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Globalism 101

Posted in Finance, Law, Money by earthling on April 2, 2014

Just take these two points and recognise them for what they are telling you. It couldn’t be more succinct:

1. From the Office of the historian US State Department archive. Take particular note of 1980.

Office of the historian US china

US China chronology 1

US China chronolgy 2


2. Introduction of the legal person providing for economic reforms in China from 1979 onward…

CH legal 2

CH legal 3

“Concerning private enterprises, promulgate later in the same year………In the early 1980s, the fact that the legal person was a notion of the capitalist law….The economic contract law (1981) was the first law in which “legal person” was formally employed.”

The year the globalists took hold of China. They needed the legal person concept to do it. The two economic/finance and investment systems cannot integrate without the concept of the legal person. It is the law which enables the monetary and economic system and the economic and monetary system which controls the law. It is a symbiotic relationship. It is law which states what money is (and it could be anything as proscribed by law – anything at all can act as a means of exchange but ONLY “money” which is a true reflection of value (assets/labour) is non corruptible) but the money wich is in use at the moment is not considered purely as a means of exchange but as an investment commodity in itself (exchange rates, money markets) just like gold, silver, bitcoin, any other present commodity money. Even gold is corruptible and is used as an investment and would be even if those gold and silver supporters go their way in making it “real money”. It is all owned by the very same people who own the existing FIAT money. FIAT is NOT the problem. FIAT essentially means it is recognised as currency by the people. There is nothing wrong with that AS LONG AS, as a currency, it is ONLY a means of exchange and represents the real economy in terms of the real assets and labour in that economy. The currency can, therefore, be digits on a screen and that is precisely what you would want in such a case.

But back to China. As crystal clear in a short few sentences as it is possible to be. The globalists got China to accept the legal person concept and, from there, Chinese Banks and Chinese corporations are heavily invested in (and therefore controlled) by globalist vehicles – Nominee accounts. Globalist multinationals can also invest capital into China and benefit from the immensely reduced wages. Americans and British (and many countries in the west) lose their jobs and careers, wealth, homes, assets etc and need to accept lower and lower wages until there comes a point where wages achieve a balance across the globe. The intention is NOT to improve living standards to any substantial degree for the east but to depress living standards to a point where the slight increase in the east meets the west.

Meanwhile, the globalists, in having sold you the “dream” of improving everyone’s living standards across the world, actually capitalise from the reducing standards in the west and, by raising the east’s slightly on aggregate, they have a more mature market with a population able to buy “trinkets” and insurance.

It’s bloody brilliantly conceived I’ll give them that.

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  1. D. Hounsome said, on April 2, 2014 at 1:44 am

    Yes indeed Earthling, got the picture completely. The nation owes you a debt, providing they read and inwardly digest. But as you rightly say, Bloody brilliant.

  2. denk said, on April 2, 2014 at 5:47 am


    i’d allow there’r globalists embedded into the chinese system, but the ccp is far from being a globalist stooge just yet.

    ur suggestion of china’s complicity in mh370 is off base.

    here’r facts on the ground…..

  3. pete fairhurst said, on April 2, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    These changes in standards of living are happening now, and have been ever since “NeolIberalism” was introduced in the 1980’s. And, as you say, the living standards in the east will not rise to meet the west; primarily, the west will fall to meet the east. It makes absolute sense to them; they are consistent: never, ever, pay more than you need to for human labour; regardless of the consequences for humans. When was it ever different? It’s just that it’s on a global scale now. Their strategy was/is inevitable really….

    You have clearly demonstrated over this series of blogs that the legal person con is essential to the globalists in China, and in fact everywhere on the planet.

    Seems to me that the legal person con is just like the usury con, in that it is very simple, and very effective. I guess that the best cons always are. Both are hard to explain to others because of their lifelong conditioning. They cannot overcome their received ideas, probably because they have been so completely embedded in their thought processes. They cannot think outside the box.

    This is all the more frustrating when you realise that mass awareness is the only thing that it will take to overcome both cons. The “Emperor’s got no clothes” moment. And if mass awareness was achieved then things would change very quickly…..

    So there is every reason to keep trying. How would you live with yourself otherwise?

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