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How many did you say? And was it by bubble injection or gas?

The following article from the Sarasota Herald Tribune (25th November 1942) lays bare the lies told by Rabbi Stephen Wise to the U.S. Government regarding the “plight of jews” in Nazi occupied Europe during WW2.

It is an astonishing article when one understands the reality. Transparent in its abject bullshit to be “Frank”. (see what I did there? LOL)

Before reading, please note the following facts:

  1. Auschwitz was originally reported as having gassed 4 million jews with Zyklon B.
  2. This 4 million figure was later reduced to the 1.2M it is today (and that 1.2M is ALL people, not just jews).
  3. The obvious point is that the 6 million has to be revised down, by at least 2.8M, to 3.2M. You cannot lose 2.8M from a 4M figure, which was deemed a proportion of the 6M total, without revising the the total figure. But this “6 million” is STILL accepted as “fact” which it cannot possibly be.
  4. The article also suggests a total population of 4M jews in nazi occupied Europe at the time. NOT 6 million. So how could 6 million die?
  5. While Wise purports to have had documented proof of Adolf Hitler’s extermination order, he never produced it and, since, during the court case of Ernst Zundel, in Canada, in 1985, “key expert testimony” against Zündel’s alleged Holocaust denial was provided at great lengths by Holocaust historian Raul Hilberg, who refused to testify at Zündel’s 1988 trial. Hilberg refused to testify in 1988 because, during the trial in 1985, he was asked if there existed documentary proof of an execution order by Adolf Hitler and had to admit there was none. Proving, once more, that Rabbi Stephen Wise never had such a document.


But here is the most egregious lie (to be frank, they all are egregious):

“There, he said nazi doctors were killing them at the rate of ‘more than 100 an hour per doctor,’ by INJECTING AIR BUBBLES INTO THEIR VEINS” – “the simplest and cheapest method” they could find.

Please remember this is November 1942. No mention of Gas Chambers, Zyklon B, nothing. Why? Because, just as you have been totally unaware of “air bubbles in veins” and just as the “shrunken heads” and “lampshades and soap made from skin” were proven and admitted lies (“mistakes”)………..

I have, elsewhere in my blogs on this subject, given proof that no “Gas Chambers” were ever mentioned in UK Parliament archives until many years after the war and that a huge effort was made by the allies to “re-educate” both, the Germans and the world to believe the later propaganda we were subject to.

No Gas Chambers and Re-education

Meanwhile, the “Sacred Cow” story.

Mark Jacobsen had, in his possession, what he believed (and hoped fervently – you can imagine why of course) was a “human lampshade”. It’s worth watching his journey and his reactions to the results. It is also worth noting the storyline of the “history” which goes with it.

Interestingly, in the case of Ilse Koch, proof of her ever having possession of such a lampshade never materialised and she was given 4 years in prison before a public outcry resulted in her getting life (trial by ignorance and brainwashing then. It reminds me of what is happening today with Covid 19 – the ignorants demand we wear masks for a non existent threat. However, what is also interesting is that it is stated “I wonder if the judge would have had a different original verdict if he had seen the lampshade” (which, strangely, had just gone missing even though in US Military hands). Here’s the problem with such a statement: If, as of today, the labs we have have such a hard time proving, by PCR testing of DNA, what the skin is made of, how, by just producing a lampshade, could the judge – never-mind the Military who put it on display – prove it was human skin in the first place? Do you clearly see the problem there? When did we first introduce the capability of DNA testing? It wasn’t 1945!

Also, one last thing on these labs and the issues they had proving what the skin was made of using PCR: Today we’re being told that these same techniques are being used to test everyone for Covid 19. Think carefully about that. Difficult enough, it seems, to differentiate a cow from a human yet they can identify a specific strain of virus just like that? I have my strong suspicions.

Even Wikipedia admits typhus killed millions of prisoners in the concentration camps. A bit of a waste, then, using all that gas right? Let’s get serious here!

