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MH370 “Left Behind”

Posted in "Terrorism", Disappearance of MH370, Media by earthling on April 2, 2014

Have you been left behind Sarah? 😉


No, I am not suggesting this happened. No it is not another theory and I’m losing my marbles. There is just something I wish to focus some attention on.

Is there an element of a sub, sub plot going on in all of this? Why do we keep getting fed emotionally dyslexic “christian” people in all of these events? While it couldn’t have escaped anyone’s notice that, in this MH370 instance, they’re almost playing a “Left Behind” card. If you haven’t heard of the “Left Behind” series of books, they are a christian fundamentalist view of the rapture and have sold millions across the world. I’ve known people (intelligent people and very nice people, even friends) who believe this stuff. There are quite a few of them. We’re not used to such so much in the UK as you know but, in America and around the world, there are a great many people who do. Why do you think the christian televangelists do so well?

Has anyone noticed that Sandy Hook was filled with “Christian believers”. None of them cried and they were all very philosophical about their losses? Another example of this “christian” lack of emotional turmoil in such circumstances is that of the recent murder of Breck Bednar in the UK – the 14 year old allegedly stabbed by his 18 year old video game “friend”. The parents of whom’s first thoughts were to set up a fundraising campaign JUST LIKE the Sandy Hook family victims. The parents of whom also described themselves as “christians” and happen to be Americans.

Now we have Philip Wood and his girlfriend of 2 years, Sarah Bajc, the latter having been on many news-reports now and who shows just about zero emotion (I’ve seen none – perhaps I’ve missed a few) but, again, is very considered, expresses herself well in the midst of this – what you would believe to be – very emotionally upsetting time and she makes subtle, but strong, suggestions of mishandling and the possibility of the authorities knowing more than they divulge. She’s calm, considered and makes sure she just hits some buttons.

Meanwhile, Philip is described thus:

In a prepared statement to the media, the Wood family described Philip Wood as “incredibly generous, creative and intelligent.”

“Phil cared about people, his family, and above all, Christ,” they said in the statement. “Though our hearts are hurting, we know so many families around the world are affected just as much as us by this terrible tragedy. We ask for your prayers, not only for ourselves, but for all involved during this difficult time.”

Have a listen to Sarah Bajc:

“Oops! That’s the wrong place.”

Then “It’s just like a magician playing tricks on the audience”

Then “That must be incredibly difficult for you emotionally?” and watch our Sarah – can she put on the teary act all of a sudden? No. That would just be a little too “prompted” and obvious and the question has thrown her a bit of a curve ball.

“’s frustrating!” Frustrating? Not “Yes it is….” as she let’s by a little smile as if her real knowledge of her lack of a need to be emotionally affected has dawned on her and she let’s her guard slip.

Watch Danica Weeks (as she speaks about that wonderful, heart-wrenching story – perfect drama) hold onto her prop (her wedding ring) displaying it to the world. “amazing…amazing” she says – I was a father like she describes and it never made me amazing. He’s ex army (notice she then trips over her words just after this as if she thought “damn it, I never meant to say that”) but while there is the squeaky, croaky voice and the pained expression and sniffs, there is not a single tear. Eyes as dry as a kangaroo on a barbie on a Brisbane midsummer’s day.

A family member simply stating what he does but does not want his face shown? Yes there can be various reasons for this I suppose but…..

Add all of this to the two South African girls’s story about sharing the cockpit with the co-pilot 2 years ago and the fact that that is now a proven lie and add the innumerable “leads” and “leaked information” given by a score of “unnamed sources” which then go dead but do the job of confusing the entire picture. Add the photos of the “stolen passports Iranians” with the same legs.

Meanwhile, watch this footage of the chinese protestors:

Look at their placards. A good number of them all, obviously, having been made/designed by a single source. This is managed. Think about any large protest in the UK (or anywhere) where it has been honestly grassroots. There are very few I admit but there have been some. They tend not to have a “brand design” of placard or flags or whatever. The Trade Union managed protests and “official type” protests do however. These people protesting the Malaysian embassy in Beijing have been put together by a controlling element. No doubt about it.

There is a whole lot more as you know but, with all of it, it is quite clear that this entire event is another “Sandy Hook”. It is stage managed from start to finish. These people can snigger at fooling so many but sorry, it ain’t working on me. It’s another “9/11” while now we’re being told they may never find the wreckage and there may never be an answer. The PERFECT place for them to say the plane went down is where they say it did and that is for their purpose. Just like Bin Laden and his “watery grave”.

And finally, just found this. Icing on the cake for me re this “Sarah Bajc”.


Oh just one absolutely final thing though: How is it that, in any of these stories, there is never the following –

“He was a bastard who, while we lived as a family, happily in Singapore and his big expat contract, he went around cheating on me with all these 19 year old Thai girls and ended up leaving me and our three kids in Singapore to shack up with one in Jakarta!”

I only say that because it happened fairly regularly and, in this instance, specifically, to an American woman friend of ours who turned out to be a complete bitch after stupid me actually took pity on her. Ah you live and learn Tammy don’t ya? 😉

The whole event of MH370 however: What a narrative! It’ll make a great blockbuster movie in a few years. I am now of a mind that there are two possible scenarios: 1. The flight never existed and 2. Diego Garcia (but not “Philip Wood sticking a phone up his ass. THAT, to me is pure disinfo perhaps to use as a “hook” to say “People that suggest DG are crazy”). This “independent journalist, “Jim Stone” is total disinfo in my view. One thing: I had never heard of him until now and another, he’s proffering this total crap.

