Don’t be SILLY! “They” can’t control the entire world!!

Posted in Gross stupidity within society, Paedophilia, Politics by earthling on July 1, 2019

It’s now well over 10 years since I started talking about all of this. I’ve had to pay for it in various ways over that time. I have also had to take the bullshit of people dismissing it all and throwing accusations and have even landed in court due to it. I’ll land in court again if I have to.

That said, will I stick my neck out as far as I have in the past? I would if it meant anything to people (en masse) but it just seems the masses are accepting it.

Here is the CLEAREST (by far) video of part of the agenda AND a demonstration of how a man (and this stretches to ANYONE in any sector of public service including police, education, you name it) will go against what he knows to be true because “it is policy”. 1+1=3.

There is nothing to argue here. This is a man in sheer turmoil because he cannot argue what he doesn’t believe in. He is in between knowing the kid is right but knowing what acknowledgement of that would do to his career, and having to “lay down the ‘law'” purely from an authoritarian standpoint and he will take the latter route because the kid is easier to handle than the system.

How far does that go? How far would he go, depending upon the power bestowed to him, to shut the kid up? Step by step, anyone stepping out of line on “policy” and “law” WILL be dealt with more and more vigorously. And the world just says “Don’t rock the boat” just as this teacher is saying.

If you (the teacher in this scenario) just happen to stumble upon this blogpost – LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR AND ASK YOURSELF “WHO AND WHAT AM I?” I know what you are but you need to answer it for yourself.

It would not surprise me if this video is removed from Youtube at some point so I suggest, if you can, download it.


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  1. Tess said, on July 8, 2019 at 10:45 pm

    Where will it end, will it ever end? It certainly wont all the time people bow down to it.
    As always, the same driving force is behind this dangerous & perverse promotion of a transient mental illness.

    Perhaps because they are 40% more likely to have it?

    • earthlinggb said, on July 16, 2019 at 4:40 pm

      Apologies Tess for not posting your comment until now. I rarely check the site these days (although I’ve just noticed a recent upsurge in interest from Hong Kong of all places which seems to be due to the post called “Capitalising China”. They’re undergoing some issues over there with a change in law re extradition so my guess is some have picked up on the “legal person” issue.
      As for your comment, I have the same question but I see people bend to it (and, in fact, think transexuality should be treated as a normal occurrence which has nothing to do with mental illness and I just roll my eyes) which include my own family members. I want to shake them but there’s no getting it through to them as they already think I “pontificate” too much.

  2. Tess said, on July 20, 2019 at 12:02 am

    Hi, it’s a real shame this blog doesn’t get more attention. Your research & astute understanding of the hidden agendas is superb & your articles are always fascinating & educational to read. Thank you.

    I’d quite like to be a fly on the wall in the Palace this week with the Epstein saga in full flow. Not that it’ll make a blind bit of difference to what Crone Plc & sons get up to and away with once the dust settles.
    No mention from the MSM of how so many involved seem to be of (((tribe))) origins of course, they are selling it as a white middle aged paedophile male problem.

    Just don’t mention the Talmud or the war/s.

    • earthlinggb said, on July 24, 2019 at 9:55 am

      It used to Tess but I just don’t blog much any longer. I said, essentially, all i had to say and anything additional is just repetition of the same basic issues but in different scenarios. People like constant updated blogs with “new dramas unfolding”. They don’t really want straight to the core of the matter and highly detailed explanations of what the basic issues are. It took me a while to understand that but when the penny finally dropped, I just lost interest essentially, in trying to convey stuff to anyone. I spent a good 5+ years on this blog and thought people would want the education and understanding. They really don’t. I also had to sort myself out and concentrate on me rather than the rest of the world.
      As for the Palace – as usual, nothing will come of Andrew. If it does, then there is something fundamentally different (and substantial) going on. The “dust” always settles and people continue to ignore it all and just get on with their lives. For us, nothing will ever change. The (((tribe))) will continue being the (((tribe))) and it will always be presented as a white issue, middle aged or not, paedophilia or money. They are a virus eating its host.

  3. Tess said, on July 26, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    I do understand & I don’t blame you. Such a lot of hard work and detailed research, only for the lemmings to keep pushing us all towards the cliff edge. It’s too depressing to immerse yourself in when nothing ever changes.
    I’m glad that the blog remains here for re-reads though.

    It’s debatable whether Epstein will even make it to trial. He could easily have a nasty accident & wake up to find himself either dead or in Israel. Even if he does make it to trial, it’s unlikely he will take the big names down with him.

    I’d like to think that at least people can have no doubt as to what Andrew is now, especially having attended a party in his honour at Epsteins after he finished his day release from holiday camp, laughingly called a prison sentence. Mummy must be even more sour faced than usual that her favourite son has brought more bad attention to them. Anything that p*sses her off has a to be a good thing.

