Goddamnit! It’s your children!!

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I read and I watch as thousands of children per year are taken from the families and put into care and foster homes.

I read and watch as many of those same children are then physically, mentally and sexually abused.

And then I sit here and think “While I’d love to help those who have lost their kids and try to stop it, these families – yes, I understand desperate and confused – don’t listen or don’t take it seriously when I and many others tell you you have registered your child as a legal person (as we all have) and it is this which gives the state the power to remove them and gives the state the power over every other aspect of our lives!”

You’d rather go to people like John Hemmings MP who you believe has a “caring ear” for your trouble. Yet John Hemmings is not an idiot! But he won’t even go NEAR the “legal person” issue with you and explain what it is. NO MP, nor judge nor barrister nor lawyer or police officer will! Their entire livelihood and existence in their roles depends upon that legal person existing!


Now LISTEN to me! I am NOT advocating that there should be no such thing as a “legal person” (which may sound, on the face of it, contradictory) but what I AM advocating is that everyone – you, me and all you people who have had your kids stolen (plus many more people, young and old alike, who have been victim to the DISCRIMINATION and the FALSE POWERS which are wielded using the “legal person” as their source of power) – actually bring this entire issue to the attention of all those who actually do KNOW what it is all about (and that includes the lawyers, judges and, not so much MPs perhaps, but those in government) and create a “People against Persons” movement.

You want your children to remain your children? Or not? Because, as it stands, they are NOT your children even if you have them living with you when they’re 30+ years old!

The “legal person” issue is NOT “rocket science”. It is VERY simple. It is that simplicity and the size of the deception which makes it extraordinary evil and difficult to believe, that is all so, for god’s sakes, let the penny drop!

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UK Parliament Archives: No Gas Chambers! German re-education

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This has to be dedicated to a German called Ernst Zundel.

Ernst Zundel

Ernst Zundel

I have no reason to love germans at all but then if I hated the population of a country because I despise one of that population for personal reasons, I’d be an idiot.

Germany was framed and is still being framed. And, contrary to Alex Harvey’s Hitler spin off of his song “Framed” where Alex is taking the piss out of Hitler, Hitler WAS framed! Just as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadaffi were.


I don’t know about you but I’m getting just a tad tired of a consistent flurry of outright, unbearable lies in life. I’ve had to endure them personally and, for the last 6 or 7 years (as this blog is a testament to in part) I’ve recognised (and verified) how deeply the deceptions go from a historical (even recent history, Iraq being a prime but not nearly the only example) and global perspective. It’s hard coming through the lies of a personal tragedy but when such events highly tune your antenna to widespread lies and deception throughout your entire life, perpetrated by what you took to be, somehow, the “well deserved” elite (granted that perception didn’t last long after my 10th or 12th year of life) – government, establishment who protected the people of this country (the UK) and/or the West in general from “bogeymen” and terrorists and potential “Nazis” who may arise again. Perhaps, even, the Falkland islanders would send ship-loads of sheep to the UK with nuclear dirty bombs hidden up their ass which the Falklanders procured from rabid crazies from Pakistan.

But sure, 40 odd years of believing that Hitler was a wanker creates a fairly large momentum such that, when faced with masses of evidence of fact (not theory, but pure fact) illustrating he wasn’t exactly as you were taught in your history classes and that there was a substantial body of fact which you had not been given about the circumstances, environment and timeline of WW1 and WW2, PLUS a total lack of evidenced ‘fact’ regarding those stories of gas chambers and 6 million jews gassed in Auschwitz and the other camps (4 million in Auschwitz literally being revised to 1.5 million as an example) and stories of soap and candlesticks etc.

Please first of all, watch this video covering points Ernst Zundel made regarding the re-education of Germany and recognise, then, David Cameron vowing to continue that re-education.

Please note from the following that there is not ONE mention of gas chambers or gassings at all within the concentration camps. The closest statement comes from Brendan Bracken in 1944 (He was, of all things, the British “Minister of Information” – George Orwell would have loved him then!). But while he is reported to have used the word “suffocation”, it is not “gassing”. Even after the war ended in 1945, there were no reports of gassings. I have trawled our Parliamentary archives searching for any mention of gas chambers whatsoever during and after the war. There are none.

However, what there is, is long speeches concentrating on the need to “educate” (or “re-educate”) the German people – in real terms: propagandise them to believe Allied propaganda – that the entire german people were involved in the genocide/homicide of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. Even then, it is PEOPLE, not just jews! However, more than “gassings”, statements and fact actually point to typhus.

