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San Bernardino shooting

Posted in "Terrorism", Media by earthling on December 3, 2015

How many times……?

I don’t write much anymore and go into detail and try to give you all that I have previously to prove all of this crap because it’s simply boring to repeat the same stuff over and over and do all the necessary digging to prove this stuff to people who simply don’t wish to accept it. There’s more than enough across all fronts on this blog now.

So here is just a simple post: San Bernardino – Another false flag -planned and prepared for your evening news entertainment.


SB 4

Notice the eye? 🙂

SB 1

But here’s some good news. Have you noticed lately that every single news outlet – when reporting all this events these days – have people by the ton making the comments showing that we’re not all falling for it. There’s hardly a news site in existence that I have seen that doesn’t have people commenting on the bullshit they’re beginning to recognise.

Here are examples from comments on this article:

SB 2

SB 3

Another day, another drill, another 6 o’clock news headline feeding you fear porn.

They are going to have to have that World War soon though and that is what bothers me. They need to have it because all their shit is not being swallowed any longer.


Oh COME ON! You have GOT to be joking me!



This lot have to be the worst band in the world and I’d have a lot to say about the alleged terrorist attack on Paris and how they just happened to walk away from it but nevermind that. They have a song about San Bernardino and the lyrics have very subtle suggestions while this band is as zionist friendly as they come.


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  1. Philip said, on December 3, 2015 at 10:32 pm

    Probably obvious but ive been saying certainly these last 10 years that the more awareness that people have of the control grids psychopathic behaviour the more they will create chaos and if we really start to see the ‘truth’ then they will instigate the big one ‘WW3’…if they haven’t already! so the good news is if we stay unaware we are fucked and if we gain awareness and actively do something about it we are fucked!!! 🙂 tough place this Earth!!! 🙂

  2. frances said, on December 4, 2015 at 8:31 am

    Thanks for the article earthling. Yes, you’re spot on Philip. May I suggest some additional reading – “False-Flag Terror: A Historical and Analytical Overview” on James Tracy’s Memory Hole.
    WTBF (waiting to be ……)!

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