The “briefing” of a “Covid positive” President.

Posted in Uncategorized by earthling on October 4, 2020

I see a man who’s been ‘briefed’. No more “China virus” Donald, it’s “Coronavirus”. From saying you felt you were doing well ( ) just before leaving the White House to come to Walter Reed, you now didn’t feel fine. Be thankful and gracious to all – BOTH sides of the political fence. Sound humble. When you get out, be more willing to give in because “I’ve changed my view since being faced with my mortality. This virus is obviously due to climate change and I have been wrong in my previous assessments of climate change. We must do something.”Got that Donald? If you have, now you can have your bailout and next 4 years.”

There is nothing physically wrong with him (like any Covid “patient”). The “Leader of the free world” has succumbed.

As if no ‘leader’ has ever got a bloody cold (if he even has that). Oh we are being so screwed!

Just watch for an entire change of attitude (and policy) as we go forward. He will be 100% in the climate camp.

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