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The “Authoritative voice” of a liar

Posted in Political History, Uncategorized by earthling on January 25, 2015

“Ok, at least give us a million would ya?”

Here we have an article from the Times of Israel (they just can’t let it rest can they?):

Times of Israel 1

Times of Israel 2

NOTE: 1.1 MILLION! While, of course, they HAVE to account for the vast majority don’t they? They just happen to have lost about 3 million from the figure (of which, in the 4 million they used to speak of, about 3.5M were probably jews according to them) so now it’s 1.1 million, they NEED to ensure the jews account for at least into a million – anything less would just not do! “We must keep it to a million at the very least guys. A million sounds so much better than say 750,000 damn it!” 😉

So, while the above is considered “authoritative” (of course), well so was below at the time. Remember that in 1944/45, perhaps even 1946 and 47 (I need to check the latter two years while I have checked the previous two) there were absolutely no mentions in parliament of any “gas chambers” – not a one!

When you read this, think of the enormity of dealing with 35,000 bodies PER DAY! IF that were true, then the 1.1 million alleged could have been gassed and cremated within approximately a month. So, if that was the purpose of the camps then why keep them fed and sheltered at all? To work? What a waste of time and German soldiers time when they could be put to better use on the killing fields. God I hate getting sold bullshit stories by people who actually expect me to be so fucking simple minded don’t you?

Two provisional gas chambers, known as bunkers 1 and 2, went into operation next to the Birkenau construction site in 1942, when Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss was entrusted with carrying out part of the campaign to exterminate the Jews. They were adapted farmhouses that previously belonged to expelled Poles. The first began operating in early 1942, probably in March, and the second in mid-year.

The construction of a complex of four gigantic gas chambers and crematoria began in mid-1942. The Germans estimated that 1.6 million people a year could be killed and burned there.

Watch this video. This is an alleged gas chamber while it also shows two small ovens INSIDE THE GAS CHAMBER! Not only that but we are to believe, from this, that up to 35,000 people were then cremated in those style of ovens?! THINK!

OH! BY THE WAY. IN THE VIDEO, NOTE THE TWO “DANCING ISRAELIS” (quickly then edited out) I laughed my ass off at that did you?

But then there are other versions of the “ovens” story where we are told the Nazis would burn people laid across rail tracks and piled something like 20 feet high! An earlier blog demonstrates the ridiculousness of this in a video. It is all just madness and it is not until people actually take the time and effort to consider the logistics and so called “facts” which just do not stand up to scrutiny, that they come to recognise it is all bollocks!

Now, here comes the “authoritative” Mr Bowles in 1947 with his 4 million, gold teeth to improve Germany’s gold reserve! lol Are these people serious? Well yes they were. Seriously trying to make us believe make believe!


HC Deb 27 October 1947 vol 443 cc517-607

Mr. Bowles (Nuneaton) The Debate so far has concentrated upon Germany and upon two approaches to it. The one is the moral approach and the second approach that of the British Government. I am going to approach Germany for a few minutes from rather a different direction. I have been in Germany. I spent some weeks there in the early part of this year, and I took some time during the recent Recess to go to Poland. It might be of interest to the House—and I am glad the Foreign Secretary is in his place—if I conveyed to the House and to him in particular some of the feelings of that people numbering some 24 million. That was the only country which really had been physically moved under the Potsdam Agreement. The House will remember that the Russians took a good deal of Eastern Poland and under that agreement Poland recovered Lower Silesia, referred to in Poland today as the “recovered territories.” They are much more industralised than the territories which she lost in the East.

The House will remember that on 1st September, 1939, Hitler started the war by an unannounced bombardment of Warsaw. The fight for the capture of Warsaw and Poland lasted 29 days and then Poland gave in. Then in 1944, there was a terrible uprising which lasted some 63 days, in which a great deal more damage was done to Warsaw in particular. In 1945, Hitler knew he could no longer remain in Warsaw and he instructed his 556 troops—75,000 that were left—to raze that city to the ground street by street. The older buildings they incinerated by ordinary fire, and they blew up those more strongly built. It might be important for the House to recollect that the Polish people lost six million of their population during those six years of war. These things might be borne in mind when we speak about the Germans, and about the state of Europe as we view it this distance away. Although we have had friends and relatives lost and cities bombarded, when we remember that Warsaw was 85 per cent. destroyed and all its bridges blown, we can understand something of the feelings which exist there.

