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Leytonstone Tube “This is for Syria” – Peeing myself

Posted in "Terrorism" by earthling on December 6, 2015

All of this stuff just gets worse and worse.

Watch the movie… and yeah… it IS a movie! A B-Movie. Pinewood studios would come up with something more realistic.



Now, there’s lots to say about this trash – for instance, the guy’s hanging about waiting to be tasered while a few people walk about like “What’s goin on ‘ere then?” The old geezer in the cap dawdling around like he’s looking for a sandwich and a front row seat. The Police themselves slightly over acting. The guy that drops his bags and squeezes through the turnstile just to run up to the shop (I thought he was going to run up to the guy and take him on but no, must have been desperate for a snickers bar or a sandwich). The women and kids running in front of the camera like something out of a bad Star Trek scene as the Enterprise gets blasted by Klingons.

But here’s the REAL giveaway – It is unbelievable how sloppy all this shit is getting:

The blood. A big huge pile of blood… and NO BODY!

The guy has been taken by the ambulance already? Ok, let’s assume that shall we? Bullshit but let’s assume it. So the ambulance comes and a guy who has been stabbed with a machete in the neck and is POURING with blood on to the floor gets whisked away but the big pool of blood is simply left there. There is no staff, no one at all, who has mopped up that amount of blood or even tried to remove any of it? Just a perfect puddle of blood for the camera to see.

“Tase him tase him, tase him!..ooh it didn’t work.” The horrified expression in the voice is absolutely chilling isn’t it? 😉

The number of people – including Jeremy Corbyn – who are swallowing this shit (or perhaps not in Jeremy’s case) is astounding.

You know the other little touch I liked. The muslim looking Policeman. I wonder if he’ll be interviewed on the telly tomorrow? There’s sure to be some articles about how a muslim British bobby took on a raging muslim terrorist. It’s good press you know and it presses home the idea to all you dummies who believe in all this crap they’re feeding you, that “They’re not all like that”.

But what you have to learn out of all of this is the BIG point that nobody wishes to state and very few of you will accept: It is the jews who are creating all of this. And when I say “the jews” I’m not talking about wee Jimmy Cohen who lives next door even though he’ll stick by whatever crap his clan spouts and would give anything to be one of the jewish elite. I’m talking about the atheist, globalist “jews” that Churchill warned about before he became enamoured to their money bailing the little warcriminal out.

Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? READ up on shit then!

Oh and I mustn’t forget that these attackers ALWAYS have something to say – like a slogan each time – that gives the press their headline and also makes sure that we are in no doubt who they are and what it’s about. This time it’s “This is for Syria”. In Paris, it was “I’m from ISIS” and, more generally, of course, we get “Allahu Akhbar!”. They’re considerate little muslims aren’t they? “We hate you for what you are; we wish to kill you all; there may be billions of you but we’ll get there tube station by tube station and stadium by concert venue but we’ll make sure you know who’s attacking you to give the entire world’s armed forces the reason to obliterate us”. GOOD PLAN!

Meanwhile, it took 6 years to obliterate the so called “NAZIs” but the entire power of western forces and Russian forces can’t take out a ragged bunch of terrorists. We seem to know Raqqa is HQ, we now have military spy satellites stretching across the entire globe, etc etc and this little “tribe” just keeps morphing while they move about so easily from one country to the next AND they can actually sell oil! Perhaps they achieve it because people like David Cameron say “In a week’s time we’re going to have a vote on whether to bomb you”. If only Churchill had given Hitler notice like that eh? WW2 may have gone the other way!

But also, when you read Parliamentary archives and it is stated that we telegraphed ISIS to give them safe haven from Iraq into Syria, it makes you wonder doesn’t it? 🙂


Cheerio for now.



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  1. Philip said, on December 6, 2015 at 12:41 am

    Yep,it does seem to all point back to them..every tentacle you look at points back right to them..the globalist Jews..Its gona get even more fucking nasty soon..the pace is quickening!

  2. Guido said, on December 10, 2015 at 2:36 am

    You had me going there for a minute with the blood………… mean the 3D pile of goo that is the wrong colour and translucent with spikey edges………….I know strawberry jam when I see it !

    Good to see you back.

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