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  1. Lou said, on April 2, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Hi Earth,

    I think you maybe onto something with this “Left Behind” theory. I know, being from the US but now in the UK (for 20 years-geez where did the time go…) my family has read these books and talked about planes going down and what not for many years. Can we say predictive programming??

    Anyway, I really appreciate your effort and time to write these articles and hope some day we can be truly free from these bastards!!!

    Best wishes


  2. cheryl Monti said, on April 3, 2014 at 10:13 am

    When they mention the left behind theory they are talking about the rapture. Some Christians think that before it all gets too bad, Christ will wisk them all away to be with him and they will come back when it’s all over and help him rule. The rapture takes all Christians and leaves behind those whom are not saved. Some Christians are mental and will believe anything. As for the emotions, well, a well brainwashed Christian is not allowed to feel those bad emotions, they are of the devil and to dsplay them in public is a sin. Infact, they are not even allowed to acknowledge them because then they would be in the devils camp. There is so much more to all this stuff. These days I’m looking at the news stories and thinking half of them could be actors, just pretending and I’ve always thought that the plane never existed.

  3. cheryl Monti said, on April 3, 2014 at 10:49 am

    Earthbblg, the time on these comments is one hour behind, the clocks went forward on Sunday. I was just siting here looking at the time and thought I;ve lost an hour, what have I been doing, then I twigged onto the clocks going forward. Hahaha.

  4. Reaper412 said, on April 3, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    I have met many Christians in my time and have found most to be quite nice people. Unfortunately most are ignorant to study anything other than the bible, they believe that Jesus will return to save them and should continue their preaching and everyday lives until this occurs. Not saying they don’t do good in some places but most is delusional to the true power organists. I personally am not religious as I consider most religions to be Abrahamism, the sacrificial god (Although I do believe in a Creator/Source). The thing is, the powers that control want them to wait to be saved, which obviously causes inaction. We must always take action in what ever way is possible to save what is right, true and ourselves. The more people they can turn to the Saviour the more inertia is caused. A bit like the gay agenda is to population control ( I am not a homophobe either), but more gay people equals less babies.

    • Uffda said, on April 3, 2014 at 6:38 pm

      This might set the religious problems into a workable perspective: “Rebuilding our temple brain” They have hidden the true meaning of the Bible as well, Christianity is a Roman invention.
      The Bible Is Not A Literal Book …

      • Reaper412 said, on April 3, 2014 at 11:03 pm

        Watched the first one but to be honest, I believe this is another avenue for the controllers, meditation is a farce to cause more inertia, a complete ploy to make you sit in the dark doing nothing with your manifested physical form, less interaction with the world, no communication to others and ultimately less knowledge being received to deal with the realities that this life has produced. I hope I don’t offend you but we all have a unique journey in this life and mine is not this.

        • Uffda said, on April 4, 2014 at 7:24 am

          Thanks for watching the video, I can only try and inspire you to investigate further this ancient knowledge of who we really are. The universe is electric and so are we. The Bible explains how our body work at this level in a mythological language. This is a science and cannot be judge by just looking at one video, it takes years of hard work and studies to change the momentum traditions have imprinted in our brains. So please Sir keep on looking. Bill Donahue explains the true meaning of the Bible, others what religion in general is all about. Like this man Santos Bonacci – Reclaiming Dominion Part One:

          • Reaper412 said, on April 4, 2014 at 8:43 am

            Yes I have watched a lot of Santos and I do like what he says, read endless amounts of history ( e.g. Plato,Hermes, the emerald tabs, blah blah blah), that’s the joy of being unemployed. I have done much soul searching and this might seem crazy but I have entered many of my close companions dreams when the darkness has shrouded them and calmed their thoughts( I know this as we have sat and talked of what has happened within their dreams), I sleep only when my body calls me to it, sometimes only 2-3hours(never over 6hrs) a day but my body is always fresh and ready to go. I am here to protect, that is my being and when I am done my eternal dream will begin again. When all you have is time, you are able to evaluate your life, every decision made is for a reason whether it good or bad they all have purpose. I must admit I don’t like to write to often, I prefer eye to eye communication, so this may come across as a load of crap.

            • Uffda said, on April 4, 2014 at 10:23 am

              Ok, lets get back to the order of battle and the subject of this article was MH370. Freescale have huge facilities in China, with access to latest US technology. 4-1-2014 Project Camelot · David Hawkins & MH370
              Freescale in China

              • earthlinggb said, on April 4, 2014 at 10:30 am

                Uffda. Freescale is baloney (unless there’s something else to it). This whole “4 freescale employees were 20% shareholders in a patent” is absolute crap! I’ve already covered it. And by the way, the patent was for a semiconductor wafer! Not a new, highly secretive military black ops project. A SEMICONDUCTOR WAFER! And yet, people are going on telly talking about this “plot” that Carlyle and Jacob Rothschild now own a patent for some form of secret technology. How on earth do these people get on TV and taken seriously?
                Please Uffda. No more on Freescale.

                • Uffda said, on April 4, 2014 at 11:07 am

                  I`II do my best… 😉

  5. spartacus said, on April 3, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    Sandy Hook in the sky. Thats what this is imho. I dont believe that sodding plane even existed. Even if they come up with any “wreckage” How difficult is that to fake for chrissakes.
    I’m just waiting for the next Wacky Races style stunt they are going to pull. You just know there will be one coming along very soon. Once they have gathered up all the data on the public response to this one first.

  6. jack frost said, on April 4, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    This is just an adaptation of the 9/11 script and this scene is straight from the ‘phone calls’ from flight 93. Either the passengers were murdered, or the whole thing is a complete fabrication from beginning to it’s eventual end.

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