From Sandy Manchester to Westminster Hook.

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Just came across this vid and felt compelled to share it. It is EXCELLENT.

“Alert!” Follow up

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Well, it seems not many will have heard or seen anything about what happened yesterday because the media did not cover it.

Apparently, there is now something called “The Football lads Alliance” where all the London clubs fans got together and marched through London (as I suggested was going to happen). However, I am pleased to say, it was entirely peaceful. This is exactly how the whole country should be, in my opinion. The establishment needs division and violence and they never gave them it.

What I will say, however, is the way this was told to me at the coffee shop on friday was slightly different. The guy telling me perhaps got it wrong (or perhaps not and the Police just contained it all extremely well) but there was definitely the suggestion of “getting even” in what was put over to me. I had no idea this event was going to happen and still, I suggest that the quote “Fuck you! I’m Millwall” had some sort of message contained in it to create this alliance and this event.

It would appear that this alliance is going to continue, however, and perhaps even grow throughout the UK. Hopefully, they will be smart and keep it peaceful HOWEVER, the establishment knows what it’s doing and can easily stir up violence if it so wishes through the use of undercover provocateurs. So, ok, yesterday did not become a bloodbath – let’s try and keep it that way. If it doesn’t remain that way, then you will be bringing martial law to the UK.


Ok, I’ve just added this video. It shows the march BUT it also shows Tommy Robinson. He’s talking about having “massive things” planned. So, it didn’t “kick off” (pardon the pun) yesterday but it was “kicked off” in terms of a movement. This is being formed by some “heavy hitters” and I don’t know who but this sort of thing DOES NOT happen at grassroots level. Tommy Robinson is an out and out zionist. If you don’t know that already then you should. I am telling you, this is all for a purpose later down the line and I STILL stand by my earlier post linking the freemasons. Freemasonry/Israel/Zionism – all linked and Robinson, I would bet (but admittedly, I’m not 100% sure), is a mossad asset in one form or another. There is no doubt in my mind that this Football alliance has some jewish manipulators behind it.

I won’t say “Civil War” coming up because it’s too dramatic BUT I will say something big is brewing.


Just found this on a “Go Fund me” page. It is cached because it would appear to no longer exist on the platform. It was created on 11th June…

Ah! And there you have it! The Roy Larner connection…..

“REAL NEWS! – Streaming live in HD from the streets of the UK. The Football Lads Alliance is a grass roots Anti Extremism movement in the UK. They have grown rapidly to over 40,000 members (via a secret Facebook group), of which more than 6,000 people are expected to attend. Patriots from around Great Britain, many from the football community are standing together and peacefully marching through London protesting the UK government’s reluctance in tackling the current extremism problem in the UK. The march will be led by hero of the hour ‘The Lion of London Bridge’ – Roy Larner,…”—united-against-extremism-march—london—24th-june-2017.html

You may also wish to read the following very good account of what’s going on in more general terms. Yes, it’s written by Nick Griffin:


ALERT! London tomorrow 24 June 2017

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Too damned tired to write a full blog explaining this. Sorry.

Roy Larner (the “Lion of London Bridge”) shouted “Fuck you! I’m Millwall – so we’re led to believe as he then describes getting stabbed 8 times by 3 “terrorists” who killed about 8 and injured multiple others. I call bullshit to it. All of it. But I’m not going into that right now.

When I read the “Fuck you! I’m Millwall” the day after the attack, the first thing I thought of was: This is pre programming for a large event surrounding football/ football supporters.

Today, 23rd June, I was sitting at a coffee shop when an older guy I occasionally talk with, sat down and chuckled (and he is not, in any way, shape or form, conspiracy minded. In fact, he thinks I talk shit if ever I try to explain stuff to him). I asked what he was chuckling about and he told me this:

“I was just talking to an old friend (they’re in their 60s by the way) who was a real hard man when we were younger and he’s telling me that he’s going into London tomorrow because the football supporters of a number of different clubs are going to march on the Muslims”. He didn’t know exactly where it was going to take place or the numbers involved. Whether it happens, I don’t know but, if you are having team supporters getting together, then that could number a fair few guys and there is the potential for a bloodbath on the streets of London. I don’t know if its after a match or before. I don’t know if it will happen. The thing is, it reminded me of Larner and his Millwall statement which, he himself admits in an interview (as he looks very nervous), he doesn’t know what made him say exactly that. He recognises it really doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense. “I’m England” or “I’m British” would make more sense, but no, he said “I’m Millwall”. And it’s not just that he said it but that the media plastered it everywhere and made him into a proverbial bloody saint while he gets £50,000, Season tickets, new house etc etc. Plus, he seems to have a thing for America and getting Millwall known in America AND, on an interview with US TV, he makes sure to mention Millwall’s Manager or Chairman (whatever) is American (from BOSTON of all places!). All quite odd.

But then, the following has just come to my attention: 24th June 2017 is 300 years after 24th June 1717 (you don’t say???).

24th June 1717



Now, if this does happen, what do you think the British Government will feel “compelled” to do? What does it give them the premise to do?

And you know just how much football hooligans love a good kicking! They’re not the brightest sparks are they?

Call in the troops!

Again, I am not positive this is going to happen but, that Larner quote 2 or 3 weeks back just hit me and had me certain there is going to be something major, football related.

“Why I said that, I don’t know why, but I did.” Go to 3.13 on video.

I think I know why Roy: You never actually DID say it. It was scripted for you.

And don’t forget the Freemason Helicopters!