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Son of Pink Floyd!

Posted in Music artists by earthling on January 14, 2015

dunes in Namibia, nearby Walvis Bay

Well, I don’t know if there are many (or any) progressive rock fans out there who may stop by this blog from time to time but, if you do, this may just be a little present for you (or may not).

I’ve been a big Yes, Genesis, Floyd, Rush etc fan in my day but, since these bands have withered away over the past decade or two (more depending who you speak to), I haven’t really stumbled across any real good progressive stuff – maybe I haven’t been looking too hard of course. But this just popped up on my Facebook and, i have to say, I’ve just played it twice and thought “Wow! Now that’s good shit!”.

Dave Kerzner and our Dave is, quite obviously, a big Floyd fan and this and other tracks off this album scream it because you can hear numerous Floyd influences scattered through this track and others. He even has a track called “The Traveller” which, if you’re a Floyd fan, you will recognise straight away which Floyd track influenced it.

So, with that, I hope you enjoy. It’s always a good day when you uncover a little gem.

And a short clip where Kerzner’s talking about what influenced the track “New World” led me to think of Miranda (Eckhart Tolle) so you may just enjoy the music and the messages Miranda. It’s a concept album but then I guess you’d have to buy it! LOL

I just might get around to it.


Just glad he didn’t include the word “Order” in the album name!

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