Of course, when it comes to the propagandising of Allied countries populations – that would be much easier to achieve considering we would never question our own “machine”! At the time of course. Today? Very different even though there are still millions who suck up and digest the putrid filth of lies our governments and media feed us.


HL Deb 13 July 1944 vol 132 cc916-34 916

I should like to say here with what great satisfaction I hailed the excellent speech made on July 6 by the Minister of Information. On that ocasion he was dealing with the wholesale massacre of Jews from Hungary in the suffocation camp of Auschwitz, and he then said that the General Staff were deeply involved in this. He was quite right; they are the real culprits for everything that has happened to afflict humanity for generations past. Mr. Brendan Bracken indicated that they will all be brought to trial, and I hope that he will insist on that.

He also said something further which I am sure will be highly unwelcome to the 922 right reverend Prelate, the Bishop of Chichester, when he said that the German nation is responsible also for what is happening. Dead right too!

It is then interesting that, when one searches the parliament archives for all speeches made in July of 1944 by Brendan Bracken (Minister of Information), the July 6th speech has been removed. 

MOI Brendan Bracken



HL Deb 01 May 1945 vol 136 cc61-97 61
§ 2.7 P.m.



Now I want to say a word from a different angle. If I seem to end on a more controversial note I apologize in advance. As I see it, there is a great temptation for us in this country to focus all our thoughts upon the terrible happenings in these concentration camps and upon the way our British prisoners have been treated by Germans in prisoners-of-war camps. It may he easy and natural that that should be so, but the danger is that if we fix our attention too much upon the ghastly misdeeds of the Germans in these camps we may fail to see our own shortcomings in the past or our dangers in the future. I already see the red light. I do not know whether 68 your Lordships saw two letters which appeared in the Daily Mail, one last Friday and one last Saturday. Let me read the one which appeared on Friday, April 27: Sir,—Emaciated bodies [in atrocity pictures] are more probably evidence of typhus deaths, the result of Allied destruction of habitations. Now publish some pictures of civilian dead of Le Havre and other places destroyed by soldiery of Jew-blighted United Nations. Your one-sided presentation of horrors of war is un-English, and worthy only of slimy, Jewish owners of your paper.

§ The other letter is signed by a sergeant of the British Liberation Army. I will read the first part of it: Sir,—A story with a terrible lesson in it was told in Paris recently by Major-General G. W. R. Templer, Field-Marshal Montgomery’s Director of Military Government and Civil Affairs. Talking to correspondents in Paris, he said that while he was having his hair trimmed by his barber, a man from Wimbledon, the conversation turned to atrocities. ‘About those atrocity stories and those terrible pictures,’ said the barber, ‘is there any truth in them?’ General Templer confessed he was shocked. The barber confessed he was sceptical and added that when he went into a pub in Wimbledon none of his friends there believed a word of the stories from Belsen, Gotha and Buchenwald.

§ The letter goes on: There is a terrible prospect if there exists in this country now even a small body of opinion which will not accept this evidence. For if it is not accepted now there is little chance of its being remembered ten years from now, when, for reasons of self-interest or of intellectual fashion, there may be people who want to forget how narrowly we escaped the price of Nazism. I see the red light for another reason. Is this the time to vote against the continuance of that grand training corps for cadets, the A.T.C., or the continuance of the Army Cadet Force? Yet I see reports in the Press that at a local branch meeting of the Co-operative Society that was done, and it was also done at a meeting of a local council on which there is a Socialist majority. Ought we not at the same time as we look outwardly at Germany and at her unparalleled depravity, to look inwardly towards ourselves and vow that never again will we trust the Germans or be caught napping? What would have happened to the people of this country if these islands had been successfully invaded by Germany? In my belief it was only prevented by the mercy of Divine Providence which watches over the destiny of our race. Far worse would have happened here than has ever happened at Buchenwald or Dachau. Our 69 men, women and children would have had a fate beside which the fate of the luckless political prisoners of Germany would have been as nothing. If I may paraphrase a well-known saying, “There into these camps but for the grace of God went we.” We know something about the German plan. It was to reduce the population of these islands from 45,000,000 to 15,000,000 people. In other words, two-thirds of the population was to be deliberately put to death by starvation and by torture in a manner similar to what has been seen in these concentration camps. It is my firm conviction that what has happened at Dachau and Buchenwald would be but a pale reflection of what would have happened in German concentration camps set up in this country.

