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Katyn Forest – the truth.

Posted in Political History, The Corrupt SOB's by earthling on January 17, 2015

WHY THE HOLOCAUST STORY IS MAINTAINED – Because there are so many, now admitted, lies which are NEVER spoken of by the British or American or Western governments regarding the reality of these massacres and who actually did them. It wasn’t Germany you see!

Germany never gassed a jew and neither did it massacre them. History is written (and obfuscated) by the victors and that is precisely what we did.

Katyn forest

Stalin’s government was filled to the brim with jews and yet it was orders from Stalin’s government which led to this slaughter in Katyn which the Russian government tried to frame Germany for. It all came out in the end but very few British and Americans will have even heard of Katyn. They read their history books at school and watch BBC documentaries about the war and they swallow it all hook, line and sinker.

Has there ever been a Spielberg movie about Katyn? No and there never will be.

Shrunken heads, lampshades from human skin, etc etc etc. ALL of it now admitted as total shite but we still had Richard Widmark telling us it was true in Hollywood movies (jewish owned) and Spielberg keeping it going and, in amongst that, to justify the 1991 Iraqi invasion: Bush senior talking tripe (proven later) about babies being thrown out of incubators.

Why, after WW2 did the jews become “Nazi hunters” to bring them to trial for warcrimes? Yet they never went Soviet hunting and neither was there a single soviet in the Nuremburg trials (or Brit like Churchill for instance). Well the allies won didn’t they? Can’t get any simpler than that and it wasn’t in the jewish interests to bring it to their people’s attention that Russian jews massacred their own.

You see, the idea of jewish massacres and a “holocaust” was precisely what the elite jews wanted. It gave them “currency” to demand Palestine and, ultimately, Israel.

They truly are a disgusting breed in my opinion but then so are our “elites”. They truly are a different breed of human.


The Katyn massacre was a series of mass executions of Polish nationals carried out by the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD), the Soviet secret police, in April and May 1940. Originally the term “Katyn massacre”, also known as the Katyn Forest massacre, referred to the massacre at Katyn Forest, which was discovered first and was the largest execution of this type.

The massacre was prompted by NKVD chief Lavrentiy Beria’s proposal to execute all captive members of the Polish Officer Corps, dated 5 March 1940, approved by the Soviet Politburo, including its leader, Joseph Stalin. The number of victims is estimated at about 22,000. The victims were murdered in the Katyn Forest in Russia, the Kalinin and Kharkiv prisons, and elsewhere. Of the total killed, about 8,000 were officers taken prisoner during the 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland, another 6,000 were police officers, and the rest were arrested Polish intelligentsia the Soviets deemed to be “intelligence agents, gendarmes, landowners, saboteurs, factory owners, lawyers, officials and priests”.

The government of Nazi Germany announced the discovery of mass graves in the Katyn Forest in 1943. When the London-based Polish government-in-exile asked for an investigation by the International Red Cross, Stalin immediately severed diplomatic relations with it. The Soviet Union claimed the victims had been murdered by the Nazis in 1941, and continued to deny responsibility for the massacres until 1990, when it officially acknowledged and condemned the perpetration of the killings by the NKVD, as well as the subsequent cover-up by the Soviet government.

An investigation conducted by the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Soviet Union (1990–1991) and the Russian Federation (1991–2004) confirmed Soviet responsibility for the massacres, but refused to classify this action as a war crime or an act of genocide. The investigation was closed on the grounds that the perpetrators of the massacre were already dead, and since the Russian government would not classify the dead as victims of Stalinist repression, formal posthumous rehabilitation was deemed inapplicable.

In November 2010, the Russian State Duma approved a declaration blaming Stalin and other Soviet officials for having personally ordered the massacre








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  1. Samuel Marchant said, on February 6, 2015 at 11:42 am

    Katyn massacre is a recent in the news again, if it isn’t Soviet guilt, It’s USA cover up guilt!
    Before the invasion of Poland, Hitler knew the single biggest threat to the Reich’s war machine was Soviet Russia!
    Rather than go 300 Kilometers by 300 Kilometers to obtain all resources and destroy all a countries war machine, with Russia it requires 3000 Km x 3000 Km. Too vast!
    What the non-aggression Pact was in essence designed to do was lull Soviet Russia into a sense of false security as it did somewhat, albeit not perfectly.
    Hitler had to somehow achieve an agreement of how to keep the giant Soviet war machine out of the way.
    He would achieve this by “blackening the hands of the Soviets” with the “dirty black market handover of the section of Russia leaved on Poland after the second world war” as a peace offering, and removing any trust of alliance with the powers (Britain and France) that guaranteed Poland’s political boundary after the WW1 Treaty of Versailles.
    A couple of things would be tempted at Stalin to do this,
    1. The handover of the Russian section of Poland with little effort.
    2. The compliment and assurance of the Russian – Belorussian peoples status matching “unter mench” (2nd rate humans – not subhumans) .

    Stalin’s biggest problem was no matter what he decided the German war machine would be on his doorstep regardless and was being pressed to have a stance on the issue as international proclamation not mere opinion. Either way, completely neutral or biased, he tended to know he would be facing the NAZI war machine at some time no matter how shifty or seperate he tried to be.
    All Historians most common mistake at explaining the NAZIS in WW2!!!! Name a documentary , it makes the mistake of not explaining it as in the next following paragraph !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (It is interesting to note “the rape of Nanking” 1937 Japan-China war with this feature or ism).
    It is exactly as this person states in the beginning of the following documentary, “To Kill Everyone that was not a German citizen including second rate humans as they called them” . Everyone get’s that point wrong because they only think of Auschwitz and Jews and Gypsy people and Negroids.
    What also is not explained is much of “the action of destroying the enemy came with the requirement of defeating them by derision and mockery and unfairness as a policy of both fighting and strategy!”

