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Posted in Media, Politics by earthling on September 7, 2017

First of all, RIP Ernst Zundel. And that is not said lightly because, today, if ever anyone was to ask me who some of my “heroes” are (although, generally, I don’t have any anymore), Herr Zundel would definitely be one of them. What this man endured for the sake of honesty, truth and for the right to express his own opinion, was monstrous. However, “monstrous” is the right word for the people he was up against. People who, amongst other things, arsoned the man’s home and walked away scot free because nobody even bothered to look for them. Why? Because they are the “chosen race” – they get a “pass” for everything and anything they say or do just about.

So, on to the topic – and it’s a short one.

Donald Trump and “Fake News”. Where did all this “Fake News” business come from? Was it just something made up in Donald’s head? No, I doubt that because both sides of the political spectrum are using it to attack the other side’s supportive media outlets. “Fake News” has become a weapon of sorts. So where did it originate – the idea of referring to “fake news” that is. Well, I was watching a video regarding the late Ernst Zundel just yesterday and the oddest thing in what he said, during this interview with Jim Fetzer, just jumped out at me. I’ve captured the segment here. Have a listen:

Now, while I’m not saying, for definite, that this is where the idea, within the establishment, came from for the label of “Fake News”, I will say I’m pretty damned certain of it. “They” (both sides and particularly the “Pharisee types”) want a way of legislating to shut down what THEY suggest is “fake news” sites, youtube videos and the rest (including what would be this blog and a myriad of others with a far greater reach than mine). As Zundel says, it was/is a law from 1275 when the King of England wanted to stamp out any and all criticism of him. Well, today, it is just, now, the establishment and “pharisees” who wish to achieve that and what better way of doing it than using this old law as a basis. Of course, they will never refer to this law as being the catalyst for it but, nevertheless, I am convinced this is where the label and idea of being able to shut down “fake news” has come from. It’s been on my mind for a while as to where this “fake news” label appeared from and how – I am positive this is my answer.

The following is from the site MLDI who provide legal defence to journalists, bloggers and independent media, worldwide. [One must bear in mind, once more, however that, as lawyers, they are members of the Bar Association – please make sure and remember and appreciate what this means and the limitations within which they can possibly defend anyone – you do understand this don’t you?]

Americans please note because, while you cheer Donald Trump and his accusations of “Fake News” against CNN and others, you don’t have a damned clue regarding what you are actually supporting and what is lurking very quietly behind it. You are so damned quick (and gullible) to believe that “This President is different” – it amazes me. So many thought Obama would be because he was “black”. He was GIVEN to you! Donald Trump is GIVEN to you! They ALL are “Establishment” whether you wish to believe it or not. They may just be more your “colour” of establishment. What better way to have people “invest” their belief in one of their chosen people than to have you believe they are despised? It’s simply the use of reverse psychology and you are falling for it hook, line and sinker!

So, please read carefully and note “and to prevent the population from rising up in rebellion”. This is what your “fake news” is all about. No more, no less. Yes, you can say (and you are right to) that CNN, BBC, Fox etc etc have significant volume of fake news in them BUT they are the establishment’s fake news and that, my dear friends, is A-OK. Yes yes, Trump is attacking CNN… and?….So? Do you honestly think CNN is going to go out of business because of this? If they were to, don’t you think it would be controlled? Again, Trump firing at them is to give you the impression he’s on your side. Did he incarcerate Hillary? Anyhow, I digress (although it’s a valid and important digression).

It seems that, if you want freedom of speech these days, it can be had in places like Uganda and Zimbabwe! How about that? But the United States and the United Kingdom? Well, just ask Ernst Zundel! Granted he was in Canada but what the hell.

Here’s another thing – Jacob Rees-Mogg I see is getting a lot of attention and supporters these days. I listened to this yesterday too. Hear him regarding freedom of expression and the right to open debate (on anything).