§ In the early part of my speech I ventured to make the suggestion contained in my Motion that the Government might take certain action for the reform of the Germans themselves. I now venture to make a second suggestion to your Lordships and especially to the Government. It is that, as the German nation has placed itself outside the pale of civilized nations, as a mark of the abhorrence of this country of all that the German nation has stood for and all the deeds of which they have been guilty, not for fifty years shall British nationality be given to any German. Let us not only look out at the Germans and do the right thing by them, but let us look in at ourselves and vow that never again will we be led away by the pacifism that won the East Fulham by-election in 1933, that never again will we leave ourselves unprotected, and never again will we allow this great country to run the danger of becoming soft. Rather let us remember that it is individual virility, the endurance and gallantry of the individual soldier, sailor and airman of both sexes, which have pulled us through this war, particularly during those grim twelve months when we stood unsupported by our gallant American and Russian Allies who since then have fought so magnificently side by side with us. Not till now have our eyes been opened to what our real danger has been. Not till a few weeks ago did the world know what was really happening in these concentration camps. Just as between the wars so many of us—and I am as guilty as anybody else—refused absolutely to believe that either Hitler or the German nation could be so evil as to plunge Europe into a second world war, so, up till now, have we all, or very nearly all, refused to open our eyes and to believe the stories which have been percolating through during the last twelve years. Now, we know the truth about these camps and other things, and from now on there will be no excuse if we do not guard ourselves against any possible repetition of our peril. My Lords, I beg to move for Papers.


Now, please take particular note of what Earl Stanhope says and what he does not say:

EARL STANHOPE  Your Lordships will remember that the United States forces ran into Buchenwald camp on a Wednesday. It was taken over on the Saturday by a special medical unit—an Evacuation Unit it is called—and we only got to the camp exactly a week later, that is to say on the following Saturday. By that time the condition of that camp was, quite obviously, very different from what it had been when the United States forces first arrived ten days earlier. None the less, we were able, I think, to make a full investigation concerning what the conditions of the camp had been, and to satisfy ourselves of the truth of what your Lordships and the public had read in the Press.

The prisoners told us—and it was quite obvious—that there was no room to lie on their backs, because, of course, a man so lying takes up more than nine inches of space. The only way in which they could lie was on their sides supporting their heads on their elbows…….

They had nothing whatever to lie upon except bare boards. They were originally served out with a blanket each, but of course that went into rags, and they had nothing in the way of covering throughout the winter except such rags and such remnants of blankets as they could collect. That was bad enough if they had been in good health. But there was a hut similar to the one which I have described which was full of tubercular and dysentry cases. Your Lordships can picture what living conditions in those huts must have been with dysentry patients on the second, third and fourth shelves. Those were the conditions in which those men lived. They were given as food a thin bowl of soup and a chunk of bread, and they earned these only if they had a metal ticket showing that they were fit to do work, either in a munition factory situated nearby or in the quarries. If they failed to do that, the metal ticket, with its right to food, was taken away from them. How they lived in that case I really do not know. They told us that they scavenged among potato peelings and such like in order to keep alive.

Much the most painful thing that I saw was the condition of those who were still alive. The corpses we saw were merely skeletons covered with skin. They did not look like human beings. But living people who were lying on mattresses, and being carefully tended by the United States’ medical authorities, had thighs that were not so thick as my wrist. Men lifted up their legs to show me bruises and cuts which had been inflicted upon 72 them. Children whom we met were nothing but eyes. And we were told that in spite of all the wonderfully fine attention and skill devoted to them by the medical authorities of the United States Army, still a large number of those people would die. At the time when the United States Army reached the camp, deaths were taking place at the rate of a hundred a day. The day before we got to the camp the rate was still thirty-five. I can well understand, as my noble friend Lord Denham has said, that it is impossible for people in this country to realize that such things can be true. But they are true. We have seen them, and we have satisfied ourselves that what has been described in the Press and elsewhere is true. I met two Pressmen while I was out there. They were rather hurt that we should have been sent out to verify what they had already described. I said to them: “Well, you must remember that the public at home cannot realize that there are people of this kind in the world, and they think that perhaps you have been running this for a Press stunt. That is why we people have been sent here to see for ourselves, and to describe for ourselves.”