    Infiltration by German secret soldiers” is standard preceding any NAZI campaigns or they would not attack(as much committing an air of false peace and security through public international declarations) , too with the “hominid morphology” of Germans and Japanese with Germany to the west and Siberia to the east – note: Japan has always also used Chinese calligraphic among its own systems!!!
    If it’s any consolation about such creatures as infiltrators and spies, most of any such attacks through history inclusive Vietnam war e.g. “Tet offensive” and NLF methodology , Korean war, WW2 , WW1 always has such “graffiti” by its’ result and a rule of thumb in any sudden attack ever succeeds(just noting it has a water perimeter and is a fortress effectively).
    The second world war is “the result of an objective by Adolf Hitler and the German people in agreement of being the vehicle of means to end by wanton with Germany’s allies” of a clear similarity of authoritarian and totalitarian contrast , by its end it is one thing to want power and rule, it is another to slip and lose grasp by greed of a fragile finite resource of peoples lives(Germans). ***This perspective is too subtle to explain , but is a problem surrounding what the objective was***, because “any enemy of the NAZI’s would be both created in huge numbers and more ready to destroy Germany or its pieces of war machine “at cost to itself”.
    The underlying meaning is both Hitler and those mattered in the NAZI’s that were making and controlling policy always would known the end will come if its policy were for conquest and extermination not material profit(looting – by forceful conquest – war) and national pride by a more competitive “Honorable fight”, however, extermination was a very detail activity leaving much of the “wealth” resources to second place. Having an ideology and exterminating is one thing, but as expressed before appears to be more “wanton” inclusive to general genocide.
    Unfortunately the complexity lays back in history(thousands of years) statistically as the fact genocide as “wanton” is not an exclusive to WW2 and the NAZI’s!!!

    Katyn Location Map USSR:
    Soviet Russian Polish annex as pre 1914 in 1940:

    The “Katyn Massacre” of Polish forces by Stalin was probably alike the non aggression pact with Hitler , “a political expediency threat at Hitler” to warn him to not attack the Soviets, However its backlash with the Polish would be only able to be countered by they ethnic Russians whom were part of the region from the era when the Czar and Russia had that region of Poland 100 years earlier. Neither one had helped themselves much by those tactics, the poles probably freely collaborated with the Germans against the Soviets at that time and the Germans attacked to diverse and large a battlefield when they stabbed the “agreement(not alliance)” in the back.
    Poland’s protective allies were England and France.
    A stark contrasting detail to the before mentioned is the fact that many German and Ireland names dominate USA politics and as much are Netherlands also, so in effect, better safe than sorry could as easily been the problem of the origin of the Katyn Massacre(a set of them actually inside the Soviet Union – Russia from deportations from Poland).
    It does easily explain itself as Soviets by the mentioned “Soviet top secret documents” as hard line communist because of its disdain for bourgeois(soldiers) and frivolous(officials – police) or politically dissenting(priests) types of Polish society (example: what the communists would execute if it were by revolution).

    Most likely done “as political expediency by Stalin as attempt to scare Hitler” , Stalin didn’t have a huge genocides worth of people at hand he felt he could excuse using for such a purpose!
    It was considered Stalin KNEW he was about to be attacked , he simply did not know when or in what form it would come other than a basic military advance , at that point he was attempting to forge a political defense against the problem!
    Other theories would be as much trying to please Hitler at the same time as issuing the warning, and as much possibility of German infiltration to the Soviet Intelligentsia suggested and tested its hand at control or manipulation.
    Again too, apart the “Winter War” Finland is not mentioned much but was an Allie of Germany during WW2.
    Axis Powers were: Germany , Italy , Romania , Finland , Japan , Yugoslavia
    remaining neutral but supporting “Axis” : Spain , Portugal , Switzerland , Turkey

    The USA can be considered to be “neutral” during Katyn and other incidents of either the Soviet Bloc or Germany’s Reich and did not enter WW2 until the attack on USA Navy forces in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.

    ***However, another problem to Stalin was the lean toward and assistance to the USA the Polish peoples state had (In short the Polish military were (in Stalin’s thinking) almost spies and operatives for Hitler if they chose to give the support in that direction that could have been either Soviet or NAZI or both as they wanted!!!).
    Much of post war Polish politics involves treaties – Treaty of Versailles (Woodrow Wilson , Herbert Hoover , Roosevelt ) and “direct military assistance” to the Polish people by the USA can only have disturbed Stalin and made the Polish forces almost an American force in his estimate!,
    Again too and more importantly if the United States were any real threat against the WW2 Soviet Bloc through Poland’s diplomatic and economic channels, there is also the alike through France of which the customs of the USA and in-corporations of society have a larger influence and larger ethnic French USA population, and by the instance of the “Phoney War” and the consideration the “Cold War” can in part be considered to exist after WW1 not WW2 (Usually considered 1947 after WW2 is its beginning).

    Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact

    Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact

    Einsatzgruppen: Death Brigades Part 1

    Katyn Location Map USSR:
    Soviet Russian Polish annex as pre 1914 in 1940:

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