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Why banks exist….

Posted in Finance by earthling on February 9, 2015

One day, people will read my blogs and recognise the answer always existed but they simply did not heed what they were being told.

Banks need not exist!

But they do due to a fundamental crime on humanity and that crime is the obfuscation (hiding the reality) of what money truly is and how it is created. They exist also for the very purpose as shown here:



But you are invested in the belief there is a need for banks because the very people who own them and the people (governments) who protect them, tell you so. They have economists who explain (with their PhDs) how complex it all is and, due to this, you do not listen to anyone BUT those who need and want your “investment” in the illusion of banking. You believe the banks create money. Even Positive Money will have you believe this.

But one day – as sure as eggs are eggs – you will come to the realisation that YOU create the money and when that penny drops – “POOF” go the banks!

Ah well…. one day.

There are a mass of articles scattered around this blog explaining money and law to you. You simply need to read and allow yourself to “feel” the absolute reality of them.

But my name isn’t “Davey Cameron” or “Ben Bernanke” or “Alan Greenspan” or a myriad of other names you will associate with having “authority”. And that’s the laugh in all of this. The very people conning you are the ones you consider the “authority”.

Ah well…. one day!

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  1. Mike Smith said, on February 11, 2015 at 11:02 pm

    A conspiracy of Jewish parasites preying on us is what we face.

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