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MH370 Co-Pilot call

Very simple:

Contact the mobile operator and ask.

So the intelligence services are saying there was a call and the Malaysian authorities saying there wasn’t. This is something they would have known within the first few days of the event.

Which mobile carrier did he use allegedly? Maxis? Telekom Malaysia? DiGi? There’s only a handful of them.

Then if you get a “Yes” then have the carrier publicly state it and also advise which base station in the network it connected to.

Otherwise, be quiet. Whoever are feeding these stories anonymously should be charged with some form of obstruction of an investigation. At best, they are sick little bunnies.

Meanwhile, the media should not even print anonymous sources and information they cannot verify but they do and why? It writes the narrative and causes the confusion wanted.

Alleged call

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  1. Uffda said, on April 14, 2014 at 8:50 am

    Crime Scene Investigation has started, please watch:

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