The “Alternative” Paedophile

Posted in Media, Paedophilia, Politics by earthling on July 6, 2014

Paedophiles in government. Paedophiles in the monarchy. Paedophiles in the media and now, Paedophiles in the ALTERNATIVE media!

I wonder who those could be? I wonder if Davey and Sean (the big mouths of TPV, the guys who keep their spending of the money they raised from you close to their chests, the guys who sell you bullshit while they literally talk a globalist talk, have the hetero haters on the shows and the ex women MPs who have something to hide too) know who the alternative media paedos are? What do you think? After all, Davey knows it all doesn’t he? He knew about Saville (but didn’t say a word before it became public knowledge and then pretended he had said something. Even his ex colleague ran a story – yes Ms Poulton – saying Davey knew about Saville before it came out in mainstream when, in fact, he had never mentioned it at all beforehand but he likes you to think he did).

There is diseased shit under every rock folks so be careful who you consider to be on “your side”.

I have so much more to say about this paedophile eruption. Not exposing any, just commentary. But, right now, I just don’t have the “bandwidth”. I’ll get around to it though.

For now, here’s Bill Maloney – a brave guy I only met fleetingly once but his head was elsewhere I guess at the time. By the way Bill, if you stumble over this: The Bradbury Pound is the entirely wrong answer (sorry to those who believe otherwise).

One of the best things people could do (but won’t) is for them to drop their belief system in “heroes” – either those in uniform or those on the TV and in positions of (seeming) power.

But they won’t and you know why? This is why: (How long this will be on BBC iPlayer I don’t know but it’s the mentality – the “zombies”, those who are so easily led – which maintains the “heroes”. However, as you will see, we’re making “heroes” out of boxes too. The majority of humanity is dumb to the bone and so easy for the elite to manipulate that it’s not the elite – as perverted, sociopathic and psychopathic as they are – who are the problem, it’s the “zombies”. They are who scare the pants off me.)

And if you decide to watch the above and find it at all interesting, you may find the deeper probe into planned obsolescence even more interesting:

We’ll “buy” anything that’s “sold” to us as “Just what you need to be sexy!”

Meanwhile, back to paedophilia. There were once “perverts” and “poofs” – guys who liked to give other guys guy fluid up their ass or to swallow (let’s just call a spade a spade shall we? Or is the reality of it meant to be politically ‘correctified’ and brushed under the carpet like the time they themselves were “in the closet”? But they were given a name: “homosexuals”. Homosexuality was the mane of their “thing” rather than heterosexuality. But you see, having been given a name, the next step (over time) was to ‘normalise’ it and so those who considered it abnormal were then given a name: Homophobes and political correctness (arbitrary policy decided upon by the government(s) which you all know are corrupt – except, as in this case, when you THINK they’re doing the “right thing” under pressure from society (when in fact the elite steer what they want you to accept, you idiot)) put the negative focus on those who disagreed with the normalisation of it.

And it’s all done by ‘grassroots’ pressure groups and academics.

What we now have is the next step in human “enlightenment” which is slowly, delicately (and it will take years/decades just as it did for the homos BUT it will come and all you ‘liberal’ parents out there will have nothing to say and no comeback when your sons and daughters are being fucked (yes let’s call a spade a spade again) by old men and women whose paedophilia has been “normalised”.

Well done Mr and Mrs “Liberal” for being so liberal! 😉 But then perhaps it’s you who want to fuck kids right? But soon any criticism of you will be considered “paedophobic” or “hebephobe”.


Paedo natural


Why just males? Women are into it too! But that doesn’t fit the media narrative. It’s another attack on men.

All I’ll say to this piece is: BULLSHIT! You have to be one sick mother****** to want to have intercourse with a child!

