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Inside the minds of the 1%

Posted in Money by earthling on February 16, 2015

This documentary has been created by Jamie Johnson of the Johnson & Johnson family. In his late 20s (circa 2007) Jamie’s displaying a social conscience – like his old man did when he was Jamie’s age – but look who he has access to and watch and listen very closely to those he interviews, including his own family. Just as us 99% generally say “there’s nothing that can be done about it”, so does the 1%. The difference is that, while we say it because we believe (and it IS only a belief) that we have no power (and also we can’t collaborate because we’ve had our differences of opinions drilled into us for so long that we still hold on so tightly to what the 1% – through government and media – have brainwashed us to believe), the 1% say it because, in part, they recognise that, even if some of them actually tried to change it, the rest of the 1% wouldn’t allow them to and they’d be destroyed for trying and, generally, they see – I think – equality as meaning they would have shit lives. They don’t perceive the possibility that it could mean the whole population could have better lives. But perhaps it’s more than that also. Perhaps it’s genuine fear that, having been raised in what must be considered anti social environments which has led to them actually being unable to relate to a world and people where they would need to collaborate and integrate [imagine the similarity with the armed forces personnel who find it so difficult to re-integrate into “civvy street” – they’d rather stay in the forces and have that ordered life and the respect etc].

Imagine you had the lifestyle these people did – I even consider the lifestyle I used to have in comparison to today and I hate having “fallen” – you’d wish to maintain it if you are honest. You (and I) WANT what they have and that is just a fact. However, we’d be content even with a genuine fraction which would offer us the opportunity for a comfortable life, not necessarily an opulent one. If you had what these people had and, considering the present system as it stands, someone came along and said “We’re going to tax you more and redistribute your wealth” (let’s ignore just for a moment that a lot of these people have made their wealth corruptly – even though we all make what we make corruptly in what is a corrupt system – remember that even the money you make here in the UK is to the detriment of someone in Africa or another developing country), you wouldn’t be happy. Don’t say you would because you would NOT! There is already a redistribution of wealth going on from us to third world countries and we are complaining to the government because there are people in need in this country. It is exactly the same thing just on a macro rather than micro scale.

So, no, they don’t wish to contemplate a world where they don’t have their fences and large areas of land where they can be apart from the rest of society and why? Because society IS a wreck at the moment and has been for a very long time. Honestly? If I could live off money in the bank and have my own island away from the “madding crowd” of a world full of assholes, I would. However, if the world could change and society change and everyone recognise each other as worthy of respect and love then that may be a different thing and I wouldn’t have that wish to isolate myself.

That all said, there are some REAL assholes on here which give you a good glimpse into the mind of the 1% and one of them is Milton Friedman himself (I wouldn’t even say he IS a 1%er but he does live in that general world). His point about although the equality gap was getting wider but the people at the bottom were still progressing is total bullshit and I’ll tell you why:

50 years ago and even less, a family could live off a single wage earner quite comfortably. It cannot even live comfortably off two wage earners today! As the rich get richer, they also raise the general cost of living through the ever increasing addition of money into the system (i.e. inflation). They get to use that money first before the economy adjusts (i.e. before the inflation) and IF it does trickle down (and it isn’t even doing that today), that £1 which was a £1 in THEIR pocket, is now – once we get a hold of it – worth a fraction of that £1.

Imagine standing on a huge rubber band and 5 feet away – still on the rubber band – there is a basketball net.

Imagine Mr 1% is standing on a similar rubber band next to you with the net 5 feet way.

Both bands are connected to the same pulley system which is stretching both rubber bands at the same rate.

There’s a machine which keeps pumping out basketballs but it shoots the basketball at Mr 1% everytime and you have to retrieve that ball once he’s netted it.

By the time he’s netted it and you’ve retrieved it however, the rubber band you’re standing on has been stretched and now the net is 6 feet away from you.

You’re going to net far less balls than Mr 1%.

Ok a crap analogy but I was making it up as I went along and sometimes I’m just too lazy to sit and think of something better but you get the drift.

Basically, Milton Friedman is an asshole.

That said, if the global population embraced the reality that it is YOU and I who create money and we can issue our own promissory obligations to each other WITHOUT interest, then we’d have the solution. But as I said before, we’re all too busy arguing about crap and the symptoms rather than focusing on the core issue which is what I have literally just said.

Would Jamie Johnson be interested in learning the solution? Would he hell.


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  1. Michael said, on February 17, 2015 at 8:57 pm

    The REAL problem here is the top 1% of the 1%. Lots of relatively poorly-off people can be classified as being in the top one percent; you only need about 3/4m in assets, which covers a lot of elderly pensioners living in places as unspecial as Croydon.

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