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I’ve had worse cuts shaving…

Posted in "Terrorism" by earthling on December 6, 2015

David Pethers, 33, a father-of-one from east London, was left bleeding after the 29-year-old cut him in the neck with a Stanley knife during the confrontation.
‘I was dragged away, I was bleeding from the neck. I know it sounds crazy, but I went back to have another go,’ he told MailOnline.


Stanley knife eh? It doesn’t even look like it cut flesh. That guy has had a blunt razor, been a bit worse for wear after a night out in Leytonstone and been a little careless with the Bic and decided to leave his beard be for the day.


Here we have a guy who just slashed a guy in the throat so much that there was a huge pile of blood (as if someone had just taken a bucketfull and poured it out in fact – far more likely I’d say) on the floor and YET, he doesn’t have an ounce of blood on him. Not a bloodstain on those nice clean tan trousers. Nor on his nice clean grey jacket.

stabbing_new4_leyt_3519246b leytonstone_3519176b stabbing_sidebars4_3519238b stabbing_new2_leyt_3519241b stabbing_new1_leyt_3519240b


Now, re the last photo: Would you just hang around – even with two cops there with tasers – while a nutter with a knife seemed to be wanting to slash people’s throats?

Another thing: The nutter with the knife just stands there WAITING for the police to take him down. I’ve seen this before like with drummer boy Lee where the two nutters just ran at the police. Well this guys is essentially doing the same thing while there is an o;d geezer (and others) just behind him who he could have grabbed as a hostage and threatened to slit his throat too if the police moved a muscle. But did he? This is a crazed terrorist you know! This is meant to be a guy who wants to take out as many people as he can.

Here’s another thing: Why do all these guys wear balaclavas and then wait around to get taken down by the Police? You wear a balaclava for the purposes of not being recognised and then making a getaway with something yet these guys LOVE to wait for the police.


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