    He’s far too arrogant and obnoxious to let the disdain of the people penetrate. They all are.

    I’m not a member of any (((tribal)) entrapment platforms (social media), but I can see you are on youtube which doesn’t require selling your soul to the devil just to view , so will continue to look out for your witty and informative videos & be glad that, as yet, (((they))) haven’t managed to introduce a law to steal away our rights to laughter. No doubt they are working on it.

  4. Bad_Goyim said, on August 2, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    Hello Earthlingg,
    I totally understand and agree that it is in vain to keep writing about the same things all the time.
    I’m also tired of always reading social-political diagnostics, but never about the cure or solutions.
    The main enemy of humanity is the (((tribe))). So, what can we do against the (((tribe)))? This is what we all should be blogging about and exchanging ideas.
    In my case what I do is: Strictly stick to the BDS list of (((tribal))) companies and NEVER EVER buy their products. For example, I haven’t bought a single can of Coca Cola or Pepsi in the last 4 years.
    When I go to a supermarket, namely Aldi or Lidl, I also make sure that I don’t buy anything “Made in israel”.
    Since the credit crunch in year 2008 I no longer use private banks and only use building societies such as Nationwide and mutual societies. e.g: Scottish Friendly.
    However, I have not closed down my previous accounts with high street bank and even more, I have opened at least one account in every jewish controlled high street bank. This is because free banking accounts that are dormant or semi-dormant create loses for the banks. So I just use those account for 2 or 3 operations per year and thus I contribute to create loses for the circumcised cockroaches.
    You Earthlingg are more brainy than me. If you have more ideas of what can we do to combat the (((parasitoids*))), the I would love to hear further from you.

    *A parasite is an organism that lives at the host’s expense, but doesn’t kill the host
    A parasitoid is and organism that lives at the host’s expense and sooner or later kills the host and hence they are (((parasitoids))).

    Finally. Do you know who Alison Chabloz and Gilad Atzmon are?
    They have also been prosecuted and taken to court as it happened to you for telling the truth about the (((tribe))). However they continue with their blogging and activism supported by funding from donations from their audience.
    I wonder why you never used this option of being funded from your audience. Wouldn’t it have helped you when got prosecuted?

    • earthling said, on August 10, 2019 at 11:21 pm

      Bad Goyim, Unfortunately it would take a substantial proportion of the population to actually DO anything toward undoing what the tribe have done and this is highly unlikely because we live in days of total ignorance, naivety and “couldn’t give and arse”. The ignorance then leads to the majority that is ignorant, to just assume that those of us who aren’t are simply racists and anti semites because that is what they hear on their favourite media (TV) every day. There is no way of dealing with it without an eradication of that ignorance. Plus the fear involved in raising your head above the parapet and, in addition to all that, just pure, unadulterated, dumbness (low IQ).
      The tribe have already achieved so much to ensure the population are all of the above.
      More and more sticking to the BDS list can do no harm though although I doubt it will make any significant difference I hate to say. You are one of very very few however I wouldn’t wish that to stop you. I like your thinking though re the banks etc.
      Bottom line: I honestly believe it will take violence and/or a new “Hitler” of some type.
      Yes I know of Alison and Gilad BUT, Gilad being jewish (no matter how much he ‘speaks out’) I will never trust. He is still proud of being a jew and I do believe (though I have no proof of this) that they have an inherent “gene” which predisposes them to their “ways”.
      I have never asked for donations because I believe all of those youtubers and bloggers who do, to a greater or lesser extent, are doing what they do for financial gain, to make a name for themselves AND I simply don’t believe, bottom line, that truth and this type of information (meant to be for informative reasons to one’s “brethren” within the human race) should have a price attached to it in any way.

      I read things like “Help a VET help a PET” on the front of charity stores and it makes me sick. What it means is “Donate so the VET will help the pet”. IF THE VET WISHES TO HELP THE PET THEN GODDAMNED DO IT OUT OF THE SHEER LOVE OF ANIMALS!!!

      I think I’m doing this for the sheer love (although I sometimes question the depth of that love) I have for the human race.
      I never hated jews. I never even thought much about them since they didn’t enter my circle for a long time. However, when I learn of THEIR hate toward the rest of the GOYIM plus I then do, through various ways, come into contact with them and see, first hand, what a jew is like (their sheer arrogance cloaked by a fake humility for example), then for the sake of the wider human race, I just believe we HAVE to have the courage to speak out.

      I have people close to me who cringe and hate when I criticise and advise them of the jewish issue (because they are ignorant of it and can’t believe it). No matter, I STILL speak out. It would be easy to stop and be cucked by it all but I can’t do that. I don’t “bend”. One of my traits which has proven problematic for me in my life. However, the alternative is to be a cuck.

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