Can Garlic or a Cross repel a nuclear blast?

Posted in Science by earthling on July 11, 2017

I think I’ve found out how Neil Armstrong and friends just may have been able to fly through the Van Allen belts with no issue. So perhaps we DID go to the moon after all? (Not!)

Perhaps not only freemasons but perhaps Neil, Buzz etc were all jesuits?

Isn’t the following VERY odd? It would appear the jesuits ARE on top and the jews just tucked in underneath because the jews need texts to advise them to get the hell out of the way when something is about to “go down” while the jesuits don’t need to. The latter are completely immune! OR (and it’s a BIG “or”) is it perhaps possible that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not Atom bombs at all but they were firebombed? Many people have suggested this and this article does (unless you believe in garlic and crosses that is) suggest there is “mileage” in such an assumption.


So what do you make of that?

A jewish cabalist can create evil but a jesuit can overcome it? Or is it just all “Noetic science” bullshit?

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