with very little delay, a solution satisfactory to all parties might be arrived at. The proposal when made in Committee was accepted by those interested, and he hoped the hon. Gentleman would not think him unreasonable it he refrained from going further on the present occasion. He thought he ought to have the support of the information which such a Committee would afford before he proceeded to deal with a matter of such complexity and importance. He would, as soon as possible, proceed to the appointment of the Committee, and he would take action on their Report. He hoped the hon. Gentleman would be satisfied with this assurance, and would not think it necessary to press the clause to a division.

§MR. HALDANE (Haddingtonshire)sympathised with the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his reference to the complexity and difficulty which attended this question. For some years he (Mr. Haldane) had given considerable attention to the subject, and the more he had tudied it the more difficult it seemed 1108to become. But there were two or-three particular features which had emerged clearly in his mind. This was a question not merely of industries which at present existed, and which might ultimately become important, but also of industries upon which we had scarcely entered. Anybody who studied the exhibits of Germany in the Paris Exhibition of 1900 must have realised to what an enormous extent the industries of that country had grown, not merely by research but by the free use of reagents. Germany’s chemical industries had grown with a rapidity which was really alarming. A great deal of that was to be put down to the want of freedom enjoyed by the people of this country. We had splendid scientific ability; he believed that the larger proportion of the very first minds were to be reckoned to this country—he was speaking of quality rather than quantity—but, owing to the restriction which was put upon the application of science to industry, we had not given room for the development which otherwise might have taken place in this country. Alcohol afforded a peculiarly significant illustration. Two years ago the Committee was successful in securing the insertion of a clause in the Finance Billwith regard to the free use of alcohol for certain purposes; but on Report the then Chancellor of the Exchequer introduced an Amendment which rendered the clause almost useless to manufacturers. It was stated on the part of the revenue authorities that the production of alcohol could not be allowed for use in manufactures duty free without some supervision, and that to balance the cost of that supervision a surtax should be put upon the foreigner in order that the English manufacturer should not be put at a disadvantage. The result was that the Inland Revenue authorities fixed the surtax at fivepence, and as the price of pure alcohol from Germany was about tenpence halfpenny per gallon, the duty represented 50 per cent. of the cost. During a visit to a distillery he had been told that the fivepence hardly represented the cost of the supervision, but that there was a little bit of protection in it.

§MR. AUSTEN CHAMBERLAINIntroduced by the right hon. Gentleman the Member for West Bristol?


§MR. HALDANEbelieved the Inland Revenue authorities did it in perfect innocence, but there were so many innocent things done nowadays that one could never be quite sure of one’s position. But he believed that the right hon. Gentleman the Member for West Bristol and the present Chancellor of the Exchequer were entitled to say that they were perfectly innocent in this matter. The surtax was fixed by experts, but who were the experts? The surtax of fivepence was more than the cost of the supervision, and this addition of 50 per cent. to the cost meant that the German competitor was able to get his alcohol 50 per cent. cheaper than the British manufacturer, That was a very serious business. He was informed by the manager of one of the great celluloid industries in this country that they were seriously hampered in their competition with foreigners, and that this fivepenny surtax made all the difference in their enterprise. He did not know whether the House realised the enormous growth which had taken place in recent years in the celluloid industry, and how much it formed the foundation of a vast amount of goods in which the foreigner competed with English manufacturers. He was very anxious on this account that the Chancellor of the Exchequer should frame his reference on as wide a basis as possible. Of course he would have to inquire into the amount of the surtax and that would be the most difficult part. If arrangements could be made for relieving the distillers of the heavy charge placed upon them for supervision it was extremely desirable, because unless that could be done they would not be doing any real good to the manufacturer. The task of the right hon. Gentleman was not an easy one. He realised the complications in it for he had seen the evil results in practice, but he felt that in this matter the Chancellor of the Exchequer would have to take the opinions of people who were really experts from more sides than one. Therefore, it was necessary that they should bring in the element of the manufacturers very largely. Manufacturers came too little into contact with the Inland Revenue authorities, and in our Government Departments there was none of that constant contact which existed in some parts of the Continent. The Chancellor 1110of the Exchequer had now an opportunity of making a new departure, and its success would depend largely upon the terms of reference.