What are the facts? Why were these things clone? My noble friend Lord Addison and I have asked ourselves that question both during our trip and since. Why did not the Germans feed their prisoners sufficiently well to get a full day’s work out of them, and then when they were unfit any longer, from some cause or other, to do that work, shoot them? Why waste food in keeping them going for a few weeks longer? Why all these elaborate arrangements by which they were taken away in trailers to the crematorium and there put into ovens and their bodies burned? I do not know. I do not think that my noble friend Lord Addison or any of us really know. All we can say is that there seems to be some sort of sadism among the German people which encourages them to like that kind of thing. What is at the foundation of it all, however, is the fact that the German nation have been brought up to believe that they are a superior race; and they treat human beings of other races, and of their own when they disagree with them (because most of these prisoners were Germans), in the same way as a cruel little boy might treat a chicken, or as somebody might deal with a rat……

But the clearing up is going on steadily and rapidly, and when people go round them in some weeks time those camps will look very different from the way they look to-day. It must be remembered that the camps are all in the centre of Germany, or in Poland, far away from Allied bases. That means that the petrol and the stores and everything else have to be brought for very long distances. I know that General Eisenhower hesitated to ask even one delegation to visit them, because every one of us had to be taken there and back. Still more would that apply to the Germans. The Germans are isolated in their towns. There is no traffic of any sort; there are no motor cars, of course, and no trains.

This is much less a British problem than an Allied problem. So far as I know, there is only one of these camps, that at Belsen, within the British area; and that is obviously not one which ought to be visited, because it was discovered to be full of typhus, and we do riot want to add to our many problems in occupied Germany by spreading typhus in regions which I hope our troops are going to 74 occupy for many years. The worst of all these camps—so we were told by prisoners—were those at Auschwitz in Poland, fairly near to Cracow, and at Dachau, which has just been captured and which is near Munich. Neither of those is in the British area. I submit to your Lordships, therefore, that it is not really practical to think of sending Germans to see these camps. I think that the other suggestion made by my noble friend is very much more to the point, namely, that when things settle down and cinemas are opened, and the curfew, which now operates at six o’clock, comes to an end, the Germans should be compelled to go to the cinemas and see the photographs taken of these camps, taken soon after their occupation by Allied troops. I think that that would be wise. My noble friend seemed to imply, however, that the Germans did not know what was going on in these camps. It may be that they did not know the full details.


LORD VANSITTART   Now that was the position from 1933 to 1939 when the concentration camps were still few and sparsely inhabited. How much more did everyone know when they were filled to bursting with foreign slaves and prisoners, and when they were strung out in profusion all over Germany! You were told on the wireless last night, and very truly, that in 1939 there were only 1,600 people in Dachau—and God knows that was enough. Since then there have been 33,000, and that is typical. Of course they knew. And I would point out to the Germanophiles who seek to deny it that they are just contradicting themselves. At one moment they are saying that the Germans did not know, and in the next they are trying to explain the absence of any resistance movement in Germany comparable to that in occupied countries by saying that they knew so well that they were too terrified of the Gestapo and concentration camps to take any action. Does that make sense?

Only 33,000 people in the Dachau camp while it is then stated that this was “typical” (as a number) throughout the camps. 


From Wikipedia:

Dachau was the concentration camp that was in operation the longest from March 1933 to April 1945; nearly all twelve years of the Nazi regime. Dachau’s close proximity to Munich, where Hitler came to power and where the Nazi Party had its official headquarters, made Dachau a convenient location. From 1933 to 1938, the prisoners were mainly German nationals detained for political reasons. After the Reichspogromnacht or Kristallnacht, 30,000 male Jewish citizens were deported to concentration camps. More than 10,000 of them were interned in Dachau alone. As the German military occupied other European states, citizens from across Europe were sent to concentration camps. Subsequently, the camp was used for prisoners of all sorts, from every nation occupied by the forces of the Third Reich.[39]

In the postwar years, the camp continued in use. From 1945 through 1948, the camp was used by the Allies as a prison for SS officers awaiting trial. After 1948, when hundreds of thousands of ethnic Germans were expelled from eastern Europe, it held Germans from Czechoslovakia until they could be resettled. It also served as a military base for the United States, which maintained forces in the country. It was closed in 1960. At the insistence of survivors, various memorials have been constructed and installed here.[40]

