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Ahh Damian!

Posted in Paedophilia, Uncategorized by earthlinggb on November 5, 2017

Well, what do you know?I met this guy a couple of times in his constituency office in 2012. Impressed? Hardly! In fact, he was a nervous wreck and let’s just say, a little shifty.

These people have no time for you nor anyone really. All they’re interested in is playing their pathetic little machiavellian political games to get further up the ladder, be above the law, make shit loads of money for doing diddly squat and probably sitting in their office rubbing one out before going home to their wives who probably don’t give it up because, in this case most likely, he makes her sick OR she’s just frigid. OR, perhaps, she doesn’t have the whips, chains and gimp mask at the ready.

Damian Green, you pathetic little “man”.

Watch the video and watch him squirm. Did I get anywhere with the little runt (who knows everything I said to him is fact)? Did I hell. You see, these people don’t need to actually do anything. All they need to do is shuffle paperwork and use their position to introduce people with money (like, for example, the South East Water Executives who paid him £2000 for 14 hours “work” per month) to other people in positions in government who can lobby (like he does) for their interests. THOSE are the ONLY people MPs and Government Ministers actually do any favours for and jump to the attention of.

What you have is a government OF the people not FOR the people. And this government, with the help of “couldn’t give a shit as long as I get paid” Police, govern you and I FOR the people with money. That is why a breach of contract – if YOU made it – would mean a HEFTY fine for you BUT, a breach of contract by MONEY (i.e. a Corporation) against you, means nothing. You are told to suck it up and die.

The only thing that lightens my day today, is that I make (as a bona fide salary) FAR more than this jerk does! Yet the little wanker sits behind his computer screen in his constituency office, wanking. Why? Because he’s got nothing better to do!

The problem is, the population of this country just rolls their eyes and life goes on. Kids get molested and raped, if not murdered, by some of these types yet the Police and Intelligence services between them, cover it up much of the time and people, as I say, just roll their eyes. People make me sick!

I wouldn’t be surprised if May has given him a blow job! Seriously! I can just “see” the two ugly little shits getting it off in the Cabinet room while May’s hubby looks on with his dick in his clammy little hand.


But remember this: While they’re all sick little bunnies and all this paedophilia and porn scandals etc etc is all coming out, don’t be duped. There’s a controlled agenda here and it’s not for the purposes of “draining the swamp” I can assure you! The people behind this outing these people are outing their own kind! As Harvey Weinstein has recently been alleged to have said (but you know he DID say it right?) “I was born to change the world and be a martyr for social change”. It is ONLY, of course, a delusional jew who could state something like this. But he believes it because it is a reality to him, the tribe and the world we live in today. The world is now the Weimar Republic, Berlin 1920s and the world needs another Adolf Hitler.


By the way, who’s the odd one out?

Dustin Hoffman
Harvey Weinstein
Brett Ratner
Michael Oreskes
Woody Allen
Roman Polanski
Kevin Spacey

And when you know, what is it about the others which makes the odd one out, what makes the odd one out, additionally, the odd one out? It’s interesting if you really think about it.



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