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MH370: Obama just drops in!

Golly gosh!! How timely!

The first American President in decades to visit Malaysia. What a coincidence! And just 7 weeks after MH370 flies off the radar. Enough time, then to let things settle down to a great extent and see where the cards lie.

But also, a US President’s calendar isn’t such that they just decide to pay a “State visit” to Malaysia and book their flights through Thomson holidays a few days before because they got a cheap deal. This visit has been planned and prepared a long time ago. Does no-one else consider that absolutely perfect, coincidental timing of such?

Barack Obama is the first US President to visit Malaysia since Johnson in 1966. How about that?

Obama Malaysia

The article goes on to say:

Malaysia is a growing partner of the United States, which seeks to deepen that relationship, Rhodes said.

Topics of discussion between the two leaders will include trade, security and regional issues, he said.

Trade being the Trans Pacific Partnership and security and regional issues, of course, shall be “Hey Najib my man! Have you found that plane of yours?” with a big beaming Obama smile on his face. “Now let’s discuss our mutual interests shall we? 1. We don’t like this Warcrimes tribunal you had. 2. We don’t like this anti TPPA rhetoric. 3. Your plane COULD be found with passengers and crew alive and you all made into heroes if you just follow the plan. What do you say Najib?”

One of the security detail then whispers into Obama’s ear (a little like that day at the school for George Bush) “Sir, we’ve already shot them all”.

“Strike that” says Obama. “We’ll find the plane but if there are any bodies we’ll just bring up the chinese ones because, as you know, it’s a muslim thing to be buried at sea anyhow. Well that’s what we told the world in relation to us getting rid of the evidence… I mean burying Osama Bin Laden. Best let dead dogs lie right Najib?”


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  1. Uffda said, on April 30, 2014 at 7:38 am

    That man got nerves… MH370 Tracked by Military Radar? Malaysian PM Now Says Unidentified Aircraft was Detected When Plane Vanished – (Most likely a military exercise fighter aircraft, and the governments now knows the faith of MH370)

  2. Uffda said, on May 3, 2014 at 7:37 am

    MH370 – Commentary to AD – CNN Becomes the Laughing Stock – CNN Reporter Fired – Millions Spent on Wag-The-Dog Search

    Quote: A very interesting turn of events. For those who have been following this farce. 1) CNN became something of a laughing stock for its endless hours of speculation/simulation of what may have happened to Flight 370. Every possible alternative was explored and televised ad infinitum. 2) Eventually the CNN reporter assigned to the endless hours in the flight simulator was fired due to a «wardrobe malfunction» (his clothes were to casual!). What we learn from this is that CNN takes this disappeared flight EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY and PROFESSIONALLY or at least they did so right up until Field McConnell announces that he will demonstrate a remote controlled hijack via the Boeing Uninterruptable Auto Pilot fitted to this aircraft!!! Suddenly Field McConnell is told he cannot as he is locked out of the simulator and that consequently this one possibility is «off limits» to any kind of demonstration! Meanwhile hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars are being spent in phoney searches trying to prop up the hoax of the disappeared airplane and its 270 or so victims. So next time you strap a Boeing aircraft to your backside remember that the same anti hijack gear is installed up front and that you too might disappear if the sky pirates named by McConnell figure that there is money to be made from this thriving business. Good luck ! ..

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