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The biggest mistake a man ever makes

Posted in Law by earthlinggb on July 12, 2017

Oh I know, “Earthling, you’re just bitter due to what happened to you” (If I ever told the full story, however, your jaw would drop).

However, no, this is not about Earthling and about a decade ago etc etc. This is just Earthling saying “thank god others are beginning to pick up on the ‘law’ issue; not from an ‘academic’ viewpoint but in how it relates, directly, to their lives.

The legal personality, the contracts with the state, the lack of full disclosure BY the state as to what people are getting themselves into (which, by the way, makes ANY contract void – EXCEPT, of course, with the state because the state is a coercer. That’s precisely how the state works).


So, while I have my issues with the make up of women like John here (through vast experience of many); it is the STATE where my real beef lies. Women are being manipulated by the state to think they are as good or better and should be “idolised” by men. Women, generally, aren’t that smart. However, men haven’t been that smart either but it is the STATE which manipulates it all (as they do terrorism; as they do money and economy and anything else you can imagine – racism, sexuality, the whole thing).

A few articles I’ve posted in the past around this subject of law, contracts, state deception etc…..

The moral (and reality) is that you can never win against the court system because the court system created the rules. The ONLY way of beating the court system is by logic because, by logic, you expose the bullshit the law is. However, the court system does not (and cannot ever) allow these pieces of “gold” (logic) to be used against it. This is why the so called “freemen” will never win the battle. The battle will ONLY be won when, somehow, the logical fallacies and fictions used in law are exposed significantly. Perhaps by a MGTOW community in large numbers?


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