Masturbating jesuits – The war for the Vatican

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There’s been a war going on for decades/centuries and, with Pope Francis, it looks like the Jesuits have won!

But the Pope isn’t a wanker is he? After all, he’s a nice smiley Pope isn’t he?






Jews: Shot, gassed or injected? Make your bloody mind up!

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This is a very simple and short post.

The following article is from the November 25th, 1942 issue of the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

Dr. Stephen S Wise - Rabbi of New York and leading Zionist jew

Dr. Stephen S Wise – Rabbi of New York and leading Zionist jew

Dr Stephen S. Wise (Head of the World and American Jewish Congress at the time) makes STUNNING statements in a supposedly “proven” document regarding the fate of jews at Nazi hands during this period of the war. There are no less than THREE alleged “facts” in this article quoting Wise, which are outstanding and MUST have the reader stunned by the content when one considers what we are led to believe since childhood schooling and even today through media and government propaganda.

I have picked up on a substantial number of quite stunningly contradictory and eye opening statements and information in government archives and media archives over the last few years and this one just adds to the tally of them which leave me in no doubt that we have been sold a myth!

Of course, there will always be those of you that, no matter what is put in front of you, will NEVER accept what such contradictions and bare faced lies (made up stories) are telling us but I am not talking to you, I am talking to those who still have an open mind and undiluted brain matter.



I shouldn’t have to point these three issues out to you (and for many it will be unnecessary, I realise that) but let’s just go through them one by one:

  1. “Reportedly confirmed by the State Department and a personal representative of President Roosevelt”: That 2M jews had already been slaughtered IN ACCORDANCE WITH A RACE EXTINCTION ORDER BY ADOLF HITLER. – The fact is that, even today, no such order has EVER been found (nor any oral order) of such by Adolf Hitler. Even during the Canadian Court trial of Ernst Zundel in the mid/late 1980s, the prosecution expert in the first trial was Raul Hilberg, an American professor of Jewish descent and author of the standard reference work, The Destruction of the European Jews (1961), which Paul Rassinier discussed in Le Drame des Juifs européens (The Drama of the European Jews). Hilberg began his testimony by explaining, without interruption, his theory about the extermination of the Jews. He was then cross-examined by Zündel’s lawyer, Douglas Christie, who was assisted by Keltie Zubko and myself. Right from the start it was clear that Hilberg, who was the world’s leading authority on the Holocaust, had never examined a single concentration camp, not even Auschwitz. He had still not examined any camp in 1985 when he announced the imminent appearance of a new edition of his main work in three volumes, revised, corrected and augmented. Although he did visit Auschwitz in 1979 for a single day as part of a ceremonial appearance, he did not bother to examine either the buildings or the archives. In his entire life he has never seen a “gas chamber,” either in its original condition or in ruins. (For a historian, even ruins can tell tales). On the stand he was forced to admit that there had never been a plan, a central organization, a budget or supervision for what he called the policy of the extermination of the Jews. He also had to admit that since 1945 the Allies have never carried out an expert study of “the weapon of the crime,” that is to say of a homicidal gas chamber. No autopsy report has established that even one inmate was ever killed by poison gas.
    Hilberg said that Hitler gave orders for the extermination of the Jews, and that Himmler gave an order to halt the extermination on November 25, 1944 (such detail!). But Hilberg could not produce these orders. The defense asked him if he still maintained the existence of the Hitler orders in the new edition of his book. He dared to answer yes. He thereby lied and even committed perjury. In the new edition of his work (with a preface dated September 1984),
    Hilberg systematically deleted any mention of an order by Hitler. (In this regard, see the review by Christopher Browning, “The Revised Hilberg,” Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual, 1986, p. 294). When he was asked by the defense to explain how the Germans had been able to carry out an undertaking as enormous as the extermination of millions of Jews without any kind of plan, without any central agency, without any blueprint or budget, Hilberg replied that in the various Nazi agencies there had been “an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus mind-reading by a far-flung bureaucracy.”

