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Posted in "Terrorism" by earthling on February 5, 2015

And new in this week’s charts: ISIS. Straight in at Number 10 with “Pyrotechno!”



Ain’t it great what you can do with CGI effects these days on any computer whatsoever?


So come on! Before you start censoring people for showing videos which are so easily constructed and nothing more than what you see at a movie theatre (are they BANNED from youtube?) – and the AK47 Charlie Hebdo shooting was just a joke! There wasn’t even ANY effects at all so no gore, nothing (because the policeman did not get shot!) – think again you jerks.

DA BOGEYMAN IS OUT TA GET YA! “M’assalum lamb aloogobi desert of Allah!”




CEO of company marketing orange coloured jumpsuits and supplying to Guantanamo Bay, desperately searches for new customers and markets before company finds itself in liquidation.
ISIS 5 year contract results in company’s stock hitting a new 2 year high. New York Stock Exchange delighted by the news.
CEO’s salary rises 50% for 2015 and the factory in Milwaukee adds another seamstress to the headcount reducing unemployment in the state.
Barack Obama states “You didn’t build that” knowing full well that he had a hand in creating the market for “Orangesuits r us”. Obama visits Milwaukee and receives a ticker tape reception.


And you have Naomi Wolf explaining one or two things. Of course, 90 odd percent of this country and the world’s population really doesn’t give a stuff about all of this so I guess all these blogs just preach to the converted and the odd one or two people who are “intrigued” by “Conspiracy theories”.

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  1. Guido said, on February 7, 2015 at 1:56 am

    It’s the return of the mummies, fresh mummies that are so clean. Their pouches and straps are brand new, like their boots and even their guns look fresh out of the factory!
    What they don’t look like is battle hardened troops that have been dukeing it out in the dessert for months, whilst the yankee airforce rains down fire and brimstone upon their heads.
    Why are they all covered up anyway? real fanatical jihadis dont normally care who sees them as they are so bent on dieing for their cause and how come they have no leader? this ISIS concoction is supposed to be a caliphate and as every good jihadi knows you can’t have a caliphate without a CALIPH.
    Also, where do the mysterious flames come from at 0.53? that’l be the CGI flames then, just as the main mummy is touching off the fuel at his end some extra flames just appear right in front of the camera mummy and then they just dissapear completely by 0.55! maybe they had a halon mummy standing by.
    This is exactly the reason that they insisted on digitising ALL the tv channels a while back, so that they could pretty well make up anything they like and put it in everyones house whenever they want to.
    Green screen, CGI and digital TV, what more do you need to dupe the muppet sheep into compliance?

    • Ian B said, on February 7, 2015 at 9:11 am

      “…what more do you need to dupe the muppet sheep into compliance?”

      Schools that hand out massive doses of Sodium Fluoride to four-year-olds.

    • earthlinggb said, on February 7, 2015 at 12:44 pm

      Indeed! Beautifully tailored outfits certainly not procured from a Army surplus store! They’re covered up for similar reasons that the guy behind the curtain was covered up in The Wizard of Oz and the last thing they’d want us to see are faces people could identify and say “Wait a minute! I know this guy! He comes from Milwaukee!”

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