Damn! Damn! and Double Damn! The BBC has had it removed from youtube on Copyright grounds! Well, let me explain. He said, essentially, that it is his belief that any and all opinions should be allowed about any subject whatsoever to ensure we retain absolute freedom of expression in this country. I happened to comment on the now deleted youtube comment section that I believed him to be a hypocrite because I doubted whether this “freedom” would stretch to opinion on the holocaust. Interesting that the video was actually posted by the Jacob Rees-Mogg channel itself. Wouldn’t he have known it would be removed on copyright grounds (being a legislator and all that, you know?). Please note the man’s “christian” name (and yes, he’s a catholic but is he a JESUIT catholic? ;-)) – JACOB!

From his Wikipedia page: “After leaving Oxford Rees-Mogg worked for the Rothschild investment bank before moving to Hong Kong…”.

It amazes me, once more, that British people (like Americans) can be so gullible and “sucked in” to believing that these sorts of people actually speak for them. Rees-Mogg is a monster like the rest of them. Just read his Wikipedia page and think on it. Trump, Rees-Mogg, even Nigel Farage and the like are INCUBATED and then,when the right time comes along, they are “fed” to the populace and their “stances” on various topics are “spun” to make it LOOK as if they are in tune with your beliefs. They are NOT!

Anyway, I’ve said my peace. I’ve been at this blog since 2010. There was a time (and I think many bloggers are similar) that I had the time and inclination and fervent passion to write about all of this over so many subjects and, when I was in that “zone”, I’d pump out regular blogs and my readership was of the order of about 1000/day. The thing is, I’ve said really all I have to say. All of the false flags and news that comes out day after day in our media is just more of the same and we can analyse it for all it’s worth but… BUT…. it’s all the same. The same old shit and people either wake up to it or they don’t. The fundamental issue in this world is the money system and debt interest coupled with a legal system and “legal personality” that people STILL don’t understand or wish to. I’ve blogged about all of that and explained everything in as clearest of terms I can but, these days, I don’t have the time or inclination to just keep pumping out blogs on every subject and every false flag or false premise and attempt to expose shit for what it is. Frankly, it’s boring to me now and if the human race wishes to remain stupid, then so be it. These recent blogs of mine, over the past year or two, have been nothing in comparison to the time and effort I put into my major blogs a few years ago and which hardly get read. Today, I’m down to about 50 readers per day. I never looked for readership for the purpose of being  a “renowned blogger” in this space. The purpose of this blog was to educate and to highlight the issues. I look at the like of Infowars and think “There you go! People are still gullible enough to get led by the tail by a fat bastard who sells potions and “spun truth” mixed with bullshit.”

Serious pieces delving into money, the legal system and archival material to fully support it, is just not “sexy” enough and doesn’t give people that feeling of being part of a “gang” like “BLM” or “White supremacy” or even “Libertarian” and “Liberal” and Conservative”… or “anarchist” for that matter. People don’t want to understand and recognise solutions and the real issues. People want “leaders”. They always have and always will.

So fuck it. I have a personal life and in that personal life, I’m on to something big so, while I may still throw the odd thing out there that tickles my interest, I’d say “Appreciate all those guys (and women perhaps) who are providing you with SOLID alternative content because, for example, just this one blogpost alone, has taken me almost two hours to create and write. Imagine those who – like I used to be – are giving you masses of content everyday. They’re putting full days, everyday, into bringing you that content. So support them.”

Then again, some are definitely not doing sufficient research and background digging if they can pump out tons of content everyday so be careful about what you read.

And with that – ta ta till next time.


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  1. Outlaw said, on September 7, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    Keep at it my friend. This blog (and some notable others) is an oasis of calm and well constructed information. If, as you say that it’s read by fifty-odd folk a day, then those folk will be better informed than the people around them in my opinion.