Demographic statistics vary but they are in the same general range. History will likely never know how many people were interned or died there, due to periods of disruption. One source gives a general estimate of over 200,000 prisoners from more than 30 countries for the Third Reich’s years, of whom two-thirds were political prisoners, including many Catholic priests, and nearly one-third were Jews. 25,613 prisoners are believed to have died in the camp and almost another 10,000 in its subcamps,[41] primarily from disease, malnutrition and suicide. In early 1945, a typhus epidemic occurred in the camp caused by poor sanitation and overcrowding, followed by an evacuation, in which large numbers of the prisoners died. Toward the end of the war, death marches to and from the camp caused the deaths of numerous unrecorded prisoners. After liberation, prisoners weakened beyond recovery by the starvation conditions continued to die.[citation needed]
Survivors of KZ Dachau demonstrate the operation of the crematorium by pushing a corpse into one of the ovens.[42]
Over the 12 years of use as a concentration camp, the Dachau administration recorded the intake of 206,206 prisoners and deaths of 31,951. Crematoria were constructed to dispose of the deceased. Visitors may now walk through the buildings and view the ovens used to cremate bodies, which hid the evidence of many deaths. It is claimed that in 1942, more than 3,166 prisoners in weakened condition were transported to Hartheim Castle near Linz, and were executed by poison gas because they were unfit.[39] Between January and April 1945 11,560 detainees died at KZ Dachau.[43]

Together with the much larger Auschwitz concentration camp, Dachau has come to symbolize the Nazi concentration camps. Konzentrationslager (KZ) Dachau lives in public memory as the second camp to be liberated by British or American Allied forces. It was one of the first places that firsthand journalist accounts and newsreels revealed to the rest of the world.


LORD ADDISON    The second reflection in my mind is that if you can intensify the egotism of a nation in twelve years to the extent that the Nazis have done, so that they become regardless of the sufferings of others, that dreadful fact really gives some small ground for hope. It is an illustration of what you can achieve by intensified propaganda. It gives perhaps some little reason to think that if the Allied Nations deliberately arrange for the teaching of opposite doctrines to German children over a long period of years we may begin to have some hope that the national point of view will be improved. But I cannot help thinking that long continued propaganda amongst the Germans that the rights of others must be recognized—prompted and assisted by the occupying authority over a long period of years—will be essential.

In the second place, I consider that the Allied Nations must set up an organization which contemplates the occupation of Germany and its deliberate re-education over a long period of years. How successful that will be is a matter upon which we can only speculate. But one is impressed by the fact that well-directed, sustained propaganda, in these days, while on the one side it is an immense danger, does also, on the other side, present a certain degree of hope. It affords us ground for hoping that we may be able, with the aid of propaganda, if it is well directed, gradually to change the point of view of the German children during a long period of years. I feel no reason whatever to hope that the world will be secure in the future unless, at the same time as force is applied to prevent the recurrence of war, there is a deliberate and sustained endeavour to re-educate the German people and to remould their minds.


German Concentration Camps (Films)

HC Deb 30 May 1945 vol 411 c211 211
44. Mr. E. P. Smith asked the Minister of Information whether, owing to the present difficulties, especially for the inhabitants of remote rural districts, of getting into the towns to attend cinema performances, he will cause exhibitions to be held in village halls of the Buchenwald and other films showing Nazi characteristics; and if he is aware that there is a strong desire in these areas that this should be done.
Mr. G. Lloyd Yes, Sir. I will give instructions that the Ministry’s mobile film projectors should be available for this purpose.
§Mr. Silverman Will the Minister see to it that any film which is shown in that way is shown without the objectionable interpolations which Mr. Speaker indicated the other day ought never to have been made?
Mr. Lloyd Yes, Sir.


Yet, fast forward to decades later and you find, only then, all the stories and statements about lampshades and gassings being thrown around. It is clear as day that the holocaust stories of such atrocities have been created after the event. There is absolutely no doubt about this. 

War Crimes

HC Deb 12 December 1989 vol 163 cc868-910

Mrs. Llin Golding (Newcastle-under-Lyme) Two weeks ago, one of my constituents rang me up and told me, slowly and painfully, “I have never telephoned or spoken to an MP before but I must ring you about the war crimes debate. My family—85 of them—were killed in concentration camps. I am the only member of the family left.” Can the House imagine how the fingers of pain have reached out over the years to hold that lady so tightly that she cannot escape living with the horrors of what happened to her family?