It has also to be borne in mind that there was not a Poland in 1913. It was then in occupation by Germany, Austria and Russia, and had been for 150 years. Poland, more or less as it is now, has been fought over by the Russians and Germans for 1,000 years, and how the Poles have suffered it is impossible to understand. They have a very great hatred for the Russians because they remember how the Russians treated them only in the early years of the war, but they have a worse feeling for the Germans because in the Auschwitz concentration camp, which I visited, some 3 million to 4 million Poles, mostly Jews, were done to death in circumstances which are quite impossible to describe, though I will try.

I have been there and it is a concentration camp stretching in all directions. One particular part I visited was where the extermination took place in rather a slow manner. The people were herded into a series of bunks about six feet by six feet, and eight to ten people slept there each night. When it was cold weather there was one brazier with one pail of coal to keep the place warm, The sheds were about the length of this Chamber and when the winter was on, they opened the windows in order to make them quite cold. When the summer and the hot weather came, they kept the windows on the top of the shed shut in order to make it more horrible. In the male urinals there was no water, which added to the unpleasant smell, and in a shed about as long as a cricket pitch where the water was running 10,000 people had to wash in an hour. This will give the House some idea of the impossible task set to the people who were living in this camp 557 and none of them, of course, survived more than three months. This is something relevant to the question of how Germany is regarded in other parts of Europe outside this country and that is why I mention these facts.

The next part was the gas chamber. I saw the place where the trains came in. If a German officer were killed in Warsaw 200 people, including children, were picked up and taken to Auschwitz concentration camp. There was there a large ferro-concrete building and the people were herded into it. They were offered a towel and a piece of soap. They thought they were going to have a bath with the result that they took off their clothes, but they found they were not to have a bath. Instead, they were shoved into the gas chamber and in ten minutes they were dead. They were taken out of the gas chamber and examined by dental surgeons, who extracted any gold in their teeth to build up Hitler’s gold reserve. If any hon. Member has been to Hamburg he will have seen hundreds and thousands of rings in that city, the owners of which cannot be traced.

These bodies were burned in the furnaces and this was going on at the rate of 15,000 to 35,000 a day. There is no question about this as we have had evidence given by General Hesse—not the man who came over here—and he admitted that he gave orders and knew that 3 million people were done to death in that camp. Since then more records have come to light and the figure is nearer 3½ to 4 million, as I have said. Apart from that, those bodies which could not be burned in the furnaces were burned on large piles which were set alight with oil and petrol. I understand it could be smelt many miles away. I saw human bones, about the size of the nail on one’s finger, on the floor of the building where people had been burned to death. Then to my horror—and I think the House will agree with me—I saw one or two charabancs coming into the camp with girls between 13 and 18 years of age who were sight-seeing. When I went back to Warsaw I protested to Ministers—whose names the House will forgive me for not mentioning—and I told them that this would be intolerable in England. One Minister said, “You must understand that we cannot let our people forget.” I said, “You are a Communist,” and he 558 said, “Yes, we are Communists but we can’t forgive the Germans about this.” I said, “If Germany becomes Communist would you feel the same?” and he answered, “If it were a Communist Germany perhaps we would have a little more kindness.” The real answer is that the Poles are Poles first and Communists and Socialists next, but they are Poles, and, remembering their history, the House would do well to make some allowance for the. point of view of these people.

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  1. Michael said, on January 25, 2015 at 10:32 pm

    If I was presented with a bill in a restaurant and the itemised figures didn’t add up to the total amount shown, I’d be a fool not to question the manager over it, wouldn’t I?
    Now, who do I need to see about these ‘other figures’ which also don’t add up?

  2. Guido said, on January 26, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Found this on the national funeral directors website

    How long does it take to cremate a body?

    Cremating at the optimum temperature (1400-1800 degrees), the average weighted remains takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Several more hours may be required before the cremated remains are available to the family.

    for those without a calculator there are 84600 seconds in a 24 hour day.

  3. Ian B said, on January 26, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    I have got to say: While I believe there is no reason why TPTB would (fake) build gas chambers (or facilities for exterminating human beings) and NOT use them to exterminate those people en-masse – since extermination seems par for the course – I too have wondered how a “war economy” would find resources to completely eliminate all traces of six-million bodies, but not have sufficient resources to fuel their war-machines – literally to put petrol in their Panzers. It beggars any application of reasoning.

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