§MR. AUSTEN CHAMBERLAINsaid he had not yet drawn the terms of the reference, but he meant them to be as wide as possible because he thought it was important that they should have a thorough inquiry into the whole question. He should be glad to receive suggestions from anyone who had had such a large experience in these matters as the right hon. and learned Gentleman opposite.

§COLONEL SADLER (Middlesbrough)said he regretted he was not present to move his Motion, but having regard to the fact that the day for which it was set down the House sat for thirty-five hours, he did not suppose anybody regretted his absence. He was quite content to accept the Chancellor’s promise to appoint a Committee, and he should like that Committee to be composed not only of men of his own Department, but of men like Mr. Tyler, the ex-President of the Society of Chemical Industry. That gentleman had given an enormous amount of time to the subject, and had delivered several classical papers full of statistics and information upon it. He was quite sure that Mr. Tyler would be of enormous advantage and use to the Chancellor in drawing up his terms of reference to the Committee. There were some points in connection with the question which he desired to allude to because he considered them to be of very great importance. First of all he thought it was a great reproach to British enterprise that we should allow industries of very great national importance to he captured from us without apparently a struggle to keep them. When he told the House that there were over 100 products of various kinds in which alcohol played a prominent part it would be seen what an important thing it was to this country that some change should be made in the present system of the utilisation of alcohol. Dimethylaniline, the base of many colours in this country, cost 2s. 4d. per lb., but in Germany it cost only 3¾d., as industrial alcohol is not taxed there. It was an important product in this country some years ago, but it was not 1111manufactured at all here at the present moment. He did not see how these industries, with duties ranging from 5d. to 11s. 6d. per gallon, could be recaptured for us. Enormous industries had developed abroad owing to the cheapness of alcohol. In Germany last year there were produced over 100,000,000 gallons of alcohol, and 55,000,000 tons of potatoes were used in its manufacture and kindred products. In France from 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 tons of beet were grown and used for the manufacture of alcohol. In Germany almost every farmer had his distillery. There were in the East of Germany alone some 6,000 such distilleries, and when one remembered the vast tracts of land which were used for agricultural products required in the manufacture of alcohol it would be seen how important the matter was. There were scores of thousands of people in Germany and France engaged in industries connected with the manufacture of alcohol. Those industries had grown very rapidly and were still growing, and that was why he was anxious to make the few points he was now making. It was recognised that next to benzol alcohol was one of the most prolific source of products known in the chemical world.

Allusion had been made to the diverse uses to which alcohol could be put. It was not only good for motive power and lighting and heating but also for the manufactures to which he had referred. The attention of learned societies and Chambers of Commerce had been called to the subject and there was a great deal of talk in the country about the production of alcohol and its relation to various trades. He saw the President of the United Chambers of Commerce in his place and he hoped that that hon. Member would tell them what he thought about this question. There was a great opportunity dawning upon the country for the production of alcohol and the advancement of various trades dependent upon it, and the most urgent and promising was connected with motive power. As a substitute for petrol, alcohol had a very great opening. Petrol of late years had deteriorated very seriously in quality, and it was becoming scarcer and dearer owing to the extraordinary demand springing up for it, while alcohol, on the other hand, was a much cheaper 1112article and could be manufactured at as low as sixpence per gallon. It had a very obvious advantage over petrol because it was sweeter and safer to use. As to its efficiency there was a good deal of dispute but it had a potential efficiency of at least 50 per cent. in excess of petrol. There were other uses such as lighting to which it could be applied. He saw a great future development in regard to alcohol lamps, and it was the most charming and effective light he had ever seen. A thirty candlepower lamp cost one halfpenny per hour. It was an extremely diffusive light. There had been as many as 50,000 of these lamps sold by one Berlin firm between October, and January last. Alcohol promised to be unrivalled for cooking purposes. The manufacturers he had alluded to were seriously crippled in their industries for the want of cheap alcohol. The difficulties about obtaining cheap alcohol were now so great that it actually paid the manufacturers better to pay the duty than to trouble about it in any other way. As the trade does not now exist there would be no loss to the revenue, nor risk in other respects. This aspect of the question had been greatly exaggerated. An ounce of experience was worth a ton of theory. In 1903 n Germany only 84 persons were fined for fraudulent use and only £2,500 was paid in fines, although something like 100,000,000 gallons of alcohol were manufactured. In Switzerland, where there were no duties on alcohole there was less drunkenness than in any other country in the world. A very large number of improvements had recently been made in the denaturing of alcohol. It was on these grounds that he contended that there was pressing urgency for its manufacture and use in this country, for many new industries would arise from it. He hoped the Chancellor of the Exchequer would be able to devise some scheme which would enable the manufacturers of this country to have duty-free alcohol. The possibilities of this industry were so great that they could not be overrated. In the first place there would he an enormous area of land which was now uncultivated which would be brought under cultivation in order to produce these various agricultural products which were usual in the manufacture of alcohol. 1113Perhaps he had said enough to convince the right hon. Gentleman that the subject was one of very great importance, and he trusted that a Committee would be appointed to inquire into the matter without delay.