    • earthlinggb said, on September 7, 2017 at 3:01 pm

      Cheers man. As I say, I just don’t have the time anymore to keep “pumping them out” and neither the inclination. After 10 years (7 years blogging) I see what people want – like a constant “tap” of more and more “exposure” of never ending crap. I’ll say it again: It is the money system and the legal system combined which is destroying lives, families, culture, entire countries. That is ALL people need to focus on but they don’t. They WANT their politics and they WANT their leaders. They WANT to believe in the next “reincarnation of Christ”. What they DON’T want is to actually drop their belief in the system. It’s alike a “Soap Opera” to most – even those who believe they’re awake. They LOVE drama and can’t get enough of it.
      So me? I’m stepping back into the matrix (albeit with knowledge) because, as much as I’d hoped it wasn’t, it IS “every man for themselves” and it was in that mindset that I had a damned good life. For a while, I was more than willing to drop that “good life” for the sake of all of this, thinking “people MUST wake up” but there was my “gullibility” based upon hope. There is no bloody hope man! So, step back in I shall and boy, am I looking forward to it! Serious money, good food, good hotels, global travel and all expenses paid! Yes I’m “Selling out” and yes I’m “sticking it” to people because, frankly, I’ve attempted to use my intellect and personal experience to educate and expose but it goes in one ear and out the other if it goes in at all. I’m talking the vast majority here.

      • Steph Taylor said, on September 18, 2017 at 5:02 pm

        Best wishes friend, you did what you could! Even if people were being marched into concentration camps, i get the impression they’d still not bother putting up a fight as long as they get a bit of food. The rate we’re emptying the oceans and destroying the forests and bee populations, and other species, i think we could be facing extinction. Jeez they’re evil!

        • earthlinggb said, on September 23, 2017 at 8:58 pm

          Well, it wasn’t a lot was it? LOL However, as Greg suggests below, perhaps, in some cases, it was. Sometimes it only takes getting through to one person.

  2. frances said, on September 8, 2017 at 8:48 am

    Only once in a blue moon do I comment, but in view of your imminent ‘departure’ for the good life, I’d like to express my gratitude for your efforts – in case you’re seduced to point of no return! Thanks very much for your informative and insightful posts. I only discovered “earthlinggb” relatively recently and along with a whittled down selection of several other blogs, yours have always been rated as worth viewing. It’s never too late to learn (that you’ve been lied to from an early age), so at 68, I’ve been using your output to consolidate info gleaned from other sources and it’s been useful as a springboard to find out more. The dot-connecting continues! I agree that the majority of people are disinterested in alternative viewpoints that don’t fit the mainstream narrative, or, as I’ve discovered, can be downright hostile.
    Having missed out on your earlier blogs infused with “fervent passion” (though, I’d rate some of your recent articles as passionate!)- are there any that really stand out in your mind since 2010, or should I go through the entire body of archives? which I’ll do in time.
    Good luck with your plans.
    Au revoir – hopefully.

  3. Greg said, on September 20, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    A long time lurking visitor and never before commenting.
    I don’t beleive you will really sell out…denying what you know in your heart is very difficult to sleep with.

    But, in case you really do ‘exit stage left’, I just want to say thank you so very much for your efforts and your work on your blog. You cannot know the value it has been and continues to be, simply because you don’t know the chain of events your part has been instrumental in kicking off. Just because you do not have a direct feed or direct view of events that can be albeit indirectly attributed to your work does not mean it has not been worth it.

    In that vein, this is for you: An essay by Albert Nock, published in 1936:

    I truly value the work you have done, particularly on the Legal Person. Do not leave this place thinking no-one is listening, or doing anything with it; they are, and they aren’t if you get my meaning!

    • earthlinggb said, on September 23, 2017 at 8:56 pm

      Thank you for the kind words and also, thank you for the Nock essay link (which I had never read). Having read it now, it resonates and I see it is the remnant, I guess, I have always wished to “speak” to. I had thought that the “remnant” was all those “truthers” out there but, over time, I realised most of them are as lost as the so called “sheep” (masses). The thing is, I am just happy to communicate my ideas with those for whom it resonates and if that is only one person or a handful, no problem.
      Really appreciate it man. I won’t “exit stage left” however but supportive comments like this and others really do boost the want to keep at it. It just will never be as frequent or, possibly, as in depth.

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