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Posted in "Terrorism" by earthling on March 24, 2017

Just sayin’….


See post regarding Einat Wilf and the Nice attack. She puts her point over ever so well.

This deception is now becoming one big yawn. Obviously not for those who don’t understand it however or who just hate muslims for the hell of it. Ignorance kills – Indeed it does!

And, just for further enlightenment:

“It’s easy to put a truck bomb, as WE did, in London”

Now watch the SAME ex Mossad guy admitting these Israelis were spies on 9/11 (the “Dancing Israelis” if you haven’t already done your homework on these guys). And the last point about letting them go on the basis that “Israel no longer spies on America WITHOUT PERMISSION”, is absolutely, mind-boggingly, hilarious!

And finally this. But, of course, all you little jewish apologists will claim “anti semitic canard” and “coincidence”. Go for it!

Keep hating on those nasty muslims! lol

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