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When you are targeted on Facebook

Posted in Gross stupidity within society, Media by earthlinggb on January 14, 2016
By the way, Bowie was no illuminati you simple minded idiots who grasp at anything to come up with a story to splash on youtube or elsewhere.

By the way, Bowie was no illuminati you simple minded idiots who grasp at anything to come up with a story to splash on youtube or elsewhere.

Allo peeps!

I just thought this might be worth bringing to your attention.

I have been banned from Facebook so many times now I’ve lost count. Banned also from a multitude of Facebook political and not so political pages. I have even found myself having to provide data on myself (i.e tel number) to post to…. wait for it…. Infowars/Alex Jones pages! Because I have simply been blunt in my statements regarding the exposure of Alex Jones by bringing to people’s attention VERY obvious hypocrisies and lies by omission of Jones and crew.

However, I just wish to show you something which has just happened today which has had me blocked from posting for 48 hours for “not abiding by Facebook’s terms” basically. Facebook’s terms are applied as and when they see fit to apply them. There are real people behind these bans and blockings remember and so, one must appreciate that one is up against the prejudices of whoever it is that makes that decision.

Please note that, in my post which was removed for not meeting “Facebook’s Community Standards”, I make it clear in my “offending post” that I am responding to a video posted of Madonna clearly – over a PA system – uttering the word “motherfuckers” over and over again. Yet, this does not seem to be a problem for Facebook – after all, the website allows any and all media, cultural and other videos to be posted with content that would make a Dutch prostitute in the red light district blush. Anything and everything is allowed IF it emanates from an “acceptable” source like a pop/rock musician it would seem. Another (but different) example could be Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons, making a statement which displays clearly religious hate. I’ll come back to that.

So, there are a number of questions here. Is it against Facebook community standards for certain language and certain opinions by actual facebook users, in “print”, to state their opinions or use a certain style of language BUT Facebook see no issue and anything is fair game, if such opinions and language are stated by a non user within a video and that video is simply posted? The answer is no to that however because there have been quite a few videos which myself and others have posted on all sorts of topics which have been removed. I can say many with the speeches of Hitler for example have been removed and yet, as far as I know, it would be impossible for a dead man to be a part of the Facebook community wouldn’t it?

So, here is the “acceptable” video featuring Madonna which I commented upon….

And here is the “offending post” I made:

FB removal

Then I receive a further “advisory”as I attempt to post to my own page (which is private):


So I decide to advise Facebook that they are being (and are, in general in fact), total hypocrites. You can post whatever you like, basically, on Facebook and, as long as people who comment on the post agree and there is no “offence” taken by one (“offence” being something which one decides to receive rather than something which is necessarily meant to offend) and no-one decides to report you (which, clearly, is done when another party simply wishes to get you in trouble with the Facebook “Police” because you’ve said something they don’t like and it is a form of revenge for them), it will stay up. Get one little creep behind a keyboard who has problems controlling their emotions however, and your post is toast and so may you be.

It’s pathetic but then so is the world we live in.

Skank ban

So, as you can see from the original post, I actually use the word “shite” (or “shit) in there too (which I didn’t even consider a problem given half of what I can read on the site that would be, to any sane person, considered sick and deranged) but where on earth do Facebook get the idea that the word “motherfucker” is ok and any other word I use is not? Or is it just my opinion which is unwanted and disallowed? Or is it – and this would be an immense irony – that I actually print the word out which Madonna uses again and again in the video?

Will I get a response by these poor little twats on Facebook who are the “law” of land in cyberspace? If I do, I’ll post it back on this page. I’m looking forward to seeing what these little brats say of I’m honest.

Now, back to Gene Simmons for a moment for those of you who have taken further offence that I suggest a “jewish agenda” (maybe that was it huh? Maybe you just are not allowed to have an opinion on anything much at all except the size of arse Kim Kardashian has or something else just as inane)?

Listen to Gene’s “anti gentilism” because that is exactly what this is. Then ask yourself the question (or questions): How is it that, posting such a video of obvious race/religious hate is no problem? After all, you can post this video as much as you wish AS LONG AS you are not pointing out the obvious in it and some jew or easily offended little idiot (perhaps a Christian zionist – again, the irony. A christian who doesn’t take offence to a jew saying that the christian is only worth serving the jew – and they report you and how is it that a jew can actually get away with stating this (and many more I may add) while we gentiles (or goyim) have not meant to take offence (whereas if the shoe were on the other foot we would be labeled “Nazis”) nor do we have a law against “anti gentilism”.

Well, there’s a reason for it but stating the reason makes me an anti semite.


Because I’ve had the hypocrisy of this up to my neck!

I think Hitler had also don’t you?



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  1. julian said, on January 15, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    people have a hard time dealing with truth

  2. Charles said, on August 21, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    Farce Book Does The Same To Me Too. Farce Book Does So Many Things To Obfuscate My Sharing Information, Posts And Videos, Even Youtube Has Removed The Share Option For Me, So I Can’t Directly Post Things On Farce Book or Twitter. Google Is Zio-Nazi Control. Yes, The Ashkenazi Zionists Were Behind The Creation Of The Nazis And The Bolsheviks. It Wasn’t A Russian Revolution, It Was A Khazarian Zionist Genocide Plot Against The Russian Czar And His People.

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