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The War on Dads

Posted in Uncategorized by earthling on January 11, 2015

A war which is no acknowledged but which is very real – not only in the UK but throughout the world. Where courts from Scotland to Singapore will entirely support a woman (even when they are proven perjurers within that court!) to kick the living shit out of their husbands both, financially and emotionally. Where absolute truth doesn’t even get a look in and when it is presented to the court, it is recognised but then swept under the carpet. It’s an embarrassment to a court when their agenda is to destroy the father (why? Do your homework, I’m sick of giving lessons) that the father may then present undeniable perjury and deception of the “mother” (in commas because what mother in her right mind destroys the love of her children toward their father? Using deception and lies, that is, in itself, child abuse because the child then goes through life believing their father was something he wasn’t and believe he didn’t love them enough. The fact is, the “mother” didn’t love her children more than she despised their father and she only despised their father because she couldn’t get the better of him and her lies and deception were transparent to him). Trouble is, when you get to the point of presenting 100% evidence which is accepted as fact by a court and they then proceed to ignore it; When you are then faced with the court demanding you do as they say and you can’t because you’re non plussed by their ignorance of what you have just provided to them, you tend to be thrown in jail – not for any crime whatsoever but for the sheer fact that you boldly stated “No” to their corrupt demand. That is “CONTEMPT OF COURT” (another name for “Shit! You won’t bend to our force. Well this might break you!”

Meanwhile, the kids get told “Daddy’s a criminal and that’s why he’s in jail”. Do you think they ever forget this? Meanwhile, they literally have no idea of the real reasoning behind it and they’ve been sufficiently brainwashed to consider the truth daddy tells them is lies and “Mummy loves us. She’d never lie. She’d never have an affair and then go on the attack toward daddy because she wanted out and the freedom to pursue that affair. The kids never understand why daddy was screaming at mum in the last few months of a 20 year relationship when, for the first decade or so of the kids’ lives they never experienced anything like it. “He’s just a friend who buys all your toys and phones and gives mummy money because your dad isn’t” without explaining why dad can’t because the same guy is bankrolling mummy and mummy’s taking him to mummy and daddy’s house (worth half a million) stating “Don’t worry honey, once this is over, this house will be yours and mine – I’ll pay you back!”

And then you have a Singaporean family court and Supreme court judge pressuring daddy to “negotiate” with a woman (mummy) who knows that, in the court’s eyes, she can do no wrong no matter how wrong she is! So daddy is told “I don’t have to negotiate, you do and the price is the house, the bank accounts and the pension” – basically everything. You’d think it was Dad who had the affair!! lol

Anyhow, in this case, too bad it didn’t work out for you mummy but that incensed you didn’t it? And since it did, you continued the attack on Dad and his entire family to ensure the girls never fully understand the real story. The real sad thing is, our kids have grown up despising a father who loved and loves them dearly. They are seriously affected by that even though they shall never acknowledge it and YOU certainly won’t! You’re a sick little puppy – I feel sorry for you (meant 100%). You were once (I think) the most beautiful of women.


To: mapxxx

I suggest you put the amounts you owe into my account
ASAP before your next visit to Queenstown ..You
continue to break the law, you think you are above it
AS always . Obviously 24 hrs in there was not enough
to make you see responsibility… You have ZERO
integrity! You cannot even repay the person who loans
out cheques for YOUR children . You are the lowest of

No balls .

Queenstown prison – you enjoyed having that “power” didn’t you?

Break the law? – Nope. Ignoring the law seriously is an ass for the moment, the “24 hours” in Queenstown (and you have no idea what that was like) was for contempt due to me producing the bank accounts honey which proved your perjury. And you know this but propaganda is a great tool over a 10 and 12 year old isn’t it? You should be jewish!

He “loaned out cheques” for my children did he? Well that was his way of paying for you and them. Take another man’s family, it’s gonna cost you. You see, I don’t subscribe to a law which ignores its own laws (such as perjury) – I subscribe to natural law. You want the wife and kids, then you pay for them. Meanwhile, he was coming after my assets (and thought he’d get them – sorry bud, shit always gets revealed) so I was to roll over and give him and you them? Give him my family AND pay for him and you to ENJOY my children?

Nah. Ain’t gonna happen you hypocritical, abusive, deceptive, lying, perjuring little creep! 🙂

“Mr Barrister, you said Mr and Mrs X are domiciled in England yes?” “Yes indeed!”. Then they’re not domiciled in Singapore Mr Barrister, which means that Singapore court order has no lawful basis which means that, while you say an English court will uphold a Singaporean court order, it won’t if it is found that Singapore had no basis for jurisdiction over this case from the outset! Meanwhile, let me show you the contradictions and deceptions across three years of hell in Singapore Mr Barrister. What do you think?”

“Mr X, what do you want?”