In 1945, a parliamentary delegation was sent from this House to Buchenwald. It was less than three weeks after the allies had liberated that camp. The delegation prepared a report to the House. The final paragraph of it states: In preparing this report, we have endeavoured to write with restraint and objectivity, and to avoid obtruding personal reactions or emotional comments. We would conclude, however, by stating that it is our considered and unanimous opinion, on the evidence available to us, that a policy of steady starvation and inhuman brutality was carried out at Buchenwald for a very long period of time; and that such camps as this mark the lowest point of degradation to which humanity has yet descended. The memory of what we saw and heard at Buchenwald will ineffaceably haunt us for many years. The report was signed by Earl Stanhope, Lord Addison, Colonel Tom Wickham, Sir Archibald Southby, Mrs. Mavis Tate, Mr. Ness Edwards, Mr. Sydney Silverman, Mr. Graham White, Sir Henry Morris-Jones, and Mr. Tom Driberg. My father was a member of that delegation. His name was Ness Edwards. He was the hon. Member for Caerphilly for 29 years. I remember him telling me about the horrors of what went on in that camp. They are engraved for ever on my mind and heart.

There has been much talk tonight about the passage of time. I was but a child on the day when I opened the door to my father on his return. He stood there, grey and drawn, and said, “Do not touch me. I am covered with lice. Everyone in the camps is covered with lice. We have been deloused many times, but I am still covered with lice.” He could not sleep for many weeks, and he had nightmares for many years. It is said that Mrs. Mavis Tate never got over what she saw in the camp, for she died a number of years later.

My father spoke to me and to my brothers and sisters about what he had seen in the camp. He told us of the hanging gibbets. Human beings were put on hooks and hung from under their chins until they died. He told us that the people in charge of the camp rather liked tattoos, and they skinned people and used their skins to make lampshades. They discovered that, when people die, their skin is given to shrinking too quickly, so they tried skinning them alive. My father showed me photographs of piles of bodies on carts. Three weeks later, the allies had not had time to remove them all. He showed me photographs of men in thin clothes, photographs of skeletons, and photographs of men with haunted eyes. I will always remember the look in those men’s eyes—the look of utter bewilderment and incomprehension. They had been starved and beaten, yet their spirit was still there.

There comes a point when something must be done. For too long the House has ignored that delegation’s report. Tonight, I hope that every hon. Member will pay tribute to our former colleagues for going to that camp on our behalf, for bringing back that report to the House, and for showing the suffering of so many people. I hope that all hon. Members will show their respect for and commitment to doing what every member on that delegation would wish them to do, and that is to support the motion.

7.34 pm
§Mr. Churchill (Davyhulme) The hon. Member for Newcastle-under-Lyme (Mrs. Golding) spoke with deep emotion about the victims of war crimes. All hon. Members share that emotion. The crimes that we are discussing are among the darkest in the annals of man’s inhumanity to man. No unbiased person can doubt either the horror or the scale of the crimes in which 6 million innocent civilians—men, women and children, including Jews, gipsies, Communists and homosexuals—were herded into the gas chambers of the Third Reich. Hon. Members unanimously acknowledge and condemn those crimes.


Now, it has been admitted that, in fact, the stories about soap and about lampshades were “MISTAKES” (of course, it’s never lies, just “mistakes” when they are caught out), BUT MP Lin Golding is STILL allowed to promulgate these lies (sorry – mistakes) in the British House of Commons with absolute impunity.

While, in the above video, the Professor (on the “Holocaust” side) actually states the admission, you see Phil Donahue totally ignoring a factual lie to continue the demonisation of the revisionist who is simply stating a truth.

Let’s look at another “Holocaust survivor” – a very high profile one for many years in America who wrote a totally fictitious book about his “experiences”, admits he lied but says he didn’t lie!!


And then what you get is TV shows who invite the revisionist on as if to say “We’re giving you the freedom of speech platform” while, in fact, it is a platform which uses people who have probably (obviously) never read a single book on the subject and certainly have done zero real research on the topic, touse ignorant groupthink to demonise the revisionist and keep the belief alive. While a jewish “scholar” from the Simon Weisenthal centre sits back and loves the ignorance which is entirely on his side and to his advantage.


Meanwhile, isn’t this just a little “coincidental”?


Source: The Worker (Brisbane, Qld)
Tuesday 4 January 1938


July 1939


12th Feb 1949

See “Justice for Germans:











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You house proud town mouse, ha ha, charade you are
You’re trying to keep our feelings off the street
You’re nearly a real treat
All tight lips and cold feet
And do you feel abused?
You gotta stem the evil tide
And keep it all on the inside
Mary you’re nearly a treat
Mary you’re nearly a treat
But you’re really a cry.