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Posted in Uncategorized by earthling on March 22, 2020

The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram.

While people like Ron Paul, ex Republican candidate for President of the United States – shot down in flames by the media and his own party because he was not, at all, in line with the people with the real power’s wishes – tells you a truth.


This is ALL about Global Government and depopulation, what can I tell you? It takes years and years to dissect all of this and understand the nuances of every event leading up to it. To researching archives and books written by the very people implementing it all.

The media will consistently reference “crazy conspiracy theories” and, to an extent, there are some crazy theories, I’ll give them that. But this is NOT one of them. This is reference-able all the way down the line. You can hear those, in their own words, telling you what the plan is. Of COURSE they don’t say “We unleashed this virus” (or the hoax of it to make you fear) and they couch their words well. But this “virus” is close coupled with “Climate Change” and every one of these people will say “Well, what did we tell you?” and speak in terms of it having to happen to save their beloved “Gaia” (Mother Earth and biodiversity). The very results of this hoax implement the very things they want to achieve. They are rubbing their hands and breaking open bottles of champagne as we speak.

To depopulate – for the moment at least – what you want is as many abortions at the front end as possible and as many people dying one they are of no use to society because they are not productive: i.e. The retired and the incapable. So, front end: Abortion. Back end: Let them die (but with “palliative care” because “we want to be humane about it”). The sooner you hit retirement and die the better.

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