What not to say on a dating site!

Posted in "Terrorism" by earthling on August 7, 2014

To be honest, I can’t stand the vacant superficiality of dating sites but, because I don’t frequent pubs and clubs (just as vacant and superficial in my view), I thought I’d give Zoosk a whirl since it kept popping up on Facebook and had photos of very attractive women. I like attractive women don’t you?

So let me first state I didn’t start off like this – or at least not quite so bad. πŸ˜‰ But, after a while (approximately a week), I came to realise just how bloody vacant it really is. It’s a cattle market so I cancelled my subscription but it takes a few weeks for it to then be actioned. So I thought I’d have a laugh and just write things I knew would get up the largely vacant, superficial airheads’ noses. I changed it a few times because I quickly get bored with my own “wit” (probably as they do too). But this is an example of what not to say on a dating website. In other words, don’t say it how you see it. Whatever the hell you do, don’t be honest and blunt and don’t display your anject derision of the masses of profiles you see before you. People will think you’re misogynist! πŸ™‚ But trust me I’m not. I feel the same derision toward the vast majority of men it’s just I don’t check out the males coz I’m not gay! I guess because I’m not gay that makes me homophobic too!

Holy shit, I should be locked up!

So here’s the profile:

Prof 1

Prof 2


Now, when it comes to chat up lines, the following couple of examples will give you the general idea. DO NOT USE THESE AT HOME!

1. No jokes about their chosen name:

KY Jelly


2. If you encounter a beautiful looking muslim woman, this is NOT the best chat up line to use:


Muslim chat up line


Even though, personally, I’d consider that one hell of a compliment in your mid forties! πŸ™‚


Lastly, this was my favourite contact I received:


Prof 3



Israel, jews and Zionists: Confused? You won’t be!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. and again….. and again. I’ll put my “analyst” neck on the block once more.

I read “The Grand Chessboard” by Zbigniew Brzezinski a few years ago and I KEEP going back to it because every single step I see in this “game” is following what I gleaned from that book. It’s a template. It’s a strategic geopolitical, warmongering blueprint and they are following it to the letter.

I created this video a few years back:

Many thought I was WAY off in the analysis. Just stupid they said because the globalists and Rothschild love Israel. Really?

And you’ll say today Israel are getting away with murder re Palestine. Yes they are (and no they’re not). Yes they are because they are committing genocide with impunity BUT haven’t you noticed? The rising disgust even in our mainstream zionist controlled press and political circles? Why’s that? Well it’s exactly the same reason that, during WW2, the zionists sacrificed jews. Yes they did! Stop ignoring this you everyday Israeli jews. You are being sacrificed once more and your “zionist” (note inverted commas because when I use them I mean the “zionism” which reflects those jews who want their racist based ‘homeland’) Israel will and is coming to an end. Who’s leading this end? Benjamin Netanyahu of course! But you think he’s on your side don’t you “zionist”? No, not at all. Benjamin Netanyahu is on the ZIONISTS side of the game NOT the “Zionist” side! πŸ˜‰ Netanyahu is another Tony Blair and David Cameron. Bought and sold by the Rothschild family. These guys are just pawns on the chessboard and it’s the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and jesuits who are dangling their strings. YOU, little old israeli, working to scrape a living, are of as much interest to Netanyahu as we are to Blair or Americans are to Obama. You’re a jew but you’re a nothing to these people. Your nationalism is just damned useful and you’re being played like an old Stradivarius violin as you watch movies like Spielberg’s Schindler’s list and keep getting filled with the holocaust stories of people who benefit from it. Just like we’re led to believe in the British stiff upper lip and that Winston Churchill was a hero! hahaha. He was a schmuck working for the same zionists who are now going to cause you some severe pain.

You still don’t get it do you? And that’s why you’ll be sacrificed! You see, Rothschild didn’t create Israel because he loves you! Oh you naive little “zionist”! He created it for a “beach-head” which is now passed its sell by date because the REAL ZIONISTS who sacrificed jews in WW2 now have pretty much effective control over that region of the world. Israel is just a pain in the ass to them now when they want the muslim world on the west’s side against Russia and China.

Haven’t you noticed something else?

All the muslim immigration into the UK, the EU and the USA. Now WHY would ZIONISTS want this? Seems a ridiculous idea doesn’t it? I know, yes it does. But you see it isn’t. Not at all. I’m not talking about “Zionists” here, I’m talking about ZIONISTS!

How would muslim immigration be beneficial to ZIONISTS? Simple: What happens when there are millions of muslim immigrants in the west? Well they have family members in the islamic states don’t they? Whether children, grandparents, cousins whatever. So then what happens when there is a stand off or war between the west and China/Russia? Tell me? How many muslims are in China or Russia? Not many at all is there? So whose side are the muslim states going to be on when they have family members spread throughout the west and none in China and Russia?

And who are the muslim brotherhood? Β  πŸ˜‰


Saudi Arabia has funded the Muslim Brotherhood for over half a century. Now, as a previous blog or two of mine pointed out, Saudi and “Israel” (more correctly, ZIONISTS) are cousins. They’re on the same side!


Your time is soon up “Zionists”. The ZIONISTS are coming to get ya! How? Through the U.N. and the “International community” which Bibi is winding up into a frenzy with his genocide, entirely on purpose of course!

UN Israel


Now why do you think we’re getting these headlines these days? What’s with the U.N. outrage all of a sudden? You’ve been treating Palestinians like shit for decades so why now?

Because your shelf life is running out! It’s time to create the ZIONIST controlled Islamic states and keep them happy by giving them the impression that the west has finally dealt with Israel the “nasty terrorist nation that they are” and the IDF has done its job. A job they thought was for Israel but no. Again, they’ve been played. The Mossad? ZIONIST controlled NOT “Zionist” controlled.

Ah and I thought you jews were smart! Well, after all, that’s what you like us all to believe isn’t it? LOL

Silly buggers!


But hey, don’t say you haven’t been warned a number of times. I tried to tell you and you didn’t listen so please forgive me if I laugh a little as I see you destroyed. Your ignorance of the game brought it on yourselves. Oh and your “chutzpah!” πŸ˜‰