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Posted in Law, Uncategorized by earthling on October 12, 2014

For the bitches on this earth who consider it ok to use their children as ammunition and then subsequently brainwash them (even when the truth is staring them in the face every single day). There will be a price to pay somehow/someday however either in this life or the next so enjoy it while you have the chance.

Meanwhile, I am aware that there will be fathers who have done similarly but I am male and I am speaking to the bitches. You, if a woman reading this, can say similar to the excuses for fathers who would do the same.

It’s nothing less than child abuse and yet you have the audacity to say you love your children while you have them grow and develop into adults believing their father to be something he never was. And you think that does not follow them deeply throughout their lives? You STUPID BITCH! But you’re not stupid at all, just immensely selfish (and guilty as hell).

And to the corrupt state which wants you to be single parents/single mothers and have the break up of the family unit and, therefore, support your lies and your perjury in courts across the world: You bastards!

Bali 1a




“Our Father”

Oh Daddy please,
take me with you
where you going
Oh Daddy please,
come find the time,
come watch us growing
Oh Daddy please,
don’t leave there’s so
much that we want to
know before you go

I’m in need of someone
to tie my shoe,
or take hold of my hand
when I become afraid
And whose footsteps
will I follow into,
Daddy please,
don’t run away


Oh Daddy please,
I pray every night
the doors will open
Oh Daddy please,
this house is just
a broken home,
left all alone

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Manila 12



FACT: You advised a court in Singapore that £35,000 withdrawn from a bank account in your name which I managed for years (because you were bloody hopeless with money) and which was entirely made up of MY salaries and simply put in your name for tax purposes and higher interest, was all your own savings. Lie Number 1 and the major one which stopped me from being able to continue our children’s private international education. Yet you told them “Dad” was pulling them out because he was angry with mum and wanted to exact revenge on mum. How would destroying my own children’s education exact revenge on you?

FACT: You advised the court in Singapore that the password for that account was held ONLY by you THEN, in a later affidavit you contradicted yourself saying you had to change the password so I could not gain access. The court ignored the contradiction and obvious perjury. But then they would wouldn’t they?

FACT: You deposited the bulk of that £35,000 into two accounts – your father’s (an ex, long serving Police Inspector who prided himself on being a “lawful man” haha) and your brother’s; both in Scotland – and you initially went to the court saying you had no money. The court initially, of course, believed you as you were crying crocodile tears about how you were going to feed our children if you didn’t get approximately 70% of my salary (which the court gave you). You used having the children to your every advantage. They weren’t your children, they were a meal ticket to you!! You disgusting bitch! As for your father and your brother, they were money launderers and always will be. A COP money launderer!! Well no surprise there!

FACT: You smiled and enjoyed the day I brought the proof of your perjury to court and proved that the £35,000 was and always had been, my salaries. The court accepting the proof of 5 years of bank account statements showing the flow of money from my salaries to that very account. You didn’t even work! HOW could you have saved that money? The court recognised it and did nothing!! The Judge then asked me to continue paying the maintenance money to you under court order. You KNEW the type of person I am and you KNEW I would say no. Then the third time I said no to that judge (I knew what was coming) and she banged the gavel and had me handcuffed and taken down to cells under the court before being taken to jail for contempt. And you smiled! You then told our daughters that “Daddy was jailed because he didn’t wish to pay for you!” You dirty liar!

FACT: You told our children that “Dad was going crazy” at you for nothing while you told our families that “He’s bipolar or something” (Yes suddenly after 20 years, just strangely at the same time you decide to have an affair while you’re telling everyone, including the children, family AND the court, “he’s just a friend” even when you MOVE IN WITH HIM! – It’s incredible the cognitive dissonance people will display (and our children display even now at the ages of 19 and 21 when that very same man is now your “husband” – Yes indeed inverted commas because I’m coming to that later). Again bullshit!

FACT: When I asked your parents why they stopped supporting our marriage and just supported your wishes and every step you took, your OWN MOTHER stated (with tears in her eyes): “If we hadn’t supported our daughter’s wishes we would never have seen our grandchildren again”. So BLACKMAIL of your OWN PARENTS isn’t even too low to go!!

More later……

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  1. Marko said, on October 16, 2014 at 2:40 am

    Well not really sure what’s going on here.

    Something to do with the kids and that must hurt a whole lot.

    Men can be bastards, for sure. They come home drunk and beat their wife. But that trick is kinda getting old and harder to get away with these days.

    I’ve also spent a lot of time on the alternative scene. Men’s rights etc.. To be fair, they do have many very good points, but they all seem a bit too macho and you must follow these rules or else you are a cultural marxist, type of thing. What the fuck?

    But we’re not talking about them.

    I don’t have children. Thank fuck. But you do earthlinggb, and it is pretty obvious that you love them very deeply and that the tie that you have had has been severed, leading you to such displays of public animosity. I’m on your side, for what it’s worth. I find you a reasonable man. A considered man. etc.

    I don’t know what more I can say really. Not my place.

    I’m having some pretty bad experiences at the moment, at the hands of a woman who is stalking me and making my life hell. She came as a friend to start with. Love bombing me with flattery and money. She played the victim, telling me what a brute her ex was. But pretty soon, I became the new brute – I was the abuser. I was threatened – quite literally – she actually said she was threatening me – not very clever for a computer programmer.

    I don’t trust women any more. I know a lot of you are good and I love you really. My mother is a woman funnily enough, and she is the main beacon in my life. The yardstick that I measure by. She is an extraordinary woman. But I’m kind of sick of all the shit going around. And this tale you have told earthlinggb is just another example of it. Women have an advantage and will stop at nothing, think nothing of using any advantage they have.

