First, the Jewish EU Parliament, now the Kosher Police

Posted in "Terrorism" by Earthling on January 11, 2015


If there was a Muslim EU Parliament (or even a catholic or ANY religious denomination) you’d be up in arms. But no, not when it’s jewish. Oh no!

Jewish EU Parliament

So now the Jewish police in London in PATROL CARS no less! We have an incident in Paris France (an entirely different country) and then that gives rise to MI5 saying “they’re coming here next” because “Al Qaeda” or “ISIS” have made such a statement so it’s time to scare the UK once more in the lead up (and a good story to back it) to another 7/7 perhaps.

JEWISH POLICE FORCE IN LONDON? And what do you think that is going to cause? Our muslim population (not our well trained, politically correct, pussified “christian” believers in the British government and the “threat of Islamic jihad”) are going to be saying (quite rightly) “WTF?”

So here’s a thing Britain: WHY has the UK government welcomed into the UK masses of Muslims? – “Oh now, it isn’t ALL muslims who are bad” I hear the government twats and their believers saying. No that’s right. It isn’t all muslims but neither is it ANY “muslims”, it’s just the British and Israeli intelligence services and chums. But you’ll get away with it – it’s been a long time coming and in the planning – because most Brits (that’s the white, white collar and blue collar workers who even read the news – and even old Police inspectors I know who probably still swallow the shit they read and watch) haven’t got a goddamned clue what’s going on because they haven’t read anything outside mainstream media. They haven’t read “Tragedy & Hope”, they haven’t read “The Grand Chessboard”, they tend to dismiss anything and everything that anyone ever speaks to them about what they have learned outside of their “holy” mainstream bullshit which, just coincidently, is owned by mainly jews. They don’t wonder about the reasons why there are organisations such as the Labour, Conservative, Liberal and, yes, even UKIP “Friends of Israel”. They don’t read about people like Jim Murphy of Labour who sucks kosher dick as if it’s going out of fashion (and why he is where he is today). They don’t listen as David Cameron and George Osborne etc suck more kosher dick. They don’t consider the fact that Tony Blair is a massive Rothschild asslicker and always was while PM. They don’t even wish to consider ANY of this. You know why? Because they shit themselves: “Can’t be labeled an anti semite” can we? But then it is that fear which will and does allow this to continue.

You white, middle class, ignorant assholes make me sick! As you sit in your homes feeling just quite secure in your ignorance while you have kids who are really going to feel the brunt of this whole New World Order. “What can we do?” I keep hearing that! Well, for ONE thing (and it is a major one) – you start to open your fucking eyes and you start to speak about it without fearing that label. I have a sister who gave me that label. Well sis, you can stick it up your ass! You and your ignorance are not going to shut me up! Because YOU haven’t done your homework doesn’t mean you’re going to try and embarrass me because we may have jews in the family! I know what jews I’m talking about! The majority aren’t what the ones I’m talking about are BUT they’re just as problematic because they shut up and don’t speak out in fear of then their own calling THEM “self hating jews”. But then, at the same time, they basically all have the gift of totally lying, without a concern in the world, wrapped up!

Jewish patrol cars

“You dirty anti semite!” Yeah?


But you’ll turn your cheek to this immense, telling hypocrisy won’t you?

And that’s why you make me sick!

Qui Bono? There’s your answer. They benefitted from 9/11, they benefitted from 7/7, they benefitted from WW1 and WW2.


Me the “Messiah” Al? haha Not me! The jews are going to provide him for you!

Good luck with that!

Yeah I’m an “anti semite” hun. Just one thing for you though: Define “Semitism”!

Lastly, the “Murdoch tweet”. A recent post of mine described how Germany and Germans were “re-educated” after the UK Parliament (and their jewish chums) made the statement that ALL Germans were responsible for WW2 due to the overall German mindset and philosophy. Total, utter bullshit of course but what you are seeing in this Murdoch tweet is precisely the same ideology with precisely the same intent but this time toward Muslims.

The same MO is used time and time again and, until you start to read and learn from THEIR books and THEIR archives, you’ll never recognise it!

Mrdoch tweet


Whatever happened to this guy’s free speech?Huh?

Ernst Zundel

Ernst Zundel


Ah well his free speech couldn’t be allowed because he KICKED YOUR JEWISH ASS in a court of law no less!

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  1. Denis Hounsome said, on January 11, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    Yes Mark, It struck me as being rather odd to see a Kosher police car, that’s a first. Currently reading Tragedy & Hope.

    • earthlinggb said, on January 11, 2015 at 6:52 pm

      Then you just MIGHT begin to appreciate what I’ve been trying to explain to you for a very long time re your dislike of muslims. THEY are NOT the problem!

  2. John England said, on January 11, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    Why don’t they all sod off to Iz-ra-hell? That’s the reason the land was stolen and gifted to them in the first place: to give these thieving rodents a country to flee to when they’d outstayed their non-existent welcome in the countries they’d been caught robbing from.

  3. Chris McKinley said, on January 12, 2015 at 8:57 pm

    Christopher McKinley 1-12-15

    I’ve heard that the only things jews do is collect money and protest. Well, you can add promote wars, and basically hamstring all gentile societies.
    Read “Russian Jews and Gentiles” by Madame Ragozin (circa 1881), it is truly enlightening. Good luck to you.

  4. frances said, on January 13, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Spot on, earthling. To know who controls you, find out who you can’t criticize. Have you read “The Wandering Who” by Gilad Atzmon and “The Conspiracy of Zion” by Douglas Reed? In my humble opinion, worth a try.

    • earthlinggb said, on January 14, 2015 at 5:43 pm

      I haven’t read Gilad’s book but I know of him and have communicated (little) with him. I don’t know him and he is still a jew and I do know they are very deceptive people. So, for me, the jury is out on him. Speaks a lot of good stuff but then so do others. As for Douglas Reed, I’ve heard the name but haven’t read anything from him either. Perhaps I’ll get around to it. Thanks for the heads up Frances.

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