The COURT SYSTEM IS CORRUPT. The LEGAL PERSON BASIC JURISPRUDENCE IS CORRUPT. The BARRISTERS, LAWYERS AND JUDGES CORRUPT. Understand this and realise that, until you do, you will NEVER receive justice (as you understand it) in a court of law because the law is not FOR you, it is for THEM! And you cannot argue and win (unless they wish you to for whatever reason) using THEIR law. It is absolutely necessary to expose their law for what it is and this is easily done. I have done it both, in blogs AND in court!

Their jurisprudence must be challenged and you can ONLY win (rightly) through the application of logic to expose their “law” for the utter shit it is. It is not a contempt of court, it is sheer and utter contempt for you!




If these deaths had occurred on a British road there would be an outcry, an inquiry and steps taken to make that road safer. So why does nobody care about Britain’s fathers?

When I met Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, a few years ago, he told me the issue of fathers and family breakdown was a “political taboo”. He was right.

For too long the Government has demonised fathers, labelling them “deadbeats” and “feckless” for cheap political capital, while denying them and their children the most basic of human rights: the right to family life.

To add insult to injury the Conservative Party betrayed fathers after breaking a 2010 election pledge to introduce shared parenting.

Politicians can’t even bring themselves to mention the f-word, “father”, either in political discourse or in legislation, where the role of fathers has been abolished legally in the 1989 Children Act, biologically in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 and emotionally in our secret family courts.

Fathers are even called “non-resident” parents by the state in a euphemism cynically designed to mask the anti-father discrimination inherent in the system.

Over the past 20 years, the cancer of family breakdown has eaten away at the role of men and fathers in society.

Millions of children are growing up without the love and support of a father. One in four children live in a fatherless home. Family breakdown costs £44billion a year; more than our entire defence budget.

The destructive outcomes that flow from the exclusion of men from families are hiding in plain sight yet politicians refuse to address them.

Worse still, men have been ruthlessly pursued by agencies such as the Child Support Agency, whose Orwellian powers demonise and criminalise them as it pursues a broken child-maintenance model.

At Fathers4Justice we witness on a daily basis the suffering inflicted on men by the state.

The removal of children from a father is one of the most punitive sanctions the state can take against an individual yet, over the past 20 years, this has become the norm and has created a new “gender apartheid” which has reduced fathers to the status of McDads, sperm banks and cashpoints.

The outcomes are catastrophic. Men have been exiled from their children, excluded from their homes, pushed into extreme poverty and left depressed and suicidal.

It is no coincidence that the biggest killer of men under 45 is suicide.

I know because in 2001 I had lost my children and home after a difficult divorce. I can only describe the experience of being torn from my children as a “living bereavement”.

Unable to find help, I plunged into a dark pit of despair and at one point, with just £15 left in my pocket, had given up.

The pain of living had become intolerable. It was only a small picture of my two young boys in my wallet that saved me.

I managed to pick myself up and start Fathers4Justice but thousands of other men are not so lucky.

The spectre of depression and suicide is a silent, serial killer of men yet few people acknowledge the role family breakdown has in these deaths.

That’s why I am calling for a Minister for Men, to champion the rights of men and fathers, and give us a voice in government.

We can only begin to address the crisis through open debate and by taking meaningful steps to ensure fathers are recognised in law and enjoy shared parenting and child support rights.

WE ALSO need a safety net to support men and a major public health initiative to address what author Warren Farrell told me is the “glass cellar” (where men are at the top but also at the bottom); we die younger, are more likely to be homeless, be victims of violence, be murdered and incarcerated.

In particular we must address issues such as fatherlessness, divorce, depression, male suicide, prostate cancer, male infertility and the worrying trend in low testosterone, which affects one in four men.

These common-sense initiatives can only lead to better outcomes for our children, our families and our country, and significantly reduce the costs of family breakdown and men’s health issues to the taxpayer.

In the meantime, thousands of families in Fathers4Justice will write to Mr Duncan Smith calling for a full inquiry into the shocking death rates among separated fathers and remind him of the words of civil rights activist Frederick Douglass who said: “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”


Loves his daughter. Wishes to give her a hug on christmas day. Gets jailed for 86 days. Does it say he was accosting her or her mother? Does it say he did ANYTHING wrong other than hug his own daughter ON CHRISTMAS DAY?!

But your lack of outrage is allowing this and ONE DAY, ONE DAY (because I never dreamed it would happen to me either) something is going to happen to you with the “authorities” because you shut up and said nothing. Don’t go looking for sympathy from me when it happens.

My own daughter at the age of 13 threatened me with calling the Police in Singapore because I happened to see her on the street with her friends and asked to speak with her. A child who absolutely loved me one day and was turned into a child who hated me because she believed the lies of her mother.


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  1. John England said, on January 11, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    People need to wake up and realise their broken families have been created by Jewish ideology in the form of Cultural Marxism. Some people go through their entire lives in poverty of thought and property, never at any time working out how they fell on hard times and who was ultimately behind it – and the fact that it was all planned by the Tribe of Satan.

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