But no, the academics and the media are working their “magic” again to slowly creep towards the acceptance and normalisation of the paedophile. Lock up your sons and daughters Mr and Mrs conservative because the liberals and the perverts are coming for them. But don’t speak out too loudly because you’ll be labeled and termed a “phobe” and, even worse, an “extremist”. Do you have christian values in this JUDEO-christian country of ours? Oh dear oh dear oh dear. You’re on a list! The tables have flipped and the once oppressed (although they brought it upon themselves for the sake of a sliver of land in the middle east) are now the oppressors and you, Mr and Mrs Christian will soon wear the yellow badge! It won’t be a star however, it will be a cross!

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  1. Julian Lowe said, on July 6, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Interesting. But tell me this. And ask if its plausable. They the media the elite can if they wish pin any tag they desire. Can those in power attach a tag of pedo homo or druggy ti whom andever tthey wish to destroy or use as sacrificial example. Do we truley have tge answers to a persons behaviour. How easy would it be for the police to set me up. Oh dear oh dear look ar what weve found in your pocket. A bag if lsd. Holly fuck. Thats not mine. Yeah who do youthink the judge is going to beleive. You or us five polic men. All an example. But no one can deny that people are set up as distractions. People and countrys are set up with red flag ops in mind. But yes pedos exist. And one should track them and initiallt ban any news media coverage on them. Why because all the news does is create paranoid delusions. I for one went through a stage of even picking up mybown daughter whilst at the zoo whilst with her mom. Why. I was 23 a young man who was worried that people would look on me as soneone funny. Why because in the media at that time it was pedo prdo fucking pedo om rvefy page.

    • earthlinggb said, on July 8, 2014 at 4:13 pm

      Hear what you’re saying Julian but man! Sort out the typos would ya!! lol

  2. Marko said, on July 8, 2014 at 3:09 am

    Heroes. Yes we all need heroes. Or we think we do.

    I have no heroes any more.

    Certainly no one in the alternative media. I get my news from the BBC these days. The AM is a fucking disgrace. Present company and all that…

    Not allowed to question. Not allowed to have an alternative point of view. Fuck that! Take your fucking alt media and shove it.

    I like to give my time these days to those that would give my time back. Coz time is all I have. No one has time for me. That is ok. I don’t have time for them. Are they going to come round my house to drop of tins of beans when the apocalypse hits? No. That’s ok. But what ever you do, do not cunt me off for having a different viewpoint.

    The whole of the alternative media has been infiltrated and destroyed, there is not one man left standing I can take seriously. Well, maybe you earthlinggb.

    Heroes eh?

    So many bitter people. And deranged with it. I understand. But people get nasty when they get bitter. But to retain your inner beauty is to retain naivety and that will be fed on. They have you every way. Best plough your own furrow.

    Nothing will come of the news events of the day. Not now or in six months time. And I will call you out on this and you will not remember. That is how it shall be. Not you earthlinggb. I am talking about the punters. Before it was said we should not look down on them, but I have nothing but contempt left. For all the What really fucking happeneds of this world. For all the Smokin Mirrors. For all the Cunts calling people out with red rings and diagrams. Fuck you.

    You never gave a shit about what I thought. It was all me me me.

    Well, earthlinggb, I think you might have cornered a bit of a niche. We will see. You are no hero of mine. You never asked me to look on you as such. You let me post my shit, in so far as it is not offensive.

    Can’t ask fairer than that.

    It is good to see you out and about though. For as long as you are under the radar. Death or glory eh?

    Lots of people been giving it the large with that one recently.

    Well, I don’t care whether I live or die either.


    Can’t think of one, offhand.

    • earthlinggb said, on July 8, 2014 at 4:15 pm

      Good to hear from you Marko. Sorry mate but I just don’t have the time any longer to be replying (or writing) a lot these days. Always good to hear and read the comments from folks though. You just keep dropping your own view of things mate. It’s all good.