They never wanted the more efficient and cheaper source of fuel. Now why would that be? And they still don’t want it today! Now why would that be?

While all the climate change believers go on…and on… and on….

Lefty, tree hugging imbeciles happily supporting the con and literally begging to be taxed and set back into the stone age while their heroes sit on ivory thrones, have their 10 cars (all petrol), massive carbon footprints and destroy the middle class – the very class begging to be carbon taxed!

If you want to look into the eyes of a dumb as nails individual, you stare at Naomi Kline, Woody Harrelson or any number of AGW promoters and believers. If you’re one, just stare in the mirror.

God gave us the sun to harness for tax purposes!

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I just wanted to re-publish this blog having read the following which backs up what I was saying in the blog, written perhaps a couple of years ago.

Off grid is illegal

As I said below, they cannot allow the world, meaning people individually or in groups, to generate their own power and utilities. But you would think, on the face of it, that that is what “Green Energy” and using free sunlight and harnessing water etc was all about wouldn’t you? But no, it isn’t and never was. Please note that you are only provided with a tariff discounting structure IF you have your solar system installed by a REGULATED installer. PLUS, it must be a GRID TIED system and, generally, you are not allowed to operate a system which has a storage battery facility if you wish to participate in the tariff scheme. You see, a storage system would allow for the energy received by the panels during the day which is excess to what your daytime usage is, to be stored in batteries which would then allow your energy requirements during the evening (no sun) to be delivered via the batteries. That would mean that you would never need to rely on the grid. THEY CANNOT HAVE THAT! So then, even though solar energy from the sun is free, they ensure that most of the solar (or wind) STILL is connected into the grid and, as such, they have the excuse for taxing the sun and the wind and any and every other resource which exists in the universe.

Once this person publicized what they were doing, that’s when the system’s “jackboot” came down. The odd few people can get away with it if they’re silent and discrete but, under no circumstances, can they allow freedom to catch on.

The rest of the article is here:

Before you read the rest, please have a listen to this (just the section from 10.53 to 11.53).

And if you want more detail on what these two were discussing, it’s all here and it is truly inspiring…

Now he believes Global Warming is real. Nevertheless, real or not (and it isn’t – certainly not from an AGW perspective), he’ STILL thinking and doing the right things. He’s visionary.

So here’s the rest of the blog from a couple of years ago….

Since when did you ever hear of Solar plants being built in the North Sea and throughout the UK’s offshore interests?

You didn’t did you? What a STUPID idea Earthling!

And indeed it is! Absolutely ridiculous!

And that is why the UK is now cutting Solar incentives! You see, while the Green renewable age began with the Club of Rome’s “Limits to Growth” (a MUST read for all you Friends of the Earth and Greenies) followed by “The first  Global Revolution” we can’t possibly have this:

“In a time of economic gloom, the solar industry has been one of the UK’s brightest success stories, enabling homes and communities across the country to free themselves from expensive fossil fuels.”