So the purported “documentary proof” which Wise said he carried, did not actually exist. He never showed it because he never had it! 

2.  “half of the estimated 4,000,000 jews in Nazi occupied europe” – This one is simple: 4 million estimated but 6 million slaughtered? Where did they find another 2 million from? Remember and read properly. It states “Nazi occupied europe” which was the entirety of where they could have rounded the jews up from. Perhaps they shipped in another 2 million from…….hmmm…. back from Palestine? Doesn’t quite figure now does it?

3.  “killing them at a rate of more than 100 per hour per Doctor BY INJECTING AIR BUBBLES INTO THEIR VEINS” – So, it would appear, the “Zyklon B gassing” story later substituted for “Air bubbles intravenously”.

These were all “PROVEN” assertions by Wise remember.

The stories, the contradictions, the reduced plaque numbers, the jews making money out of their horror stories which have been proven lies – are just outrageous!

Yet STILL our British government demands that we believe it!

“We’re TELLING you it’s a fact so it’s a fact!”

Yeah you’ve got to believe the politicians and the judiciary right?

I STILL ask myself what it is that has these jews the power over our governments? Is it just money and our politicians are all just money grabbing whores willing to leave their children and offspring to a world ruled by jews? Or is there more to it like “The Samson option”? Because I don’t believe it’s all to do with just “Oh the wee jews, they’re cuddly and good natured really. They just have gone wrong in their non acceptance of Christ as saviour but they are his chosen people”. I just don’t buy that obvious crap!

But wait, there’s more!

Now, take the time to read the above article carefully – every word is important. Then read the following:



You know the issue with liars and lying? They can’t/don’t keep track of their lies. They contradict themselves all over the place and, while they are taken at face value for the statements they make – by judges, Police, Lawyers, people in general etc – the truth catches up with them in the end. The truth does not consist of contradictions. Never has, never does, never will. The ONLY thing keeping this lie going is money and the whores of mammon who accept it.

The above article is from June 1942. What does it say?

  1. There are between 6 and 7 million jews in Europe. The previous article stated 4 million (granted in “Nazi occupied Europe” – jews don’t like being too specific for obvious reasons). Then, look at the red cross figures at the end of this post. 15M worldwide (9.5M in Europe) in 1933 and 15M (9.5M in Europe) in 1948. Odd? Oy veh!
  2. Article above states 1M since war began (End June 1942). Previous article states 2M (End Nov 1942). We would be led to assume, therefore, that a steep acceleration happened between July and November (let’s say 150 days) of 6,666 slaughters per day. So, that 1000 per day shot doesn’t quite do the trick does it? Perhaps the 6,666 was made up to by the Doctors in the first article injecting air bubbles in their veins at a rate of 100 per hour (per Doctor)? Again, however, we’ve never heard more about that have we? It’s the first time I ever encountered that story anyhow.
  3. So, we have jews being shot by firing squads, jews being injected, jews dying of hunger, disease and other causes, millions being forced into labour camps BUT NOT ONE MENTION OF GAS CHAMBERS (and as I have pointed out in previous article of mine – having trawled UK Parliament archives – there is not one mention of gas chambers until AFTER the war). They hadn’t got their act together as to what propagandised form this “Shoah” would take.

Perhaps – just perhaps – this is why the Auschwitz plaque numbers varied so much over the years (EVEN THOUGH, miraculously, the 6M figure stayed the same) from 4M to 1.1M eventually. Even that 1.1M figure is accepted now as not all jews although they say (“they” being jewish “authorities” no less) that the jews in that figure amounted to 900,000. So, if it was 900,000, that leaves 5.1M left to find! YET, the vast majority of the 6M were meant to have expired in Auschwitz. Even to this day, it is ALL about “Auschwitz”. So then maybe there WERE injections of 100 per hour somewhere BUT no, that story has never been presented to us and you can rest assured it WOULD be!

You see, no matter which way you look at it, NONE of it adds up!


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We’re told:

“Jews – good business people. Good with figures!”

But their grasp of statistics is pretty shite!


Who cares? Our monthly pensions are good!