  3. Marko said, on July 8, 2014 at 3:14 am

    Not sure if this will get through, but here goes –

  4. Marko said, on July 8, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    No problemo. Greta Garbo mode it is!


    I usually read more than I write. And I often go weeks and weeks where I work and I don’t read a single thing by anyone. I am pretty much done with the alternative media now. There is no one I don’t know about, I’ve researched them all, and they are all full of it, either for money grabbing (Icke) or Jesus Christ complex (too many to mention). I’m slowly weaning myself of ALL alternative news. Even the people that are supposed to be rubbishing you and slagging you off earthlinggb do a very piss poor job of it that no one over the age of nine would be impressed by. They are the worst in fact.

    I’m just glad you’re ok and doing your thing. Maybe one day it would be nice to go for a beer or two together. I can wait. But even if you didn’t want to do that, that would be ok, too. I’m pretty self contained.

    Anyway, you provide a certain kind of vitriol, with a very distinct side dish of relish. I had thought you might have been kidnapped by aliens (or worse), but when I ‘hear’ you write, I know it’s all good, as you say.

    Take care and never stop kicking against the pricks (as if you would).

  5. C said, on July 9, 2014 at 10:44 am

    The light bulb controlled and planned obsolescence was very good, I’ve known about this for a long time, I was never taught it, it is just one of those things you just ‘know’. It is obvious by the state of the ‘fix it’ industry. Well, I say ‘fix it’, it is more the manufacturers who control repairs etc., which is combined with insurance for profit. It really does not matter about all the ends you can tie up, it all ends up at the foot of profit and the control of the economy.

    It is exactly the same with printer ink cartridges, even more so I do believe, deliberately designed to have a limited life span forcing the user to purchase more frequently than necessary. But, what I have come to learn about ink cartridges is enough to make you want to never buy another. Have you noticed that the ink cartridge levels run down at a faster pace than you are actually utilising, that suddenly the empty warning kicks in even though the last print was not faded or broken so it was a sudden, ‘wham’, empty, replace to continue.
    One time I took a cartridge and prized it open, making a right mess in the process mind, it certainly was not dried up, so therefore it was bought to the end of it’s life prematurely.
    This made me realise that the cartridges are controlled by the software program regardless of what is actual, it is a program simply designed to make you buy more. I have also noticed that many printer companies have now built into their program and cartridges the inability to self fill so it has a mechanism of prevention built in. I think that the ink level indicator is not a true representation of the actual ink levels but one manufactured like the light bulb to control production and consumerism. The price of cartridges is extortion as it is, let alone controlling it’s usage.

    This I think is absolutely disgraceful and one of the major problems as a throwback in the throw away and continuation of excessive consumption, and tptb have the cheek to tell us that it is us responsible for over consumption when they know darn well it is their rules that cause this with so much waste just to keep the economic roundabout turning.
    That is one of the fallacies of progress, modern progress is off the back of industry which is the result of economics and the need to earn a living, it is forced progress that is responsible for much of the damage and waste that has occurred on this planet. However, if progress were a natural inclination to learn and move forward it would be progress without waste and without the extreme damage to the environment and the need for certain types of people to ‘capitalise’ on it’s growth or the control of growth!

    Have always enjoyed reading you Earthling, always will!

  6. Babs said, on July 14, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Hello long time no speak. I am surprised to see that your most informative articles on David Icke and the TPV debacle have been taken down, is there a reason for this? Glad to see you back and of form.

  7. Dee dee said, on July 19, 2014 at 8:15 am

    Hello, i’ve never posted before but have read your blog for a while, so i thought today was as good a day as any to say something lol. Hello Marko, like you i am fed up to the back teeth of the AM and am mysteriously blocked from most now, even ones i haven’t been on yet, haha.
    I do my own research and have come across someone i would like others to have a look at. Lieutenant michael aquino was forcibly retired from the US army in 1990 due to an enormous string of accusations against him for paedophilia involving pre school children, he disappears after that. he bears a striking ressemblance to norman lamont, whom maggie thatch employed as chancellor in 1990.
    I have a feeling they are moving them around the world.

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