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How absolutely bloody peculiar Leon! (and convenient)

Posted in Paedophilia, Political History by earthling on January 22, 2015

When has anyone ever said they had a “convenient cancer”.

You COULD say 10CC: Number 10’s convenient cancer.

How peculiar! đŸ˜‰

So now, await the media having their obligatory feast and a field day while they now have the guts to probe deeply into Leon as he probably probed deeply himself in one or two ways!

Leon dies

But hey, Savile’s dead so all that paedophilia and necrophilia just doesn’t exist anymore and, now that Brittan is dead, don’t worry, all that other parliamentary paedophilia happened in the 1980’s. It was just a fad we were going through. It doesn’t happen today for goodness sakes! You must be a Conspiracy theorist to think that!

Leon cover up


Good riddance to a dirty bastard! Death takes them all but others follow in their footsteps unfortunately. But Britain doesn’t really wish to know about Brittan and if the media and the government tell you it’s racist to speak of jews being creepy bastards but it’s entirely ok to speak of muslims all being terrorists, then those same government and media can have you believe in anything (and they do).

God bless the Queen!

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  1. Guido said, on January 23, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    I have been finding it quite amusing, in a very unfunny way, listening to the paedopologists ( I just made that word up) on the radio 4 news programmes the last couple of days, extolling the virtues of brittan and spouting on about what a good sort he was and how it is inconcievable that he could have been covering anything up. They actually said that Dickens was a nutter and that anything he said should be disbelieved! This despite the fact that he had a track record as a paedo-taker, having called out Sir Peter Hayman, who was subsequently gaoled for………….paedophillia!
    The facts speak the truth, what is inconcievable is that any home secretary worth his salt would allow such a file to go missing and not act on it immediately. No, on second thoughts it is not inconcievable at all, it is what they do as a matter of course.

    • Marcus said, on January 23, 2015 at 8:37 pm

      Couldn’t have put it better myself, Guido.
      They’re ALL in it together. The lowest form of filth is what we have been lumbered with governing us. God willing they’ll get their come-uppance one day soon….

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