“Ludicrous” says Alex Belfield, once more!

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Alex! Alex! Since I am barred from posting on youtube for the moment (I’ll be back!) I thought I’d put electronic pen to paper.

What the HELL does it take Alex? Are you really a bloody moron while you suck the Royal family’s tit and mourn your ‘Prince of Plagues and viruses’ passing?

Now, it’s “I don’t understand why they’re thinking of locking down Australia until 2023!”

And he goes on… and on…. and on…. about the pandemic figures!


THIS is what it’s all about!

How can a so called ‘journalist’ not have the mental acuity to work this out when it’s even being offered to you on a plate?

No, not “Jack Reacher”

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And the agenda just keeps a comin’! While the Telegraph and the media and government take the absolute piss out of us all!

What’s next for our kids? What a transexual’s private parts look like once they’ve transformed? That “Trannies r us”.

I wonder if Nick Clegg and the rest of the sick, perverted crew who are happy for boys and girls to be totally sexualized by the age of 12, happy for their 12/13 year olds to get it in the rear from Jack, if he so desired?

EDIT: I’ve lost it! My stomach muscles have just packed in!

The fictional character in the dystopian novel is you!

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The Covid Covenant

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COVID 19: The Psychopath’s dream

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He’s nearly there but not quite. The full story is far deeper.


One of the recently undead speaks to Talk Radio

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#COVID19 Talk Radio speaks to one of the 5000 recently proclaimed undead by the UK government Covid statistics!


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Word to the United States: IMPORTANT

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Please take the time to watch, listen and understand this. “Covid” is attacking your federal government (and you) – as it is us all. BUT it is NOT Covid. It is the UN and the UN is using the Climate Group, Club of Rome and a never ending list of actors – Billionaires, NGO’s, Corporations AND US State Governors and Mayors to undermine both, your democracy and freedom by introducing its “Climate Change Catalyst” by way of the US Climate Change Alliance.

And Trump is compromised. It is “Checkmate” unless America wakes up to what Covid truly is.



COVID 19: Davos Insider “It is Climate Change on steroids”



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Do you want proof of where the term “THE NEW NORMAL” – which we are being ‘plagued’ with as a narrative – sprung from and why?

Do you DARE accept and recognise it for what it is?


The Club of Rome has us by the balls. What are we going to do about it?……….. Nothing.


A 45 minute “intro” of sorts:


Full detail:





If so, are you kneeling due to something entirely out of your control, you were born with white skin?

Are you apologising for it?

Did your white skin murder anyone?

Does your white skin automatically make you a racist?

Do you know what happens when you appease your enemy? Have you ever handed your lunch money to the school bully? What happens next?

Are you cucked?


If so, are you beaming with joy as you see thousands upon thousands of whites kneeling and protesting saying only your lives matter? After all, to say ALL lives matter has a hint of racism doesn’t it? Talk about turning things on their head.

Are you happily taking advantage of what you see as being to your advantage? Are you thinking – even just for a moment – that your black skin is going to win something out of all of this? So, you managed to loot a toaster! Woopeedoo!

Is THIS what you are?

You’re going to call the cops (who are currently cucked to you while you attack them) if people protect themselves and don’t allow you to beat, maim, kill and destroy/steal their property?

And you think all of that is just going to continue?

Or let’s say you’re one of the ‘good’, well behaved protestors BUT you’re still protesting for one man’s death which “exemplifies”, to you, a core racism within the white race. You have no clue about the history of slavery and who ran it. Yes, you were segregated for about a century and treated like 3rd class citizens. Etc etc etc.

BUT just like women who were not ‘legal persons” until, essentially, the 20th century and the LGBT crew who recently won their right for recognition as “legal persons” (by the way, not one of these groups resorted to the violence you have shown), yo now not only want equality but you want revenge. You all want either males to kneel, straights to kneel or whites to kneel.


But here’s the thing: In your emotional state of mind, thinking of all the wrong committed toward you, you blame the white for your blackness, the straight for your gayness and the male for your femininity. But the white can’t help being white like the straight can’t help not preferring a dick up his ass and for those of us who stand up when we piss, well it’s what god gave us just as he gave you your black skin.

But if it were a fact that blacks were suppressed and held back from achieving anything (due to inherent, systemic racism by whites), then how come we’ve had a Barack Obama? After all, you believe he was black don’t you? You believe he was “one of you”. How about his lawyer wife, Michelle? She’s black isn’t she?

How about all the black actors and comedians and rappers and sportsmen and the list goes on….? All of these people are making six figures at the very least. But not you, right? And it’s all about you!

I’m white. I have zero privilege in life and certainly in law. I know, trust me on that! But you won’t just because I’m white. And you call ME “racist”? I see, in the UK at least, MILLIONS of white people who have no privilege at all and it shows in the way they live. IS that due to suppression by coloured people? Well, bear with me here, but in a way it is because our GOVERNMENT have something called positive discrimination which they consistently use, while bringing more and more immigrants into the country, to show straightforward preference treatment to non whites within our society. YET, I know (and many do) that it is not black or coloured or muslim who are directly impacting us; It is an agenda enforced upon us by an untouchable elite. Strangely, you black people are very aware of this untouchable elite BUT you refer to it as “white supremacy”. However, you just need to look around and you will, if you’re honest, see just how much that elite share their supremacy with other whites. Do they? Do they hell! Are they even really white?

This elite can be found in Asia, Africa, Latin America as well as Europe and the USA. They are NOT all white. Many are yellow and brown and black but there always seems to be a “Cohen” hanging around somewhere among them. Ever noticed that?

These “elite” are the programmers. They’re programming us and they’re programming you. They’re playing a game with us and it’s a dangerous one. You seem to have no conception of this as you demand we bend a knee to you. However, these people are never going to give you (or us) what you want…… NEVER! Don’t be so naive!

What you’re seeing as “spontaneous” protests around the world are not that. Hard on the heels of a virus which attacked the respiratory system (totally fake in my view), we now have “I can’t breathe”. You think that’s coincidence? Or Cohencidence?

So they’ve taken two steps: 1. “Virus”. 2. “Protests/Riots”. What do you think 3 could be? Because trust me, there is going to be a 3. Either a global financial meltdown (affecting the west the most); A major outbreak of war (could be both) or it could be a REAL plague this time (created). There could be another 9/11 type of event but, if there were, it would have to be much larger than the last. But we have to remember the importance of destroying the USA so it may be a civil war of some kind, “isolated” in the States but, ultimately, affecting the globe. Who knows?

But here’s the main point: Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Africans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Male, Female, “Non CIS”, Gay, Straight – will ALL lose because it is a “NO WIN” game for us while we continually allow the programmers to programme.

Yes, the programmers want us all to “Come Together” and be a “One World” but, ironically, it is these same programmers who are creating the division! They are demanding this “togetherness” under their rule and THAT is the problem! What they don’t want is for us to create that togetherness ourselves, in recognition of their programming and their game (or test – after all, you could see it as a test, but a test they mean for us to lose).

If someone ever asks you “What’s going on in the world today?” Just tell them:


And the only way for you, me or anyone else to win it is by not playing and then fucking up their programme!

It’s the ONLY way so make your choice. I don’t expect you to kneel for me but I certainly won’t be kneeling for you. It’s not in my “programming”.


Nice & Sleazy Whitty

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“Liar!” basically covered it BUT this new Gresham College upload today by Whitty, seals it.

This man is murdering by numbers and deception.