“Epidemic typhus has historically occurred during times of war and deprivation. For example, typhus killed millions of prisoners in German Nazi concentration camps during World War II. The deteriorating quality of hygiene in camps such as Auschwitz, Theresienstadt, and Bergen-Belsen created conditions where diseases such as typhus flourished.”

“During World War II, typhus struck the German Army during Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia, in 1941. In 1942 and 1943 typhus hit French North AfricaEgypt and Iran particularly hard. Typhus epidemics killed inmates in the Nazi concentration camps; infamous pictures of typhus victims’ mass graves can be seen in footage shot at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Thousands of prisoners held in appalling conditions in German concentration and death camps such as AuschwitzTheresienstadt, and Bergen-Belsen also died of typhus during World War II, including Anne Frank at the age of 15 and her sister Margot. Even larger epidemics in the post-war chaos of Europe were only averted by the widespread use of the newly discovered DDT to kill the lice on millions of refugees and displaced persons.”

“The Nazis began using Zyklon B in extermination camps in early 1942 to murder prisoners during the Holocaust. Approximately 1.1 million people were killed using this method, mostly at Auschwitz.”

Well, what was it? Zyklon B or injected air bubbles? Or, perhaps just typhus?

And look at what Zyklon B was actually developed for and then look at what DDT was actually developed for.

Oh, and as for the “shrunken heads”:

The genetic evidence for human origin of Jivaroan shrunken heads in collections from the Polish museums

“Analysis of nuclear short tandem repeats located at autosomal or sex chromosomes proved that all the studied shrunken heads were of human origin. Nevertheless, Y-STR haplogroup I2 of the sample no.4 suggested a Southeastern European ancestry precluding a genuine Jivaroan origin. Two other samples (no.1, no.3) were Amerindians and probably consanguineous by a common male ancestor, because they shared identical profile of Y-chromosome haplogroup Q1a2-M3. This haplogroup is characteristic for the Native Americans (Ecuador).”

Nothing to do with jews OR even western european.


This blog could go on and on with immense detail but people, generally, don’t have the concentration (no pun intended) span so I’ll leave it to the reader to do their own homework to check what I’ve written and probe further. If you’re intellectually honest, you WILL see the truth and recognise the lies.

Anne Frank’s Step Sister…..

You know what’s also odd though? Going back to the lampshade issue:

‘After the defeat of Nazi Germany, claims circulated that Ilse Koch, wife of the commandant of Buchenwald concentration camp, had possessed lampshades made of human skin, and had specifically tattooed prisoners killed in order to use their skin for this purpose. After her conviction for war crimes, General Lucius D. Clay, the interim military governor of the American Zone in Germany, reduced her sentence to four years’ prison on the grounds “there was no convincing evidence that she had selected Nazi concentration camp inmates for extermination in order to secure tattooed skins, or that she possessed any articles made of human skin”.

Jean Edward Smith in his biography, Lucius D. Clay, an American Life, reported that the general had maintained that the leather lamp shades were really made out of goat skin. The book quotes a statement made by General Clay years later:

There was absolutely no evidence in the trial transcript, other than she was a rather loathsome creature, that would support the death sentence. I suppose I received more abuse for that than for anything else I did in Germany. Some reporter had called her the “Bitch of Buchenwald”, had written that she had lamp shades made of human skin in her house. And that was introduced in court, where it was absolutely proven that the lamp shades were made out of goat skin.

The charges were made once more when she was rearrested, but again were found to be groundless.”

So, while the Jacobsen video suggests the lampshade was never produced in court, General Clay suggests it was and “proven” to be goat skin. These people just can’t keep the conflicting stories from cropping up can they? And the conflicts are so numerable that the entire story of the holocaust cannot, possibly, be taken as fact no matter what courts wish to lock you up for questioning it.

But in a “democracy” it’s a case of the brainwashed ignorant masses forever winning over the knowledgeable, educated, informed minority. Scary huh? Also what is going on with this “Covid 19” rubbish. And have you fully considered the people who are promoting that story also? Oddly, the same tribe in the main. Granted, they have their gentile lackey helpers.




It’s not about you and me anymore, it’s about our kids and their kids. Or doesn’t that concern you?

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