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AGENDA 2112 Coming to you faster than a speeding 15mph driverless car!

Posted in Agenda 21 by earthling on February 11, 2015

The UK population: Sleepwalking into a 1984/Brave New World nightmare.

Emissions at zero percent but based upon a global warming myth – a lie.

GPS trackers in every car automatically dictating where and when you can drive.

But promoted – as always – as “Won’t this be wonderful? Look what it will do for you?” Just like credit cards were promoted as wonderful (No need to pay now but we’ve got you hooked and indebted) and just as the cashless society (where they can switch you off for ANY policy violation).

“Have you taken your lithium tablet today? No? Then you can’t drive…sorry!”

But you just don’t see it do you? Every step is tiny and every step calculated and supported by marketing and public relations drives.

We have vastly more technology today than existed in the 1970s while we’ve had government after government, each telling us how they were going to make the world a better place. Yet look where we are? We’re less safe, our governments are shown to be what they are – corrupt to the very core, we are far less well off and there is no longer community while families are getting to the point of being non existent. Yet no-one looks closely enough at anything to recognise that every single element of this has been driven by government policy over the last 40 years and more.

So when the existing conservative government tell you there is going to be driverless cars and talk about “British innovation”, they’re doing this because it is part of the agenda. AGENDA 21!


Driverless cars

So what’s Agenda 21?

From “Social Town Planning”
edited by Clara Greed

Edinburgh Agenda 21

Thanet Local Agenda 21:

Thanet Agenda 21

Meanwhile, you have people embracing it all in complete ignorance because they don’t know what the hell Agenda 21 is! They have never heard of it and have no idea it exists. So they read about “Smart meters” and “Smart cars” (Driverless cars), Smart cities etc and they think “Wonderful technology progress” while having absolutely no clue what the big agenda is and how it all relates to population reduction.

Or they suggest “Hah! 15mph cars are hardly going to catch on!” But they are! Why? Because, when they are developing sustainable towns and cities, they intend to have such where human walk or cycle or, at most, have a 15mph car and, to travel long distances, we then have to use public transport in one way or another – trains for example.

Driverless cars 2

Edinburgh cycling

Edinburgh Agenda 21 3 Edinburgh agenda 21 2


Tameside Agenda 21 Agenda 21 book

And HS2?

Well, that’s what it’s all about: 15mph cars in the prison cities – outside of which only the very few will have a permit to drive – while the train network will carry the rest of the human animals to and from where they need to go and ONLY to where they need to go! Anywhere else will be off limits!


But oh well, it’s only “Conspiracy theory” right?

“Uncle Earthling is a twat. Whatever happened to Uncle Mark?”


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  1. Tom said, on February 12, 2015 at 6:27 am

    Ive just been twatting a biology teacher with Agenda21, he had an MA or some such degree and kept telling the facebook feed to ‘wake up’ over global warming as we are 3 billion over the limit.. So twatted he was. Never answerd one thing put forward to him on Agenda21. Havent seen him since, gone vamooshed dissapeared.

  2. Steph said, on March 14, 2015 at 9:28 am

    20 mph speed limit now being rolled out in cities

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