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Churchill & Roosevelt: A conspiracy of traitors

Posted in Uncategorized by earthling on May 14, 2014

Winston Churchill – Held up as one of Great Britain’s “greats” yet he was a traitor doing the bidding of the “jews”.

Franklin D. Roosevelt – Held up to America s one of their “greats” and, yet again, a traitor doing the bidding of the “jews”.

Who are these “jews”? Well you all know them and even today they slither their way around Whitehall, Parliament, the Senate and Congress. They have money to burn because they were given the “keys” to the money centuries ago – beginning, perhaps, even earlier than the founding of the Bank of England but certainly from that time to the present day.

You KNOW who they are and you SEE their actions every single day in the present. And yet, it goes on. They go on.

In 1933, as you also (should) know, they declared war on Germany – six full years before the start of World War 2. And it was these same “jews” who made sure that war went ahead. It is these same “jews” (perhaps with the higher echelons of the jesuits steering it all) who are trying to foment the THIRD world war today. They are desperate for their temple. Between them and the Vatican they want their Jerusalem and their temple.

But long ago, while we have all been taught ONE version of history and our children are still getting taught it while those who write it have omitted the “jews'” investment and declaration of war on Germany, another version MAY have unfolded but, as usual, the powers – the Crown, the Monarchy and the Vatican – couldn’t allow that version of history to unfold and they certainly couldn’t let a few good men achieve what they set out to achieve.

At this point, we introduce Captain Ramsay. Who was Captain Ramsay? A British MP who, along with others in Britain and along with Congressmen like Charles Lindbergh, opposed the U.S. participation in WW2 while Ramsay, himself, opposed British involvement. Hitler and the Nazis allegedly had no intention of attacking Great Britain and this has been mentioned in UK parliamentary archives and Lord Boothby states as much in his statements and writings about his meetings with Hitler.

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