Because that isn’t what this game is about you silly “Environmentalists” who support etc (Rockefeller funded organisations). It’s not to FREE you! How extraordinarily naive of you! Why would those who dreamed up this entire scheme and who own and control the world’s energy resources, wish to then allow you to live freely of them? Are you seriously nuts?

The game is to “reinvent” energy but in a way that these people will still control it whether it is natural Free energy from wind or from sea or solar. If we all became self sufficient for goodness sakes, these people would lose $billions if not $trillions. Come on folks! Think will you? Finally?










Have a read:  the-crown-is-profiting-from-your-misery-fuel-bills-anyone




And here was you thinking Monopolies were illegal! It’s not only the monopoly of currency issuance by the Bank of England but also the total monopoly of the National Grid. Are you beginning to see why?


HC Deb 14 February 1995 vol 254 cc792-6 …

Mr. Blair   Following the Prime Minister’s welcome commitment last Thursday to reducing inequality, may we now put it to the test? As the national electricity grid is an absolute monopoly subject to no competition, will the right hon. Gentleman act against the excesses of the few regional electricity chiefs who stand to make £50 million out of share options on the back of it?

§The Prime Minister   I have to say to the right hon. Gentleman that I find much of his opposition to share options rather synthetic since a good deal of his leadership campaign was financed out of the proceeds of share options.

Now one must remember, reading the above, that your Energy “supplier” does not supply at all. THAT is a “legal fiction” and they don’t like you to appreciate that! If you “change suppliers” do you think for one moment you are getting a completely different supply of gas and electricity through your system? 🙂 It ALL comes from the same source and that source is the National Grid. It is the National Grid which is your SUPPLIER. So your “supplier” (and for that matter, the government) are letting you, in your ignorance, believe little fables. The Energy “suppliers” are basically a consortium of Customer service and maintenance people who provide you with “competition” on tariffs from exactly the same source!

There’s a lot more about that little angle but perhaps for another blog sometime!

High Court application against UK solar incentive cuts

12 December 2011

The UK High Court has agreed to hear applications by Friends of the Earth and solar companies Solarcentury and HomeSun for permission to challenge Government plans to slash financial incentives for solar electricity on Thursday 15 December 2011.

By Kari Williamson

Confirmation of the hearing follows an earlier High Court ruling rejecting permission for a legal challenge. The organisations are now asking the High Court to reverse the decision and allow a hearing into the legal challenges regarding solar incentive cuts as soon as possible.

Friends of the Earth is also asking the High Court to cap its potential legal costs for the case. International rules specify that costs should be limited in public interest cases on the environment.

The legal challenges centre around the plans by the UK Government to slash feed-in tariff subsidies for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations completed after 12 December this year.

The Government is currently running a consultation into feed-in tariffs – but the 12 December cut-off point comes two weeks before the consultation ends.

Friends of the Earth’s Executive Director Andy Atkins, says: “We strongly believe Government plans to abruptly slash solar subsidies are illegal, we hope the High Court agrees to allow our case to be heard as soon as possible.

“We’ve also asked the High Court to cap our potential costs. International rules say this should be allowed in public interest cases on the environment – we can’t afford to bring a challenge if we face unlimited liability for the other side’s legal fees.

“In a time of economic gloom, the solar industry has been one of the UK’s brightest success stories, enabling homes and communities across the country to free themselves from expensive fossil fuels.

“It’s short sighted for Ministers to move the goalposts and prematurely pull the subsidy – this will cost tens of thousands of jobs, bankrupt businesses and reduce Treasury income by up to £230m a year.”


Meanwhile, you may want to give this a little ponder because, once this infrastructure is in, there is no need to pay tariffs to Energy companies. It is truly self sustaining with just the need for maintenance. And very little of it.

Once the investment is sunk, why is there need for ongoing bills?

The answer: There isn’t!