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The “Conspiracy Theorist” in his mother’s basement.

Posted in Money by earthlinggb on September 26, 2017

I’ve been in two minds about writing this short note because I am sure there will be those who read it entirely the wrong way. I just hope there will be others who can read it, share in my joy (even though you don’t know me but know I’m just like you and one of you) and appreciate the message I’m trying to convey which is this: When one speaks of conspiracy theory, one is always labeled as a “paranoid idiot” and “mother’s basement dweller” as you post perhaps on Facebook or youtube or any number of social media sites. You are judged as some form of socially incapable or inferior headcase or uneducated or benefit scrounging waste of space.

What I wish to convey here is that there are some of us who are none of those things and I’m sure, there are many more. There are, however, the smart assed, cocaine sniffing city boys who work in the finance industry and make immense sums of money and bonuses for screwing the rest of us, including those who – through no fault of their own – may BE living on benefits or may not be able to get their own place and may be, in fact, a little on the paranoid side (and who could blame them?). However, I’m not one of these city boy “leechers” and never have been. What I’ve accomplished has never been by way of “Daddy and Mummy” or licking arse – I have wished at times I could have! lol – My ex wife one day, long ago, when we lived in Kuala Lumpur, said to me “Play the game. You have a wife and family to take care of so just play the game (that is play the corporate politics game). I would” she said. At that moment, I got an odd feeling in my bones but never thought much more of it until later on when BOY did she show – with the help of the legal system – that she could and would “play the game”. It’s only in hindsight that you can see the very different people you actually were (God, there’s a book to be written in just that and I keep thinking about it then realise it would never sell. It would be far too real, far too in depth and parallel a life with conspiracy but not have a “name” (celebrity) behind it to sell it). Anyhow, I digress.

So, here’s the thing:

It makes you feel all warm inside when your new boss sends you an email like this:

“Looking forward to seeing you. you’re really cool dude and I hope yesterday went well

I’ve been saying for years – I’ve got to find the right people to work with and when, on your final, major interview after 5 months of interviewing with them, your prospective boss hands you one of his shirts, tie and jacket (because he ‘screwed up’ with the “just come casual” suggestion) to interview with his CEO, you know you’ve connected. Then, when he says “you know? You’ve never once asked about salary during this 5 months” and he then hits you with something that just makes you quietly, internally, go “WTF???” because it doubles what your expectations were, then you know something’s right! 🙂

Life’s not all that bad really!

I’ve been in this “Corporate World” for 30 years and it was only in my first role that I could say I had a pure gentleman of a boss who was also intelligent and was as magnanimous a boss as you could hope for. He understood “team” and he expressed it and was always grateful especially when he won an award – he thanked his team for it and he was sincere. I went on to find out that those sorts of guys were few and far between. I’ve been searching for that same team, energy and integrity for all the decades since. I think I may just have found it. I hope so.

But here’s the thing: When you’re spited online by people who assume whatever they wish to assume of you, you can retort with anything you wish but, online, anyone can say anything they wish so those who would spite you will take your retort of “I have this degree” or “I have that degree” or “I work with such and such and make this salary and travel the world with what I do” but, that said, it’s just pissing in the wind and, not only that, what difference does it make? The people out there who have hardly travelled out of their backyards and, perhaps, have never made more than a living wage can be (not always I grant you) as wise, or wiser, than the Harvard graduate who’s never had to sweat for anything in their entire life. Do you think these people really have to think or work hard to earn their living? They’re given a classical education on the back of daddy’s money AND, as George Carlin says: “It’s a big club but you and I ain’t in it”.

But the bottom line is this. You can be a “Conspiracy theorist” and also be somewhat successful in life. What you must always do is recognise it is partially luck, partially tenacity and also recognise (very important) you are no better nor worse than anyone else in this world AND, as has been the case with me on a couple of occasions in life (and this is one of them) – Life can spin on a dime!

So yeah……. We’re not all exactly “basement dwellers”. And THAT is just the Basic:

We’re a WIDE “family” of people who just know the score and we don’t like the picture!

Expenses, bonus, pension, Health and dental, Global travel on top. And it beats the shit out of being a leeching MP or City finance creep! Born and bred working class!

“Conspiracy theorist”?

Yes indeed.

And proud of it!



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  1. frances said, on September 27, 2017 at 6:57 am

    Really pleased that things are working out for you – and that you decided to write the article. I too fondly remember (many years ago) working with and for, supportive, appreciative people, when bosses were largely gentle-men of calibre – before the Common Purpose agenda had wreaked havoc in every organisatios. My blood pressure rises remembering working for several years before retirement in various inner city schools, attending pointless meetings full of bs, being told constantly we were on a “journey”, exploitation by mostly female ‘line managers’ and heads (with a CP agenda) who I wouldn’t trust to walk my dog; staff being observed and assessed ad nauseam. I could go on. Long may your good fortune and above all, happiness, last …..and carry on being a ‘conspiracy theorist’!

    • earthlinggb said, on October 21, 2017 at 4:23 pm

      Yes indeed Frances. So many poor, deluded souls who feel so detached from simple pleasures like love and trust, care, consideration while being surrounded by others like that – all because we have the top of society acting like the greedy, corrupt dogs they are – that they join and become one and the same because it’s necessary in this screwed up, nasty freaking world we live in.
      When I lived in Philippines (especially), I saw a people who, while “happy” and smiling and simple who got pleasure from simple things, were always trying to work an angle and would lie and steal at the drop of a hat. They knew it was wrong but they didn’t know any better in a way because, all around them from the top to the bottom – politicians and police – they saw them at it. Their society and the way it worked was influenced by what they saw at the top.
      In Britain, we’re deteriorating to that level too. Slowly however because many people just can’t fathom and don’t recognise the sheer underlying corruption at the heart of this country. We, in the west, seem to have hidden it better for so many decades. However, the curtain is being pulled, little by little, and more and more are seeing it. Those that still don’t understand how and why it is going on will just try to emulate it (if you can’t beat them join them) but those of us who understand why it’s happening and who’s responsible, want to expose the bastards and not join in.

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