    Mark, I can tell you are a good man. I can tell you care. To think that anyone close to you that you trusted has abused their power against you, fills me with deep rage. I can tell you are hurting, too.

    I don’t know what else to say. Not many people seem to comment on your stuff these days. And I tend to try not to leave my rabbit dropping ramblings that are of no consequence to anyone. But you have friends, that maybe understand more than you know what you are going through.

    Of course you can say ‘no one knows what i am going through’ and you would be right.

    We are just talking in degrees here.

  2. laura k said, on January 12, 2015 at 5:07 am

    Earthlinggb: you seem to be a decent man. However, there is an underling story about what is going on with your family. You have your point of view. She might have a quite different one. However, you seem to be very stubborn and fighting every battle thinking you are right. The fact of the matter is that what should be is not necessarily what it is. I, for obvious reason, don’t know you, but maybe, and just maybe there is another way to win the war instead of fighting every single battle and running into a concrete wall every time you try. I think you miss the entire goal. It does not matter if she did fail you. It is your children. You have not overcome that yet.

    • earthlinggb said, on January 14, 2015 at 5:33 pm

      Thanks for your input Laura however I really am not “fighting every issue” – I’m no longer fighting any! 🙂
      While these particular blogs refer to real facts (not opinions) of my own personal case, what they are intended for is for those who find themselves in similar situations to recognise it happens to many (which they know already). What you are right about is that it does not matter that she failed me – absolutely correct. What I am getting at (if you wish to re-read with the thinking that I am not concerned about me in the slightest today) is that what she did has affected my children’s lives enormously. I am concerned about them not me (although admittedly I would love a relationship with my own kids who then realised just how much I always did and do love them). I don’t see it as stubborn to keep telling your kids you love them but, due to their brainwashing by their mother for years now – and absolute facts (not opinions) which can be pointed to which then affected them through her own selfish actions – they don’t wish to receive that love. Their entire view of me is not based upon a “3rd party” and the issues which we faced those years ago were not caused by a “3rd party”, they just so happen to have been caused by their own mother. If it had been a 3rd party causing the same issues to both their parents then the kids would never have listened to a 3rd party’s lies about their own parents and their own parents (still being together if this had been the case) would have dealt with it and still have a loving family. But it wasn’t a 3rd party it was deception and lies TO THEM and everyone else (and financial actions – theft) by one of their parent’s on the other. There is no way of getting through to them. “What you believe of me isn’t true!” “Ah so you’re calling our mother a liar?” “Well, yes I have to otherwise you will continue believing as you do and I have the proof of it so will you please let me show you that your father is NOT what you think he is?” “No! We can’t allow that because then we may have to acknowledge our own mother lying to us and deceiving us”.
      I am concerned I have two daughters who, whether they admit it to themselves or not, will go through life thinking their dad did (and did not) do things which ultimately hurt them and that he didn’t care. I know how that affects children throughout their entire lives. I was one.
      “You have your point of view. She might have a quite different one.” On what the cause of the break up was perhaps but that, as you quite rightly point out, is neither here nor there and it is not what I am talking about in the blogs. The blogs are about factual steps taken in many ways once that break up happened which seriously affected our children’s emotional, physical and financial well being.
      Let me leave you with this (because I do not intend to have deeper discussion on a very personal issue on the internet): Never in my wildest dreams would I have wished to destroy and remove my ex wife’s entire family (nevermind her herself) from my children’s lives. On the other hand, I have it in writing from her that that is what she intended to do (plus more). To people who had no hand in this but were simply members of my family (all of them) who loved my children immensely.
      It takes a special kind of hatred to do that (and, in fact, I would say it is more down to fear than hatred – the fear that by exposing my children to the other side of the story which has an immense number of facts in writing from court etc – which at the time they were too young to understand the subtleties of – she would have to face her children who realised the truth). I have no wish to destroy her relationship with her children – not one bit. I just find it so very difficult to justify how she could and how she could without recognising what it would do to our children (and has done). That takes a special kind of selfishness.
      But that’s that. I appreciate the interest but, again, I do not intend to debate the details (because it ends up nowhere anyhow) of my personal circumstances then and now on a public forum. Had I wished to, I could have pretty much destroyed her (and him) legally (and still probably could) but that is not me.

    • earthlinggb said, on January 14, 2015 at 5:36 pm

      One thing I am “stubborn” about however and that is a child’s respect for their parent (when that parent has never acted in any way shape or form to hurt them that is). To go from loving and respecting their father (and vice versa) to sheer, ignorant, despising him and showing total disrespect, is not something I will bend for no matter how much I love them. Perhaps I’m old school (and damned happy with it).

  3. laura k said, on January 14, 2015 at 6:22 pm

    I do still read here and there your post. It has been for a while. I don’t have too much time to keep track of your lengthy reading as a parent myself with two young boys and other priorities. Summing up the main point, cause, unlike you, I am terrible using quotes: I, as you, love my children to pieces. However, sometimes a very strange one can lead you to find the simple answer to move forward in life. As yes, you are very stubborn and nitpick by the way you write and discuss your comments. Nothing wrong with it. It is your way. In the end, you are a old school boy and happy with it. Unfortunately, your situation is the common element when parents are divorced. One trying to use the children as shield or weapon to hurt the other. I, in my humble opinion, will let things take its course and I think you pointed that out. In life, there always a chance to redeem ourself. I’ll come to you in respect to your children and those that might be in similar situation. Just for the record, anyone can see itself in other comments without going in details in public blogs. Not my intention to find out more that it is posted, just merely the intention to light others up.

    Laura K

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